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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Prof Dr Abdul Rashid Mohamed Shariff - My School Buddy

This is Prof Dr Abdul Rashid Mohamed Shariff. 

The Malaysian Academy of Sciences has chosen Prof Rashid as one of five Top Research Scientists in Malaysia for this year.

Here is the story from The Star :

FIVE scientists and researchers from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) have been chosen to receive the Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM) Awards 2018 while four more were selected as Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) fellows.

They received their awards from Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at a ceremony on Thursday, said UPM in a statement.

The five scientists and researchers who received the TRSM are Prof Dr Abdul Rashid Mohamed Shariff and Assoc Prof Dr Aduwati Sali (both from the Faculty of Engineering); Prof Dr Ahmad Zaharin Aris (Faculty of Environmental Studies); Prof Dr Rozita Rosli (UPM - MAKNA Cancer Research Laboratory, Bioscience Institute) and Prof Dr Suraini Abd Aziz (Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Science).

Read more in The Star here

My comments :  Rashid and I were classmates for seven years (Std 1A to Form 1A1) at the Anglo Chinese School, Ipoh. We also used to hang out a lot. We were together in swimming (our school had a pool - still does), volleyball, hockey (where my knee once 'caught' Rashid's hockey stick and I almost pengsan). Rashid made it to the State and National swim team whereas I moved away to Melaka in 1974.

Rashid studied Land Surveying at UTM Skudai. After graduating he was attached to the Survey Department. At the Survey Department,  Rashid uncovered corruption and cartel behaviour which restricted new surveyors from becoming "licensed professionals" - a market distortion !!  In the late 90s he wrote a "report" which I helped to 'distribute' to some people.  The corrupt found out about it and Rashid was transferred to Sarawak (yes Sarawak) with 24 hours notice or something.

So he quit. Then he joined UPM. In UPM Engineering he led students to win international awards in engineering competitons in the US.  From UPM he went to the US to do his Masters and his PhD.   As a Land Surveyor, he was interested in satellite signals processing for ground surveys. I believe his PhD in the US was in this field.  In the American university, his PhD was awarded by the engineering faculty.  Rashid had earned a PhD in engineering and returned to become a Professor in the Engineering Faculty at UPM. 

As you can see he is an accomplished scientist and has won accolades.  

Congratulations my dear friend Rashid.  We have been through rain, sun, mud and water (literally). We have seen the morning sun, the high noon, the afternoon and now evening is upon us. There are still many bright days ahead. All my best wishes and more to you.

Some Thoughts On The Free Market

To some extent I have idiot proofed this blog. I delete comments that are silly, just argumentative and not informed.  

I am not surprised anymore at the ignorance of people who sound educated (they write in English) but they are actually poorly informed. 

One fellow once sent a comment insisting that our economic growth has decreased because of the rise of China. I usually delete such comments because they are just noise and distract from the conversation.

Despite Chinese growth and China being the largest investor in Africa, almost the whole of Africa has seen strong economic growth over the past 20 years, including some African countries that have seen double digit growth.  

China has not diminished the GDP growth of Africa.

Likewise despite strong growth in China, our neighbours like Indonesia and the Philippines have seen strong growth of 5% to 7% over the past years, especially the Philippines.  Chinese growth is in fact good for the whole world. They buy more things from us.

Like wise there is serious confusion about the meaning of free market or open market. 

Before governments, before empires and minus invasions and colonisation the 'natural state' of the world is a free market. 

When the first human being harvested some fruits and exchanged it for a chicken with another human, that was free trade. 

The free market is the best thing that is available for the human race, up there right beside oxygen. Simply because it means freedom. 

And many of you are also confused about freedom. Freedom makes you a Muslim -  a true submitter. Anything less than a free market makes you less of a Muslim. Maybe we can talk more on this later.

The more you mess with a free market, you become poor. 
The more you mess with a free market, the less Muslim you will be. 

Muslim meaning one who submits to the good around him, to the Natural environment. Nature is always Muslim. 

Surah 22:18 Do you not see that to Allah submits (sujud) whoever is in the heavens and whoever is on the earth and the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the trees, the moving creatures and the people?..

The mountains, stars, the moon, the trees and everything together makes up Nature. Everything in Nature must submit to Allah. It is as Muslim as you can get.

There is no such thing as a failure of the free market. There are sometimes human imposed distortions (which always fail) and there are corrections in the free market. Ultimately all market distortions lead to corrections in the free market. Allow me to explain.

Lets take the US sub-prime housing bubble. It was a free market. The banks and the people could pretty much do what they wanted. Sadly greed and carelessness got in the way. There was a huge distortion. And the market collapsed. It had to correct itself.  The free market punishes mistakes and disciplines mistakes with failure. 

Or when 100 traders congregate in one shopping mall selling computers, phones and accessories. Some of them will have to close shop because there are too many in one location. Some will have to move location or sell other products which the market can sustain.  There will be a balance in that mall. Then the mall is considered successful.

You cannot create distortions where one fellow corners the whole mall, then sublets the shops at a subsidised rental to bumi traders. In turn he is 'reimbursed' by the government for the amount of the rental subsidy plus extra. He makes easy money - a distortion. And the bumi traders cannot get rid of the crutches - another distortion. 

Worse the same fellow insisted that all the bumi traders MUST buy their products only from him or his designated company. They were forced to buy at a high price and their choice of products was limited. Further distortions. So what happened? Low Yat 2 collapsed.  End of story.  The market punishes mistakes with failure. You close shop.  

There is no market failure. The market rewards products that sell and weeds out (or punishes) those that cannot.  It is called a correction. Micro level or macro level - it is a market correction.

Any sort of government intervention in business and the economy is a distortion, especially when government intervention seeks to fix prices or control access to the market. This is the dumbest, most stupidest thing that any government can do. You mess with the free market you become poor.

In Malaysia the business and economic side of the NEP have ALL been disasters. In any business or industry where the government has interfered it has been disastrous. Can anyone make a list? It will be too long. Because the government's intervention is always through the mechanism of creating distortions in the market. 

All distortions will lead to corrections. The market punishes distortions with failure too. The distorted market will automatically want to correct itself - to return to its steady state.  Many people just do not understand this.

Colonialism was a huge distortion, an attempt to corner the market in colonised territories. But you cannot enjoy evening tea in London having chocolate with nutmeg and cinnamon when the natives in the colonies from where they "extracted" the nutmegs and cinnamon got fed up of the looting and started shooting arrows at your British sons.  It just does not work that way. There has to be an equilibrium that can sustain itself. And the equilibrium keeps moving. As people progress, we all leave the bullock carts and acquire the capacity to drive Mercedes and Audis.  The free market rewards knowledge and hard work with success.  (It goes without saying. Boleh faham ke?)

What is the job of government? The job of the government is two fold:

1.  make sure the market operates with as few distortions as possible. The government must facilitate the efficient functioning of the free market. (This may include rules and regulations to deny the odd pirate that appears over the horizon.)  You mess with this, everyone becomes poor. 

2.   make sure that access to market opportunities are open to anyone who wishes to participate.   This is very important. This may mean helping some with a little bit extra. But do not stop or slow down the others. Encourage the slow to speed up. Encourage the fast to run even faster.  

Never distort the market. 
Never deny access to the market.

Either of these will make us poor. Mercedes will turn into bullock cart again.     

Salafi Extremism In MOE Logo ?

Someone sent me the following. They say it is the logo for the Ministry of Education or Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.

Why do we have to put religion into everything? Including the KPM logo?

Apa cerita banyak pasal huruf Alif? First of all it is bullshit.

'Menggunakan huruf 'Alif' sebagai konsep teras' does not mean anything.

Or you can argue it to mean anything you want.  Let me give you FOUR examples ok :
  • Menggunakan huruf 'A' sebagai konsep teras' 
  • Menggunakan huruf 'M' sebagai konsep teras' 
  • Menggunakan padi sebagai konsep teras' 
  • Menggunakan durian musang king sebagai konsep teras'

It has no meaning. Buang masa saja.

And then here is the dangerous part :

Ini kepercayaan kita orang Islam.  
Orang lain percaya lain. 
Keimanan kita lain. Itu hak kita.
Keimanan mereka lain. Itu hak mereka.

Apa gunanya kita memaksa orang bukan Islam menerima logo yang bawa maksud "Allah mengangkat orang-orang yang beriman ..beberapa darjat" melainkan hanya:

1. secara direct kita menghina dan mencerca tuhan-tuhan orang bukan Islam. 
2. bahawa tuhan mereka tidak boleh mengangkat mereka ke darjat mana pun.
3. mendidik anak Islam menjadi takbur dan jabbar  (arrogant) terhadap bukan Islam
4. menimbulkan kebencian bukan Islam terhadap takbur dan jabbar orang Islam

Penduduk Islam dalam negara kita sekitar 60% sahaja. 
Baki 40% itu bukan Islam. 
Mereka pun pergi ke sekolah kebangsaan. 
Mereka lebih banyak bayar cukai yang digunakan oleh Kerajaan untuk membina sekolah kebangsaan.

Memang betul Allah swt mengangkat orang yang berilmu dan beriman beberapa darjat. Tetapi hanya orang yang beriman kepada ajaran Allah dan RasulNya.  Merekalah orang yang benar beriman dan berilmu.

Mengikuti ajaran songsang tok guru cebuk dale sungai, mengikuti ajaran sesat ekstremis, ajaran entah dari suku sesat yang mana itu semua tidak akan membawa manusia kepada ilmu, kepada iman atau kepada darjat mana pun.

Lebih baik kita beriman dengan ajaran Allah swt dan RasulNya yang 100% sahih dan benar ia itu Al Quran.

Contohnya Surah 6:108 :

Surah  6 : 108    Dan janganlah kamu cerca benda-benda yang mereka sembah yang lain dari Allah, kerana mereka kelak, akan mencerca Allah secara melampaui batas dengan ketiadaan pengetahuan. Demikianlah Kami memperelokkan pada pandangan tiap-tiap umat akan amal perbuatan mereka, kemudian kepada Tuhan merekalah tempat kembali mereka, lalu Ia menerangkan kepada mereka apa yang mereka telah lakukan.


6:108 And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah, lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus We have made pleasing to every community their deeds. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them about what they used to do.

Surah 43:36 - 37

43:36 Dan sesiapa yang tidak mengindahkan pengajaran (Al-Quran yang diturunkan oleh Allah) Yang maha Pemurah, Kami akan adakan baginya Syaitan, lalu menjadilah Syaitan itu temannya yang tidak renggang daripadanya. 

43:37 Dan sesungguhnya Syaitan-syaitan itu menghalangi mereka dari jalan yang benar, sedang mereka menyangka bahawa mereka orang yang mendapat hidayah petunjuk. 


43:36  And whoever is blinded from remembrance of the Most Merciful - We appoint for him a satan, as his companion. 

43:37 And indeed, the satans avert them from the right way, but they think that they are guided

So be careful ok. Jangan pula syaitan duduk atas bahu dan kencing atas kepala tuan-tuan. And then you think it is rain that is falling on your head.

Babuji To be Charged In Court And Witchy Poo Too (Again)

Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor arrested by MACC
held at MACC headquarters at 3.15pm on Wed (Nov 14).
charge on Thurs Nov 15th over dubious land deals involving DBKL 
97 transactions worth RM5.63bil, involving 273.27ha of DBKL land

Earlier Rosmah spent four hours giving statement to graft investigators 
RM1.25bil solar hybrid project for schools in Sarawak

Sarawak Report alleged contract awarded to Bintulu-based Jepak Holdings 
The company is a transportation services company
Jepak Holdings appointed for supply of diesel, generators, solar systems 
for 369 rural schools in Sarawak

Oct 4, Rosmah charged with 17 counts of money laundering RM14mil 
transfer of 1MDB funds into her bank account

Halloween : The real.

The fake

My comments:

Here is something funny folks. It has gone viral since yesterday :

Look at the montage above carefully. The outstanding faker is Case Sabah. The guy appears to be unconscous but he is still holding a walking stick, while knocked out in the bed !  Overdoing the acting isnt it?

And here is a video :

Instant recovery after the return from the holy land. Boleh merayau, merayap dan meraba lagi. 

Anyway it is great news that more of these bad hats are being charged in Court.  

The next step : they must go to jail for an extended time.
PLUS all their wealth, ill gotten over the past 10 or 15 years, must be confiscated. 
They have stolen tax payers money. That money is ours. 
Their clothes, their cars, their houses, their credit cards are all bought using money stolen from us.

Step 1 : We must confiscate all that stolen money and assets.
Step 2 : They must be locked up in jail.

It is important that we do this thoroughly and properly.
It must serve as an example for the whole world.

This is Malaysia. We are a civilised and modern country. 
So far we have done everything by the book. 

In other countries like Saudi Arabia. Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan etc these thieves would have had their heads chopped off in public, their hands chopped off or they would have been hung from the lamp posts.

But not in Malaysia.  So far the conduct of the new Pakatan Harapan government has been exemplary in dealing with these crooks and thieves.  The whole world is watching us and we are showing a really good example of following all the laws and proper procedures.

Not one of these thieves has been ill treated or chased down the alley.  

I believe more arrests are on the way. More will be charged.

My view is this : Arresting them, charging them and sending them to jail is not enough.  We must recover or confiscate ALL their wealth that has been ill gotten - even if it goes back 10 years or more.

We need to amend the laws if necessary. We need to set up a Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Taskforce  (KART)  which will identify and then take legal steps to recover all the assets stolen from the public over all these years.

These would include their earnings from crony contracts and crony projects. If the Minister's wife, children and cronies were awarded projects, all that money they carted off (hence KART) should be confiscated, even going back 10 or 15 years.

Jail is not enough. If the crooks go to jail and are released after a while, they still have their ill gotten wealth. Or their families still live in luxury.  

We must confiscate their stolen wealth. Only then will it be a deterrent for future generations of would be crooks.  This is important.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Even Putin Seronok Selfie With Tun Dr Mahathir And Tun Siti

Salahuddin Ayub Wujudkan Jawatankuasa Khas NOMBOR EMPAT Untuk Putuskan Isu Bernas !!

Kem Pertanian : 4 model baru gantikan monopoli (Bernas) berakhir Jan 2021

Salahuddin kata model itu akan dinilai jawatankuasa khas 8 kementerian

Kami kemukakan 4 model
terpulang kepada j'kuasa khas untuk pilih 
akhirnya model akan dibawa ke Kabinet untuk diputuskan 

kerajaan tidak mahu terburu-buru kenalkan model baru ganti Bernas 
melibatkan soal keselamatan makanan negara.

monopoli Bernas berakhir 2021
ada masa untuk mencari model terbaik

Sebelum ini Salahuddin kata 3 j'kuasa khas ditubuhkan 
dalam usaha menamatkan monopoli Bernas.

Penamatan monopoli Bernas langkah proaktif 
bagi menjamin kestabilan harga beras 
di samping menjaga kepentingan petani

My comments : YB Salahuddin Ayub, Menteri Pertanian biar saya tulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris dan Melayu lah - lebih mudah dan cepat bagi saya.

First of all Bernas has NO MONOPOLY. 
Please go and check the agreement with Bernas.  
The Bernas Agreement ends in 2021. 
In that agreement there is no EXCLUSIVE MONOPOLY granted to Bernas.

There is NOTHING in that agreement that PREVENTS the Government from granting licenses to other companies and individuals to engage in the rice trade.

If there is, it means the sovereignty of the Government of Malaysia has been restricted by a private company.

Bernas has become a monopoly because the previous government did not allow anyone else other than Bernas to deal in rice (import, export, buying, selling). 
So by default Bernas has become a monopoly. 

It does not mean the government cannot award other licenses to other companies to engage across the full spectrum of the rice trade. 

There is no need to abolish Bernas. Maintain Bernas.

But please open up the market and allow anyone, anyone at all including Bernas to 
  • plant rice, harvest rice, mill the rice, package and sell the rice.
  • import rice, export rice, import an re-export rice etc.
Just break the market open.  Let Bernas also compete in the open market. 

Let the market decide on supply, demand, prices, quantities and so on.

Kerajaan jangan masuk campur berkenaan harga padi dan beras. 

Campurtangan kerajaan dalam pasaran padi dan beras telah mengakibatkan bencana. 

Please read on.

Brother Salahuddin, why do you need FOUR Jawatankuasa Khas  to putuskan isu Bernas?  Banyaknya jawatankuasa. Habis Menteri dapat gaji buat kerja apa? Lantik jawatankuasa saja?

And the latest jawatankuasa consists of EIGHT Ministries?
Let me give you some free advice - depa tak faham bisnes, ekonomi atau apa pun.

Please include the Consumer Associations in the jawatankuasa. 
The consumers must be represented.
Not only Persatuan Pengguna Islam but ALL consumer associations.

And please do not include Bernas in the jawatankuasa.

Harga beras Basmati di Singapura boleh lebih murah daripada harga beras Basmati di Malaysia. How do you explain that?

Tolong jangan jawab macam Najib - kalau harga beras Basmati mahal, boleh makan beras Cap Duku Langsat dengan 5% ke 10% "broken rice" harga RM2.40 sekilo.  Atau boleh makan kangkung, atau kinoa. 

Orang Malaysia kaya. 
Kita bukan miskin. 

Tetapi oleh sebab kerajaan kleptocrat tak tahu urus negara, kita bayar harga mahal untuk beras Basmati (contohnya) yang sepatutnya bukan mahal pun. Sepatutnya semua orang Malaysia sudah cukup mampu makan beras Basmati.

Tak perlu kita makan beras broken rice 5% atau 10% dengan harga RM2.40 se kilo. Itu pun sudah mahal.

Pendek kata kalau kita "over control"  perniagaan atau urusan padi dan beras, maka rakyat kita akan terpaksa bayar harga lebih mahal tetapi untuk beras yang jaub lebih kurang kualitinya. Orang kita miskin dulu. Melayu miskin dulu.

Akhir kalam, YB Salahuddin kata :  "di samping menjaga kepentingan petani".

Ini adalah satu kenyataan yang sangat salah. 
Kita perlu menjaga kepentingan semua 32 juta rakyat Malaysia. 
Bukan hanya kepentingan kelompok ini atau kelompok itu.

Apabila kita menjaga kepentingan semua rakyat Malaysia maka akan terjaga juga kepentingan petani. 

Tetapi let me explain.

Berapa ramaikah bilangan kaum petani yang menanam padi dalam negara kita? 100,000? 150,000? 

Ustaz Google kata :  "The average Malaysian citizen consumes 82.3 kilograms of rice per year"

Tolong jangan bebankan 31.9 juta rakyat Malaysia yang selebihnya (yang setiap seorang makan 82.3kg nasi setahun) dengan harga beras yang mahal  hanya untuk menjaga kepentingan 150,000 orang petani? This is not fair.  

Sebaliknya ia adalah satu kezaliman besar.

Why do you want to punish 31.9 million with higher rice prices just to sustain 150,000 padi farmers?

Kalau nak bantu kaum petani, tanpa bebankan 31.9 juta pengguna di Malaysia dengan harga beras yang mahal,  Kerajaan boleh memberi bantuan secara terus (direct assistance) kepada para petani.  

Beri mereka bantuan baja, bantuan benih, bantuan sewa atau beli traktor, bantuan kewangan secara direct, bantuan pendidikan anak-anak mereka dsbnya.  

Jangan kacau, jangan mengusik, jangan main dengan harga produk seperti harga padi dan beras. Biarkan pasaran menentukan harga jualan padi dan beras.

Malaysia sekarang 80% 'self sufficient' dalam pengeluaran padi. This number has not changed since Abdullah Badawi. Sebaliknya keluasan tanah padi tidak menambah atau makin kurang. 

Di Kedah, Perak dan Kelantan terdapat banyak kawasan padi yang tidak tertanam. Ini adalah satu pembaziran.  Kementerian Pertanian mesti menangani masalah "pembaziran sumber tanah" ini.  We are wasting our land resources.

Di Kedah dan Sekinchan (Selangor) sudah lama wujud  keadaan di mana petani Melayu menyewa tanah bendang kepada orang Cina dan India yang  mengusahakan tanaman padi. Ramai di antara mereka  jadi kaya sebagai penanam padi.

Petani Melayu sewa tanah kepada orang lain atas banyak sebab termasuk para petani makin usia dan anak-anak mereka sudah berhijrah ke bandar.  Tidak cukup manpower untuk menanam padi.

Tak kisah lah siapa yang menanam padi - asalkan padi ditanam, dituai dan sampai ke meja makan kita dengan harga yang berpatutan.   Kita perlu meningkatkan pengeluaran padi bukan saja untuk mencapai 100% self sufficiency tetapi Malaysia patut menjadi pengeksport padi dan beras ke seluruh dunia.  We must become rice exporters.

Untuk "food security" kita, jika berlaku peperangan, bencana alam dan sebagainya Kerajaan boleh wujudkan "strategic stockpile" bahan makanan asas seperti padi, beras, gandum, tepung gandum dan sebegitu. Look at the United States model on "strategic reserves".  Orang lain pun sudah buat. Tidak perlu mencari consultant atau buat lagi banyak jawatankuasa khas. Kaji saja budaya padi orang Melayu. Kepuk padi itu adalah dalam bahasa dan tradisi Melayu.

Kita tidak perlu kepada Bernas untuk menghantar beras ke meja makan kita. 
Petani, pemborong dan peruncit sudah cukup.

Politik ketuanan dulu kata Bernas adalah perlu untuk 'mematahkan' monopoli kaum Cina yang control perniagaan padi dan beras. 
Pemborong Cina kononnya 'memeras' petani untuk mengaut keuntungan yang lebih.

Tetapi setelah berpuluh tahun dibawah naungan Bernas, seluruh rakyat Malaysia jadi miskin kerana harga beras jadi mahal, kualiti pula rendah.  Dan petani pula masih miskin dan susah. 

Tolonglah - jangan tertipu oleh politik kosong dan jangan menipu orang.

Kerajaan tidak perlu tunggu 2021 untuk mengakhiri monopoli Bernas. There is no such thing. 

The Final Arab Israeli War Postponed

The situation in Gaza is getting beyond impossible. 

Since Sunday there has been some serious shooting going on between the Hamas in Gaza and the Israelis. On Sunday the Israelis carried out a raid inside Gaza that killed seven Hamas fighters. In retaliation Hamas has fired about 500 rockets into Israel. Over 50 Israelis have been injured, some seriously and at least one person has died.

In another dramatic attack along the Gaza border, Hamas fighters fired a Kornet anti-tank missile at a bus. The bus was destroyed but one soldier standing nearby was seriously injured.  

The Israelis have retaliated with over 150 strikes on "terror" targets inside Gaza - mostly buildings which they say are used by Hamas. 

Egypt has totally shut off  the Rafah crossing into Gaza - stopping all movement of goods and people into Gaza from Egypt.  

The only source of imports and exports from Gaza is through the Israeli crossing points of Kerem Shalom. Another Israeli crossing point, the Erez crossing handles the movement of Gazans into Israel and vice versa.

Since April - May of this year the Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas has also suspended payment of salaries to Civil Servants in Gaza. This has caused even more hardship.  

Here is some news about the latest escalation in Gaza:

For months, Israel and Hamas hovered on edge of war
very close to war in past weeks, but had been averted
political and public pressure to choose war
Netanyahu opts for restraint, humanitarian gestures 

whether to continue restraint or return to war
conflict can be delayed, but not resolved.

unprecedented rocket fire from Gaza. 
Hamas choose how, when, where to strike
exceedingly clear when Kornet missile slammed into bus 
massive barrage of 400 rockets began at dusk Monday 

rocket fire from Nov 12-13 serious 

PA (Mahmoud Abbas) sought to isolate Gaza, more than Israel
In May, PA cut salaries to Gazans 

PA against separate Israel-Hamas agreement that will legitimize Hamas

Israel reinforced Armored Corps and infantry to Gaza Strip 

11 militants have been killed in Israeli strikes since Monday.
Hamas warned Tues rocket expand to Beersheba and Ashkelon 
Egypt trying to broker ceasefire 

My comments : This time no Arab nation, not even Mahmoud Abbas' Palestinian Authority will come to aid Hamas in Gaza. Egypt has its own hatred of Hamas.

Hamas can only be tamed by Egypt. This will happen. 
The peace to be gained by all parties is too huge.