Friday, November 25, 2022

Abang Johari Will Not Work With PAS? H2O Will Not Work With PH? The Strange Things Politicians Say.


The Undi 18 youngsters will not recognise this but I am sure many of the oldies will recall the Pakatan Rakyat (PAS, PKR and DAP) :  


Anyway Abang Johari said GPS (and hence also GRS Sabah) will not work with PAS. 



In the most recent Ismail Sabri Cabinet the following GPS and GRS Ministers, Deputy Ministers and special 'Minister' rank fellows worked very well with their PAS colleagues in the Cabinet:

GPS/GRS Ministers in the Ismail Sabri Cabinet

Wan Junaidi (GPS)
Maximus Ongkili GRS (PBS)
Ronald Kiandee (GRS)
Nancy Shukri (GPS) PBB
Alexander Nantah Linggi GPS (PBB)
Fadhilah Yusof GPS (PBB)

Deputy Ministers

Hanifah Hajar GPS (PBB)
Yamani Hafez GRS (Sabah)
Jonathan Yasin (GRS)
Henry Sum Agong GPS (PBB)
Aaron Ago Dagang GPS (PRS)
Hasbi Habibollah GPS (PBB)
Willie Anak Monggin GPS (PBB)

Special "Minister" Rank 

Tiong King Sing GPS (PDP)
Richard Riot GPS (SUPP)

So what does Abang Johari mean when he says GPS will not work with PAS? You already worked with PAS.

Then Hishamuddin said that UMNO does not want to work with Pakatan Harapan? Hello, in Perak the MB is an UMNO fellow whereas the majority of State seats were won by PH.  You are already working together.  (Same for Pahang ?)

And now UMNO/BN has indeed become the 'kingmaker' in the present PH led government. Without UMNO there will be no PH government.  

Then there is this letter dated 23 November 2022,  signed by Wee Ka Siong (MCA), Vigneswaran (MIC) and Joseph Kurup (PBRS) wherein the three of them say that they want Zahid Hamidi to resign as chairman of the BN.



Well surprise!! Zahid has not resigned. 

UMNO will now have its party elections in December 2022. 

Guess who will become party president? 

Guess who he will report to?

"It is not that I love Rome any less, it is that I love Caesar more."