Saturday, May 27, 2023


Here is a picture that is worth a thousand words:

This looks like a recent event where two Arab fellows were in town to say whatever it is they said. (Well I caught two verses from the Quran - Surah Baqarah and Surah al Hujurat verse 13 -  recited by Ali Gomaa).

The guy on the left is the famous Sheikh Ali Jum'ah or Ali Gomaa from Egypt. At one time Ali Gomaa was the Grand Mufti of Egypt. 

The guy on the right is Habib Umar bin Muhammad Salim bin Hafiz - a "regarded" Sufi, born and raised in Yemen (where his family went through hell) now residing either in Yemen (Dar al Mustafa, Tarim) or Abu Dhabi.

Ali Gomaa was identified in Egypt as a government man (you cannot be Mufti otherwise) who spoke up strongly against the Wahabis.  Here are two short videos (and old, seven to 10 years ago) of Ali Gomaa speaking strongly against the Salafis / Wahabis. 

Umar Hafiz is a Sufi scholar and Ali Gomaa is also deemed a Sufi.  

The ISIS Salafis in the Middle East killed Sufis wherever they could find them and blew up numerous Sufi mosques / shrines in Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere. Here is a picture of a Sufi shrine being blown up by the Salafis in Kirkuk, Iraq.


So what does this mean for Malaysia now?  What does the presence of Ali Gomaa and Habib Umar Hafiz, both of whom are influential Arab Sufis, mean for Malaysia? Obviously they were invited here by Madani.

In Malaysia we have a very strong Salafi / Wahabi movement, among whose burning bushes include  that whacko from the north as well as that Chinese muallaf fellow.

Plus over the years (especially under Bossku who said he received RM2.6 billion from a Saudi prince remember) the Salafis / Wahabi footprint in Malaysia expanded significantly. That psycho Indian goat preacher's presence in Malaysia was part of that process. (By the way the word is the psycho Indian goat has now left the country - good riddance). 

Obviously the Madani folks are not in the same boat as the Salafi whackos. (Here may I congratulate them.)  But do not get too excited because the Madani folks are also identified with the Muslim Brotherhood who have piled up tons of their own disasters. 

(However Ali Gomaa issued a fatwa which indirectly condemned Mohamed Morsi, the short lived Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt - post Arab Spring. So its getting complicated. Or someone is playing all sides of the game again.)

'August 27, 2013 - Qatari media is reporting that Global Muslim Brotherhood Youssef Qaradawi has sharply criticized a fatwa (religious ruling) by former Egyptian Grand Mufti Ali Al Gomaa justifying the military crackdown on supporters of the deposed president Mohammed Morsi. According to a report by The Peninsula'

But it looks quite certain that Salafi/Wahabi season in Malaysia is coming to an end or it is being phased out under the present regime. 

Or someone is playing all sides of the game again.