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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Raja Jumaat Port Dickson

Nowadays we spend some time in Negeri Sembilan. Our son works in Negeri  and two of our nephews have also moved there.   Wonderful banana leaf lunches at Dheeran's in Jalan Tok Ungku in Seremban, all those "Pakistani Malls" in Nilai 3, seafood in Lukut and of course Port Dickson or PD.

The Waterfornt in Port Dickson has turned out quite nicely. The place has all the fastfood eateries along the waterfront. There is a nice esplanade where PD folks gather almost every evening, especially during weekends. Some folks try fishing. Plenty children play in the park and also fly kites.  It is a fantastic place to go for a walk at sunrise and sunset.

To me Negeri Sembilan people seem more relaxed and cool. Everyone is friendly. Reminds me of Penang and possibly Melaka. Its a more cosmopolitan outlook. 

The crowds are not only Malaysians but also Westerners, Banglas, Pakistanis and ninja Arabs as well. Semua jenis ada.  Our country is really a peaceful and fantastic phantasmagoria (look it up)  of human beings.  

Here are some pictures from our last visit just a few days ago.

Above : Starbucks, Below : McDonalds.  This is the park 
area where people sell souvenirs and stuff.

Below : Children and adults fly kites in the refreshing breeze.

Below : Bangla (??) guy watching sunset.

Then we met these students and teachers from the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Raja Jumaat in Port Dickson. They had a choir that arranged themselves in the park and sang a few songs.  They were collecting donations for  :

1. Dato Ooi Eow Jin (a former orchestra conductor and musician with RTM).  They said that Mr Ooi was ill and needed assistance with his medical treatment.  

2. for their School Hall Fund.  

3. for the Tabung Harapan

These are our future Malaysians.  Our future fathers, mothers, teachers, friends, neighbours, citizens and everything else.  These bunch of youngsters look like they are on the right path.

Here is a short video of the teachers and students from SMK Raja Jumaat.  If you wish to donate, the account info is provided. I am doing this in good faith. I trust the information is correct.

Despite most number of parliamentary seats PKR didn’t get any of the important portfolios

*Now Do You Understand Why Daim Said It’s Foolish For Anwar To Be Made PM?*

On May 15, just five days after the inauguration of Mahathir Mohamad as the world’s oldest prime minister, Daim Zainuddin fired a warning shot. He said it would be foolish for Anwar Ibrahim to be made prime minister upon returning to parliament. The warning shot was aimed at Anwar, and not his boys, as Daim would like the public to believe.

Coming from the head of Mahathir’s influential “Council of Elders”, such a statement was actually very disturbing. It simply means Anwar was absolutely impatient to be crowned as the next prime minister, so much so that he was prepared to break the agreement among the four component parties making up the Pakatan Harapan coalition.

Interestingly, Anwar revealed how the ousted former premier Najib Razak was “totally shattered” the night he lost the general election and called his jailed rival – Anwar Ibrahim – twice for advice on what he should do. Anwar claimed – “When he called on the night of the election, I advised him as a friend to concede and move on.”

Was Anwar the secret lover of Najib? Was Anwar the long lost biological brother of Najib? If not, does it make any sense that of all the people in the world, ex-PM Najib had chosen to call his enemy seeking advice or looking for a shoulder to cry on? 

You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell that Najib had called Anwar and offered him a deal to jump ship.

Anwar actually didn’t have to divulge the secret calls he received from the despicable Najib Razak. Nobody would know about the calls anyway. Since the revelation, Najib had neither acknowledged nor denied making such calls. So, those calls on May 9th must be genuine. But why did Anwar reveal the calls? Was he trying to brag about it?

Anwar Ibrahim wanted to send a message to Mahathir Mohamad that his PKR (People’s Justice Party) could jump ship and form the federal government with Najib’s Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition. 

So, why didn’t BN (then 79 seats) and PKR (49 seats) join forces on the night of May 9? Together, they have 128 parliamentary seats, more than enough to form the federal government. The problem was Najib could not allow Anwar to become the 7th prime minister for obvious reasons.  But if Anwar cannot be crowned, why should he join BN to begin with?

Clearly, Mahathir and Daim knew about the possibility that Anwar Ibrahim may throw a tantrum if his desire to become prime minister soonest possible wasn’t entertained. That was why Daim warned that it would be foolish for Anwar Ibrahim to be made prime minister. He told Anwar not to break the promise about the mid-term transition.

Daim also reportedly lectured Anwar – “You all tried how many elections and failed. Whether you like it or not, Mahathir succeeded.” 

However, armed with 49 parliamentary seats, Anwar has become arrogant and couldn’t accept that PM Mahathir, despite his party winning only 13 seats, continues to call the shots.  Anwar told his boys to make “noises” about PKR being the biggest winner.

PKR cried, whined and bitched about equal partnership. So, they were given the Selangor state. Now that they have won the most number of seats, they demanded to be given the most ministries. Having ruled the country for 22 years, Mahathir, however, has decisively made the bold decision to reward all the 3 component parties with important ministries – except PKR.

Perhaps the 93-year-old prime minister could smell a rebellion and UMNO DNA in Anwar’s party from miles away. He rewarded Mat Sabu of Amanah with Defence Minister. He appointed Muhyiddin of PPBM as Minister of Home Affairs. And he strategically pampered Lim Guan Eng of DAP with the Finance Ministry portfolio. That made Anwar Ibrahim fantastically furious.

It was an insult that a component party of Pakatan Harapan with the most number of parliamentary seats didn’t get any of the important portfolios. Besides Lim Guan Eng’s track record, there was a political reason to appoint him for the prestigious finance minister's post. Mahathir wanted to secure DAP’s loyalty in preparation for any eventuality.

As the first Malaysian Chinese in 44 years to hold the powerful position of finance minister, the ethnic Chinese community was exhilarated and extremely grateful. DAP’s strong 42 parliamentary seats suddenly became Mahathir’s fixed-deposit. Together with Amanah’s 11 seats, Mahathir has in his pocket 66 seats against Anwar’s PKR 49 seats.

We had written why Mahathir couldn’t care less about campaigning in Sabah and Sarawak. Sabah-based Warisan party, an ally of Pakatan Harapan, was part of Mahathir’s chess piece which ultimately contributed 8 seats. Sarawak’s former chief minister Taib Mahmud, popularly known as “Pek Moh (白毛 or white-haired uncle)”, was also part of Mahathir’s men.

Taib Mahmud was supposed to switch sides in the event Pakatan Harapan couldn’t win substantial seats. But that is water under the bridge now. Why do you think Taib Mahmud met with Mahathir and Daim on May 11? Sorry folks, the 82-year-old Governor of Sarawak is more useful a free man than a prisoner as far as Mahathir’s political manoeuvre is concerned.

Now that the Taib Mahmud’s PBB party had architected the death of BN Sarawak and together with other parties have pledged its support for the Mahathir administration, the prime minister’s strength has grown. Sabah (8 seats) and Sarawak (19 seats) are now Mahathir’s fixed-deposits. Altogether, Mahathir now commands a strong force of 93 parliamentary seats.

Even if Anwar Ibrahim declares his PKR will quit Pakatan Harapan, not all of PKR's  49 MPs will blindly follow him. Only 27 of the 49 PKR MPs are Malays. Not all these 27 Malay MPs in PKR may wish to follow Anwar.  The Azmin faction will not follow Anwar.  Then there are another 22 PKR MPs who are non Malays. In the event of a split, they may not all follow Anwar.   Certainly it is the PKR that will split.  Anwar Ibrahim is actually in a very weak position.

Now that UMNO is reduced to 54 MPs and assuming Anwar agrees to form a PKR-UMNO-PAS alliance under the pretext of protecting Malays and Islam, their numbers are only 99, still short of 13 seats to form a simple majority.

But even then, not all Malay-Muslims within UMNO or PKR have a death wish of transforming the country into a full-blown Afghanistan.  UMNO warlord Nazri Aziz has declared that UMNO would rather work with Chinese-DAP than PAS (Parti Islam SeMalaysia). Therefore, it’s wishful thinking that Anwar could become the prime minister in a PKR-UMNO-PAS alliance.

Anwar wanted the powerful finance minister, on top of prime minister, exclusively for himself. This prime minister-in-waiting could be another Najib Razak, if he has it his way. He needs to be controlled and guided. This is another reason why Daim Zainuddin warned that it would be foolish for Anwar Ibrahim to be made prime minister.

It appears that Anwar Ibrahim is another narcissist like Najib Razak. Mahathir’s popularity has hit the roof, while Anwar's popularity has hit rock bottom.  He is trying everything to stay relevant, and get noticed. When Mahathir was trying to get the Agong (King) to accept Tommy Thomas without delay as Attorney General, Anwar rushed to the palace to get the credit.

When the Perak state government tried to get rid of BN appointees from GLCs (government linked companies), Anwar interfered and told the chief minister and excos not to be hasty in taking action on GLCs. Not satisfied with stealing thunder domestically, Anwar flew to London and announced Malaysia will investigate the Battersea Power Station deal.

Still bloody mad after losing the finance ministry post to Lim Guan Eng, Anwar decided to lecture the minister, telling him to be cautious when issuing statements so that foreign rating agencies such as Moody’s will not get offended. Acting like a real prime minister, Anwar said Lim should leave the exposes of misconducts of the previous government to other ministries.

Amusingly Lim Guan Eng told Anwar that his actions of revealing the previous regime’s financial scandals were done on the instruction of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Lim also lectured Anwar that as the person in charge of the Finance Ministry, he was not in a position to instruct other ministers to reveal scandals which happened in his own ministry.

Anwar is trying so hard to boost his popularity that he does not realise he looks quite idiotic. You can bet your last penny that if he takes over, Lim Guan Eng would be booted from the finance ministry. Anwar Ibrahim believes he’s the best man for the job. And this is why Daim said it would be foolish for Anwar Ibrahim to be made PM.

My comments :  I have said it before and I will say it again. As more time passes the chances of Brader Trouble Maker ever becoming Prime Minister are becoming even more dim. 

First of all Brader is no more in the Opposition.  For 20 years he was in the Opposition. That was an easy job. "I am a victim of conspiracy, look at my black eye, then "Mahathir is a dictator",  then Abdullah Badawi is zalim, then  "Najib is zalim."   

Now the tables are turned. Now the Brader's wife is the DPM. He is now part of the government.  Now you must fix the potholes, make sure the schools start on time, there are enough teachers, books, school buses etc to ferry the children to school. Make sure there are enough high income jobs being created in the economy.  

I have recorded my respect and regard for our DPM Dr Wan Azizah. Politics aside, in my books, she is the exemplary wife. The long suffering wife.  Hats off  Dr Wan Azizah.  But lets face it, her idea that housewives shall get 2% of the husband's EPF contribution is a non starter.  It has since died a natural death.  She did not consult with the EPF before making such an announcement. If she did, then that is double trouble. (EPF also dungu ah?) 

But back to the Brader, this is where the problem begins for the Brader. Worse than the wife, the Brader is an intellectual dud. You heard his interview with the BBC.  Zero content.  Talk first now, engage brain next week.  The Brader just does not have the capacity to understand complex issues or real issues about governing, developing a modern, scientific nation, etc.

Then, on the other side, the grass is indeed getting greener.  Meaning, the Cabinet is already beginning to function. Work is getting done.  Things are falling in place already.

Removal of the GST is already having its effect. Prices have come down. Post GST the price of gold went down instantly from RM205/gm to RM193/gm.  Plus the Hari Raya discounts, we were selling at RM180 per gram.  We had the best Hari Raya sales in two years.  

Post GST car prices are crashing down.  Volkswagen Passat 2.0 is less by over RM20,000.  Toyotas are less by RM17,000. Peroduas are cheaper by RM3,500.  This means less amount of loan needed to buy a car. It means smaller monthly instalments.  The economy is on its way back to better health.

All this is happening without Anwar Ibrahim's bungling interference.  As things get better and better it will be more difficult for Anwar Ibrahim to offer a better alternative.

Then there are the Brader's negatives. The Brader and his supporters do not like a free Press. They really do not like people discussing his weaknesses all the time. It is bad for their image. It makes the Brader look stupid.  It should. Because he is stupid.

So the numbers in Parliament do not support him, the improving economy does not improve his chances, the already functioning Cabinet does not need his presence, his incompetence about economics and everything in general also does not help him.

Which is why the Brader has no choice but to make an attempt to become PM now.  It is now or never.  My view is it will be never.  If Brader does not make his move now - it will be curtains for him.

Major Escalation In Gaza Conflict

I have been watching the Hamas situation escalating in Gaza over the past few months.  The Walk to Freedom (??) was nothing more than a suicide attack - more designed for suicide than attack.  The Hamas got the poor Gazans to die quite aimlessly. Nothing was achieved.

Then the Hamas began flying flaming kites and explosive balloons (including exploding condoms) over the border fence with Israel. Again these pin pricks have not achieved anything.

Finally Hamas have gone back to bigger fireworks - their home made rockets. They have been shooting their rockets into Israel - at a steadily increasing pace over the past weeks. On Tuesday there was a serious escalation with the firing of 45 rockets over the border into Israel. 

Predictably the Israelis have retaliated with an iron fist, conducting 25 military strikes into Gaza. The people of Gaza are suffering. 

Here is some news:

Israel and Hamas traded strikes through night of June 19-20. Counting 45 rockets fired from Gaza, and 25 military strikes from Israel.

Footage released on June 20 by Israel who said their strikes were a response to rocket fire from Hamas.

Palestinian media reported Hamas forces launched at least 10 rockets and a “number of rocket-propelled grenades” after Israeli aircraft targeted a Hamas base.

Israel said several of the rockets landed near a kindergarten in southern Israel, and that the Iron Dome defense system intercepted seven attempted strikes.

Hamas-affiliated Shebab News Agency reported at least four people were injured by Israel's Gaza strikes. 

They said two Hamas officers were injured in Rafah, and two other people were injured in Khan Younis and Jabalia.

One June 20, the Israelis said shots were fired near a group of Palestinians “who were launching arson balloons from the southern Gaza Strip into Israeli territory.” 

Here is a YouTube video. But this video is by some evangelicals. So ignore the spirits and glory part, towards the end.

My comments :  Egypt has locked down its side of the Gaza border. This has been going on for years now.  Then the fight between Fatah in the West Bank (Mahmoud Abbas) and Hamas has seen no flow of money into the Gaza, including money to pay for electricity supplied by Israel.  

Here is some news from June last year :

June 2017

Gaza's electricity reduced to two hours a day

Hamas run Gaza since 2007 - seized strip in near civil war from Fatah 
dispute over general elections won by Islamist movement
reconciliation between Hamas, Fatah have failed
Gazans "hostage to longstanding internal Palestinian dispute."
Hamas last fought Israel in 2014 
Islamist group to spark another round of conflict

PA in West Bank told Israel it would no longer foot bill for electricity to Gaza
PA continued to pay Israel for electricity to Gaza until this month
PA pay (US$12.65 million) monthly bill.
sole power station in Gaza ran out of fuel, stopped working April '17

increase suffering, tensions in Palestinian enclave
collapse of vital services in impoverished, overcrowded territory 
blackouts lead to total collapse of basic services, health, water, sanitation 

Gaza Strip home to two million people

Hamas said Israel, Abbas responsible for "catastrophic consequences" 

This is the long standing dispute  between Hamas and Fatah.  There have been no elections in the West Bank or Gaza since 2007 - eleven years ago.  

Actually both Fatah and Hamas do not have "democratic" legitimacy anymore.  

In the whole Arab world, their problems have always been linked to the legitimacy of their rulers.  Hereditary kings,  dictators and autocrats always cannot sleep soundly at night because they do not have the legitimacy to rule.

Every morning when the Arab rulers wake up from sleep, the first thing on their mind is how to convince their people not to shoot them or chop off their heads.  This is a big problem for the Arab heads of State. They just do not have legitimacy to rule.

The same now with especially Hamas and Fatah.

Hence populist issues like 'fighting for Islam', 'jihad for Palestine' are highly "sought after"  by the rulers, kings, dictators and autocrats to be used as rallying points to whip up support for their "illegitimacy".   Meaning to make their people forget about their illegitimacy.

Hamas is no different.  Granted the grievances of the Palestinians are genuine. But telling unarmed people to march into a heavily secured, mined and machine gun guarded border fence is simply evil. They do not care for the lives of the Gazans at all. 

Hamas just wants to survive - no matter how many Gazan lives need to be sacrificed.

And why do they want to survive so much? Can you guess? Its money.

Sponsorship.  Arab potentates (who all lack legitimacy) will give oil money "to the cause of Islam, to the cause of jihad, to the cause of Palestine".  Cash is King populism. To show their own people that their rulers / leaders "care". For what? 

So Hamas gets money.  And their leaders can live in fairly comfortable luxury for another year.  It is a circle / cycle.   You feed me I feed you.

In between let the people suffer and die.

Does this sound familiar? 
Have you heard of something called UMNO? 
Ketuanan Melayu? 
Brader Trouble Maker ?

They are all the same. Lebih kurang.  
Its a tried and tested method.
You need lots of unthinking people.
And just one or two clever beggars to mislead the unthinking.

So folks, here is a prediction I will make.

We will be hearing about race, language and religion again.

It works most of the time.

Refugees And Asylum Seekers : Malaysia Must Be More Sensible

This is a well thought article written by my friend Norman Fernandez. Norman is a practising lawyer and one time Deputy Chairman of DAP Johor.

In the recent weeks and particularly after the May 9, General Election,  there is a noticeable increase in letters, articles and even calls for Malaysia to re-look into the plight of refugees and asylum seekers in Malaysia. All this at a time when everyone should be more concerned about Malaysia’s RM1Trillion national debt.

As at May 2017, there are in Malaysia some 150,204 refugees and asylum seekers from 59 countries registered with the Office Of The United Nations  High Commisioner For Refugees (UNCHR). Do note, that these are only the registered refugees and asylum seekers. From the above numbers, some 94,361 were refugees and 55,843 were asylum seekers. The 10 countries making up the majority of the refugees and asylum seekers are Myanmar 133,725; Pakistan 3,548; Sri Lanka 2,328; Yemen 2,095; Somalia 2,062, Syria 1980; Iraq 1,61; Afghanistan 1,082; Palestine 698; Iran 440.  Non-Governmental Organisations estimate that there are already some 200,000 Rohingyas in Malaysia, the majority unregistered.

What is very worrying now is the increasing call on Malaysia to sign and ratify the Convention Relating  To The Status Of Refugees, the Protocol Relating To The Status Of Refugee and the Statelessness Convention. Malaysia (thankfully) has not signed any of these legal treatise and thus far has steadfastly refused to. As such, in Malaysia, refugees and asylum seekers are deemed illegal immigrants.

Had and should Malaysia sign and ratify these legal treatise, the repercussions are that Malaysia will be obliged as  host nation to provide not only refuge but also be bound by the principle of “non-refoulement” whereby under this principle Malaysia should not return refugees to a country where he faces a serious threat to life.

During the final stages of the Indochinese/Vietnam War, a wave of refugees began to flood and arrive at the shores of South East Asia  countries. In May 1975, the first group of 47 Vietnamese refugees arrived on Malaysian shores. Malaysia then for some 20 years from 1975 hosted some 240,000 Vietnamese refugees in Pulau Bidong and Sungai Besi Transit Camp, until the last Vietnamese refugee, Don Van Viet on August 28, 2005 left for Vietnam. Unlike the present day “free-range” refugees, the Vietnamese refugees were placed in camps. In fact, at one time the Sungai Beau Transit Camp had some 69,000 Vietnamese refugees. However, Malaysia was very clear with hosting these refugees. Malaysia was only willing to act as an offshore processing centre and under the Comprehensive Plan Of Action For Indochinese Refugees, Malaysia made it known clearly that the arrivals are only given temporary refuge and they must be resettled in third countries. That was not easy as most countries was more willing to accept only refugees with skills and qualification. Nevertheless, by the time the last Vietnamese refugee left Malaysia, the majority was accepted for resettlement in Australia, Canada, France and United States. Some 9,000  Vietnamese refugees chose ( or had no choice) to return to Vietnam. It is said the only refugees who were allowed to re-settle in Malaysia were the Champa-Malays from Indochina.

It is also notable that Malaysia has always had an underlying preference for Muslim refugees. This can be seen when in the 1970’s Malaysia allowed some 120,000 Muslims from Southern Philippines to settle in Sabah, initially vide IMM 13 work pass and later on legitimised by the covert “IC Sabah”, designed to make Sabah a Muslim majority state. From then on, Sabah has been hoisted a problem that until today, it cannot extricate out. Then, during the 1992-1995, Bosnian Wars, Malaysia in contrast to the earlier refugees welcomed the Bosnians refugees giving them the status of “guests”, allowing them not only temporary residence and permission to work. After the war, a good majority of the Bosnian refugees have left for third countries and in particular Australia. To be fair, the Bosnian refugees hardly created any social problems while in Malaysia. In 2004, after the tsunami hit and destroyed Aceh, some 35,000 Acehnese we’re permitted to enter Malaysia on IMM 13 work passes. Mention must also be made of the 3,000 Syrian refugees who in 2015, arrived on invitation by the Malaysian government and have temporary residence passes and also permission to work while awaiting resettlement in third countries.

However with Rohingyas, Malaysia is extremely cautious in laying the welcome mat and rightly so. There are some 3 to 4 Million Rohingya population, and given a chance, all will want to come here including those languishing in refugee camps in Bangladesh and in the no-man ‘s land between Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Unlike, the “White Muslim” refugees whose presence here is transient and reasonably easier to be resettled, the Rohingyas, face a near impossibility of being accepted or resettled by third countries. With Rohingyas, it is very noticeable that they have absolutely no skill whatsoever, and the prolific procreation and breeding ability sends shivers to whichever country considering to take them. No country, particularly Western countries would want to burden itself more taking in Rohingya refugees who absolutely provide no whatsoever benefit as immigrants but are just going to procreate and breed, all at the expense of the taxpayer. Add to that, in the light of social problems caused by Muslim refugees engaging in crime and terror, most Non-Muslim countries would be very wary in accepting the Rohingyas. Rohingyas provide no benefit but simply an unwanted burden.

To digress a little, that also goes for the Pakistanis, Somalis , Afghanistans and other refugees and asylum seekers who have managed to land on our shores. In fact, one wonders how have these refugees and asylum seekers from faraway lands able to come to Malaysia and even get by the Malaysia immigration and authorities. These refugees and asylum seekers, having arrived in Malaysia are also going to be Malaysia’s problem since they too may not be resettled in other countries.

It is also noticeable that almost all of the 57 OIC Countries show complete indifference and apathy for the Rohingyas and unwilling to allow them to be resettled in the member countries. Thus, it is almost certain that the Rohingyas already here are going be be languishing in Malaysia for a very long time and more likely not to return but simply procreating and breeding.

If Malaysia, were to sign and ratify those legal treatise on refugees and asylum seekers, which many are calling on the government to do so, it could simply mean opening the floodgates to all the Rohingyas still in Myanmar, to flee and come to Malaysia. Of course, Myanmar will be more than happy to see the back of the Rohingyas. That is not all, as other refugees and asylum seekers from other Muslim countries who already know Malaysia as a country that is sympathetic to Muslim refugees and asylum seekers will only be all the more determined to come here. It is reported that, many asylum seekers when not permitted to enter Turkey, prefer to be sent to Malaysia.

UNCHR and other do gooders would want Malaysia not only to provide refuge, but also provide employment opportunities and taking care of the welfare including the education, housing, health and other social needs - all these at the expense of Malaysian tax-papers. The burden and the social problems by the refugees and asylum seekers outweigh any humanitarian consideration or the spirit of the Ummah. 

Malaysians must rise up and demand that the government do not yield to the pressures to open up our shores to refugees and asylum seekers. It took almost 20 years to resettle the Vietnamese refugees in Malaysia in third countries. There is no guarantee the present refugees and asylum seekers are going to be resettled in other countries and we will be creating a national calamity if Malaysia were to open its doors to refugees and asylum seekers.

At a time, when the new government is saddled with a RM1 trillion national debt and the daily expose’ of the former government’s financial debauchery, priority cannot and should not be on refugees and asylum seekers. Malaysia can ill afford to provide refuge for refugees and asylum seekers. If any, Malaysia must be firm and stern on refugees and asylum seekers and send out the message that Malaysia will not accept or welcome refugees and asylum seekers. For a start, Malaysia must must begin identifying refugees and asylum seekers from those already here for deportation. After all, we had no difficulty deporting Sri Lankan Tamils refugees and asylum seekers and as such it cannot be much of a problem.

The adage, charity begins at home, holds true. Let us think of our selves and our country first, not refugees or asylum seekers. 

Norman Fernandez

Kaum Ostard Wal Retard Tidak Tahu Islam

Here is a very disgusting video. This is a religious preacher (sounds like in Australia) who is obviously quite lunatic.   

This fellow says that even if you rape, murder and steal on a daily basis and then you perform your prayers you are still better in the eyes of Allah than a person who DOES NOT rape, DOES NOT murder and DOES NOT steal on a daily basis but DOES NOT perform his daily prayers.  

(Disclaimer : For those of you who rape, murder and steal, please stop doing so.)

The speaker is a very sick person who does not know what is Islam. He certainly does not know what is the Quran.

Because none of what he says is in the Quran.

He can see what Allah will see in a person.  As I said a nut job who has delusions that he has some direct WhatsApp links with Allah.

Now here is the Quran.

This is the Surah 107 or Surah Al Maa'un.  The word salat is traditionally translated as prayer. Some of the brothers / sisters may want to discuss this further but please bear with me. 

Anyway the word salat appears twice in this Surah 107.

107:001    Do you know who really gives the lie to the Deen?
107:002    That is the one who mistreats the orphans.
107:003    And does not advocate the feeding of the poor.
107:004    And woe to those who observe the salat 
107:005    who are totally heedless of their salat.
107:006    They only show off.
107:007    And they forbid charity.

So there are people who uphold their salat just to show off (06 : allazeena hum yu raa uun).

They are the pretenders. They mistreat the orphans, maybe rape them? (02 : Fa zaa likal-lazee yadu'ul yatim).

They do not advocate the feeding of the poor, they would just let the poor die of hunger. Dont feed the poor. (03 : Walaa yahuzzu alaa tho-aamil miskeen). 

Woe to these people who uphold salat (04 : fa wai-lun lil musalleen)

These people are totally heedless of the salat (05 : allazee-na hum an solaati-him saa-hoon)

To the Muslims who are reading this - if you do not know what is in the Quran, you will be misled.   

Remember this. If you do not know what is in the Quran, you will be misled.

And you will become ignorant, violent, poor and end up destroying yourself. 
This is guaranteed.