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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Another Explosive Statutory Declaration

This is from Malaysiakini here .  I have been hearing plenty of stories about the cruel murder of Kevin Morais.

Well it appears that Kevin had a few brothers including this man here Charles Morais who has made a Statutory Declaration and held a Press Conference yesterday. 

Charles Morais lives in Atlanta, Georgia (in the US) and I think for his own safety Charles should hasten back to Atlanta. 

Charles has said a few things :

1. He says that his late brother Kevin had sent him (in Atlanta) a pen drive with some incriminating information against some people.   For his safety and protection Charles has deposited the said pen drive with a lawyer in the US.

Charles by saying this you are still not safe. The FBI or the CIA may come after you as well. It is best to ask your friends to just release the information on that drive. Otherwise your credibility will not last either.  And you will never be safe.

2.  Charles says he believes that it was his brother Kevin who e mailed a copy of that draft charge sheet to The Thingy in the UK which then published it.  He says the email was sent to The Thingy by someone using the email id "". 

Charles says jibby was the name of the babysitter who took care of them when they were kids.  This is a fantastic coincidence.  In Social Media 'jibby' is also short for Najib.

To me the giveaway is the handle '@anonymous'. Its so Indian-lawyer-like.  Unlike say or which would be my favorites.  

3.  The most damning evidence put forward by Charles that his brother Kevin Morais was allegedly  involved in preparing the alleged draft charge sheet in question is an initial that appears on the draft charge sheet.  He says the initial is that of his brother Kevin Morais. He says that he can recognise both the signature as well as the initials of his murdered brother.  Here is that initial on that piece of paper (which I have cut paste from Malaysiakini ok) :

It will be very simple to prove or disprove this allegation. Just get another document that has been initialled by Kevin Morais. For example a S&P or tenancy agreement from that apartment he owned in London. Or another one of the hundreds of charge sheets that Kevin may have prepared during his tenure with the AGC or MACC.

(Unless those official documents bearing his initials have been sucked up by Martians - a possibility as well.)

The point that Charles is making is that Kevin Morais worked on the alleged draft charge sheet that calls for the PM's arrest.

Ok here is an excerpt from Malaysiakini :

'Kevin worked on PM and wife's case, initials on charge sheet'

The alleged draft charge sheet against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak released by whistleblower site The Thingy had carried the initials of the late deputy public prosecutor Anthony Kevin Morais, claimed his brother.

In a statutory declaration (SD) today, Charles Suresh Morais said when he saw the charge sheet that appeared on the website on July 30, he recognised his brother's initials.

“After having looked at the (two-page) draft charge sheet once again, I noticed that one of them was amended and initialled.

“After studying that particular charge sheet in detail, I noticed that the initial next to the amendment made was that of my brother, Kevin. I am familiar with his signature and his initials,” he said in the SD.

Charles, who was accompanied by lawyer Americk Sidhu, revealed the SD in a press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

Attorney-general Mohd Apandi Ali had previously dismissed the alleged draft charge sheet as false.  W
hen contacted today on the statutory declaration, he replied: "I am overseas. Thank you."

Charles said in his statutory declaration that he always kept in touch with Kevin, including making two or three phone calls a month and constant e-mail correspondence.

He also claimed that two to three months ago before Kevin's murder in September, he said the deputy public prosecutor told him that he had been working on a case involving Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor.

In the SD, Charles said he later approached Rewcastle-Brown about the charge sheet and it was revealed the document was sent from an e-mail called "".

Charles said he was convinced that the e-mail came from Kevin.

He said the name "jibby" refers to the babysitter who had cared for both Kevin and Charles.

"Kevin was working directly under the attorney-general at that time and would have been privy to the type of information as appeared in the draft charge sheets.”

Read more:

My conclusion :  

1. Over the past few years, three people have been murdered under intriguing circumstances. Altantuya Shaaribuu, Ahmad Najadi and now Kevin Morais.  Are there any connections?  We dont know - for sure - up to this point in time. But who knows what the cat will drag into the house tomorrow.   (Just like who knew that Kevin had a brother Charles living in Atlanta or that Charles has deposited a pen drive with a lawyer in Atlanta.)

PI Bala has also died of a heart attack but even there we hear plenty of coffee shop talk. 

My appeal is (to whichever person or persons, individuals or groups, connected or not connected, related or not related) can these killings please stop? Its only money guys.  Why kill people for money? There has to be much more to your life than going around killing people.

2.  The allegation by Charles Morais that that initial on that alleged draft charge sheet (what a mouthful - I have to be careful with these words, we dont live in a very free atmosphere now)   belonged to his murdered brother Kevin Morais cannot go unanswered.

This is a very serious allegation by Charles Morais, backed up in a Statutory Declaration.

If that initial does belong to Kevin Morais, then the next question is what then is that piece of paper on which the initial  appears?  It does not look like Kevin's  old Tenancy Agreement in London.

Then the next question is why and what is Kevin's initial doing on that piece of paper? Surely if the initial is his, then Kevin must have drafted that document.  

In my view,  two people come into the immediate limelight now. The first is our former AG and Kevin's boss Ghani Patail.

Tan Sri - a man has lost his life. This is a murder.  You have to say something about this 'initial'.  Is it Kevin Morais's initial? Yes or No?

The second fellow is our "crawled out from kampong air keroh"  replacement  AG.  But it is not worth saying much about him because he wont say much. 

There is a third guy - the IGP. But he has already denied ever calling Kevin Morais about that Najadi murder. Looks like a dead end there too.  

Folks, there seems to be a smoking gun here. Here it is :

Focus on this for the next few days.

Rats, prepaids, crooks, thieves  :  do you still want to hang on?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Written by Malaysia Chronicle
  • 5,000 umno branches planning mammoth rally to protest Najib 
  • Umno 22,000 branches nationwide.
  • Last month, 13 branch heads from Telok Kemang demanded Najib's resignation
  • 10 Umno branches from Selangor, made similar demands on Wednesday
  • on Sat 34 branch heads from 5 states - Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Johor, Perak and Sabah -  openly stated their stand against Najib
  • "support of 25% Umno branches," said Mohd Isa Mohd Yasin
  • head of Umno Taman PD Utama branch, reported by Sinar Harian
  • anti-Najib movement in Umno was growing 
  • momentum against Najib seems to be building instead of abating
  • despite arrests of critics and arbitrary shutdown of websites
  • branches unanimously agreed to urge Najib to step down 
  • right to voice out must be returned to grassroots so that Umno can be saved
  • protest is to be held next month. no venue has been fixed
  • Whatever Najib does, it won't stop his ouster. 
  • Najib has committed too many wrongdoings and his fall is inevitable
  • Najib greedy, sloppy eater. Resigning too kind a fate for him."
My comments : About three years ago I asked all the rats to leave Najib and jump ship. (I am always ahead by a few years - thumpity thump). Well its really getting critical now. 

Rats if you want to save yourselves, jump ship now. Before its too late.

Prepaids - now is the time to ask for more money. If Najib falls, it is unlikely you will ever get paid by anyone, for anything.  So better ask for more money now.

I think that 5000 branches opposed to Najib is a conservative figure. I think 99.9% of the cawangan are against Najib.  So far 5000 have stepped forward.

For Najib and Rosmah here is some relevant information. 

These are the prevailing temperatures at some locations around the world which you may wish to consider :

Kazakhstan - butt freezing cold
Kyrgyzstan - toilet bowl water frozen
Tajikistan - frozen camel piss everywhere
Turkmenistan -  dont piss outside, unless you are a camel
Uzbekistan -  mama bears shivering in the woods

Perhimpunan Agung Umno Dis 8 Lebih Baik Di Pindah Ke Gua Telinga

Here is news from that UMNO meeting that was held in the Parliament building?? 

Macam mana pula parti politik boleh bermesyuarat dalam bangunan Parlimen? Bapak dia punya ke? Ada bayar sewa tak? 

Esok kalau DAP nak bermesyuarat dalam bangunan Parlimen macam mana pula? Tangkap dia bawah SOSMA? 

Well that Hamidah woman (salam 'kak) from Perak has been sacked by UMNO. Muhyiddin and Shafie Apdal are safe.

Muhyiddin and Shafie were not present. 

Muhyiddin will not be allowed to officiate the wings (sayap) either.  

Only the president will make remarks at the closing of the assembly.

And hear this folks : NO PRESS COVERAGE.

UMNO is really running and hiding.  This will be the first time since UMNO was founded in 1946 that the party's General Assembly will be closed off to the Press.

Surely the party is in crisis. 

Saya ada cadangan. Ini kan OutSyed The Box, tempat berfikir outside the box?

Saya cadangkan UMNO mengadakan mesyuarat PAU tahun ini dalam Gua Telinga saja. 

Lagi selamat. 
Tak ada Press Coverage
Tak ada sesiapa pun akan buat kacau.

Ini dia gambar Gua Telinga :

Ruang terbuka dalam Gua Telinga ini sangat sempit  dan sudah tentu tidak boleh muatkan semua ahli MKT UMNO termasuk presiden dan hulu dalam balangnya.

Dont worry. Saya ada solution. 

Suruh presiden pecat saja lagi ramai ahli, termasuk ahli MKT. 

Biar tinggal presiden, timbalan dan Ku Nan saja. Cukup quorum dan cukup tempat untuk bermesyuarat dalam gua.

Siapa yang gemuk boleh duduk atas batu (di sebelah kanan gambar di atas). 

Tapi kalau semua dah gemuk, I think you still have a problem.