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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Attorney General Encik Tommy Thomas Can You Please Respond To Ministers Kulasegaran And Gobind Singh Deo? Thank you.

The Indian government has confirmed that it sent Malaysia a formal extradition request for  preacher Zakir Naik in January this year.

Indian Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Shri Raveesh Kumar confirmed this with  Malaysiakini via email today.

“In January this year, we made a formal request for the extradition of Zakir Naik who is an  Indian national, who is living in Malaysia and who is wanted (for) criminal cases in India.

“Our extradition request is under consideration (by) the Malaysian authorities,” he said,  pointing to an extradition treaty between the two countries that was inked back in 2010.

This confirms previous reports that the Indian government had placed an extradition
request for Zakir in January this year.

However, cabinet minister Gobind Singh Deo had declined to confirm the existence of the  extradition request when asked about it yesterday.

Another minister, M Kulasegaran, had said that the government would ask the attorney general  if there had been any formal request from India on the matter. 

My comments :  Tommy Thomas should give us some definitive answer. This is a legal point. Malaysian Media please ask the Attorney General to reply to Minister Kulasegaran's statement.

Mentafsir Pandangan Zam - Arab Itu Bangsa Bodoh !!

Hi folks. I am back. I was in Thailand for the past few days. Interesting meeting with educators from around Asia. Thailand was interesting as well. This was not Koh Samui or Phuket but Bangkok and its surroundings. Will get back on that.

Meanwhile Tan Sri Zainuddin Mydin has created a storm in his interview with Utusan. Zam says the arabic language is NOT a language of knowledge. Well not anymore. Here be the news:

mencadangkan sekolah tahfiz ditutup
Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin : bahasa Arab bukan bahasa ilmu
tiada profesional terkemuka dunia terhasil pendidikan bahasa Arab 

bahasa Arab tidak digunakan dalam sains, tekonologi, ekonomi 
(tidak) menyumbang kemajuan, pemodenan

ulama Arab menyekat kemajuan berfikir dan intelektual bangsa tersebut
bangsa Arab terpaksa lari utk cari kebebasan baca, fikir, bersuara di negara Barat
tekan dalam negara sendiri oleh hukuman, ancaman ulama feudal bersifat raja

Pusat pendidikan Arab tidak menjadi tumpuan pelajaran bidang profesional
Sebaliknya ramai pelajar Arab menuntut di pusat pengajian tinggi Malaysia

Zam kate bahasa Arab bukan bahasa ilmu 
cadangan beliau sekolah tahfiz ditutup 

My comments :  Err . . . this is what I have been saying for years now. I disagree with ZAM that bahasa Arab is "only useful to learn religion". Even that is doubtful. 

(The only exception is the wonderful and genius Quran - an arabic text that is about 1400 years old. As I keep repeating over and over again, the Quran has nothing to do with the Arab religion. The two are just not the same.  Once you leave the Quran, the retards take over the religion.) 

But Zam is talking about everything - not just religion. Zam's point has more to do with scientific achievements. 

Dulu-dulu at one point in histroy the Arabic language was indeed a language of knowledge.    Neil de Grasse Tyson the American super scientist (cosmologist) says the Arabs gave names to over 2/3 (two thirds) of the known stars in the sky. Search You Tube for "Naming Rights" by Neil de Grasse Tyson.

Link :

As De Grasse Tyson says that was about 1000 years ago. Since then the Arabs have been down in the dumps (and now the trash bin) of history.  

In the contemporary world if you relied on the Arabic language alone you would be among the quite stupid people in the world.  Or at best you would be among the less intelligent people in the world.

That is also why you see the ostard wal retards are so dumb - all over the world. Their basis of reference is still the Arabs and the Arabic language.  

There are quite a few people in our country who have an Arabic language based education - usually in religion which they consider their specialty. And they say the dumbest things. 

Imagine referring the Arabic language in things where they have no specialty - like medicine, modern management, engineering, sociology etc. 

Which is why the Arab society is so backward - even in this 21st century.

The Arabs have been down in the dumps for so long. 

At this point in history, only those who are dumber will look up to the Arabs.