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Monday, April 22, 2019


I received this via email from reader Koh.  Thank you very much.

Dear Minister of Transport, YB Anthony Loke,

I read with dismay the recent announcement made by your good self on April 11, 2019 on the burden of regulations to be imposed on e-hailing drivers with little or no consideration for our well-being. The arbitrary requirements (refer to footnote below) will not affect the e-hailing operators or companies at all but only the poor drivers. If I may put it simply, you are essentially enriching the various government agencies and private companies involved with RM160M at our expense, making 200,000 (1 million affected ; 5 people per household) of us poorer by RM800. 

Personally, this might be an eye opener for me to determine if it is at all worth it to continue as an e-hailing driver. Needless to say, RM800 is a lot of money when one has to go through each day on the proverbial basis of ‘kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang.’ 

Based on a standard fee of RM0.35 per minute and RM1.20 per kilometer job ride, I would have to clock 3430 mins over 1001 kilometers on the job to reach this earnings of RM800 and this hard-earned money goes straight to Puspakom/Perkeso/Insurance Companies/Clinics etc. 

I would need at least 2-full weeks or more (8-hours a day) to clock 3430 minutes/1001 kilometers. 

Cost of living (bread & butter issues) matters most to the common man in the street. 

Would the authorities care to consider the wellbeing of 1 million citizens by lessening this burden of regulation on e-hailing drivers? 

An e-hailing driver. 


1) PSV License (6-hour training)

2) Puspakom 

3) Perkeso (Socso)

4) Insurance 

5) Medical Check-up (we have passed a medical check up before being accepted by the E-hailing Company/Operator)

6) Fire Extinguishers (Is this necessary? We are not carrying Oil & Gas. Do you have the Stats to prove that it is needed?) 


My comments : 

This will eventually increase the fares for e-hailing. The cost of living will go up again. Congratulations Pakatan Harapan. 

The e-hailing cabs offer more efficient and usually cheaper mode of hired car transport - than the regular taxis. That is the whole reason why the e-hailing has been so successful all over the world.

1. When e-hailing, there is usually more than one 'cab' which will respond to your e-hailing. The consumer has choices.

2. You know the number of minutes for the e hailing cab to arrive, even before you choose the cab.You can accept or decline a cab.

3. The fare from A to B is fixed and known in advance.  The cab will not take round about routes. 

4. You can even pay through your smartfone. Payment is easy.

All this gives more choice to the consumer. This creates more competition. Competition creates more efficiency and ultimately benefits the consumer. In the end we all progress.  

And it is all a function of technology ie information technology. 

But what does the government do? You want to make the playing field "not level" again. By imposing extra costs that really benefit the monopolies, oligopolies and the cartels that dominate our economy. 

And Mr Anthony Loke,  now driverless taxis already exist. 
How are you going to deal with those?

Obviously hire taxis are entering their Twilight Zone.   
Hire taxis are reaching the end of their life span.

Here is my suggestion YB Anthony Loke.

Dont gamble at the horse races.  You will lose your money.
But if you have to gamble then pick the right horse.

The right horse is new technology, efficiency, competition and lower costs (for everyone).  Also known as progress. These horses will win.

You interfere in progress, you will lose.

p.s.  Since Merdeka in 1957 exactly how many taxi cab passengers from Perlis to Sabah have suffered any type of burns or died of burns while riding in a taxi? Do you know the answer? 


MCA Youth hit out at PH for imposing new tax on imported used cars

Nicole Wong questioned if move was “first step” to protect 3rd car 

government must come clean on this new tax scheme

between 20% - 39% tax on imported used cars effective March 1

From The Star here .

My comments : 

Maybe the MCA and UMNO guys are still in this recond car business and the Pakatan wants to kill them off? 

But this is really unthinking.  Increasing the tax on recond cars by 20% - 39% will only increase their prices. From there all other car prices will be affected (pushed up).

In Malaysia cars are real necessities.  Our public transport is lousy, even in the Klang Valley. In Ipoh, Penang, Melaka, Alor Setar the public transport system is worse. Dont bother asking about Tanjong Tualang or Pantai Remis.  So people need cars and motorbikes.

Thank you for the KTM Komuter, the LRT and the new MRT. The MRT stations are huge and grand. But once I have reached the station, I still need a car (or taxi) to get to my house which is 15 minutes away. Back to square one. 

In any case cars are substitute products. Meaning if you cannot buy one car - for whatever reason - you will buy another car.

People buy good recond cars because they are much cheaper than a new car of the same make and model. 

If a brand new Toyota Alphard sells for RM400k to RM500k then a recond Alphard at RM250k - RM300k+ is certainly cheaper. 

If a recond Toyota Alphard increases in price by 20% to 39% then it may reach the price of a new Alphard. 

So the people will not buy a recond Alphard anymore.  They cannot afford it. They may opt for a Toyota Camry. Or a another cheaper MPV. 

Hence demand for lower end MPVs and Camry's will increase. 
Their prices will go up. 
Or their prices will NOT go down.

When the prices of Camrys and other affordable MPVs go up, then the prices of other lower end Toyotas - and other makes of cars - will also go up.

The speed of the price increase will depend on the Ringgit size of the recond car market. In the end the prices of all cars will go up.

Congratulations to the Pakatan Harapan for screwing up our cost of living again.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Ahli PAS Yang Duduk Di Bawah Pokok Perlu Taat Dan Hormati Ahli Pas Yang Duduk Atas Pokok

PAS members, supporters  urged to stay loyal
follow orders from leadership 
without asking too many questions

In saying this, PAS VP Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah likened mentality, outlook of the grassroots and leadership, especially Hadi Awang, to those sitting on the ground, and sitting at the top of a tree, respectively.

"We, on the ground, can only see what is in front of our eyes. 
If we are in the jungle, we can't see anything but the trees and the bushes.

Pandangan jauh dari atas pokok

Kalau di tingkat bawah cabut kutu sajalah