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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bloomberg : Mahathir Ends Support for Najib Over Minimum Wages As Well..

Former Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamad said he was withdrawing his support for Prime Minister Najib Razak, citing worsening race relations and a tougher business environment since the premier took power.

Minimum wage increases imposed by Najib’s government have not taken into account costs that are making Malaysian businesses and goods uncompetitive versus imports, he said.
He has expressed skepticism of Najib’s economic program, saying ..that he found “difficulty in understanding the purpose of this so-called transformation.”

“This is the start of his campaign to replace Najib before the next general election,” said James Chin, professor of political science at the Malaysian campus of Australia’s Monash University, referring to Mahathir. “He believes that Najib cannot win in the next general election” and a new leader is needed for the Barisan Nasional coalition to do well, he said.

Five Victories

Mahathir was Malaysia’s longest-running prime minister, winning five straight election victories before retiring in 2003 after 22 years in power. Mahathir remains the ruling party’s elder statesman and still holds sway over its members.

My comments : I think the PM will not understand what Dr Mahathir is saying about the minimum wages. And neither will the guys at the Prime Minister's Office.

It also depends on who you hang out with. Dr Mahathir hangs out with businessmen. Real businessmen too. 

Najib Tun Razak hangs out with the GLC guys who do not even understand buy low, sell high. They keep making billion Ringgit losses. So most certainly the PM will not know what Dr Mahathir is talking about.

If you all will recall, I have been campaigning "against" the minimum wages since the day they mooted it. The minimum wages really pushes up our costs. This is the case with all enterprises especially large, low technology, labour intensive industries that employ lots of workers.

And why is our country still low technology and labour intensive? Because our education plus all our other policies cannot yet produce a high technology and science based society. That is a big reason.

Cheap Bangla and Indon labour is not the main reason. If we have high tech industries, we will possibly employ even more Bangla and Indon labour.

And let me ask a question - has the minimum wage made a positive impact on anyone's life? Are there any followup studies? Prices have gone up since the minimum wages were imposed in January 2013. Whatever extra people earned from Minimum Wages have been eaten up by higher prices. Its back to square one.

What has happened is that businesses suffered higher labour costs and hence they have to recover the higher labour costs by increasing their selling prices. 

Their higher selling prices also makes their products less competitive, especially in the export markets where price competition is extreme. 

I dont think Najib can understand all this. It is simple common sense. Neither can his "tak tahu niaga" advisors.

Many businesses, including mine, have had to reduce staff. We decreased our staff strength (we did not replace three). That is three more people unemployed. The numbers show that the unemployment rate is down to just over 3+ %. We take it at good faith but how real are these numbers?

The bottom line is Dr Mahathir is getting panicky because the PM Najib Razak does not seem to know what is going on around him. Cakap hentam saja.

That 6.4% quarterly growth is comin from all those condos and office buildings that are coming up.

Truce Over : Hamas Fires 6 Rockets, Israel Bombs Gaza

  • Hamas Attacks Tel Aviv As Ceasefire Hopes Fade
  • One rocket landed in the middle of a highway
 Hamas rocket lands on highway. No one injured.
  • In total, six rockets landed and Tel Aviv was struck for the first time in ten days. 
  • Hamas has claimed responsibility for the attacks
  • They were aiming for International Airport 
  • the ceasefire negotiation process in Cairo is effectively over
  • Israeli army preparing for another possible ground operation
Israelis bomb Gaza City again. Two people were killed.

This is very bad news. The Israelis have neutralised many of the tunnels. They have also bombed a lot of the rocket stores. If the Israelis launch another ground incursion it will possibly last up to 12 months. Their plan is to invade the entire Gaza Strip and physically dismantle the Hamas military capability. This means unravelling the Izzadin Kassim Brigades entirely.

After that they may insist on the following :

i. Gaza's "Home Affairs" are put under the care of the Egyptian Army (paid for by the Arab countries)
ii. Gaza is put under the authority of the Palestinian Authority
iii. Gaza is completely demilitarised

This is very bad news for the people of Gaza.

Lethal Virus Targeting Muslims Only !!

  • police foiled plans for a wave of bombings by radical militants inspired by ISIL
  • 19 militants arrested April-June plans to bomb pubs, discos and Carlsberg
  • said Special Branch (Operations/Counter Terrorism division) assistant director-general Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay.
  • visions of establishing hardline Southeast Asian caliphate span Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore
  • planned to travel to Syria to learn from ISIL.
  • plotters included professionals and two housewives.
  • “campaign of violence and armed struggle and to die as martyrs”
  • there could still be co-plotters at large in Malaysia
  • apprehended at airports on way to Turkey and Syria to seek training from ISIL
  • Malaysian plotters were aged between 20 and 50
  • raising money to travel to Syria, under pretext of “humanitarian work”
  • they talk about ISIL ideology, killing people and Muslims not in their group
  • suspects hoped to create networks with regional and global ISIL cells
  • up to 40 Malaysians have gone to Syria to join the civil war there

3.  Salafi Fatwa :  'It’s OK for a man to hide and watch the woman bathe': Egyptian cleric permits voyeurism if the male's intentions are 'pure'

A hardline Islamic preacher from Egypt this week made waves in the Middle East after he issued a fatwa  allowing a man to watch a woman 'while she is showering'.

Go forth and ogle! Usama al-Qawsi ruled that it's alright by Allah for men to spy on women who are taking a shower - as long as they intend to marry her at some point later
  • He is a Salafi which encourages believers to look back to the earliest Muslims as the epitome of good religious practice
  • such voyeurism is acceptable 'as long as your intentions are pure'.

  • His opinion is that men can 'hide' somewhere 'in secret' in order to see parts of your intended bride 'she wouldn't usually let you see'. 
  • Qawsi's sermon was broadcast on Egyptian-based Mehwar TV Channel, and translated into English by al-Arabiya.

Country Breaking Down - Gomen Builds Open Air Shower For Homeless

1. Yesterday a part of the MRT project collapsed in Kota Damansara, killing three workers. They were all Bangla workers so not many people will care. I dont know if there will be any stop work order issued for the site as well. Does the gomen care?

UPDATE : Dato Wira Azhar Abdul Hamid the CEO of MRT Corp has since taken responsibility and resigned from his position. 

Here is some news about Dato Azhar :

According to MRT Corp CEO Datuk Wira Azhar Abdul Hamid, upon talking to some workers at the site, there are indications that certain quarters had disregarded safety regulations.

“We are, however, still investiga­ting as this site is under the jurisdiction of our subcontractor, Syarikat Muhibbah Perniagaan dan Pembi­na­an Sdn Bhd, and the exact details will be disclosed as soon as the investigations are completed,” 

Azhar said MRT Corp had always emphasised on safety to the point where its contractors often retort the organisation was “overdoing it”, and that MRT Corp’s requirement “wasn’t a norm in the industry”.

To that, Azhar argued that having workers die was “not the norm” either, and added that he would see through the investigations and en­­sure the deceased and their families get the justice they deserve.

2. Just last week, another person died after being electrocuted by a hot water shower. It was the third person who had died because of that same make of shower. There was a Letter to the Editor in The Star complaining about the deaths. But does the gomen care? Siapa suruh dia mandi air panas kan? Dia bukan orang putih pun.    

3. Has anyone been called up over that TNB dam catastrophe in Cameron Highlands that killed four people? I believe the dead included Orang Asli and those Banglas or Indons. So who cares. The CEO of TNB said 'an independent international panel' would be asked (by whom? TNB? Takde conflict of interest ke bro?) to study the causes of that accident that caused four human deaths. But so far nothing has come out of it. Betul ke nak jemput 'independent international panel'? Atau lepas angin busuk saja? Case closed. Does the gomen care?

4. What about the 10 people who died in Kedah as a result of food poisoning at that khenduri? Four died quite immediately. Dozens were admitted to hospital where six more died over the next few days. That was a disaster - a mass murder.  Does the gomen care?  Now they say no more cooking for feasts in homes. Come again?  It is the caterers who caused the death lah. License or no license does not make any difference. Does anyone check the hygiene and cleanliness? Lets back track - obviously we are NOT teaching enough hygiene and cleanliness in our schools.

5. Can you all recall that a few years back there was talk about bringing top foreign universities to set up campuses here? One of the names bandied about was the world famous Johns Hopkins University from the United States which has a world class medical school. The suggestion was to bring John Hopkins to start a medical school here.

Well today I just read that Johns Hopkins has not only been operating here in Malaysia but they have also pulled out of Malaysia. Batal kontrak. Here is the news :

After a four-year alliance, the world-renowned Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has pulled out of Malaysia's Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine (Pugsom), citing frequent late payments as the reason.

"..frequently received late and at the time the agreement was terminated, Johns Hopkins had not been paid for more than 12 months of work."

The Public Services Department sponsored students enrolled in the programme.

Its chancellor is Malaysia's longest-serving prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

I think the story behind this closure is very, very long.  And I think it has much to do with the PSD as well. Not enough students to enroll in this ridiculously expensive RM800,000 graduate program. I am sure Johns Hopkins would have insisted on high entry qualifications. That would have created a problem. And "non scholarship" students who can afford RM800,000 would prefer going direct to Johns Hopkins University. So business model tak betul.  But I can assure you folks, someone must have made money. 

6.  Can you recall all the fuss about the homeless people. The PM even visited the homeless in the streets.

Well to help the homeless the gomen is building a drinking fountain cum open air bathing place for the homeless. Here are pictures. 

Eh eh it looks like a Sikh Temple - a Gurdhwara. Silap-silap minum air sini 
nanti boleh tergelincir akidah. Homeless masuk Sikh nanti. Just kidding. Jangan marah ok.

It even has Islamic features - to give it a halal ambience. So not only will the homeless have a place where they can drink water, but they can also spit,  wash, bathe and maybe even do their laundry at this public drinking fountain.

(This is Malaysia lah kawan. There is water everywhere. We dont really need public water fountains. You can buy clean bottled water for just RM1/= anywhere. Ais kosong is 30 sen whereas air suam is about 10 sen. Someplaces it is free. Plus water fountains are the most unhygienic spots on earth. They spread germs.)   So the people who will benefit most from these public water fountains will be the homeless guys.   

And how much did this drinking fountain cost? RM500,000 ? RM5.0 million? It should not have cost more than RM50,000. Here is the reason why :

Less than 100 metres away, our persatuan peniaga built the Balai Polis Masjid India for RM70,000. I designed and handled the construction which was completed in under four months.  Yup this is a trumpet worth blowing.

Perhaps the lowest cost Balai Polis in Malaysia. 
RM70,000 only. Designed and constructed by OSTB. 
Cronies will hate this.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

PMO Reactions To Dr Mahathir's Statement

Well since Tun Dr Mahathir made that statement yesterday that he is withdrawing support for the Prime Minister, the PM’s advisors, cyber troopers and cojones carriers have been staying up past 5PM, some as late as 6:30PM  to discuss what to do. 

One group has decided to just trash all the points raised by Tun Dr Mahathir. Big mistake guys. If Dr Mahathir was not telling the truth, then trash everything he said. But if he was speaking the truth and you decide to trash it, you will soon be inside the trash yourself. Believe me ok. This has happened before.

The PM’s boys and their hangers on have adopted varying tunes as well.  The dua alam group has decided to say that “others” are instigating Tun Dr Mahathir against the PM. 

It cant be me guys because I only meet Tun Dr Mahathir once every six months or once every 12 months and that too hardly for a few minutes. But I think Dr Mahathir does read my Blog. Hi hi hi. (That’s ‘hee hee hee’ ok.)

So who can it be?  This ‘conspiracy’ theory does not hold any teh tarik because no one can influence Dr Mahathir except himself. If you think others can influence Dr Mahathir about the PM you must be a real novice. Very childish thinking.  Dr Mahathir has his own network and his own people just about everywhere.

The other angle that they have discussed is to bad mouth Tun Dr Mahathir as being angry at the PM for a variety of reasons.   Here are some of them. OK I must qualify that this list is plus and minus ok. From various sources.  You can disputeb them if you want to.

1. Dr Mahathir is afraid that his son Mukhriz will not make it to be PM if Najib stays longer. So he wants Najib to step down, get Muhyiddin appointed as PM and then Muhyiddin will pick Mukhriz as DPM. Wow!! Interesting.  (Then why did Dr Mahathir absolutely not allow Mukhriz to become anything in UMNO when he was party president for 22 years? I think the PMO guys have to work on this a little bit more ok)

2.  Dr Mahathir is afraid that UMNO warlords will get rid of his son Mukhriz so he wants to make sure that Najib will ‘protect’ Mukhriz. (By saying he does NOT support Najib’s gomen anymore? How does that fit in? Also refer 1. again)

3. Dr Mahathir asked Najib to pay Mokhzani’s debts. Najib refused. So Dr Mahathir mengamok. Siti Hasmah actually  begged Najib to help her son Mokhzani.  (I think even I know Tun Siti better than this.  I don’t think there is anyone who can even hold a candle to Tun Siti. Not only does it show their calibre but it also reflects the very, very low class, gutter politics by the PMO guys.)

4. Dr Mahathir is angry that Najib is refusing to help Proton (where he is Chairman) with R&D grants. Hence he has declared war on Najib. (Hmmm…interesting).

5.  All the fuss about the land in Johor  is actually to help Tun Daim sell his land at a higher price – RM200 million.  (Huh? What land? No lah this is definitely not true. When AES is RM700 million, lembu condo is RM250 million, fuel subsidy management is RM1.7 billion do you think Dr Mahathir will cut ties with Najib over a measly RM200 million? And for the benefit of Tun Daim? If it was RM2.0 billion I would consider it. But who in UMNO plays around with RM200 million nowadays? Lu ingat apa niaga kacang putih kah? These guys are novices. Tak tahu spin. Itulah tak mahu tanya saya.)

To the PMO guys, listen up ok.  Jangan marah buta guys. Use your common sense. You have a higher duty to the nation and to the citizens than to the PM.   

The PM is a very nice guy. No doubt about that. But as prime minister, the PM is broke guys. Sudah rosak. You simply cannot fix Humpty Dumpty.  But  we still have to worry about the country first. It is always country first ok. If you say ‘Najib comes first’ then you are screwed. It also means that you are pengkhianat bangsa, agama dan negara. Yup do keep that in mind as well. 

Anyway, what this means is that the longer the PM hangs around the more irrelevant you guys become. Why you guys? Kenapa pula? Here is the reasoning.

The longer the PM hangs around (and the FLOS) the more c**p is going to hit the fan. (When is that 1MDB c**p going to blow up?). The more c**p there is, the more c**p you have to shovel. You will become the PM’s glorified c**p shovellers.  What an irrelevant life. The more irrelevant you will become.

Yes you guys get paid by the PM. And you also depend on the PM and his cronies for your trinkets, junkets and what not. But there must be a higher calling in life. There is more to other peoples’ lives and the future of the nation than your fixation with the first Agong.

Here is a comparison. Abdulah Badawi is history. And history is not being kind to Badawi at all. Do you think history will be kind to Najib? Not likely isn’t it? So do you want to be at the receiving end of that unkind history? Katakanlah in the next GE the BN loses the elections, many people, especially  the Malays, will curse you for seven generations. You better start thinking because the BN has already lost the popular vote.  The Malays are so fed up they will even vote for the DAP. 

So which one will it be? Pengkhianat atau pejuang? Decide.

We made the right call about Anwar. We made the right call about Badawi. Do you think we are mistaken about Najib? Turn on engine, engage brain.

Please cut the crap about there not being anyone better. I think the clever Bangla at the nearest gas station also offers a choice. At this point in time every member of the UMNO Supreme Council appears to be a better candidate than the PM. Yup thats how bad it has become. So dont be using the really dumb 'who else is there?'. The short answer is 'anyone will be better'.  Plus the party has a tried and tested succession mechanism. 

Thinking outsyed the box, for a fixed duration of time, say for two years only, we can even have a "coaliton leadership" through a Council of Elders.  First we change the PM, appoint a successor and also a Council of Elders who will guide the new PM for the next two years. 

The new set up will spend the next two years thoroughly cleaning up the pretty useless and corrupted system that has bloated up.  Fire the consultants, reinvigorate the Civi Service and reinvent government in these two years.

The party will also be thoroughly cleaned up. After two years the party undergoes a new election where brand new faces, minus corruption, minus controversy,  minus conmen is fielded.  And that should be the model for ever after.

For example here is a list of 'Solutions' sent in by a Blog reader (thank you) :


1. the country needs a better leader and top men.
2. the feudal mindset MUST change
3. keep religion out of politics
4. go after the corrupt
5. transparency
6. a strong but responsible opposition
7. a change of the education system - bring English in
8. stop wasting money on STUPID research works in universities
9. stop BRIM. make the people work and earn.
10. trim the cabinet and advisers and also the goyang kaki civil servants

So we all know what needs to be done. So far the PM has failed in doing this. In 2012 we have lost the popular vote. We almost lost the elections. Change the PM before we all get changed. Remember the nation and the country come first. If you say the PM comes first, then you are pengkhianat. People will remember you. People will not forgive you.

Minus Ukraine, ISIS Crisis Oil Price USD80-85 Range ??

Some news :

"We have a situation where inventories and supplies are rising. So with geopolitical risks seemingly easing, people don't want to hold long positions,"

Brent crude for October delivery had fallen 78 cents to $102.75 a barrel by 0654 GMT, after trading as low as $102.35. 

U.S. crude for September delivery was 64 cents lower at $96.71 a barrel"

Folks there is a danger much bigger than an incompetent Prime Minister, crazy ISIS nuts or Ukraine - Russia tensions. The oil prices are slipping. 

There are a couple of reasons for this. Oil and gas are now being discovered all over the world. Extraction of oil from shale rock is also accelerating. China has the largest reserves of shale oil in the world.

The United States of America is now a net exporter of oil. Israel is now a net exporter of energy (gas exports).  Brazil has become a sizeable oil and gas country.  More oil and gas are being discovered or it is becoming more technically feasible to extract them.

The second reason is that the advanced countries are moving away from oil. According to  this video here Germany has made a commitment to produce 60% of its energy needs from alternative and renewable resources by 2020 !! And after Fukushima they have shut down all their nuclear energy plants as well.

Technology is also burning less fossil fuel for cars and vehicles. Diesel engined cars are already giving close to 100 mpg. Hybrid cars and mid sized cars are reaching 50 mpg or better.  The world is reducing its addiction to oil.

The lady in the video, Louise Yamada is a top oil analyst. Despite the crisis in Iraq, Syria and the tension in Ukraine oil prices are still sliding. Lets listen to her quickly :

  • Tensions on the Ukraine-Russia border may have rallied crude oil on Friday but the commodity is still down by 10 percent over the past two months.

    According to one highly regarded technical analyst, oil prices may continue moving down. Louise Yamada, managing director of Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors, sees the potential for lower oil prices. 
  • After a huge run-up to more than $146 per barrel in 2008, oil prices saw “a reversion to the mean, so to speak, after such an incredible lift. 
  • It has essentially been in a trading range of roughly between $80 and $115” since 2011.
  • “2012-2013 . . .established an uptrend,” she said.
  • But that changed after oil prices began falling in June 2014. “It’s conceivable it could slip a little bit further,” Yamada said. 
  • despite overseas tensions resistance at $100, $103 and $105, said Yamada. “Otherwise I think it could continue to slip,” she added. 
  • “astounding no soaring oil price given all the geopolitical issues.”
  • Should oil prices slide under the $90 level, Yamada sees two big support levels. 
  • “You could see $85 which is your next support (level)” she said.
  • Beyond that, prices could hit somewhere between $78 and $80, the bottom of the trading range that began around 2011. 
  • “..that wide trading range will probably hold for a considerable period of time”
Kepada sahabat-sahabat saya di UMNO, Perkasa, PAS dsbnya, if the oil prices even slip below USD90 our country will be in very serious trouble. Right now Petronas provides about 30% of the gomen's tax revenue. 

If the oil prices slip 10% or 20% that will decrease the gomen's revenue further. Forget about GST ok. Out of 300,000 registered businesses only 3% or 9000 businesses have registered for GST so far.     

While the market price of oil is decreasing, the cost of producing a barrel of oil is increasing. Labour costs, material costs and all other costs are going up.  Margins are being squeezed. Petronas will not be able to make as much profits to pay the gomen.

Without Petronas' easy money how can the gomen pay 
  • RM700 million to cronies for AES projects that dont work
  • RM1.7 billion to cronies for fuel subsidy projects that dont work
  • RM240 millions to cronies for electronic road signboards that dont work
  • RM1.5?? billions to cronies to lease university campuses for 25 years or 30 years
  • RM900 million Ringgit for computers for rural school children that do not work
  • RM250 million for lembu projects that do not work
  • RM1.7 Billion R&D grant (proposed) for Proton that does not work
The GST is projected to generate about RM6 Billion in revenue.  This list of wastage projects alone will eat up almost RM7.0 Billion already. And the RM6.0 Billion GST is forecasted from the 300,000 businesses to be registered. So far only 3% have registered for GST. That means only 3% GST will be collected ie about RM180 Million. So how man? Duit mana mari?

There are solutions. Easy solutions. Fast and easy solutions. But the gomen will not listen. The people will suffer.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Dr Mahathir : Najib Is Destroying The Country

There was a huge birthday party for Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah last nite.  The theme for the party was The Great Gatsby.  The women were all dressed up really cute 1920s American style. The guys were dressed up too. My three piece came in handy.  

 All real people

I wished Dr Mahathir happy birthday and spoke to him for a short  while. Someone had told me earlier that he is leaving to go overseas soon. I told Dr Mahathir that there were plenty of things happening in the country. He replied, 'Time to go for a holiday' (or words close to that effect). So I said, 'Yes Tun, I heard you are leaving for _ _ _ _ _ _  next week.' Dr Mahathir quickly replied, 'I was not talking about me lah !!' to which I laughed.  He was referring to Najib who just came back from a 17 day holiday and entah ape. 

Now just a few minutes ago this report has hit the news. This is fresh from the oven.

Dr Mahathir withdraws support for Najib government
Published: 18 August 2014

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he would criticise Najib Razak’s administration even if it meant opening himself up to abuse. – The Malaysian Insider, August 18, 2014.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today lashed out at Najib Razak’s administration, saying he was withdrawing his support for Najib as his criticisms had fallen on deaf ears.

“I have tried to give my views to him directly, which are also the views of many people who have met me," wrote Dr Mahathir today on his popular blog,

"I have no choice but to withdraw my support. This has not been effective so I have to criticise," he said, adding that Najib was no better than his predecessor, Abdullah Badawi.

Dr Mahathir said he had hoped Najib learnt lessons from his poor performance in the last general election but it appeared that he had not.

“Many policies, approaches and actions taken by the government under Najib have destroyed interracial ties, the economy and the country’s finances,” he added.

The country’s longest serving prime minister said if no one else wished to speak out against the administration, he would take it upon himself to criticise Najib, even if it meant opening himself up to abuse.

He added that he had similarly reproached Abdullah as well as Malaysia's first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman.

“It is not because I do not love my leaders. But I love my people and country more,” he wrote in his blog.

Dr Mahathir said Najib’s slide began when the latter listened to his “enemies’ demands” and abolished the Internal Security Act in 2011 and the Restrictive Residents Act, which allowed the government to detain anyone including suspected criminals without trial.

“These actions did not reduce opposition from the other side. Instead, crime increased because many gang leaders were released,” said the former prime minister, an active proponent of the security laws that allowed detention without trial.

He added that Najib’s “humble” attitude towards neighbouring countries had left Malaysia’s domestic affairs subject to their views.

“But the views of the Malays and the party, which had all this while supported and saved the government, are not given fair treatment,” he said obliquely referring to Umno.

Dr Mahathir also took Najib to task for using the government’s money to gain support from the people each time there was an election.

“The people’s spirit to work fades away when they are rewarded without making any effort. This will not help in developing the country,” he wrote.

Dr Mahathir was apparently referring to the populist 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) cash vouchers which the government hands out twice a year to the people.

Dr Mahathir also added that Najib was ruining the economy by prioritising imported goods at the expense of the local industry.
“Extra holidays are given to the point that there are workers who take holidays for over a week.

“The minimum wage is increased without taking into account rising costs, which could reduce local business’s competitiveness,” he added in the post.

Dr Mahathir said all of these policies had continued because none of the government’s supporters dared to criticise their leaders.

“I notice that many Malays do not criticise their leaders. Even though their leaders are obviously in the wrong, no one dares to openly reproach them,” he said.
But he noted that his own letter to Tunku Abdul Rahman criticising his unpopular policies eventually led to the latter’s resignation.  Dr Mahathir said Abdullah followed the same route when he stepped down in 2009.

“I, too, stepped down. Part of the reason is because I heard whispers questioning ‘when will this old man go’. I believe if I had not resigned, those whispers would have turned into shouts,” he wrote.

“My choice to replace Tun Abdullah was Datuk Seri Najib. But after a while, I can see that Datuk Seri Najib’s policies and actions are no more effective than Tun Abdullah’s.” – August 18, 2014.

- See more at:

My comments :  Circa 2002, before Dr Mahathir retired, he did send out feelers asking for views if he should step down. One person, a Dato, came to ask my views. I said Dr Mahathir should step down. As much as we needed him, the greater need was to develop a second tier of leaders in the country.  We could not have Dr Mahathir as our leader for ever. This is one area where we have failed miserably. 

Then circa 2005/6 (I have to check) Dr Mahathir called me and one more person for a private meeting at his house by the lake in Cyberjaya.  At that time there were already loud calls (especially from Sabah) that Abdullah Badawi be kicked out and Dr Mahathir return as Prime Minister. He asked the two of us, 'What do you think?'

I was not in favour. I said if he were to come back as Prime Minister then there must be clear assurances that his return would be only to put the country in order and then he would make an exit again.  There must be a clear end game. The people may not be happy if he became PM again and stayed for a long time.

Actually I was not in favour and for the same reasons - the country must move on and develop new leaders.  I have always been a strong proponent of limiting the tenure of the PM to a maximum of two terms. 

Change must be a constant and there must be constant change.  I am a great believer in timely change of engine oil in your car.  It really does wonders for the life and health of your car. The same applies for the country's leadership. 

Abdullah Badawi was a sad mistake. But Najib has become an even worse mistake. That 6.4% quarterly growth in the GDP is dubious. Palm oil is down, rubber is down, timbe prices are down, iron ore is down, oil prices are stagnating and we have 6.4% growth ?? It must be all that construction activity that is going on in the Klang Valley. That is where the growth is coming from.

But as Dr Mahathir says the UMNO boys have lost their cojones. Money talks loudest and too many of them depend on the gravy train to survive.

The last time when Dr Mahathir called for Badawi to quit, thousands joined the bandwagon. It was the first time that UMNO bloggers played a significant role to bring down a lame duck Prime Minister.

This time around the entire country is becoming increasingly aware that Najib is becoming much worse than Badawi. The country is surely going down and at a faster pace.

Najib could have saved himself if he had listened to free advise and changed the Cabinet, dropped the controversial, the corrupted, the millionaires, billionaires and other crooks from his Cabinet. He could have saved himself if he had overhauled the entire constipated gomen leadership, the boorish GLC leadership, the leadership in academia, the corrupted party leaders etc. All this he did not do.

Now it is too late. The PM has to go.   Dr Mahathir is not a person to say things lightly. 

 The PM at Dataran Merdeka this morning. How does the PM look to you?  The source 
who took this picture said the PM looks puffed up and bloated.
 He coughed often while speaking. I really wish the PM the best of health. 
The Prime Minister's job is really serious business. 

Obama cancels holiday to return to DC.

Here is some news :

In a rare move for him, the president (Obama) planned a break in the middle of his Martha's Vineyard vacation to return to Washington on Sunday night for meetings with Vice President Joe Biden and other advisers on the U.S. military campaign in Iraq and tensions between police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

The White House has been cagey about why the president needs to be back in Washington for those discussions. He's received multiple briefings on both issues while on vacation. The White House had also already announced Obama's plans to return to Washington before the U.S. airstrikes in Iraq began and before the shooting of a teen in Ferguson that sparked protests.

Part of the decision to head back to Washington appears aimed at countering criticism that Obama is spending two weeks on a resort island in the midst of so many foreign and domestic crises.

Yet those crises turned the first week of Obama's vacation into a working holiday. He made on-camera statements Iraq and the clashes in Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb. He also called foreign leaders to discuss the tensions between Ukraine and Russia, as well as between Israel and Hamas.

President Barack Obama bike rides with daughter Malia Obama on the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest bike path, Friday, Aug. 15, 2014, outside of West Tisbury, Mass., during the Obama family vacation on the island of Martha's Vineyard.

Here are some comments by readers (Americans)

1. WilliamMc   :  Glad that the President is heading back to Washington. There is way too much going on both here and abroad for President Obama to be away on vacation. America needs full time representation not only from the president but also from Congress and the House of Representatives. It is time for ALL elected official's to work together for the benefit of America.

2.  Judy  :   It will do not good for him to return to Washington, he doesn't do anything when he's there. He's better off on vacation. The man has no idea how to run a country. This is the reason it takes him so long to talk about crisis', he has to wait until someone tells him what to say. He doesn't have a clue, he leaves all decisions up to his Czars. he does this because if the decision is wrong, he can blame them. As far as immigration goes, doesn't he realize that if he allows all these children to remain, along with the other millions of illegals they are all going to have children, probably within the next 20 years. Who's going to pay for them? Citizens cannot receive the help they deserve but if you're an illegal you get everything handed to you on a platter. Seniors are suffering because of his brilliant health care reform. The deductibles are so high no one can afford to see a doctor when they're sick. I can't wait until a new man or woman is in office.

My comments : Our PM just came back from a 17 day vacation.  Strangely our PM did not inform the people that he was on a 17 day vacation. Not surprisingly no one even noticed or cared that the PM Najib Tun Razak was away on vacation. It did not make any difference to Malaysia if Najib was working or he was away on vacation. The country is running on remote control.