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Saturday, July 23, 2016

New York Times : Justice Dept. Rejects Account of How Malaysia’s Leader Acquired Millions

"However, he maintains firm control over his governing party and has successfully stifled opposition with the firing of critics from party posts, the closing of online news outlets and the criminal prosecution of social media detractors and political opponents."

he had not changed position that hundreds of millions came from unidentified Saudi 

Justice Dept complaint filed in federal court directly contradicts Najib 
about hundreds of millions of dollars in his personal bank accounts.

Najib and M'sian officials insist money was gift from unidentified Saudi 
Justice Dept said it was stolen from Msian govt fund Najib oversaw

court filing one of several complaints in federal money-laundering investigation
first official public documentation challenges Najib’s version of scandal 
has battered his government for past year

revelations undermine his credibility 
give new ammunition to force him from office

However, he maintains firm control over his governing party and has successfully stifled opposition with the firing of critics from party posts, the closing of online news outlets and the criminal prosecution of social media detractors and political opponents.

Najib acknowledged receiving money but said he broke no laws
he said “I want to say categorically that we are serious about good governance.”

Najib had not changed position that money was gift from Saudi donor 

Justice Department complaint 136 pages of blow-by-blow detail 
huge sums diverted from govt fund, routed through various countries 
spent on high-end real estate, artwork, gambling, luxury goods 
by Najib’s stepson, friends and associates.

court filing to recover > US$1b stolen from 1MDB.

assets  “just a portion of > US$3b stolen from 1MDB
laundered through American financial institutions

case a sign of US's “firm commitment to fighting international corruption” 

US, M'sia, S'pore and Switzerland have investigated 1MDB

cites $731m funds that came from 1MDB deposited to “Malaysian Official 1.”

Najib clearly recognizable in descriptions and actions attributed to that official

person with knowledge of case confirmed that “Malaysian Official 1” was Najib

Najib’s advisers said Najib received about $1 billion in 2013

explanation of Saudi gift repeated by attorney general Apandi 
who closed govt investigation in January saying no evidence

Thurs Apandi issued statement no evidence 1MDB funds misappropriated

Saudi Foreign Ministry spokesman did not respond Friday for comment.

The Justice Department complaint mentions no such gift.

$681m in 2013 came from Singapore bank in name of Tanore Finance Corporation. 
money from $3 billion bonds underwritten for 1MDB by Goldman Sachs.

Singapore account controlled by Tan Kim Loong aka Eric Tan
Four months later Najib transferred $620 million back to Tanore 

Jho Low and Tan used money from Tanore account 
to buy artwork, Park Lane Hotel, luxury hotel in Manhattan

“Malaysian Official 1” received $20m in stolen 1MDB funds in 2011

He received $30 million in 2012 from a separate account

PM's office did not respond to inquiries about those two deposits

two transactions bring to $731 million the money Najib received 

F.B.I., IRS relied on bank transfer data, 1MDB memos and internal emails. 

F.B.I. said leaders of MACC showed “tremendous courage” in investigation.

The MACC investigation was shut down by Malaysia’s attorney general.

Meantime Please Expect Another Attack Or Kidnapping By The Abu Sayyaf

Folks, lets not forget that FIVE more Malaysians have been kidnapped off the Sabah coast. 

President Duterte had a meeting with governors and security chiefs in Zamboanga City on Thursday. He said some things that are bound to make the Abu Sayyaf and the MILF unhappy.  

I predict that in retaliation and as a 'show of force' there will be another round of violent reactions in the region soon,  kidnappings, shootings etc. ESSCOM be on the lookout.
July 22, 2016 


I’M WITH YOU President Rodrigo Duterte poses for a 
group selfie with health workers at Camp Navarro General Hospital 
in Zamboanga City on Friday. 

Duterte to deploy 20,000 more soldiers to end attacks, kidnappings in Mindanao
Met top military, police officials at Western Mindanao HQ in Zamboanga City
more troops needed to end “embarrassing” terrorism in country
  • It started many, many years ago. 
  • we’re being slapped on the face
  • every time foreigner/local executed 
  • embarrasses country,” President said.
we’ll just have to say, ‘we’ll finish everything.’ 
We can’t be slapped on the face like this every day,” he added.
10k to 20k additional troops needed to combat terror in Mindanao
“Plus, about 3,000 policemen to meet urban terrorism..” he said.
Willing to concede BBL (Bangsamoro Basic Law)
Duterte said BBL granting autonomy to Muslim Mindanao remains option
“I am ready concede BBL minus the constitutional infirmities,” Duterte said
Duterte does not agree with establishment of a Bangsamoro police force
Duterte said there should be unified control of the police.

BBL implements Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro
which MILF signed in March 2014 (which sparked the Lahad Datu attack)
Opposition from lawmakers prevented passage of BBL 
willing to give Moros management of resources in Bangsamoro areas.
“There’s enough land, there’s enough oil,” he said.

My comments : This happened over Thursday and Friday. 

The MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) is different from the MNLF of Nur Misuari.  In 2014 the peace accord (brokered by Malaysia) did not include the MNLF and Nur Misuari.  Hence the Lahad Datu attack - my view ok. 

Recall that ugly song 'Sabah akan hilang' sung by demento? His good friend is Nur Misuari.  

When Duterte talks about the BBL (Bangsamoro Basic Law) he is referring the negotiations with the MILF. Not the MNLF of Nur Misuari.

The extra 20,000 troops are obviously to fight the Abu Sayyaf kidnappings and beheadings. This will surely make the Abu Sayyaf react violently. 

Each time there is an event like this with statements and military operations promised or carried out, the Abu Sayyaf and the MNLF people will react.  

So ESSCOM keep your eyes and ears wide open.