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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Berseri Seri

Post from Whitechapel

Hi folks. I am in Whitechapel right now. Thats in London. Some local people are having a parade. Its winter now, slightly below 10 degrees Celsius. The Brits are choosing a new Prime Minister this weekend. There is not a single party banner or poster anywhere.

Our physical development is like them. In some aspects I think our country is more developed than the UK.

The people here are totally different. Here too lies the real rub - have we arrived or not.

Below here is Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square. Admiral of the Fleet Lord Horatio Nelson. You can Google him.

Will update later.

Friday, December 6, 2019


Here is Boney M. This video was scheduled two days ago.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Few Postings For The Coming Week

Hi folks. I will be indisposed to an extent for the coming week. 
I will try to post updates if possible.

In the meantime some music.  Salam and Cheers.

Lets Imagine Things For A Minute

In the previous post there was the following comment :

Anonymous said... Tuan Syed, can you confirm if the six senses (deria) of the human being are still with us if we die? If not then there is no fun screwing a virgin, let alone 72. And if you confirm that the six senses are still with the souls of the dead men, will it be fun screwing 72 virgins non stop within minutes on your arrival (in heaven)?
Wednesday, December 04, 2019 

Here is my answer.

Hi Anon, we have only FIVE senses. The senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. There is no sixth sense.   When we die we lose all these five senses. 

All the truths in the world can only be derived through the use of these five senses. Derived means processed by our brain.

Human eye sees blood, human eye sees man with knife in hand. Human eye sees one slaughtered chicken. Brain processes these sights as 'buying a freshly killed chicken at the chicken market'. 

We cannot know things that are beyond our five senses. 

Einstein's physics was way ahead of his time. But he still had only his FIVE senses. He read about, understood and maybe observed the discoveries by other physicists, mathematicians and scientists. 

Then he did make his mathematical calculations and was able to predict some things that humans did not know (through their five senses) at that time. One of his mathematical predictions was that the gravitational pulls of planets, stars etc can bend light passing near them. 

This was proven long after Einstein. Proven means science was able to detect and measure the deviation of light waves caused by gravitational pulls of the stars and planets. But we still need our five senses to determine if Einstein's mathematical predictions were correct. 

There is no SIXTH sense. Einstein did not use any magical sixth sense. If Einstein was using some magical SIXTH sense then how would we have understood Einstein using only our FIVE senses? So there is no such thing. Human beings have only FIVE senses. 

Even in the minutest of quantum physics it is still the science (aka knowledge, in Latin 'scientia' means knowledge) of our FIVE senses that has to mathematically predict, scientifically measure and ultimately replicate its "discoveries" in quantum physics. Quantum physics is hard science. It is not magic.

So if some holy man tells you that he has just come back from meditating for five years up in some  icy mountains and that he has now perfected his understanding of spiritually, please tell the holy man that he is talking through his arse.

But (sometimes very sadly) the human beings also have  imagination.   
Humans beings can imagine things. 

You can imagine that a full sized, fine white steed with four legs and two wings arrives at your table, hovering gently just above your computer keypad. 

Although it is a full sized steed hovering over your keypad there is no downwash from its flapping wings  (like from a hovering helicopter)  because your imagination forgot to factor in the downwash for this four legged, winged wonder. So your papers, tissue box and other stationery on your desk did not get blown away. But don't worry - this is just an imaginary exercise.

To remain hovering the force of the downwash must be 
greater than the total weight of the helicopter

Then your imagination says that the next instant you are riding on this magical winged steed - rising above your house, apartment or office building. Soon you are rising above the Titiwangsa mountain range (assuming you are in the Klang Valley). The magical steed rises up and up - to more than 10,000 feet where there is insufficient oxygen. 

But this is your imagination, and your imagination did not factor the fact  (the scientific fact that can ONLY be derived through your FIVE senses) that there is not enough oxygen for humans beyond 10,000 feet. You do not asphyxiate for lack of oxygen (recall MH370).   

Hello. Woi. Wake up. This is just an exercise in imagining things ok. 

So in your imagination you are still riding your imaginary steed, now approaching outer space. And only in your imaginary world can the imaginary winged, four legged beast still flap its wings and fly ever higher into the sky- without air or almost no air at all.   

And your imagination paid no attention to the fact that gravity would also fade away. You should separate and float away from the flying horse. 

But that does not happen. Why? Because this is imagination. In your imagination you are still able to sit firmly on your imaginary flying steed even beyond the pull of gravity - just like riding a horse on the surface of the earth which you have seen using your FIVE senses.  

So in your imaginary world your imagination replicates your FIVE senses ie that you are firmly glued to the saddle of your imaginary flying horse even outside the secure clutches of the earth's gravity.   (You also forgot to look down to confirm that the earth is indeed round.) 

Sadly throughout history, until today, until this very minute, human beings have become overwhelmed by the imaginations and imaginary delusions of other human beings. 

Could they see the imaginary beast? No.
Could they hear the imaginary beast? No.
Could they taste the imaginary beast (yukky)? No.
Could they feel the imaginary beast? No.
Could they smell the imaginary beast? No.

So the FIVE senses are out of the discussion. 
Hence the phrase 'tidak boleh menggunakan akal'.

It was just imagination. 
Imagination is not reality.
Imagination is not real. 
Imagination is way beyond our FIVE senses.

Every single human being that ever lived on the surface of Allah's good earth only had, only has and only will have the FIVE senses - sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.

Your entire perception, understanding and knowledge of TRUTH (ie the world around you) is only through these FIVE senses. 

Anything beyond these FIVE senses is just imagination.

Please do not believe in your imagination as the truth.
Please do not believe other peoples' imaginations as the truth.

Please do not worship imaginary things - like imaginary, four legged, winged flying horses (with no downwash during hover mode).

Please do not worship other peoples' imaginations. 
Please do not make laws based on imaginary beliefs.
Please do not hate your fellow man because of your imagination based belief system.

Here is the conclusion : 

Let us go back to the first principles. 
Let us go back to the very first man or guru who told you these things.

Ask that first man who told you these things.

Ask that guru who came down from the icy mountain - since there is no hard evidence, no scientific evidence (through our FIVE senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell) then how did you come to even know about these things that are beyond your FIVE senses ?

You only have the same FIVE senses that I have. 
How did you see the imaginary steed which I cannot see?

The answer is because there was none. 
There were no imaginary flying steeds.
It was purely imagination.

So you are actually worshipping your imagination.
Worse - you are worshipping some one else's imagination.

The human beings have only FIVE senses.
There is absolutely no SIXTH sense. 

Tidak boleh 'tidak boleh menggunakan akal'.
Mesti menggunakan akal.