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Monday, January 27, 2020

2020 Tahun Timur Tengah Akan Bakar Hangus - Hezbollah Kuasai Kerajaan Lubnan

by Jonathan Spyer
The Jerusalem Post
January 24, 2020

For 1st time ever, in Lebanon govt only Hezbollah and allies represented
significant negative effect on Beirut's efforts to alleviate acute financial crisis 

new govt product of escalating popular protests since Oct 15
protests in response to Lebanon's dire economic state

Demonstrators demanding govt of "technocrats" 
untainted by Lebanon's enormously corrupt political parties

new govt has superficial appearance 
20 ministers put forward by same political parties

no representatives of pro-West and anti-Iran leaders
no Saad Hariri, no Samir Geagea or Walid Jumblatt

parties associated with West and Saudi out 
pro-West, anti-Iran not found among new ministers
Progressive Druze leader Walid Jumblatt also not represented

Cabinet comprises individuals linked to Hezbollah and Iran
govt of "one color", Lebanon's first of its kind
color is that of Hezbollah and Iran

new govt nakedly reflects power reality in Lebanon
Hezbollah controls Lebanon  

long-standing power reality in Lebanon
Hezbollah long dominated power in Lebanon 

formal political administration now reflects this
Hezbollah has full-spectrum dominance in Lebanon
3 of 4 intel services heads approved by Hezbollah
formal power coincides with real power - Hezbollah

protest against new  govt this week 
state now operated overtly by Iran via Hezbollah

My comments :

I think some people are being misled into doing what they do best - screw things up. 
I am referring to the Hezbollah and the Ayatollahs in Iran. 

There are really interesting developments in the Middle East. 
I believe countries will be saved but a few individuals and groups will be taken out.

It has become known that the Ayatollahs in Iran finally agreed to acknowledge their mistake in shooting down that Ukrainian plane (that killed 176 people) ONLY AFTER president Rouhani threatened to resign. Rouhanie had been kept in the dark over the shooting down of that Boeing 737. The street protests in Iran have not died down. 

That Iranian missile attack on the US Army base in Iraq has certainly been more than a slap in the face for the US. Most NATO allies have now pulled out their ground troops from Iraq. 

It is also known now that the US suffered 34 wounded, some of them quite seriously, from that missile attack. It was a very traumatic incident for US forces who are not used to being fired upon with such force or with such highly explosive missiles.

The Ayatollahs have indeed scored a big win against the Americans. 
This is now making the Ayatollahs bolder to try other things. 

In Yemen there has been a sort of truce or ceasefire ever since the Houthis knocked out that Saudi oil processing facility (it is still under repair) in Abqayq about four months ago.  That truce has since come to an end. 

The Saudis have resumed indiscriminate bombing of Yemen.

So last week the Houthis fired another round of missiles that killed over 160 Saudi Arabian mercenaries in the north of Yemen. The Houthis have also promised more retaliation against the Saudis and they say that they have SIX strategic targets in Saudi Arabia which they will attack with their missiles and drones. 

After the missile attacks on Abqayq and in northern Yemen last week, Houthi threats are not to be taken lightly at all. 

Also Iran has recently signed a formal defense agreement with the Houthis. I think Iranian arms supplies to the Houthis will not be intercepted by the Americans anymore - at the risk of Iran shooting more missiles at US military bases in the Gulf. Saudi Arabia is going to get their ass kicked.

All this means that the Ayatollahs are going to be more emboldened.

Hence in the deadlock in Lebanon (which is facing a serious financial and economic crisis) the Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned along with his government.

There was some initial shock in Lebanon and even the Hezbollah wanted Saad Hariri to return. But  now Hezbollah has decided to take over the government almost completely by themselves.

There is no more any meaningful power sharing between the shias, sunnis, christians and the druzes in Lebanon. My guess is Lebanon will burn again. 

With Hezbollah in control Lebanon may get embroiled in a war with Israel.  Hezbollah is shiah and answers to Iran. So the Saudis and other sunni states will not complain if there is a war between Lebanon and Israel.

Lets see what happens.    

Persengketaan Arab - Israel Tamat Secara Rasmi : Warga Israel Di Benarkan Melawat Arab Saudi

Israelis can travel to Saudi Arabia 
including Israeli entrepreneurs seeking investments
sign of warming ties
allowed to travel for haj, or for 9 days for investments, meetings

Israel has peace treaties with Egypt, Jordan 
thawing ties with Gulf states as well

Netanyahu looking to market Israeli technologies 
Israeli Muslims have been travelling to Saudi for years 
2018 Saudi opened airspace for commercial flight to Israel

My comments  :  

Ok so now the Israelis can travel to Saudi Arabia. Err . . .surely this can only be possible with the approval of the Saudi government. An Israeli cannot just fly into Saudi Arabia and say 'Surpriiiiise !! Shalom Aleichem'.

Question : So who do you think will be the first visitors from Saudi Arabia to Israel?

Answer :

a. Saudi Arabian arms traders
b. Saudi Arabian royal family with cash holdings
c.  Pakistani labourers looking for jobs picking Jaffa oranges
d.  Indonesian maids running away from Saudi males

If they do this right, there will be very great prosperity for the Middle East. 

It has taken 72 years to happen. Peace can only happen when Keisha and Jane realise that they will not declare war on each other. Jane is our four year old pooch and Keisha is a mild mannered golden retriever that joined us just a few days ago.

Jadi kekawan rupanya persengketaan Arab - Israel sudah pun tamat secara rasmi : Warga Israel di benarkan melawat lubuk salafi wahabi di Arab Saudi. 

Tuan-tuan, rupanya Yahudi Israel dan Salafi Arab Saudi sudah berpeluk-peluk, cium-cium dan bertimang-timangan.  

Tuan-tuan pula macam mana? 

Apakah maksudnya senarai kaum yang mesti dibenci (dalam khutbah jumaat) kena kurang satu? Less by one? Tak payah benci Yahudi dah kut?


Monday Lite : The Situation Is So Bad That Tikus Pun Menawarkan Diri Untuk Membaiki Labu

The Situation Is So Bad That Tikus Pun Menawarkan Diri Untuk Membaiki Labu.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Saudara Salafi Mualap Melayu, Mualap Cina, India Dan Yang Sewaktu Dengannya - Bila Mau Pergi Sembahyang Dengan Yahudi Israel ?

A video showing Saudi Arabia’s former justice minister Sheikh Mohammed al-Issa leading a prayer at Auschwitz to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the former concentration camp has gone viral on Twitter.

Sheikh Issa secretary general of Makkah-based Muslim World League, made the “groundbreaking joint visit” along with American Jewish Committee (AJC) CEO David Harris.

Sheikh Issa led delegation of 62 Muslims, including 25 prominent religious leaders.  First time a senior Islamic leadership delegation visited Auschwitz or any Nazi German death camp.

Visit was part of a memorandum of understanding signed between AJC and MWL in April last year at the AJC headquarters in New York.

“To be here, among the children of Holocaust survivors and members of the Jewish and Islamic communities, is both a sacred duty and a profound honour. The unconscionable crimes to which we bear witness today are truly crimes against humanity. That is to say, a violation of us all, an affront to all of God’s creation,” said the former Saudi minister.

The AJC delegation comprised 24 people, including AJC President Harriet Schleifer, past president John Shapiro and his wife, Dr Shonni Silverberg, and Roberta Baruch and Steven Zelkowitz, members of AJC’s Executive Council. 

My comments : 

Pak Arab Salafi dari Arab Saudi sudah sembahyang berjemaah di Auschwitz, tapak kem tahanan orang Yahudi sewaktu Perang Dunia Kedua.

Berjuta orang Yahudi telah dibunuh dengan kejam oleh tentera Nazi Jerman di kem tahanan seperti Auschwitz.  Kem tahanan Yahudi yang lain adalah Dachau, Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor dll.  

Lawatan rasmi oleh Sheikh Mohammad al Issa, secretary general Muslim World League (ia itu pertubuhan induk penyebaran Salafi Wahabi sedunia) bersama 62 pemimpin Salafi termasuk 25 lebai Salafi ke Auschwitz telah diatur oleh persatuan Yahudi American Jewish Congress bersama dengan Muslim World League di New York pada bulan April 2019. 

Puak Wahabi Salafi di Arab Saudi sekarang bukan saja sudah berkawan baik dan bersahabat karib dengan Yahudi dan Israel tetapi mereka sudah membenarkan hiburan seperti rock concert, membenarkan wanita tidak lagi perlu berpakaian ninja dan mereka juga sudah membuka night club atau kelab malam yang kononnya "halal"  di Jeddah.

Soalan cepu mas :  Apakah kaum salafi wahabi mualap Malaysia juga akan turut serta sembahyang berjemaah di Auschwitz atau di Israel atau di mana-mana tempat anjuran puak Yahudi? 

Atau sekurangnya melawati night club halal di Jeddah itu?

Ataupun apakah salafi mualap Malaysia akan lebih salafi daripada salafi Arab Saudi? Apakah sudu akan lebih daripada kuah?

Donald Trump And Black Americans

Link :

Corona Virus Hits Turkish Parliament

to avoid punishment  men who have sex with u-18 girls can marry their victims 

law to be introduced to parliament in Turkey

“marry-your-rapist” bill sparked fury among women’s rights campaigners 

legitimises child marriage, statutory rape, child abuse and sexual exploitation.

similar bill defeated in Turkey in 2016 after national and global outrage
UN warned bill would generate landscape of impunity for child abuse 

victims vulnerable to experiencing additional mistreatment and distress 
“Marry-your-rapist” bills are pushed to protect and safeguard family “honour” 

bill "provides impunity for perpetrators of child sexual exploitation"

discriminatory bill, regressive, removes legal protections for girls

Similar 'marry-your-rapist' legal provisions in Middle East and North Africa

Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia have removed these loopholes

legal age of consent is 18 in Turkey
child marriage estimates : 482,908 girls in last decade

38% Turkish women suffered physical or sexual violence from a partner 
409 women murdered by partner or family member in 2017 
Erdogan said equality between men and women “against nature” 

Erdogan said :

1. cannot put women and men on equal footing, against nature
2. urged women to have at least three children 
3. woman’s life “incomplete” if she did not reproduce 
4.  woman who says ‘I am working I will not be a mother’ denying her feminity

5. woman who rejects motherhood is deficient, incomplete

My comments :

Of course men and women are physically not equal. 

The average American male (20 - 39 yrs old) weighs 197 pounds.
The average American female is 30 pounds lighter.

Usain Bolt holds the world record (men) for the 100 meters at 9.58 seconds.
The very feminine Florence Griffith Joyner or FloJo holds the women's record at 10.49 seconds.

Florence G Joyner 1959 -1998

But those are physical aspects. 

Intellectually men and women are not equal either.
All over the world women seem to achieve higher levels of education than men.
And statistics do show that women have (on average) slightly higher IQ than men.
This is a late 20th century phenomenon and is increasing all over the world.

In modern manufacturing female workers can outproduce male workers.
The same applies in modern agriculture.

Males outperform females in heavy manufacturing and heavy labour like construction. Males are still better at lifting 50 kg bags of cement all day.

The world is constantly changing, and for a very large part it is changing for the better.

The right word to use is modernising.

Etymology of 'modern' - From Middle French moderne, from Late Latin modernus; from Latin modo (“just now”), originally modus (“measure”); hence, by measure, "just now".

Modern relates to measuring the uptodate status of something.  

So it is very appropriate to ask questions like : 

Is this the latest technology?
Is this the latest version of this engine?
Is this the newest design?
Is this the most effective method?
Is this the most uptodate software?
Is this the latest surgical method ?

These are everyday questions which everyone asks. 
Why do we ask this everyday question?
Because as human beings we need to reassure ourselves that our species the human beings are progressing. 
That our lives are improving today compared to yesterday.
And that tomorrow will see more improvement than today. 
So we really want to constantly modernise.
That is the key to our success as the human species.

So with reference to today, anything that does not provide scope for 'modernising' has to be Stone Age. Jahiliyah or ignorant. 

Culture, traditions (including superstitions) and religion are not modern.

They seek to preserve the old (traditional Japanese sword making).
Or they seek to be stuck in a rut (religion).

Hence traditional swordmaking and swords have no practical use to human beings.
Other than displaying them on a wall or for recreational use (in a dozo).

What about religion ? 
Religion is the opposite of modern.
There is no such thing as the latest, the newest or uptodate in religion.
Religion is as uptodate as its age.
If a religion is 5000 years old, then its adherents are dinosaurs.
If a religion is 1000 years old then its adherents are dinosaurs.

There is no progression (modernisation) beyond the age of that religion.

That is why you see the type of arguments to justify forcing under aged girls to marry their 'rapists' or 'partners' in places like Turkey, North Africa and the Middle East. 

These regions still suffer an overdose of religion and old traditions.
Which means they are not modern.
Without modernisation they have to be backward.
There is no compromise between the two.

Of course I am talking about organised religion only. 
Of course I consider myself a thoroughly modern human being.
Of course I must believe in an orderly way of life.