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Friday, July 31, 2015

Country Turning Very Quickly Into A Third World Tyranny

Kit Siang: Gani should say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in public
"...Surely, continued Lim, Malaysia has not become a modern-day Stalinist Kremlin where a person could suddenly become a non-person and disappear into the Gulag Archipelago?

“Malaysians have a right to see and hear from the previous Attorney-General Gani on whether he was in the final drafting stage to charge the Prime Minister for corruption when he was suddenly and summarily sacked as Attorney-General,” argued Lim.."

My comments : I think Gani is between a very big rock and a very hard place. 

The country is turning very quickly into a Third World tyranny. 

There is not just one tyrant in town but there seem to be legions of smaller tyrants ready and willing to protect the main tyrant. This is simply shocking and  disgusting.

All that education, many in Western universities, paid for by the taxpayers has not created an upright, honest and trustworthy ruling class.

All that so called 'Islamisation' has become nothing. 

All the wearing of "prayer clothes" on Fridays, attending prayers at the mosques, praying in the houses, all the usrah in the houses of the rich has all become brown coloured scum in the bottom of the bowl in the bathroom.

At the end of the day the whole pack is just a bunch of Third World riff raff -  a community with no real values, no real ethics, no pride in being a people of virtue. 

Very soon their next step will be to escalate the use of force to silence critics. 

We can see the escalation already - blocking websites, banning newspapers, restricting travel freedoms, firing people from positions etc.

And all this is being cheerfully done by the minions -  the legions of smaller tyrants ready to do the bidding of the chief.

This is a total failure of not just our culture, our traditions, our education systems, our religious upbringings but it is also a failure of how mothers and fathers brought up their children.
Because surely there is no school system anywhere in the world that teaches so many people to become such spineless hypocrites all at the same time. 

It has to be the upbringing as well. Third World riff raff. 

We need a complete overhaul of the entire nation.

Berpura-pura Pada Hari Jumaat

This is a comment sent to the earlier post.Anonymous  
Anonymous said...
Hari ini hari Jumaat. Hari dimana para munafik berlagak alim dihadapan Allah swt. Cuba perhatikan betapa khusuk mereka sembahyang dibarisan-barisan hadapan masjid sementara orang ramai yang berjaya mereka tipu dan hina semua berada dibelakang mereka. Ada juga yang masih berpuasa 6 maklumlah setiap hari banyak undangan rumah terbuka pembesar-pembesar negara.

Tidak rasa malu dan penat ke mereka ini semua hidup berpura-pura dengan susah payah mengumpul dosa dan sentiasa sahaja disumpah dan dilaknat oleh rakyat setiap hari?

Friday, July 31, 2015 12:29:00 PM