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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

"What can Sri Lankan Muslims do for Zakir Naik?" Well Dr Mahathir has already done it.

The death toll from those bomb attacks in Sri Lanka have exceeded 300 people. The Sri Lankans had been warned at least 10 days earlier by the Indian security people and also the Americans that a terror attack was imminent. However a power play between the president (who received the warning) and the prime minister (who runs the country) resulted in the information not being acted upon. As a result over 300 people have lost their lives. This is a stupid Third World country.

• Sri Lanka’s security forces were warned at least 10 days before the bombings that the militant group was planning attacks against churches, but apparently took no action against it, indicating a catastrophic intelligence failure.

• The Sri Lankan police have arrested 24 people in connection with the explosions at hotels and churches. One of the suicide bombers had been arrested just a few months ago, suspected of having vandalized a statue of Buddha.

Indian and Sri Lankan security agencies have identified a group known as the National Tauhid Jamaath (NTJ) as the culprits behind these attacks.

Who are National Tauhid Jama’ath or NTJ?  

(OSTB : The Malaysian spelling would be Jemaah Tauhid.)

little-known Islamist group that promotes terrorist ideology in South Asia responsible 

National Thowheeth Jama’ath, reputation for vandalizing Buddhist statues 

little history of carrying out terrorist attacks

suicide bombers appeared to be Sri Lankan citizens. “All are locals” 

"international terrorist organizations behind these incidents.”

The leader of the Sri Lankan NTJ is a fellow who goes by a few names.

Foreign intelligence informed that Mohammed Cassim Mohamed Zaharan alias Zaharan Hashmi the leader of the National Thowheeth Jama’ath (NTJ) and his followers planning suicide attacks. 

Targeting Catholic churches and the Indian High Commission in Colombo. 

Zaharan Hashmi and Shahid in hiding after damaging statues in December 26, 2018.

Rilwan, younger brother of Zaharan, main recruiter 
Mohamed Cassim Mohammed Rilwan 
currently hiding after clash between NTJ and another religious organization 
working to build followers for Zaharan 
currently residing in the home of close associate
Rilwan visits his wife and children at night (2300hrs -0400hrs) 

Mohammed Milhan interacts with social media accounts of Zaharan
regularly updating accounts with hate speech again non-Muslims 
since March 15, 2019 attacks on Muslim mosque in New Zealand
Mohammed Milhan ardent follower of Zaharan
deep hatred towards nonbelievers

former soldier Bathurdeen Mohammed Mohideen alias Army Mohideen 
resides near Anwer Mosque 

since 2016 Zaharan preached murder of nonbelievers is noble religious endeavor 

This fellow Mohammed Cassim Mohamed Zaharan alias Zaharan Hashmi has made many videos which have been uploaded into the Net. Here is a screenshot of one such video that has gone viral (click here:

My comments :  The scale and complexity of the attacks casts some doubts on the claim that it was carried out by the local Sri Lankan group. As the news suggests they must have had help from foreign terror groups.

Before this, the National Tauhid Jamaath had been running around Sri Lanka damaging Buddhist statues. They had no previous record of suicide bombing or attacking people with explosives.

The explosion that blew off the high roof of that church required really powerful explosives.  Where and how did they get the explosives? 

The coordination (for six suicide bombers?) to blow themselves up within minutes of each other in three different cities in Sri Lanka also shows preparation and coordination. 

More information will certainly come out from this episode.

The National Tauhid Jamaath or just Tauhid Jamaath are Tamil Muslims (geng mamak) from Tamil Nadu and later Sri Lanka. There is also a presence in Kerala. 

Among Tamil Muslims the Tauhid Jamaath is a synonym for Wahabis (or Salafis).

They have been influenced, created and funded by the Saudis from a long time ago.

They appeared in the 80s (I believe) in Tamil Nadu and also Kerala etc. They also had a presence here in Malaysia - particularly around the Masjid India area.

(Yup I have met some of them - not the terrorist type - just regular business people with families and businesses to take care of. There was one fellow who was a professor at the UIA (or IIU) who has since returned to India, quite some time ago.)

My friends and I used to debate them and managed to make a few of them "change their minds" -  some very  successfully I should say.

Like all Wahabis / Salafis they differed from the main stream ahlul sunnah wal jamaah, the sufis and the tablighis (in the most insignificant things). But because it was religion, it was sufficient to pick fights with their neighbours.

The situation in Sri Lanka is heavily influenced by local politics as well where there are religious and racial clashes between the majority Buddhist Sinhalese and the Tamil Hindus, Tamil Muslims and perhaps some Christians.

Poor handling of inter racial and inter religious issues is going to cause problems for Sri Lanka. Mark my words folks, my view is that the Tamil Tigers will be revived in Sri Lanka. The Tamil Muslims in Sri Lanka have played a prominent part in the Tamil Tiger liberation movement.  It is possible that the Tamil Salafis wish to open a new front against the Sri Lankan government.

Conclusion :  Why should we get involved in other peoples' fights? I hope Tun Dr Mahathir, Tan Sri Muhyidin Yassin and the other elders will use their common sense.

Indeed in that video this Zahran Hashim fellow has praised Zakir Naik. 
They all look up to him as their spokesman and champion.

Kepada YAB Tun Dr Mahathir,  these are simple people. 
They will fight over the smallest things. 

But their ego is now boosted that no less an Islamic leader than Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, the Prime Minister of Malaysia has now given refuge and support to their idol Zakir Naik.  This certainly puffs up their ego even more. 

Dear Dr Mahathir, as a doctor you will appreciate that if something gets too puffed up, it can explode.

Do think about this carefully.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


OSTB : The following is written by Norman Fernandez (thank you.) I really hope the government (Ministry of Home Affairs) will read this view carefully. It is never too late to correct mistakes.


Last night as my wife and I were having dinner at our local kopitiam, a man with a flowing beard and dressed in a shalwar kameez and wearing a cap approached our table offering to sell a packet of grapes. Save for asking him where he was from and he replying that he was from Afghanistan and he had come via Batam, we declined his offer. We watched him, going from table to table trying to sell the packets of grapes in his bag. Later, we watched him cross the road and walk towards the Mamak shop. 

About a year ago, a Pakistani opened a furniture shop in my neighbourhood, never mind that there are two Courts Mammoth in the vicinity. Peeping into his shop, there was hardly any furniture and  it was of a quality than even Bangladeshi migrant workers would not buy to furnish their kongsi. But, the Pakistani with the long flowing chrome coloured beard and his Malay wife in a veil, managed to operate the shop for almost a year before shutting down and disappearing.  Was he really running the business using his social visit pass or  was he part of a sleeper cell?  Where do they get the money to open a furniture shop? 

Whatever the case, one can notice that in Johor Bahru, there are now an increasing number of Pakistanis and Afghans, roaming the streets. Just walk around Jalan Trus and you can see them, staying in the cheap guest houses. What exactly are they doing here? Are the authorities keeping tabs on them? Do the authorities even know they are here? 

Then again this Johor. It must be remembered that it was in Ulu Tiram, Johor that the  founders of Jemaah Islamiyah,  opened and ran the terrorist Luqmannul Hashim Madrasah, under the radar. Not to forget, even a Shiah group opened a publication centre, deep in Ulu Tiram, from where they were distributing and posting Shiah materials including their famed Shiah poster of their imams and with the “akan datang” mysterious Mahdi.

It simply begs the question, how are these questionable people allowed to enter the country or is it true (what is spoken quietly) that so long as you are a Muslim and even better, if you are are in religious garb and a flowing beard, you are allowed entry into Malaysia, no questions asked? Just go to Jalan Masjid India, the whole place is teeming with the “pyjama brigade”, in their shalwar kameez, all walking around with a sense of purpose.  Clearly they have an agenda here.

By way of contrast, when I visit my in-laws in Indonesia, within a day or two, the Pak R.T. will inevitably drop by for a courtesy call and to say hello. In truth, he has been informed by the neighbours that there is a foreigner staying in the neighbourhood. My in-laws, are retired PERTAMINA staff and whose house is in the city and in an upper middle class neighbourhood, yet the Pak R.T. in his friendly chat with me will gather details like where I am from, what is my occupation, how long I intend to stay in Indonesia and even have a small talk with my wife. The authorities there stay very alert to foreigners in their midst.

Just like Indonesia, in Thailand, China, Japan and in many countries, it is mandatory for foreigners staying in the country and in particularly those renting houses, to report with the nearest police station. The host or the house owner, is required to lodge the details of the foreigner with the local police station.

Sadly, in Malaysia we have foreigners who after arriving are renting homes and shops and are running businesses and carrying out religious and terror related activities, with nary a care from the authorities. Just go to Bukit Bintang, and see the Middle Easterners running a varied mix of businesses, including phone shops. Recently, a group of Syrians opened up a Kebab Shop in Johor Bahru. How are they able to do it with such ease ?

Some years ago, as the former Johor State DAP Deputy Chairman, in my meeting with the Datuk Bandar Johor Bahru, I proposed that Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru, enact a By-Law that it is mandatory for all house owners renting out homes or providing accommodation to foreigners to lodge the details of their foreign tenants and visitors with the nearest police station and MBJB. 

Guess what was the answer?  “Oh, ini tambah lagi kerja MBJB”. A few weeks later, the police arrested Mas Selamat the wanted and escaped from Singapore Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist, who was staying in the Johor Bahru suburb of Skudai.

In view of the heightened terror activities, and Malaysia being a country with active terror cells, the government and the local councils should expeditiously enact a law which makes mandatory registration of foreigners and also mandatory for homeowners to lodge the details of the visitors and tenants with the police station and the local council.

The government should realise that the terror threats are real and while the police have to be lucky always, the terrorists have to be lucky just once.

(Norman Fernandez)

My comments :  Malaysia is corrupt. The 'authorities' really look forward to these opportunities to make money. The more foreigners come into Malaysia the more opportunities for corruption.  Anyone can come into the country - potential terrorists, eastern European 'entertainers', thousands of women who work in various shady estblishments, anyone and everyone is allowed into Malaysia. Just pay them off. 

These are a people with no morals, no values and no ethics. This is the real problem.