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Sunday, April 19, 2015

At Last Muhyiddin Steps Forward : "Let me assure you Sir, you are not alone"

This is from The Star here.
  • You’re not alone, Muhyiddin tells Dr Mahathir
  • KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (pic) has praised Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for never shying away from the truth.
  • “Telling the truth and standing up has been your trademark since you were a young doctor and an ordinary Umno member.
  • “Let me assure you, sir that you are not alone,” said Muhyiddin 

My comments : Listen to Tan Sri Muhyiddin yourselves folks "Let me assure you Sir that you are not alone."

Outside UMNO the support for Najib Razak is zero. People really dislike the wifey. 

An influential UMNO Blogger has also changed his tack. He now says he will focus only against the Opposition. Meaning he will not take sides for or against Najib.  Masuk gear "neutral". To me this is a major regression.  The pro UMNO Bloggers are beginning to distance themselves.  Buying some insurance.

Inside UMNO the support for Najib Razak is dropping like a stone everyday.  This carefully worded statement by Muhyiddin is a clear signal that Muhyiddin too does not have faith in Najib anymore. 

Some weeks back a source told me that  the Hippo Circus was planning to 'take out' Muhyiddin from his many influential positions.

Hence he has NOT been appointed to head the two upcoming by elections. Talk is he will (or has to) be removed from chairing the Natural Disaster Committee or something - the one that handled the floods recently.  He got too much publicity while the PM was golfing or goofing somewhere.

Najib's  inability to answer issues, his lame duck, carefully choreographed, pre recorded TV interviews, his inability to make decisions, his physical absence from the office as well as the absences from the country lead to the big question mark : who runs the day to day affairs of the country? It is most certainly not Najib.

The answer is the Deputy PM. In the PM's frequent absences, it is Muhyiddin Yassin who chairs Cabinet meetings and runs the country.

There are over 30 Cabinet committess that are also chaired by Muhyiddin Yassin.  Effectively Muhyiddin runs the day to day affairs of government.

I think it is a blessing that the PM spends so much time AWAY from the office. It is better to keep him occupied playing golf, goofing around etc. That way he can cause less damage. 

By the way as you are reading this the PM is in Kazakhstan or somewhere - partying with his new in laws. 

A Malindo Air plane was chartered to fly friends to the wedding party.  The charter is for thee days. So I am told. This is beside the new Airbus or any other buses.

I  have sources from UK who give me info from Kazakhstan. Can you beat that? They say the Kazakh people have things to say which I cannot repeat here. Do you know Al Capone? I hope Najib will spend two months in Kazakhstan. Take your time Mr PM. The country functions better in your absence than in your presence.

I hope UMNO leaders can see that his days are numbered. Tunggu sedikit masa saja. If the UMNO leaders can throw in their shoes and give their full support to the DPM and to change the leadership, we can then move forward faster towards putting the country back on the right track.   

The  nightmare has to come to an end soon.

Harvard Is An "Islamic" University.

I got this from somewhere. It is dated 2013. So I dont know if this verse is still there.


JANUARY 15, 2013 

 Harvard University Law Faculty

The US Harvard University has posted a verse of the Holy Quran at the entrance of its faculty of law, describing the verse as one of the greatest expressions for justice in history.

Verse 135 of Sura An Nisa (Surah 4:135)  has been posted at a wall facing the faculty’s main entrance, dedicated to the best phrases said about justice.

“O ye who believe!
Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses To Allah, 
even as against Yourselves, or your parents, Or your kin, 
and whether It be (against) rich or poor:
For Allah can best protect both.” Surah 4:135
                                       The verse on the wall of the Harvard Law Faculty
In this verse, the Qur’an is addressing the importance of truthfulness in testimony.

Harvard University was established in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1636 as the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States.

Photograph by Chang Yong Kang.

My comments : There are some of you commenters who keep saying that the Quran is written by human beings.   My answer to you is 'Ok if you insist, that is your right to say so'.

Well it has to be written by human hands because Allah did not cause the Quran to fall out of the sky in a fully written, complete, leather bound volume form.  

The Quran itself says that it is written by the aydi-safaraatin or hands of scribes. Here is the reference :

80:11   Indeed, this is a reminder
80:12   Whoever wills shall take heed
80:13   In honorable scriptures
80:14   Exalted and pure
80:15   by the hands of the scribes (bi aydee safaratin)

So it was written down by the 'aydee safaratin' or 'hands of the scribes'.  Actually safaratin means 'travellers' (safar - musafir - bulan safar etc)

But no matter what you think of the Quran, please read the logic and the wisdom of what is written inside the Quran.  

For example Harvard University is not debating the 'who wrote this'. They are marvelling at 'what has been written'.

Lets look at what has been written : 

“O ye who believe!  Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses To Allah,  even as against Yourselves, or your parents, Or your kin,  and whether It be (against) rich or poor. For Allah can best protect both.” Surah 4:135

This simply means you must bear truthful witness without fear or favour.  You must tell the truth, even if it means speaking against your own selves, your own parents, your relatives, your race, your tribe, or whether against the rich or the poor. You must bear honest testimony. 

This means you cannot say:

I am a Chinese, so I will testify in support of Chinese no matter what.
I am a Muslim so I will testify in support of Muslims no matter what.
I am a Catholic so I will testify in   support  of Catholics no matter what.
I am a Ceylon Tamil so I will testify in support of Ceylon Tamils no matter what.
I am PAS so I will testify in  support  of PAS no matter what.  
I am an Anwar Ibrahim supporter so I will testify in support of him no matter what 

Now Harvard University has picked up this verse because they say this verse is "one of the greatest expressions for justice in history."

In the modern age of widespread literacy, the printing presses and now the Internet this universal truth is well known everywhere. Well almost everywhere. 

The Quran however made it a point to highlight this from over 1400 years ago in history. 

So for the Muslims, you cannot simply say :

I support the Taliban because they are Muslims. 
I support the ISIS because they are Muslims. 
I support the Hamas because they are Muslims. 
I support the Pakistanis because they are Muslims. 
I support the Chechens because they are Muslims.
I support the Achehnese because they are Muslims.
I support the Shias because they are Muslims.
I support the Sunnis because they are Muslims.
I support the Salafis because they are Muslims.

Tak boleh macam itu.  You may think they are Muslims but what if some of them have been deviated by the syaitan? How do you know? Who can guarantee for you that they are right?  Can you give us a guarantee that they are right?

Do you mean to say that in any conflict around the world, the moment one of the combatants involved is a Muslim of your favorite flavour then they must be automatically right and therefore you must support them?  What kind of crap is that?

And the same applies to the Shia peoples' belief in the concept of 'TAQIYA' or telling lies with good intentions or telling lies for a good cause.  

The Quran says   "...stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses To Allah,  even as against Yourselves, or your parents, Or your kin,  and whether It be (against) rich or poor."

So where did this concept of telling lies or 'TAQIYA' come from? Mana mari?

Conclusion : I hereby declare Harvard University 'Islamic'. It is halal to go and study there.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Why I believe Najib will eventually step down" By STEPHEN NG

This is taken from Malaysiakini.  It is written by Stephen Ng.

Why I believe Najib will eventually step down  ~  STEPHEN NG is an ordinary citizen with an avid interest in following political developments in the country since 2008.
While Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak may receive public pledges of loyalty from within his own camp in Umno, I believe his days are numbered.

This being his sixth year as the sixth prime minister of Malaysia may see him stepping down by October, in short his sixth month this year. Someone has cleverly suggested the numbers in one of the articles that I read.

Although I was initially not convinced, when both celebrities Siti Nurhaliza and Rozita Che Wan whipped up their support for Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it became apparent that this may well be the end of Najib’s era in power.

This may sound superstitious - and it is never intended to be - but frankly, I do not see Najib surviving Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s onslaught beyond his sixth month in his sixth year in office.

Six is not Najib’s lucky number

On one hand, it is his six percent goods and services tax (or better known as GST) which hits all Malaysians below the belt; on the other hand, it is because grassroots support in Umno is waning away, with Dr Mahathir leading the attack.

The attack will continue for months to come to the point that Umno’s own grassroots support will be eroded away. It is after all Dr Mahathir’s strategy when he goes on the offensive.

Najib’s biggest mistake was to remove Anwar Ibrahim from the political scene. Najib’s other mistake was to use the draconian laws against politicians and activists...

Najib is also nowhere near to the icon that the late Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore was. Lee’s stature as a statesman cannot be disputed, having built Singapore from nothing to a country that is richer than its neighbours in Asean.

With the jailing of Anwar, now, it is a feud between Dr Mahathir, the ‘prime minister slayer’, and Najib himself. Dr Mahathir waited for the best time to unleash his forces against Najib.

If Najib survives beyond October, I will be the first to salute him. This is because in the next few months, we can expect Dr Mahathir’s attack to intensify. If Najib defies the urging to resign by one man, soon, he will face even a bigger urging from the country.

Dr Mahathir appears to have the upper hand. Since attacking Najib, Dr Mahathir’s website has tripled in terms of number of hits.

As one pundit put it, Dr Mahathir is not one who backtracks once he started his scathing attack on Najib.
Najib’s flip-flop
There are a number of lessons one can learn from Najib’s own failure in winning the people’s support. After Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (or better known as Pak Lah) stepped down, Najib assumed the office of prime minister, promising transformation.

He should have realised that people were angry with Dr Mahathir’s dictatorial style of leadership after 22 years. And the reason why Pak Lah was able to rally the people as one nation in the 2004 general election is because Pak Lah was more liberal in his policy.

Hence, Najib came out with the 1Malaysia slogan, and offering the same promises to remove draconian laws.

However, he changed his policy midway due to the pressure from certain quarters within Umno who were playing on race and religion to pit one group of people against another.

Because he did nothing to stop these extremist NGOs from causing a rift between the people and the ruling party, Najib got all the brickbats.

Anyone looking at the history of Najib’s own term of office will be able to understand that had he taken the approach used by Pak Lah, Najib would have been able to strengthen his own position, heal the nation, and win the people’s support.

But Najib has failed. When the controversies over race and religion rocked the nation, Najib kept silent, despite his promises that Malaysia would adopt the policy of moderation. 

People could see through Najib’s hypocrisy that he was merely paying lips service and did not provide the leadership necessary to put the country on the right path.

Dr Mahathir is right in pointing out that both Sabah and Sarawak can no longer be considered BN’s vote bank. 

On one hand, Najib signed the 10-point agreement with the churches; on the other hand, even the Iban-language Bibles were confiscated from the Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM), and when the Attorney-General’s Department cleared the BSM leaders from any wrongdoing, Najib did not order the Bibles to be returned.

The same flip-flop could be seen when Najib signed a memorandum of understanding with one of the leaders of the Hindraf movement, P Waythamoorthy. After making him a deputy minister, Najib did not step in to help Waythamoorthy to look into the plight of the poor Indian community.

Instead, what we see today is the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST) which we know will burden the people. This gives Dr Mahathir the leverage to hit out at Najib’s administration.

If anything, I believe it is Najib’s flip-flop policy that will eventually drag him and the entire BN down. The jailing of Anwar Ibrahim has strengthened the opposition’s resolve to remove BN from Putrajaya.

What’s worse is that the people have abandoned both Umno and the Barisan Nasional. In the last general election, only 47 percent of the country’s eligible voters voted for BN despite Najib’s efforts to woo the people.

A choice
When Umno continues to lose grassroots support, it will be a tough choice between Najib or the Malay population at large.

Someone like Siti Nurhaliza and Rozita Che should not be underestimated, especially when they declared their support for Dr Mahathir in the feud between Dr Mahathir and Najib.

If Najib continues hanging on to the top post, even those in support of him will find themselves losing their own grassroot support and the party will continue to slide further down. 

This is why even Cheras Umno’s divisional leader, Syed Ali Albabshee is also trying to be seen in the good books of Dr Mahathir after showing his full-fledged support for Najib.

Most in Umno know that Dr Mahathir is no small fry within the party itself; they would rather not offend him or be blacklisted by him. 

Najib’s own report card or ‘Key Performance Index’ (KPI), as pointed out by Dr Mahathir, shows that Najib performed worse than a ‘snoozing’ Pak Lah. No one can dispute Dr Mahathir on this, can Najib?

Kesetanan Timur Tengah : Komentar Terbaik Dari Pembaca

Yang berikut adalah pandangan dari pembaca dalam posting Blog yang awal. Diucapkan terima kasih kepada sdra/i pembaca Blog yang sudi hantar komen ini.

Isunya ialah jangan jadi bangang terpengaruh dengan konflik timur tengah lepas itu kaitkan dengan keagamaan, ketakwaan, keimanan dan sebagainya. 


Kita mesti pelihara Malaysia yang tercinta ini dari pengaruh setan-setan ini semua. 


Apa sahaja hujah keagamaan yang nak digunakan mestilah ke arah keselamatan dan kemakmuran Malaysia dahulu. 

Apa nak jadi dengan negara arab dan parsi di sana sampai hancur padang jarak padang terkukur, not our problem sebab memang dari dulu lagi mereka berperang. 


Jangan kita terlibat sama sebab kalau kalah mereka jadi longkang kalau menang mereka jadi jamban. 

on Iraq Splits Openly With Saudis Over Yemen Bombing

Iraq Splits Openly With Saudis Over Yemen Bombing

Well this was bound to happen. The Wahhabi or Salafi Saudis started bombing Shias in Yemen without fully realising the negative reactions it would elicit from their now Shia majority neighbour Iraq, with whom they share a long border.
The Iraqi PM has gone to Washington  and told the Obama Administration that Iraq does not support the Saudi airstrikes in Yemen.

By the way, after three weeks the Saudi airstrikes have not achieved anything that is strategically useful.  According to the NYT, the Shia Houthis have expanded their areas of control AFTER the Saudi bombing campaign. Here is a map, the striped areas show Houthi expansion AFTER the Saudi bombing began.

The Saudis have now started bombing less discriminately resulting in larger collateral damage. This is another way of saying they are running short of military targets and are now bombing civilian targets as well. 

Of course the Saudis do not mean to kill civilians. It is just that the civilians keep getting in the way of their bombs. 

  • Tensions Flare Between Iraq & Saudi Arabia in U.S. Coalition
  • clash burst into open here on Wednesday 
  • Iraqi PM publicly criticized Saudi bombing in Yemen 
  • dueling began when Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi visit to Washington
  •  He said Saudi campaign had created huge humanitarian problems.
  • logic to operation in the first place,” Mr. Abadi said
  • “Mainly, the problem of Yemen is within Yemen.”
  • Mr. Abadi suggested Obama administration agreed with him
  • They want to stop conflict as soon as possible,” Mr. Abadi said. 
  •  “What I understand from the administration, Saudis are not helpful... 
  • Saudis don’t want a cease-fire now.
  • top Saudi official retorted “no logic to those remarks.”
  • challenge to hold together Sunni Arab states & Shiite-dominated Iraq
  • Iran is patron to Iraq but ideological archrival to Saudi Arabia.
  • US in balancing act 
  • in Iraq, US supporting Iraqi military backed by Iran.
  • Obama said “..conflict settled through negotiation.”
  • Abadi worried Saudi airstrikes precursor for military role in neighboring states
  • ..we don’t know what Saudis want after this,” Abadi said. 
  • “Is Iraq within their radar? That’s very, very dangerous. 
  • US worried about goals and conduct of air campaign
  • another episode in the never ending struggle in this region. 
  • No one from outside can or should be so naive to get involved
  • concerns sectarian tensions devastating consequences for Iraq
  • underlying fear is three-way war between Iran, Sunni states & Sunni IS 
  • Iraqis openly angry with Saudis 
  • They would be first victims of a Sunni-Shia cataclysm 
  • Abadi said next step against IS was to roll them back in Anbar Province 
  • retake northern city of Mosul, would not occur until after Ramadan (mid-July)
Mark my words folks. Iran is tightening its noose around Saudi Arabia.  

In the rest of Asia the Shias are a small minority among the Muslims. But in the Middle East the Sunni-Shia demographics are less far apart. Iraq and Bahrain are majority Shia. Of course so is Iran. Most Arab countries including Saudi Arabia have significant numbers of Shias. The Shias are making a move on Mecca and Medinah - the two 'holiest' sites for both Sunnis and Shiahs. The Shia noose is tightening around Saudi Arabia.

You can gauge the influence that Iran has in Iraq and on the US by the postponement of the campaign to recapture Mosul. 

Now the Iraqi PM says they will not recapture Mosul until after Ramadan (mid July). They want to do their Hari Raya shopping first? He can make this statement without consulting the US.  America's standing in the Middle East (to recapture Mosul) is now at the mercy of Iran. 

Just a few weeks ago the Iraqi Army under the leadership of Iranian officers was all set to retake Mosul. Tikrit has already fallen to Shia Iraqi troops under the command of Iranian officers.  My view is with Iranian help the Iraqis can retake Mosul anytime they want.  But it has not happened yet.  Mosul has not been liberated yet. Now they are saying Mosul will be retaken after July.

The Iranians are postponing retaking Mosul as a bargaining chip with the US.  

I think that last year the Shia militias "dropped their weapons and ran away from Mosul"  deliberately on orders from Teheran.  They let the ISIS capture Mosul to frighten the daylights out of the US and the western coalition.  Plus all the tyrannical monarchies in the Middle East.  Our Clueless Prime Minister also became impressed with the IS victory in Mosul.

Now of course even the Peshmerga women troops are kicking the butts of the ISIS.

The Iranians have played their cards well with the Americans. They have now got the economic sanctions lifted (with least fanfare) and they have negotiated a nuclear deal with the US (which has not yet been signed though).

Of course the Saudi's helped in the process by allowing an immature 28 year old defense minister  to play wargames in Yemen with no endgame in sight. 

Strategically they have not achieved anything in Yemen after three weeks of bombing. Now with this strong resistance by Iraq against the Saudi bombing, it will be quite impossible for the Saudis to assemble a coalition to put boots on the ground in Yemen.  Siapa nak pi mampus?

The unprovoked Saudi attack against Yemen has also given the Houthis enough valid reasons to counter attack and take the war back into Saudi Arabia. This will happen too in the not too distant future, especially with Iranian backing. Plus America's developing  "close one eye" attitude towards the problematic Middle East.

Here is a map of Saudi Arabia. Note the very, very long borders the country shares with Yemen in the south and Iraq to the north.  I think the Saudi goose is getting cooked.

That is a lot of border to defend.  Of course Mrs Hillary Clinton is running for president next year. If she wins she will not forget all the "Monica" insults thrown at her by the mobs in Cairo and elsewhere when she was Secretary of State.  If Hillary becomes president, the Saudi goose may become toast. Mosul may have to wait longer for liberation.

There is another option.  Saudi Arabia may end up becoming allies with Israel because todate Iran is a sworn enemy of Israel. Unless of course the mullahs are toppled in Teheran and Iran becomes super Israel friendly again - like before.

But there already is exchange of intelligence and cooperation between Israel and some Arab regimes, including Saudi Arabia. Benjamin Netanyahu himself has publicly stated that Israel has had talks with its Arab neighbours about Iran. Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iraq lie between Israel and Iran

One commenter has said that I am Israel friendly and Zionist friendly.  Frankly I dont give a sh*t bro whether it is Zionists, Saudis, Houthis etc. To me Malaysia comes first. I dont want to get involved in all these endless and useless fighting in the middle east.  It is not our fight.  These folks are possessed by the devil.  I just dont want their devils to infect our country.  Kalau perlu depa ini boleh bunuh bapak dia sendiri. Bunuh sesama adik-beradik  perkara biasa. Go and read their history. 

Jangan kita pula emosi kerana puak-puak syaitan. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Fifa Places Malaysia Below .hutan

This is from The Star:

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s FIFA ranking has dropped to 164 - their worst ever placing this year – which is one rung below the backwater Himalayan nation of Bhutan.

Oops salah eja. It is Bhutan, not hutan. Sorry.

First of all The Star should not insult Bhutan by calling them a "backwater" nation. However since they have labelled Bhutan as such, it goes without saying that Malaysian football is now below 'backwater'.   

But no big deal. Here is a picture of some of our national football managers. They look happy enough.  Nice suits, nice ties, nice shoes, pakai jam tangan apa bro ? More millions will be spent for life support.

The people in Pelda Piol and Pelda Rembau dont care.   Fifa rankings? Duh ?? Hey there is even a Minister in charge of sports. Here he is :

There is a difference between financial activity and economic activity.  All financial activity is part of the economy but not all economic activity is financial. 

Ringgit Jatuh Lagi, Harga Barang Impot Akan Naik Lagi