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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Puchong Bomb Attack Soon After Satanic 'Kafir Harbi' Statement

Well now it seems like the Puchong bomb attack was an act of terror. A pro-ISIS shaytan has claimed responsibility as well. 

Here is the news : 

Puchong explosion could be linked to act of terror
Police investigating if terrorists behind grenade attack at Bar in Puchong

following Facebook post of man pledged allegiance to ISIS claiming responsibility 

man said attack in retaliation to social activities held during Ramadan.

Eight football fans injured when man hurled grenade at 2am in IOI Boulevard

Bukit Aman looking at all angles and verifying authenticity of claims

too early to conclude if attacks were carried out by terrorists or not.

working closely with state CID to verify these claims

Selangor CID said: “We will investigate .. to establish motive behind attack.”

CCTVs in the area would be examined, to ascertain possible suspects 

owner of establishment did not see business rivalry

“We do not have any bad blood, we even socialise regularly,” 

20 people when attack took place 45 minutes before kick-off at 2.15am
explosion shattered glass panel causing shrapnel to hit patrons

windscreens of several cars also damaged

ball bearings from grenade dented tables and chairs

S'gor police said suspect and accomplice fled scene on motorcycle 

four men and four women injured in explosion

recovered safety lever,  safety pin of grenade at main road opposite bar

My comments :  Note that this grenade attack has come so soon after the satanic 'kafir harbi' statement. Coincidence or not this is what will happen if the satans are not checked in time. Padan muka.

So they threw a grenade at a bar. And then what? Ko masih bodoh, masih hodoh, masih papa, masih setan, masih kafir. Siapa kata agama awak betul pun? 

Nothing changes in your miserable lives.

The grenade's safety lever and safety pin have been found. The Police can identify the make of the grenade instantly.  From there they can trace its probable source.

What kind of security is this where these psychos can have access to grenades and throw them wherever they wish? 

They dont have to go to Syria to become radicalised. They become radicalised here. Kafir harbi konon. These are the real kafir harbi. 

Check this out before it is blocked !!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Guan Eng's Arrest : End Of The Lim Dynasty?

This is from The Star here.
  • Guan Eng to be charged on two counts of corruption
  • Guan Eng in custody of MACC 
  • DAP sec-gen arrested 6.20pm in Komtar after exco meeting
  • taken to MACC office, served with warrant on two charges
  • under Section 23 and 165 of Anti-Corruption Act
  • 1st charge Magnificent Emblem’s application to convert land 
  • 2nd charge purchase of bungalow below market value
  • charged at Sessions Court tomorrow morning
  • Penang DAP meeting Thurs, after Lim charged in court
My comments :  If you go back to that video where Tun Dr Mahathir spoke in Penang most recently, at one point Dr Mahathir looks at Guan Eng and says, "he has some problems there" (or words to that effect). Dr Mahathir was referring to the bungalow case. When I heard Dr Mahathir say that I knew the matter was serious.

My UMNO friend who smsed me this news about five minutes ago said 'tak puas hati Boogees tak kena2 lagi'.

I agree bro. But two wrongs do not make a right.  Just because Boogees can get away with blatant corruption does not recuse other politicians from the same wrongs.

Granted that they have moved quite fast against Guan Eng - which normally happens when the opposition is involved. Khir Toyo's case took years.

I see similarities between this case and Khir Toyo's case.  You cannot separate the two. 

However Khir Toyo's case took so much time to go through the courts.  Well, Khir Toyo is not a DAP member.
Guan Eng will be charged and then he will have the right to defend himself.  But how long will the Court process take? 

It can really screw up the timetable for the DAP if the case goes to full hearing before the next General Election.  

But even despite that can Guan Eng continue as Chief Minister when he has been charged for corruption,  even when out on bail and during the court process? 

Good governance and transparency says otherwise.  

Well hail then to Prof. Dr. P. Ramasamy s/o Palanisamy the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang.  Will he be elevated to Chief Minister? Or will the Indians be the "fetchers and getters" only?

If Guan Eng "kena" and is found guilty, who will lead the DAP into the next GE?  
The DAP will most likely retain Penang. 
Who will be the DAP's candidate for CM?  

This is a major opportunity for Prof Ramasamy  to show what the Indians can do. 

If Guan Eng is sent off to jail,  it will be the end of the Lim Dynasty in the DAP. For 50 years, since 1966, Lim Kit Siang has held sway over the DAP.   By any measure this is a family show. 

Having said that the DAP is not without its second echelon leadership. They have plenty of talent.  Whether Mr Lim Senior will allow the DAP free rein to develop and bloom on its own is to be seen. 

Guan Eng has been jailed before - over the Rahim Thamby Chik case.  (That was a mess, we still dont know who really slept with whom).

Lim Guan Eng and I were classmates at the Melaka High School in 1976 and 1977. Later when I got my first bank job at the United Overseas Bank (then known as Chung Khiaw Bank) in 1987, Guan Eng had just left the bank less than a year before me to go full time into politics.  I have only met him once (for a few seconds) since 1977.

It is sad to hear about an old classmate facing something like this.  


Monday, June 27, 2016

Husni Hanadzlah resigns FROM ALL POSTS : as cuci jamban Janitor, as sweeper under the carpet, as 2nd finance minister, as Umno treasurer, as BN treasurer-general, as Perak Umno liaison deputy chairman, as Perak BN deputy chairman and as Tambun Umno division chief

"Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah has announced his resignation as second finance minister ..The Tambun MP today announced his resignation from all his posts, including Umno treasurer, BN treasurer-general, Perak Umno liaison committee deputy chairman, Perak BN deputy chairman and Tambun Umno division chief."

The Cabinet has been reshuffled. If the Cabinet was already dumb, now they are dumber.  More of the mentally challenged have been elevated. That is all.

So Husni Hanadzlah has resigned.  I think Husni was finding it more difficult to sleep at night.  

When Husni was a child he may have wanted to be a fireman but I doubt he ever dreamed of being a member of Ali Baba's 40 Thieves. 

Obviously Husni does not have the thick skin of a hippo.  
Or the absolute lack of conscience of the Pirate or that mamak.  

Husni knows the day of reckoning is coming soon.  Tick tock. Tick tock.

Folks,  obviously they are crumbling from the inside.

Remember that alien Martian movie I spoke about. In the beginning the aliens looked formidable and undefeatable. In the end they just died of oxygen poisoning. The free air that we breathe proved fatal to them.

In the same way folks, the free air that we breathe will prove fatal to the thieves. They are crumbling from inside. 

1. In this month of June alone, Wahid Omar has thrown in the towel. Wahid Warak perhaps realised too late that he has been used.  Especially by his mentor.

2. Then Abu Kassim the MACC chief has also thrown in the towel. I think he has had enough as well.

3. Now Husni Hanadzlah has resigned from ALL POSTS.  

There is a theory that  these resignations are happening after a hippo was seen boarding a private jet with up to 200 pieces of luggage (plus or minus). Not it was not 25 bags for sure.   

Rumours say the bags were full of dirty underwear - being taken for laundering overseas.  Crazy rumours folks. Who will take dirty underwear on a private jet for laundering overseas?

Conclusion :  I attended another power buka puasa recently. This one was really power. Heard plenty of stuff. Real stuff from "front-line" people. Meaning people who were / are personally involved.

Cannot divulge folks.  Sorry.  Then they will take "evasive" actions.    

The only ones remaining will be the really corrupt, the really crooked, the real low life, the toilet bowl scum and the really, really stupid.

Maybe Husni aint so stupid after all.