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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday Lite : Boys, Boys, Boys, Sex, Sex, Sex And Other Retard News .. .

Recall I have said many times that the retards are too often sharing the same page as the news  involving 'Woman, woman, woman, sex, sex, sex' ? 

Well this time it is 'Boys, boys, boys, sex, sex, sex'.

Here is some retard news. The first one is from here.

Kazim, religious school lodge reports over sexual abuse claims

IPOH: Popular preacher Kazim Elias lodged  police reports 
individuals tarnishing his name and religious school
sexual abuse claim at school on social media
Al-Baraqah Education Centre
Maahad Tahfiz Darul Baraqah 
spent 30 minutes with police

social activist and television personality 
posted on Facebook which went viral
sexual assault (sodomy)
"people said it was me and happened at institution.."

Kazim to give full cooperation to police
happened in April, mother of 10-yr-old lodged complaint in June
police investigate the matter.

© New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd

My comments : If we borrow the late Karpal Singh's argument the sodomist will go scot free. Because the sodomy happened in April whereas the mother of the child made the report in June. The exact time and date of the sodomy is hard to pinpoint. This was the argument used by Karpal Singh in that famous Sodomy 1 case. The exact time and date is not known.

How will a 10 year old child recall the exact time, day and date he was sodomised?

Ok, the question is will a 10 year old child make up something like this?  Either he has some serious problems or a vivid imagination plus also knowledge of sodomy. No, I dont think so. I believe something happened to that child. 

Kepada pihak Polis, no cover ups please. 
Please do your job profesionally. 
Jangan terpukau oleh geng retard ok. 
Investigate this case properly. 

Ok folks, here is another retard case for the weekend :
Tangakpan (1) lelaki Melayu mengaku *NABI ISA* 


akan di maklumkan kemudian.

▶No rpt  Jln Tun Razak/006494/16

▶Tarikh  25/08/2016

Fakta kes tangkapan.
no pendaftaran palsu dan kenderaan klon di Jln Tun Razak 
telah tahan (1)  buah motorjeep jenis KIA Sportage warma emas 
no pendaftaran . . . ialah 


yg di pandu oleh (1) lelaki berbangsa Melayu bersama (2) Penumpang wanita.
pemandu mengeluarkan kata2
pemandu dan penumpang bersama kenderaan balik ke Balai utk siasatan lanjut.
  • di Balai Polis Trafik pemandu tersebut telah mengeluarkan kenyataan 
  • ..bahawa beliau adalah *NABI ISA* 
  • beliau akan membunuh Ketua Polis Negara, Raja-Raja Melayu dan Perdana Menteri Dato Seri Najib dgn cara gerakan bawah tanah
  • Belaiu juga mengatakan akan meramapas Putrajaya bersama kumpulannya
  • Kepada Raja2 Melayu sekiranya beliau berselisih dgn kenderaan nya di atas jalan maka beliau akan melanggar Raja-Raja  Melayu tersebut sehingga mati.
telah di rujuk kepada  (JAWI) utk tindakan lanjut.

My comments : Di rujuk kepada JAWI ? Ha ha ha. Depa bukan retard kan?

I am sure there are women out there who wont mind becoming this guy's 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife. 

EPU's 11th Malaysia Plan Bullshit Exposed ! !

The 11th Malaysia Plan has been revealed. Does anyone recall the monkeys ever referring to say the 10th Malaysia Plan? Now they have released the 11th Malaysia Plan.  Macam akhbar Utusan Malaysia, boleh guna untuk bungkus tah_ kucing.
Anyway here is a rebuttal of the 11th Malaysia Plan by an academic, who says that the EPU is basically manipulating methods and figures.

I think the consultants are either on holiday or they are not getting paid enough because here is a weak reply by the EPU dunggus :

Then, into the rubber set, the academic Dr Lee Hwok Aun delivers the coup de grace. Here is Dr Lee's rebuttal of the EPU.

They are bullshitting the public. This is really getting out of control. Dishonesty and incompetence.

Folks,  the gomen is really short of funds. This morning I just heard that one of the Kementerian leases its photocopy machines from a supplier.  The Kementerian does not have enough funds to pay the monthly lease. As a result the leasing company has "tarik balik" its photocopy machines from the Kementerian.
Would you like to know which Kementerian ? Here is a hint : since there are less (or no) photocopy machines, maybe the examination papers will not be leaked this year !!

Friday, August 26, 2016

What If The Federation Of Malaysia Becomes Unfederated

First off, let me repeat what I have suggested from a long time ago. To be a truly united Malaysian people, the laws must be amended to grant a larger 'federational outlook' on all the States.  

The States have authority over their land.  Land is always a state matter.  Land cannot be moved or transported. It will be difficult to federalise land matters. However I feel that the National Land Code (a wonderful law that has contributed immensely to the development of Malaysia)  must be further developed as the 'standard' throughout Malaysia. 

States can have authority over land but why is it that non Kelantanese cannot buy and own land in Kelantan whereas Kelantanese can buy land in other States?  If we follow natural justice, aka tit for tat, Kelantanese should not be able to buy land in other states.  Is this a fair statement or not? Can any Kelantanese care to comment?  Do you think these types of  restrictions contribute towards building a truly Malaysian identity?

Or you dont really want this to happen?  Meaning you folks can buy houses anywhere you want but your state is only reserved for yourselves? 

How do you hope to create a Malaysian nation if 28 million Malaysians cannot buy and own land or houses in Kelantan?

Is this a touchy subject? No it is not. These are real issues. It is not touchy or controversial. People are just too lazy to think.

Then we have the 20 point agreement etc with Sabah and I dont know how many points with Sarawak, but isnt it ridiculous that people from the Peninsula need a work permit to work in Sabah and Sarawak but people from the two states DO NOT need a work permit to work on the Peninsula?

Why do Malaysians from the Peninsula need to show your passport or IC to get into Sabah and Sarawak? Weird bro.  Lu masuk semenanjung tak pakai apa pun bah ! Pakai baju saja !

Arent we all Malaysians?  But again the simple concept of reciprocity aka tit for tat aka natural justice requires that if Sabahans do not need a work permit to work on the Peninsula, then why do the Peninsula people need a work permit to work in Sabah (or Sarawak). Can any Sabahans or Sarawakians care to comment?

And tell us honestly how this contributes towards our nation building?  How does requiring people from one part of the country to get a work permit or show their passports to get into another part of the country contribute towards building a truly Malaysian identity?

This is where after 59 years of Independence and 53 years as Malaysia we really need to relook some of these rusty and outdated fears and worries that our founding fathers had in their minds. Jangan takut lagi bah !  Sekarang kita sudah dewasa. 

And let us also be clear about our Independence Day. It falls on August 31.  We became Independent on 31st August 1957.  Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak joined the Federation later.  

Ok so we call it Malaysia Day.  But when Singapore left, should it have become Malaysia Day Minus 1? Because "states" can be added or removed. Brunei did not join in 1963. What if Brunei joins Malaysia? My belief is one day Brunei will join Malaysia. Just wait and see. If it happens do we change the date for Malaysia Day?  But our independence day will still remain 31 August 1957.

Hawaii 'joined' the United States on August 21, 1959 to become the 50th state in the Union.   Louisiana (a French colony) joined the US in 1803. But  the American independence day  is still July 4th, 1776. There is no 'America Day'. 

My view is you cannot become a united nation if you insist on highlighting our differences.

Coming back to the federal versus states issues, my view is that water can be placed under Federal jurisdiction. Water meaning authority over the rivers, lakes and groundwater. I worked on a project once to develop a water treatment plant in Kedah. The project needed a 'water storage' reservoir as a standby storage. There was a natural lake very close by which suited the purpose very well. But it was just across the border in Penang (Seberang Prai) and so it was out of bounds.  

Unlike land, water is a movable quantity and it can be put under federal jurisdiction. This is my view.  

We are also not "natural continents" like India, China, Russia or Brazil where huge numbers of different language groups, races or tribes populate the territories which perpetuates distinct identities.  

But even in these huge countries, the  awareness that unity builds strength and that great unity builds great strength  and great societies has spawned enlightened leaders who strove to unite their diverse peoples under some commonality.  

"Unity in diversity"  is therefore a very old saying.
In Latin it is 'E pluribus unum'.
In Indonesia, they use the Sanskrit  version "Bhineka Tunggal Ika".
They all mean the same thing 'unity in diversity'.  

If we unite despite the diversity, then ultimately the diversities will disappear.  A truly Malaysian identity will arise, naturally by itself.  

Who knows, maybe in the far future the Malays will eat kway teow.  The Chinese may eat up all the thosai at Bala's and the Indians may eat up all the sambal petai in the country.You never know.

Hence the Mahatma travelled the width of India to tell the Indian people that they were one people, despite their diversity. Bhinneka tunggal ika. The Indians united for independence. But it has been work-in-progress since then.

The rise of great societies has often been preceded by the unification of a diverse people. 

Italy was united only in the late 19th century by Victor Emmanuele, Giuseppe Garibaldi and others. Rome became the capital of Italy in 1871,  just 89 years before I was born.

Germany was united as one German nation under one common emperor Wilhelm 1st around that time as well.  Germany was reunited again in 1989 after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

China was united again as one nation in 1949.  They are now unstoppable. There are hundreds of  'nationalities' within China and hundreds of languages. There are even mamak type people from Xinjiang.   Some of them sell kebab and roti naan in Beijing. They all speak Mandarin.

The good thing is these modern societies (I use the word "modern") have remained united.  They have worked to overcome their differences. Or they sought to highlight common factors and similarities. And they have done very well as a united people.

The Peninsula is very small - 500 miles north to south and 250 miles at its maximum width (I still think in miles and pounds - old school ok).  Even with the huge landmass of Sarawak and Sabah, Malaysia's geographical area is still 'medium'.  We are not a natural continent with really major differences. 

Although the Federation was established in 1948, there was already a Malayan identity from long before that.  Migrants who came to Malaya did not say they were going to Perak, Kelantan, Singapore or Pahang. They were headed to "Malaya".  The Peninsula had an identity.

Imagine what would happen if the Federation of Malay States on the Peninsula were to unfederate? Or even Sarawak and Sabah. There will be so many new flags, so many new passports and so many new national anthems.  

I will go back to Perak. My roots are in Ipoh, Matang and Taiping.  But it will be such a bore to have my passport stamped by my old classmate Lim Guan Eng  when I go to Penang.

Kecek Kelate may become a school subject in Kelantan. How will the Minangs handle Nogori?

Another thing that will happen for sure is that 'international trade' will increase exponentially.  Keropok lekor will be imported from Terengganu.  Pahang will export Camerons vegetables via Perak.

And imagine the number of Prime Ministers that will be needed? Plus Cabinet Ministers? There will not be Menteri Besars anymore or Chief Ministers. They will all become Prime Ministers.

And there will certainly be different currencies.  And postage stamps. Maybe Perak will put my face on a stamp - for dreaming up an "unfederated" Peninsula.
After a while, the unfederated states may get tired. They may want to federate again. There are many ways of doing this.

A common currency would certainly help. Maybe a common flag, a common national anthem, a common celebration of a common Independence Day (and not two or three different days).

Maybe one Prime Minister (like Wilhelm the 1st). Maybe also a common postage system.

Other things too like you can buy land and houses anywhere in the new federated country. Or work and live anywhere inside the new federated country without a work permit.

It may take some time, but eventually the people may decide to 'unite in diversity' or 'bhinneka tunggal ika' or 'e pluribus unum'. 

So what do you think folks? Shall we start on this journey? Unfederate, see how things develop and then federate again?

Who shall be the Garibaldi? Or the Wilhelm the 1st? 

Do you recall a time when a man called Mahathir was our prime minister? We did not have as much idle time to think up all these things.  I was looking for a natural reservoir over the state boundary in Seberang Prai.  I was born in Perak.

Per Capita GDP Has Shrunk, High Income Becomes Bullshit, Idris Jala Membohong

Here is a scorecard (from The Economist Magazine) that shows the foreign reserves position of countries around the world.  Foreign reserves means a country's holdings of foreign currencies which are a result of its trading with other nations (plus a few other things like gold bars, special drawing rights with the IMF etc).

You can see that Malaysia now has less foreign reserves than Thailand,  Indonesia and Singapore.  The Philippines is not too far away either. Folks we are firmly fixed in the Third World.  I dont think we are going to have any more extra Foreign Reserves by 2020 - our targeted birthday as a Negara Maju.


Here is an interesting comment (Surat Pembaca) that has appeared at Astro Awani or somewhere.

Benarkah Malaysia semakin hampir menjadi negara berpendapatan tinggi?

Untuk mencapai tahap US$15,000, pertumbuhan PNK per kapita mesti 7% setahun.

Idris Jala kata Malaysia tidak lagi tersangkut dalam middle-income trap

adakah ini benar ?   Jawapannya: Tidak

perjalanan masih jauh ke arah negara berpendapatan tinggi.

pendapatan per kapita negara sebenarnya telah menurun sejak 2013
Menurut BNM, KDNK per kapita jatuh dari US$10,345 (2013) kepada US$9,291 (2015)

Ini penurunan sebanyak 10%

menurut (BNM) ia akan menurun lagi (2016) kepada US$8,821.

kekayaaan negara per kapita bukannya naik, tapi menurun. 

jauhlah lagi jalan menuju ke arah negara berpendapatan tinggi.

taraf negara kaya yang kita idamkan adalah selepas USS$15,000 bukan US$12,276.

Kita tidak seharusnya mengubah tiang gol semasa perlawanan berlaku. 

RMK11 juga sasaran US$15,000, bukan US$12,276 yang dilafaz Idris Jala.

untuk mencapai US$15,000, kadar pertumbuhan purata PNK mestilah 7% setahun

dari 2010 - 2014 PNK per kapita hanya bertumbuh 4.1% setahun. 

mustahil kita akan menjadi negara berpendapatan tinggi pada 2020 

tidak ada erti hanya sebahagian kecil rakyat menikmati kekayaan 

negara perpendapatan tinggi, tetapi rakyat majoriti berpendapatan rendah. 

gaji pertengahan rakyat Malaysia pada 2015 adalah RM1,600 sebulan.
separuh pekerja mempunyai gaji kurang dari RM1,600. 

Ini bukan pencapaian yang kita boleh banggakan.

negara berpendapatan tinggi tidak bermaksud rakyat akan terus menjadi kaya. 

Lihat Kuala Lumpur.  

Sekiranya Kuala Lumpur sebuah negara, ia sudah negara berpendapatan tinggi. 

Namun, separuh pekerja di KL mendapat gaji bulanan kurang dari RM2,200 (2015)

tiada peningkatan gaji langsung bagi warga pekerja di Kuala Lumpur (2015)

Bukannya makin kaya, tetapi makin tersempit.

Kuala Lumpur kaya, namun Kelantan dan negeri lain masih miskin.

Kuala Lumpur kaya seperti Korea dari pendapatan per kapita

Kelantan masih di bawah paras negara miskin, lebih miskin dari Sri Lanka.

Kesimpulannya, kita harus jujur 

Ini penting supaya pembaikan boleh dilakukan.
My comments :  Syabas Sdra Awang. 

Our economy has been shrinking.  Bank Negara Reports show that the per capita GDP has been shrinking since 2013.

The per capita GDP has shrunk from US$10,345 (2013) to US$9,291 (2015) - a reduction of 10% ! !  

And according to Bank Negara the per capita GDP will shrink to US$8821 in 2016.   That is 15% down from 2013 ! ! 

And US8821 is 58% of the desired US$15,000 high income nation !

We are going backwards. The per capita income is shrinking.  

To me the worst case is the median income in Malaysia at RM1600 per month. This means half of all our workers earn less than RM1600 per month.

In KL the median income is RM2200.  

This is not a good situation at all. 

Ok here is the crunch. Awang has not stated this, but he has implied it. The vast majority of those under the median income level are Malays.

Awang mentions that Kelantan is poorer than Sri Lanka. That is the Malay economy.

Awang mentions that Kuala Lumpur has a per capita GDP that is higher than Korea. That is the non Malay economy (largely).

Awang mentions that half of all Malaysian workers earn less than RM1600 per month. That is also largely the Malay / bumiputra economy.

The Malays are getting poorer.  Melayu miskin dulu.  

As I said before, the solutions are all simple. Clean, effective and most important of all they will make everyone rich. 

It all starts with getting rid of that monkey and the troop of baboons that swing in the trees together.