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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Kita Tidak Perlukan Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan - Membuang Masa Sahaja

Time to do away with FT ministry, says local council expert
A local council expert says the ministry is redundant.

A local council expert called on Putrajaya to review having (FT) ministry

it is redundant and an inefficient use of taxpayers’ funds 
it overlaps the local authorities’ roles and functions.

Lawyer Derek Fernandez said weak governance with FT ministry 
clear in KL City Plan 2020 (KLCP 2020)
plan gazetted by PH with 273 deviations from draft without public consultation
273 deviations never even proposed in draft in the first place

KL Structure Plan 2040 questionable because credibility of KLCP 2020 in doubt

federal territories had own governance DBKL), Perbadanan Putrajaya and Labuan

From good governance perspective no need to have FT ministry

respective governance structures can operate independently

ministry powers to override DBKL interferes with the mayor’s functions

FT minister can override mayor 

other local councils have one mayor and 24 councillors 
decisions by majority vote to ensure power not concentrated in one person

My comments : The FT Ministry was created by UMNO to give their politicians opportunities to steal money.  That is why that fatty mamak is now in Court, facing charges and he will possibly spend his last few years alive inside a jail cell. 

And with Khalid Samad being so stupid it only compounds the problems. 

Apa sudah jadi dengan cadangan beli tanah Kg Baru? 
Everything gone super quiet.

Do You Recall The Holden ? Well They Have Shut Down, After 150 Years

GM kills Australia’s Holden brand 

General Motors to wind down engineering, design and sales operations
Aussie brand unable to compete against global imports
February 17, 2020

GM to scrap struggling Australian car brand Holden

company more than 150 years old
created Australia’s first local mass-produced vehicle 
dominant brand for decades, becoming cultural touchstone 

2017 followed Ford, Toyota moving production offshore
marking end of car manufacturing in Australia
600 people would lose their jobs 

unable to make Holden competitive and profitable in the long-term

global consolidation of automotive industry
increasingly challenging to support just two markets (Aussie & NZ)
1.6 million Holden cars still on the roads

My comments : This is for the note of Dr M who still has visions of the 3rd Malaysian car etc. Even General Motors the American automotive giant cannot sustain their car manufacturing anymore. 

This is despite Aussie workers already having mastered waking up in the morning and going to work on time, less goofing around, less taking breaks, less being absent from work, less stopping work for the flimsiest of reasons etc. (We have yet to fully overcome these issues here in Malaysia.)

GM has also sold its car plants in Thailand. The buyer is Chinese. 

Holden in Australia cannot sustain against Japanese, Korean and now Chinese imports.

Car manufacturing has always been a volume business. They need huge sales volumes to sustain the R&D that is constantly required to give the consumer a newer and better product. 

Then there is China.

I feel the only way that we in Malaysia can participate in the international car business is by being part of the global supply chain. Malaysia is already a smaller hub for car manufacturing in South East Asia. Some Japanese brands (Honda) and now Geely of China base their production here. So does Mercedes Benz but on a smaller scale. 

We need to encourage local Malaysian companies (not the foolish GLCs please) to become part of this global supply chain. 

The government must facilitate Malaysian companies marrying with foreign car makers to design and manufacture auto parts here. Without looking at race, religion etc.  

Its ok to throw in some subsidies, tax breaks, R&D tie ups with local universities (public and private universities - again without looking at race, religion etc).  

The car business is going to become even more high tech and the supply chains will become more international and complicated. We already have a strong toe hold in this business.  We must encourage more market forces to play.