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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

S'gor MB Tussle : Palace's Statement Reveals PKR "Main Kayu Tiga" With PH In Selangor !!

No one else in Pakatan Harapan knew what was going on with PKR and the selection of a new MB for Selangor.

The Ijok Assemblyman Idris Ahmad has been going around waving letters saying that he should be the MB of Selangor.  Idris said he had the backing of all of Pakatan Harapan including PKR.  Then lo and behold the Sultan went and appointed Amiruddin something as the new MB. 

Today M'kini has revealed that the Sultan said he received a letter directly from Wan Azizah the president of PKR saying that they wanted Amiruddin something as the MB.  Plus that their letter supersedes the previous letters.

Here is the story from Mkini - screenshotted. No truncating.

Obviously there is some liwatting going on here.  

In the appointment of the Prime Minister there was an insistence that clear written evidence be provided that the relevant parties (owners of 112 seats in Parliament) had agreed to the appointment of Tun Dr Mahathir as the PM.

Despite such written assurances being provided, the appointment of the PM was delayed. 

Here, the PH component parties in Selangor had again issued separate letters of support for the MB candidate - Idris Ahmad.

However one party PKR  then issued yet another letter, stating their preference for MB. This letter from one party alone has prevailed over the others. 

The Selangor State Assembly has 56 seats. 

PH has won 51, BN has 4 while PAS has 1.

Among PH, the PKR  has 28 seats.  DAP has 14 seats. Amanah has 5 while PPBM has 4.  (Thank you to Hairball for correcting me on this. I hope you are correct.)

Still (despite 28 seats) no single political party has a clear majority to form the state government by itself in Selangor. This is now quite puzzling.  

How did Wan Azizah's letter prevail? 

However it is not likely that there will be any no confidence vote against the MB in Selangor.  Or Perlis.  

"Umno's survival now depends on Dr Mahathir’s next moves" - By Leslie Lopez.

*After election defeat, Umno faces existential crisis*

Leslie Lopez
Regional Correspondent
In KL.

Malaysia’s former DPM Zahid Hamidi spent last week (beginning June 10) in Mecca, performing prayers during Ramadan.

also found time in Islam’s holiest city to hunker down with advisors and political lieutenants for deep discussions - on comeback strategies for  Umno, after disastrous performance in elections that brought an end to its reign since 1957.

Those present argued party’s comeback possible. Umno won 54 seats, single-largest party in the lower house.

also favourite among ethnic Malays, who make up close to 65% of population.

Umno secured 2.54 million of the Malay votes 

just over 40% of Malay vote

remainder evenly split between Pakatan Harapan and PAS

Umno suffered major slippage in Malay vote because of 1MDB 
community’s disapproval of Najib 
coalition partners in (BN) also did not deliver

MCA MIC wiped out 
partners in Sabah and Sarawak suffered unexpected losses

Zahid camp concluded Umno need to  build on its still-sizeable Malay support

Easier said than done. In fact, the odds are stacked against Umno, a monolithic party bereft of any checks and balances, and one that is finding itself out of step with a new Malaysia.

party does not have charismatic leader to replace scandal-scarred Najib

Zahid does not command wide respect within party ranks 
internal feuding among veteran warlords unlikely to give way to younger blood

big question whether Umno can hold grassroots support

Umno billed itself protector of Malay race, Islam and nine Royal households
symbols that distinguish community’s special position in Malaysia

Last month’s election results showed that fewer Malays are falling for the hype, particularly the younger voters who do not have any in-built loyalty to the party.

The party’s elitist tendencies have also widened the disconnect with rural Malays, who previously threw their support behind Umno.

  • Umno’s grip on power rested on ability to dispense patronage
  • upper levels of Malay elite through special contracts
  • govt licences, lucrative-pays at state-controlled entities 
  • monthly stipends to religious clerics and village headmen in the rural areas.
That luxury was snatched away when Umno lost power at the federal level.

only controls Perlis and Pahang, non powerhouses, rely heavily on federal funding

Pakatan Harapan already culling Umno appointees at govt and state entities 
CEOs of govt-linked companies supportive of Najib administration

prospect of purge likely force Umno supporters to  switch sides, protect livelihood

Umno’s internal finances are also in shambles.

party’s financial assets, held by little-known Temasek Padu Sdn Bhd
do not generate enough returns to fund party’s basic needs
Umno needs roughly RM4m (S$1.35m) a month for 191 divisions 
barely covered by RM12 million annually from returns on its investments

Umno covered financial shortfalls with patronage-driven brand of politics
blur lines between state assets and party assets 

new govt to investigate whether Umno received monies from 1MDB

this could result in freezing of assets of organisations and politicians involved

Ironically for Umno, party’s survival now depends on Dr Mahathir’s next moves.

KJ Kata UMNO Bodoh?? Ya Allah!! Pasai Apa Dia Kata Lagu Tu??

From the WhatsApp of the Chairman.

KJ pula kata UMNO bodoh dan silap kerana tidak berani mengaku realiti. 

Sebenarnya dia sendiri pun sama bodoh dan silap. Dulu kenapa tak berani cakap macam itu? Kemudian sekarang baru berani! 

Dulu takut kena pacat. Sayap UMNO yang lain juga sama. Semua takut kena pecat.  Sekarang Najib dah letak jawatan baru berani bercakap!  Inilah cara perjuangan takut kena pecat dan takut hilang jawatan yang menyebabkan UMNO rebah tersungkur. 

Semua sayap UMNO dan menteri UMNO menjadi penyokong yang membawa rebah. Sekarang nasi dah jadi bubur baru nak berani cakap kenapa nasi yang dimasak sudah tak jadi nasi dan menjadi bubur. 

Sekarang ramai pula yang nak rebut jawatan presiden dan ahli MT. Ramai nak rebut pucuk di atas tetapi mereka tak sedar akar di bawah dah mula reput.  Ahli ahli di peringkat akar semua dah hilang semangat.  Jemput mesyuarat cawangan pun tak ada semangat lagi nak hadir. Ini adalah tanda dan bukti akar akar di bawah sudah mula reput. Pucuk di atas pasti akan layu. Ramai yang nak rebut pucuknya buat apa sedangkan akar di bawah sudah mula reput.  Siapa yang dapat pucuk di atas itu akan dapat pucuk yang layu sahaja.

Yang hairanya mengapa UMNO dahulu sangat gagah perkasa lagi banyak menabur jasa? Tetapi bila UMNO dipimpin oleh Najib UMNO boleh rebah tersungkur dan akar umbi jadi reput.  Kenapa ? Mengapa? Sebab apa ? 

Inilah soalan soalan yang semua pemimpin UMNO kena tanya dan cuba menjawabnya. Kononnya ramai pemimpin yang pakar dan bijak pandai tetap tak tahu nak buat Post-mortem untuk cari sebab kenapa UMNO terlalu uzur dan sakit hingga rebah kebumi apabila dipimpin oleh Najib?  

Sebaliknya ramai macai UMNO yang sebok nak cari kesilapan kerajaan PH.  Pada hal perbuatan itu hanya sia sia dan seperti anjing menyalak bukit sahaja.  

Salaklah sekuat mana pun bukit itu tak akan runtuh ! Sebaiknya tak usahlah dok menyalak mencari kesilapan orang. 

Cari punca dan sebab apa UMNO sebuah parti yang kuat lagi gagah boleh rebah tersungkur dalam PRU 14 ini. Sudahlah rebah kebumi tabung simpanan deposit di Sarawak dan Sabah pun turut pecah berkecai.  Apa nak jadi? 

Apa nak jadi sampai sekarang pun pemimpin UMNO tak boleh berfikir lagi..carilah kesalahan dan kesilapan sendiri kenapa rakyat tak mahu pilih UMNO lagi ?

ABC Australia Says Walls Closing On Bugis

Walls around former Malaysian PM Najib Razak closing in

Najib 'totally responsible for 1MDB', the Malaysian PM says. 
Malaysia to lay multiple charges against ex-PM over 1MDB scandal

Malaysian wheels of justice spinning very quickly
For years, Najib denied wrongdoing in 1MDB embezzlement 

despite $700 million ending up in his personal bank account
his denial good enough for authorities to leave him alone

Now authorities are moving very fast indeed.

Prime Minister Mahathir , says investigators are working at "furious pace"

police to make their first arrests within months 
"hopefully" start trial by end of the year

Dr M accused Najib of being "totally responsible" for 1MDB 

Nothing can be done without his signature
we have his signature on all deals entered by 1MDB

embezzlement, stealing government money and bribery

not just Najib facing the heat
Najib's wife, Rosmah is also under investigation

money believed to have gone to her, lots of money Dr Mahathir said.

Dr M says investigators "have almost perfect case" 
but they're not taking any chances

When we go to court, we will have clear evidence of wrongdoing
We cannot afford to lose he said.

authorities confiscated Najib's passport 

He and his accomplices must feel the walls around them are closing in 

My comments :  For money laundering, the jail term is a maximum of 15 years. That is a long time in prison.  Enough time for Najib to learn to whistle the song "I started a joke"  from his ass.

I started a joke, 
that started the whole world laughing
But I didnt know 
that the world was laughing at meeeeeeee ...

Yup. You will be whistling this out of your ass soon.  Tick tock time is over.

YB Bang Mat Please Pull Out Now. Kalau Tidak The Girl Will Become Pregnant.

PUTRAJAYA considering pulling Malaysian troops from Saudi Arabia
engaged in air strikes against Yemen

government not interested in conflicts in Gulf region
reviewing deployment of army personnel to Saudi Arabia

Why would we want to attack Yemen, another Islamic nation?”   Mat Sabu

“We don’t want to be involved in such conflicts.”

Malaysian army involved in “Gulf Shield 1” in Damman, Saudi Arabia

Since 2015, Riyadh engaged in air strikes against Yemen

Saudi named Malaysia as working with Riyadh in “fighting terrorism”

Saudi coalition’s military attacks condemned by UN as war crimes

most strikes in Yemen carried out in civilian areas, killing children and women

UN warned other nations against aiding Riyadh

the excuse that troops in Yemen to carry out humanitarian work is “absurd”

My comments :  I have been speaking against the Saudi Arabian aggression against Yemen since they began this massacre in March 2015.   

And I have been screaming even more loudly about this when I first found out (from a former Air Force General) that the Malaysian Air Force was involved in providing "logistics support" inside Saudi Arabia.  They used 'evacuating students' as an excuse.

I knew former Defense Minister Hishamuddin Hussein Onn personally and messsaged him a few times NOT to get involved in Saudi Arabia. To no avail.

When I was first able to talk to Tun Dr Mahathir after the May 9th elections, I repeated this message again. Bring back our troops from Saudi Arabia.

Folks, we should not be involved in the business of killing people.  

So Bang Mat as the Defense Minister just order our troops to come back. Kita tidak boleh terlibat dalam permusuhan kabilah-kabilah Arab padang pasir yang suka bunuh membunuh sesama sendiri. 

Mr Lim Kit Siang Makes Brader Trouble Maker Look Even More Stupid !!


Before I say anything further, may I be the first one to suggest that Mr Lim Kit Siang be made a Tun.  Mr Lim has gone through so much in life to stand up for his beliefs. Until today he has not wavered or changed his ideals. And slowly but surely Mr Lim has succeeded. First with the victory in Penang 10 years ago. His son Lim Guan Eng became the Chief Minister.

Now 10 years later in 2018 the DAP has helped capture Putrajaya. The DAP's Lim Guan Eng, Gobind Singh Deo and Kulasegaran are members of the Federal Cabinet. And the DAP still holds Penang.  By any measure this is evidence enough of the perseverance, the "never give up" attitude, the "never say die" philosophy of Mr Lim Kit Siang.  

Lets make Mr Lim Kit Siang a Tun. And may he have a long life ahead of him.  

Ok here is Free Malaysia Today about Mr Lim's comments pertaining to Brader Trouble Maker. 

 Kit Siang says it’s okay to expose scandals

better to make wrongdoings public than wait for opposition to grill govt over it

DAP veteran Lim says he has been exposing wrongdoings for 52 years

Lim defended Guan Eng against criticism for exposing scandals

It is okay to expose (scandals), wrongdoings should be made public

  • Anwar said Guan Eng must be cautious when issuing statements
  • He said Guan Eng should leave exposes to others

Guan Eng said his ministry will continue to expose scandals 

he had been directed to do so by Dr Mahathir

Kit Siang said he had been exposing wrongdoings for 52 years

If govt know about it, they should expose it

by opening up, able to right wrongs

he was in the dark over what was happening in Selangor 

PH had not endorsed Azmin as Selangor menteri besar
Idris Ahmad claimed his name (Idris’s) submitted to Selangor sultan 

he had blessings of PH

My comments :  Brader Trouble Maker is looking more and more stupid. 

Even Mr Lim tak boleh tahan with his stupid comments. 

I hope the Brader's "Team Viagra Advisors" will learn from Mr Lim.  
If the government  knows about a wrong doing, they should expose it immediately.

I find Mr Lim's statements about Selangor not puzzling at all. 
This is typical of the Brader's dungu salam type of management.  
PKR cannot even manage the "transition" in Selangor.  
How are investors going to have confidence to invest in Selangor?

I believe a new MB has been appointed but if he is not the consensus favorite there is going to be trouble in the Selangor State Assembly.  Just wait and see.

When you have a backalley backbencher eyeing your ass, this is what you get.  Bodoh.

Orang Islam Volunteer Mengutip Sampah Di Stadium World Cup


Japanese football fans at the World Cup have organised themselves to pick up trash left by other football fans. This is what real Islamic behaviour should be.  These folks are exhibiting the highest Islamic values.  

What will the Muslims say?  "But they are going to hell and burn. They are kafir."

What will the Japanese say? "But you are already living in hell. Whereas we Japanese are already in piyari-dasa (paradise)"