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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Brader Trouble Maker Bungles Again. Wants Agriculture Minister To Expose Financial Scandals. Suggests Gag Order On Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng. Is He Becoming Senile?

Brader Trouble Maker has bungled yet again.  This time he is suggesting a GAG ORDER for Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng !!  Yup I could not believe this myself.  The guy is a real nut job.  

Here is Malaysiakini.   But   I have done something different. I read the Mkini article. Then I read their Readers Comments on Mkini. 125 comments and still counting.  

I have decided to post some of the reader's comments first. There are many but quick to read. 

Nearly ALL the comments are blistering, totally critical of Brader Trouble Maker. 

Folks I told you before and I will tell you again - the guy is a kekampongan level idiot. A true moron.  A bungler par excellence.

Ok first  here are some of  the Readers Comments (in Malaysiakini) :

Proarte  :     Anwar's arrogance is astounding. He has no role in government but yet sees it fit to 'expose' his unsolicited advice to Guan Eng to the world media! Undermining the nation's finance minister in this way  is more likely to affect the Market's confidence in Malaysia than Guan Eng being honest about the nation's finances. Anwar must be advised that the Rakyat is increasing seeing him as a liability than as Prime Minister material. His underhand machinations, disloyalty and disrespect for Mahathir's choice of Guan Eng as finance minister does not augur well for his assumption that he will succeed Mahathir as PM. As things stand , Azmin is increasingly looking like the favourite candidate. Why should  DAP and  Bersatu support Anwar as future PM if he is undermining them? A PM must have the support of the majority of MPs. If Azmin can be friendly with all Pakatan Harapan component parties and not play the race and racial card, his position as the next PM of Malaysia is assured.

MBSCorleone  :   Never liked him. Got to be careful with this Anwar. He always want to hog the the limelight and can't stand others doing well.

no fear nor favour   :    Anwar is going in circle..  when Anwar was FM, your performance was just mediocre, nothing to shout about. how would you handle the crises. We all would be looking forward for your ‘ expert views’ of how to defuse the catastrophe . . Please walk the talk.

LIEW LEAN KUT  :     Anwar should take care of PKR, something is smoldering in the party, something is burning, Azmin  went to Sultan to appoint another MB, showed disrespect for president

New New Malaysia  :   should not open private discussion to public. will lead to factions within the PH 

Anonymous_781e7840  :  Did investors run away when you say  Najib is Pencuri?? Anwar please moved aside, you are unbecoming lately. Malaysian should not allowed you to become PM.

Anonymous 2478181499087834  :      Anwar, LGE is only exposing the misdeeds in his portfolio as Finance Minister. That is his job. How can others talk about what happened at the finance ministry. What a load of rubbish. Your statement in fact spooks the investors. You talk like the same person who loved the international agencies and embraced their advice during the 1988 financial crisis. You seem to be the trouble maker against the government now. Don't let a repeat of 1988 bear upon you twice.  You are just not PM material.

Prudent  :   Why is Anwar "don't' spook the Malays" trying to gag LGE? 

Abd.Karim  :  Anwar's advice should be done on a personal basis 

Rightan  :   Feeling unsecured ? Or seeking attention to yr own existence ?

clearwater  :    Let's see....who is this person giving very public "advice" to the Finance Minister? What position does he have in the ruling government? No position? Not even an elected Member of Parliament? Yes, he is the spouse of the Deputy Prime Minister. So, go get your spouse the DPM to give the advice.

Vent  :    Anwar is no angel. His carefully choreographed statements are more troubling. And it isn’t his business to mind LGE’s business. He must remember he is not an elected MP. 

Anonymous 51581447682905  :   ANWAR shut your gap up...or the people who voted BN out may also vote you out as PM. So don’t be too sure you are going to be PM after Tun.

Parit Samsu HENG :  Anwar  you have big ego n are trying to score point for yourself, not working as a team.   UMNO loves telling lies. I know you were ex-UMNO, please do not use the same strategy 

Raja Chulan  :   PKR in a mess best if Anwar spends his energy sorting out the many problems within PKR. 

Wong Fei Hoong  :   Anwar, just shut up. You are nobody in the government.  It is the duty of the FM to expose what is financially wrong in the country and make it right..

The Wakandan  :    Criticizing in public to get free publicity, PKR syndrome

sukisan :  Go and sort out Selangor MB Mess instead of giving advice here 

Touche  :   Anwar please stay out of PH govt. You are not PM. So please bugger off and keep your advice to yourself

Neutral Point   :   Anwar. Shut up. Mind your own business. more you talk, more people dislike you. No one wants you to be PM now as you still behave like those UMNO people.

Touche  :    how would others know about scandals? If others dont know, how would they expose these scandals? 

Abasir :   AI should keep his advice for PKR which screwed up appointment of  MB
Rupert16  :    LGE should continue to expose corruptions.  you keep to your turf. You are not even an MP to interfere in LGE’s job.

Anonymous_3a454b25  :    YB Gobind i feel you should stop this interview from going on air to avoid further backlash on ph

Anonymous #73242862   :  Anwar who are you to interfere Dr Mahathir PM of Malaysia also never interfere in his ministers. Did Guan Eng seek you out for advice on how to be Finance Minister? LOL!

Anonymous  :    LGE you are doing right. Only listen to Tun M. No need to listen to outsider like DSAI. Who is he to advise. His internal party PKR has lots of issue to solve.  Dont interfere with MOF matters.

ABC123  :    From Day 1 he didnt like LGE the Finance Minister. he sent Rafizi to cause public ruckus when LGE named FM. Anwar still a 2-faced backstabber thinks highly of himself

Cogito Ergo Sum  :   Increasingly, you do not seem PM material. Your advise sounds more like Najib’s statement that such exposes will frighten investors. If this is a taste of things to come when you become PM, then I certainly did not vote for this. 

Anonymous 2319461440035118  :   Anwar why are you interfering into ministers. Anwar, you are not in syncrony with HARAPAN's declaration of working together. YOU appear to speak for yourself.  discuss internally and not voice out through the media to paint a picture that you are important and others need to listen to you. Can you respect your partners..?

Ray  :    LGE doing a fine job.  Back off.  Don't pull rank.  You are not giving confidence to investors thru your action here.

Anonymous_B897185  :     This snake will never change. Thick skin.

Anonymous 767061504497195  :   Guan Eng the one to expose the misdeeds. Any other person exposing such misdeeds is pure hearsay and this is how Najib operated.

Anonymous_1527653036  :   Anwar , dont have to advise LGE...

Odysseus  :    Anwar, please keep quiet. You seems to be getting very confused by the day. Please solve MB issue in Selangor. Apparently, new MB not nominated by PH.

Ranjit Singh Malhi  :    Anwar Ibrahim, please shut up and go on two years leave.

Kangkung  :    The first slingshot and more to come. I hear hint of 'race' in Anwar's advice. PKR unhappy Finance Minister's job going to DAP.

Tok Wah  :    I always doubt Anwar. speaks with forked tongue; lack honesty and integrity, glaring narcissistic personality.

KerbauMalaya  :    Anwar shooting loose cannons, PH doesn’t need enemy. Amanah & DAP & Bersatu must look beyond PKR at next GE or maybe sooner before Tun M retires

Anonymous_1371469481  :    Anwar, let LGE do his job. 

ABC123  :     Increasingly I cannot stand Anwar. An egoistic, condescending, vain, two-faced, glory seeker and back-stabber. who are you to lecture LGE? You are just the DPM's spouse. Telling LGE your views in private is fine. But you are going to the media to proudly announce what you told LGE.  That shows how egoistic you are and how little respect you have for LGE as the Finance Minister. Learn to shut the f...k up, know your place . .   look into the constant infighting within PKR.  You have shown poor leadership material.

Anonymous #66570468  :     Why publicise what you tell other? Not helping at all....

Nik  :    DSAI i am one of your ardent supporter but i will cease to be be if you continue to back stab us like this. We have demanded the Goverment to expose all wrong doings of BN & let us Rakyat know, so who are you to question the FM when the PM himself said nothing? i would urge you to stop your UMNO way of thinking &  behaviour.

Anonymous Cat  :    Talk like a PM but not one and desperate to be one.

Falcon  :     You are not cabinet so please zip up! We understand your impatience or obsession? sincere advice from an old comrade! We have a premier and it's his call not yours Peace!

JL  :    Who else if not the Finance Minister is going to expose wrong doings. .   he should shut up!

Anonymous 714361505379124  :       DSAI interfering

Anonymous_1419577444  :      Last I checked, the PM is Tun Mahathir.  Somebody's got to back off and not be the back seat driver.

Tom S  :     Anwar is 3rd rate. not looking forward to him becoming next PM

Prudent  :      Anwar "don't spook the Malays" covering up for Najib

Appum  :       Anwar...when does your lecture tour around the world start?

On the Other Hand  :    Anwar does not have good track record.
Bally Hall  :     showing impatience to get PM seat. actions indicate potential problems for PH. Beginning to show arrogance. About time the other parties speak their mind before PKR evolve into another UMNO.

Anonymous 2436471476414726  :    Anwar should leave running of government to cabinet. concentrate on your party before  it disintegrate. MB crisis in Selangor is cause for concern.

Time to change  :     Anwar may be a problem when he is PM. infighting among PKR for MB post, no comments from Anwar.

KerbauMalaya    :       sweep under carpet like AI done it what transparency are you talking now after the GE?

OK folks, now here is the Malaysiakini article :

Guan Eng should leave exposing corruption to other ministers, agencies, Anwar said

(OSTB :  Huh ?  You mean like the Ministry of Agriculture? Maybe Ministry of Defense? YB Bang Mat ? Kiri Kanan, Kiri Kanan, Kiri Kanan..)

Anwar said Lim should concentrate on assuring investors to invest 

I told Guan Eng finance minister should be more sensitive

Moody's study showed power transition causing uncertainties in policy

(OSTB : Power has transited already. There are already 10 Cabinet members including Minister of Finance. They have begun doing their work.  This is beyond power transition. Only Selangor, does not yet have an MB. This is because of a power struggle between your faction in PLR and other factions in PKR in Selangor. Can you solve the power transition in Selangor? Selangor has not transited yet.)

could cause negative rating on economy, spook investors

Lim can task one or two ministers, MACC to explain the exposes.

(OSTB : So other than Minister of Agriculture maybe can ask Minister of Defense? To talk about financial scandals?  When the reporters ask questions, the Minister of Defense can refer to the Chief of the Armed Forces to give him the answers?  How stupid can this moron get?)

Lim focus on pacifying investors, increasing confidence on economy," Anwar said.

(OSTB :  Pacifying investors? You do not pacify investors lah moron. You reassure investors that the government is on the ball. That the government is now transparent and open for scrutiny. No more hiding things or sweeping things under the carpet. Honesty and integrity. That is what will reassure investors.)  

Conclusion :  I have said time and again that these people DO NOT believe in the freedom of thought or freedom of speech. 


They do not like other people to say whatever they want to say. 
They want other people to only speak about they tell the other people to say.

Brader Trouble Maker's supporters send me comments like this :

"Instead of you bashing on you- know -who and your critique on Salafi Islam, please write on the issues I mentioned above." 

This is exactly what Brader Bungle is saying here.    He wants Lim Guan Eng to stop speaking about exposing all the financial scandals that have been going on.  

He does not even understand that the most credible person (and perhaps legally binding)  to talk about financial scandals involving taxpayers funds is none other than the Ministry of Finance. 

The Minister of Finance has all the documentation, access to the financial files, the payments authorised and paid by the Ministry of Finance etc.  

Even for Defense Ministry projects or Health Ministry projects, their payments are authorised and paid by the Ministry of Finance. Everyone knows that.   

So why is Brader Trouble Maker trying to put a GAG ORDER on Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng? 

Who benefits most from such a GAG ORDER ?  

A GAG ORDER at this point in time will only benefit the UMNO / BN crooks who stole all our money.

What is going on?

p.s.  Malay Mail has also carried the story :

Monday, June 18, 2018

Introducing "on a cobweb"

Thank you to the commenter who sent us the link :

Do check it out folks. Here be the screenshot :

Folks, you must visit this blog.  I am not behind it ok.

But to whoever is behind it,  Thumbs Up bro.