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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Dr Wan Azizah You Are The DPM. Dont Say Things Like This. They Will make Fun Of You.

This is the story about Wan Azizah saying that she does not know what is going on over the Siti Kassim arrest.  The Press are having a field day over her "cluelessness". 

This is the Malay Mail. The headline is so sarcastic "DPM clueless"  :

The Malay Mail report is also carried in Yahoo News:

  • Dr Wan Azizah said preoccupied with husband’s health 
  • unaware police arrested Siti Kasim, breaking into her home 
  • DPM said she would leave the matter to the police
  • “I’m sorry, please inform me... I didn’t follow [the news],” she told reporters 
  • “I was so busy with my husband that I could not follow the news,” she said

My comments :  Sadly I must agree with the Malay Mail and Yahoo Malaysia. You should see the critical comments in Yahoo Malaysia.  They say that if you cannot do the job, then do not be the DPM. Stay at home and take care of your family.

Wan Azizah is not only the DPM but she is also the Minister of Women's Affairs. The Police have acted very stupidly against TWO women ie Siti Kassim and the young woman. Surely the Ministry of Women's Affairs must have something to say?

Who is the KSU of the Ministry? Tidor sekali ke?

The Prime Minister, DPM, Ministers, Deputy Ministers all have families and their personal matters to take care.  If their own children fall sick or their spouses are ill of course they have to take care of their families. No one else will. 

But as PM, DPM, Minister you also hold a huge responsibility - taking care of the people.

Siti Kassim and the young woman were arrested, their freedom lost. They spent the night under arrest.  If the leaders do not look into these issues, then who else will?  

You cannot say "I have my own family to care for. I dont know anything about these cases."

If you feel that way, then you cannot or should not hold public office.  Let others step in and do the job of looking over the peoples' affairs.  

Being in office is a new role for Dr Wan Azizah.  I hope she will pick up the skill sets very quickly.  She has my support.

Bizarre Arrest Of Siti Kassim and Anis Izzatty : Tan Sri IGP Your Police Officers Are Wasting Tax Payers Money

First of all they still cannot find that Jamal Yunus fugitive. This is a real embarrassment on the competency of the Force.  After letting him escape from Police custody. Which was also incompetence.

Surely you can trace his almost exact location through his IP string, Facebook links etc. Or maybe now the MCMC is showing their sudden incompetency as well. 

Here is an even more ridiculous story. You have arrested Siti Kassim for kidnapping someone ?? But there does not appear to be a victim. How can you arrest someone for kidnapping when there is no kidnap victim?

(By the way itu Pastor Koh abduction apa sudah jadi? That is not going to go away. Lagi embarrassing nanti.)

Here is FMT on Siti Kassim's arrest :

Cops arrest Siti Kasim for ‘kidnap’
FMT Reporters | June 24, 2018

lawyer complained client abducted by Islamic authorities in S'gor

Police arrested rights lawyer Siti Kasim
officers broke into her home 
following report accusing her of locking up woman

Police barged into her house around dinner time
Siti arrested at Kajang police headquarters

She had gone there to ask why her home was broken into by police

Siti’s client, woman in her twenties, picked up by police
after complaint by her mother that her daughter’s faith in question

Siti said the woman abused by the mother
“abducted” by police and Islamic authorities in S'gor

video shows Siti at police station, demanding her client be freed
woman also heard  denying she had been kidnapped by Siti

Here is the Malay mail on the same story :

Siti Kasim arrested for kidnapping 
she had rescued from abusive mother

police broke down the door of Siti’s home 
took 24-year-old Anis Izzatty Ruslan into custody

Anis staying at Siti’s home since Thursday
lawyer went to Hospital Kajang to assist her

police accused Anis of mental health issues, took her to hospital by force

Siti went to Kajang district police headquarters to see Anis
human rights lawyer was arrested under Section 363 for kidnapping 
Section 186 for obstructing a public servant

Anis heard shouting : “That’s not true. Dia tak kidnap I. Itu tipu tipu!” 
(That’s not true. She didn’t kidnap me. Those are lies!)

to sue police for damaging her house
policewoman brought handcuffs 

“I’m trying to save a girl from her crazy mother, and yet, this is what you’re doing.

“Why did you raid my house? 
I can assure you this will get to the IGP 

The so-called victim brought her aunts saying this is not true
she wants to see me as her lawyer,” said Siti in the video.

two women, Anis’ aunts alleged 24-year-old mentally and physically abused 
“I’m thankful to Siti Kasim for getting her out of this,” said one of them.

other woman, Anis’ aunt, accused her eldest sister “very violent lady”
“We have to save her daughter,” she said.

Anis left her home in Putrajaya last January

living in a shelter for a month, Anis find a job 
moved out of the shelter to live on her own.

mother lodged police reports 
told Jais she’s mentally unstable and ‘aqidah’ in question” 
Shareena said Jais summoned Anis on Thurs

religious authorities accompanied by police took Anis to hospital
claiming the 24-year-old suffered from mental health issues

hospital took Anis’ bodily fluids without consent 

Siti asked her if she wanted to stay or go with Siti. 
scuffle between the police and her. 
She went with Siti and Siti brought her to her place

allegations concerning Anis’ mental health unfounded
woman’s mother had never sought psychiatric help.

police entered Siti’s home and took Anis while the lawyer was away.

My comments :  

There is a Facebook video here 


Tuan IGP, another Pastor Koh type operation? 

As usual the facts do not add up. Police barged into Siti Kassim's house. But she was not arrested in her house. Wasnt she at home? 

Then Siti was arrested when she went to Kajang Police Station to demand that her client be freed. Her client is the young woman in her 20s who had been arrested by you simply because her mother complained that her daughter's faith was in question??

I say RM2.6 billion hilang, no action.  The whole country was making complaints and reports.

Pastor Koh abducted in broad daylight, no action. No one arrested. The whole country saw that video and was complaining about it.

Altantuya case now reopened after more than 10 years. No results yet.  The father had to come from Mongolia to make another police report. 

But when a mother says her adult daughter's faith was in question,  you immediately arrested two people - the daughter and Siti Kassim.  

Your priorities are screwed up.
You are wasting your time. 
You are wasting our taxpayers money. 

What do you mean by the daughters faith was in question? 
In question by whom? The mother? 
Is the mother an expert on questioning faith?
The woman is in her 20s - already an adult.

Please release both the young woman and Siti Kassim.

If the young woman repeats that she was not kidnapped by Siti Kassim then Siti can sue the Police force for wrongful arrest. The Police officer who arrested her can be held personally liable for damages. Please advise your men. 

Please find better things to do with taxpayers money. 
Buat kerja elok Tuan.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Part 1 : Undoing BN's Incompetence - Cameron Highlands

Hi folks. Been on a foodie road trip again. Here is beautiful Penang again.  Penang is looking better than ever. More prosperous than ever. 

Of course you cannot do Penang without nasi kandar.  There is plenty of choice in Penang. I think the choices are increasing. But the mamak guys are putting sugar in the food, including in the rice. Kelantan style. That is such a sacrilege. 

We drove down to the Camerons. It has been raining in the Camerons for three days. The temperature is 16% at 5pm. It will go down another two or three points tonite.

There is massive development going on in the Cemrons. You can see the picture. There are also massive wrong things going on. Do read on.

Poor land management policies are causing chaos, anxiety and impoverishing us all.  Do read on.

Before I forget, I would like to share some thoughts on the following issues. They are important.  Not today but over the next few posts.

1.  Monopolies : Bernas, TNB, Metrod, Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, Matang Mangrove Sanctuary etc.

Agri Minister Salahuddin Ayob has backtracked on Bernas.  A few days it came out that Bernas' monopoly has been abolished. Now Salahuddin says we have to wait until their concession ends in 2021. That is totally ridiculous.  I would like to touch on this further.

2. Tabung Harapan, Rakyat Bonds, Goldman Sachs bonds.

3.  Getting rid of the incompetents, leftovers from the BN including VCs, CEOs, Chairmen of GLCs, Economic Advisors etc. 

4.  Dewan Berasuah Kuala Lumpur or DBKL.

Since Camerons is just  outside  the window right now here are some thoughts about vegetable farming.  

Camerons is in Pahang, one of two States still ruled by UMNO (the Gerakan has left BN today, Sarawak has ditched BN, so there is no more BN left.)

There is plenty of land in the Camerons. Also on the Perak side of the highlands and into Kelantan. In Pahang the UMNO ketuanan fellows only grant one year TOL (Temporary Occupation License) for the farmers to open the hills for farming (vegetables and flowers).  The farmers are largely Chinese with some Indians.

This is the main problem. The farmers have no certainty of tenure on the land to do their farming. Farming is a business. Its all ringgit and sen.

To their credit  the Camerons farmers have done wonders largely by themselves opening up this area for farming. Not only do they feed the nation (and Singapore) but the exports from here have also put our name on the world market. 

This is very economically useful real estate.  Please bear this in mind. 

But without certainty of land tenure the farmers cannot plan for the long term.  Since they do not know if the TOL will be renewed (by the State) they must make sure they get the highest return for their money in the quickest time.

Most vegetables grow and can be harvested in weeks. The payback period is very quick.  To ensure a maximum yield (to cover their costs and because the TOL is only for one year) the farmers use extra pesticides and are aggressive with chemical fertilisers. 

This is why Camerons vegetables get rejected (sometimes) in Singapore and other places.

Also when it rains the chemical fertilisers and pesticides are washed into the drains, rivers and the ecosystem. These are actually the "Chemical Higlands".

All these problems can be solved if the State gomen can give the farmers longer lease terms on the land.  How many years? 99 years? 60 years? 30 years? No need.

The farming wizards and financial smarties who spoke to me about this say just FIVE years is enough. Because these are vegetables and flowers. The payback period is quite fast.  My suggestion is 10 year land leases will be sufficient.

The farmers will be able to invest more in green houses, vertical farming, more advanced drip irrigation (that saves water) and optimal application of fertiliser.  Then they may not need to use as much pesticides and fast growth chemical fertilisers.

Our vegetables will not be rejected in Singapore and Hong Kong. Our rivers and hills will not be polluted with chemical pesticides.

This is actually quite simple common sense. Tolonglah lah manusia.    

Here is a little more advanced thinking.  The highland States (Pahang, Perak, Kelantan) should spend money to open up more farming land.  

Do the land clearing in an organised, scientific and proper manner.  
Terrace the hills properly (not haphazard like now), cut the roads and tar them, harvest water sources and pipe the water for irrigation, lay out vegetable lots in nice square shapes and sizes. 
Then lease out these vegetable and flower growing plots to the farmers at standard cukai tanah rates and cukai pintu rates combined (to pay for the infra works).

In the United States, even the small town with one pumpkin farm will organise the largest 'Pumpkin Festival' in the world. They really know how to talk big.

Cameron Highlands has pumpkins, flowers, vegetables, fruits, strawberries, etc. Yet no one organises even one Cameron Highlands International Vegetables and Flowers Festival at all. What is wrong with you guys? 

Ini harta negara lah. Part of our national wealth.  We must promote it, support it and invest in it.

This is how we grow our economy. When the economy grows everyone grows along with it.

Now in Cameron Highlands there are numerous business operated by people of all races. Makanan Islam restaurants are found everywhere. Malay folks are big time into vegetable and flower trading.  The whole country grows.

Jangan nak tengok agama, bangsa dan bahasa saja brader.  That is so Jurassic Park. Plus it makes you poor.