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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Reezal Merican - A New Mor*n Arises

I first read this unbelievable news in the Singapore Straits Times here.  

I really cannot understand the present crop of Ministers and Deputy Ministers. Why are they so stupid? 

Pasal apa Menteri2 dan Timbalan Menteri kita ini bodoh bangang macam ini? 

First here is the news from Straits Times Singapore :

  • Malaysians involved in Bersih protests overseas could face legal action
  • ROMPIN - Malaysia's Foreign Ministry is to gather information on Malaysians participating in Bersih 4 demonstrations abroad for eventual legal action against them, said Deputy Minister Reezal Merican Naina Merican.
  • He said the identity of these Malaysians would be handed over to the relevant authorities for action, Bernama news agency reported.
  • They should not be exempted from legal action because their action could tarnish the image of the country at the international level, he was quoted

To be sure I checked Bernama. You can read the same news in Bernama here

Reezal was speaking in Rompin. It is possible that his audience was made up of fishermen, farmers, rubber tappers and such. Maybe he was just trying to impress them.

Unfortunately even the Singapore Straits Times has picked up his stupid comments.

Hello sinna-thambi, how can Malaysian law be applicable OUTSIDE the country? 

You cannot apply Malaysian law outside Malaysia lah. 

You also CANNOT charge any Malaysian in a Malaysian court for something he does OUTSIDE the country.  

Let me spell it out. 

It may be a crime by Malaysian law for Malaysians to assemble illegally INSIDE Malaysia.  

But you cannot use Malaysian laws to charge Malaysians in a Malaysian court for illegal assembly  in another country.   Mana boleh?

And there is no law in Malaysia (not even Section 24b or whatever) that says it is a crime to "tarnish the image of the country". There is no such crime as 'tarnishing the image of the country'.  What the hell is the meaning of 'tarnishing the image of the country' inside a court of law?

Now we all know that Interpol sudah kencing dalam mulut boss hang over that stupid report to Interpol about that 'white woman'. 

You definitely cannot make another stupid report to Interpol and ask them to arrest Malaysians for "illegally assembling in public" in another country. 

So when you say stupid things like :
  • Foreign Ministry to gather information.. for eventual legal action against them
  • identity of these Malaysians handed over to relevant authorities for action
  • They should not be exempted from legal action
you are really talking out of your @$$.

Sekolah kat mana brader? Bawah pokok nyioq kah?

To top it off, Reezal says 'Malaysia is not a dictatorship' !!! (This is as per Bernama - which is a gomen news agency). 

Malu lah.

Brader Reezal, hang jangan lah buat malu kat kaum mamak bro. Mamak ni biasanya taklah bangang gaban macam ini. Unbelievable. 

Dr M: Rallies now necessary

Dr M: Rallies now necessary

PASIR GUDANG: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pix) is mulling whether to attend Bersih 4 in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday.
He urged Malaysians to come out and join the anti-government rallies nationwide and around the world to show the “people’s power” way that they want a leadership change in the country.
The former prime minister said attending rallies was now necessary as all channels and avenues for the people to voice their feelings had been shut.
“Police reports against the wrong doings of the present leadership are not investigated. Instead those lodging reports are harassed and investigated,” he said adding that in the past he was not a fan of demonstrations but things were different now.
“I do not support Bersih but I support the people," he told reporters after attending a dialogue themed Malaysia Hari Ini: Kemana Kita at Pasir Gudang Stadium here on Saturday.
Citing the example of former Philippines dictator president Ferdinand Marcos, who was removed after the people came out to the street to demonstrate against him.
“I do not fear being arrested under the Sedition Act for making these comments, as the present leadership feel they are above the law and the constitution,” he said.

How Singapore Sees It.