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Monday, June 25, 2018

Guan Eng May Have Just Lost PRU15 For PH.

So far of the FOUR DAP members of Cabinet (Guan Eng, Gobind, Kula and Anthony Loke) only Gobind and Anthony Loke have been going about their job with the least controversy.

Anthony Loke made a wonderful statement by telling his staff not to waste time waiting for him or sending him off from anywhere. Just sit in the office and work.

Gobind has made the right statements including about that cancelled or rescheduled Bernama interview with Siti Kassim.  

Kulasegaran has now become Menteri U Turn.

My advice for Kula is just talk to the industry players before you make policy statements.  Talk to the factories, hypermarts, plantations, unions, whoever and get feedback on how to handle foreign workers, migrant workers, illegal foreign workers etc. It is really quite simple. I have mentioned this before. Maybe Kula did not read my blog. 

Now Guan Eng has bungled big time. Guan Eng says releasing official statements in Mandarin by the Ministry of Finance is as per the Federal Constitution.

I dont think so Guan Eng.  The Article 152 of our Federal Constitution recognises Malay as our official language. Not only that but for official purposes only Malay is recognised. Here is Article 152 :

National language

152. (1) The national language shall be the Malay language and shall be in such script as Parliament may by law provide:

Provided that—

(a) no person shall be prohibited or prevented from using (otherwise than for official purposes), or from teaching or learning, any other language; and 

So Guan Eng's point that the Ministry of Finance can use Mandarin for official statements is patently wrong. 

I have a couple of questions for Guan Eng.  

1.  Who prepared those statements in Mandarin for the MoF? 

Is the KSU of the Ministry of Finance (who should vet all the statements to be put out by the Ministry)  well versed in Mandarin?

If not, who prepared those Mandarin statements?  Did the KSU sign off on the Mandarin statement? Did anyone else OUTSIDE the Ministry of Finance help prepare the Mandarin statement?  More questions come up. 

2.  If the official statement is released in Mandarin,  then it has to be translated into Malay / English  etc.  In the event of any legal disputes, which version is the "source document" - the Mandarin version ?  

3.  Why was the statement released in Mandarin?  The majority of people in Malaysia are not Mandarin speakers.  The targeted audience was certainly Mandarin speakers.  But since 1957 and even before, Mandarin speakers have been fully satisfied with interacting with the Government in Malay.  There have been zero complaints.  So why the sudden urge to use Mandarin? 

4.  ALL Malaysians speak Malay (to varying degrees of fluency).  Plus Malay is recognised by the Federal Constitution as the language for official purposes.  What is the purpose then of using Mandarin? 

The news reports say :

"the DAP secretary-general dismissed his critics and vowed to continue using Mandarin besides Malay and English, saying it was a reflection of the government’s recognition of multilingualism and globalisation."

No this is a serious mistake.  In any official capacity, the language is Malay and Malay only.

We need to learn English, Tamil, Hindi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Thai, Tagalog, Vietnamese etc. And learn to use these other language for trade and industry.  

But in Malaysia, the Federal Constitution recognises only Malay as the official language and the Constitution further restricts the usage of Malay only for all official purposes.

It was a mistake. No need to be combative. It is better to apologise quickly. More importantly do not make the same mistake twice.

Tun Dr Mahathir "Saya Baca Quran Berkali-kali.."

Erdogan Wins Elections : Turkey Moves Quicker Into Club Of Doom

Turkey's Recep Tayyep Erdogan has won the elections in Turkey. Erdogan has been in power for 15 years.  First the news about the Turkish people's serious mistake.

Turkish voters gave Erdogan decisive victory in elections Sun
lengthening 15-year grip on power 
granting expanded authority over legislature and judiciary.

Erdogan's party and allies won 53% of vote 

Erdogan crackdown on lawyers, judges, civil servants, journalists 
under emergency after failed coup two years ago
Turkey becoming an authoritarian state
victory grave consequences for NATO, Iraq, Syria 

My comments :  Erdogan is the god-father of the ISIS. Officially Turkey has been seemingly arresting the ISIS. But the fact remains that Turkey is the main transit center (and also recruitment centre) for ISIS.  Turkey has aggressively sponsored and supported the ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

There was a coup attempt two years ago.  There will most likely be another one.

Here is more news about Erdogan:

Erdoğan scary for international community
Erdoğan likely to foment further instability in Syria, Middle East 
Erdoğan’s ambition to be leader for Muslim world 

Erdoğan's mass arrests after failed 2016 coup
contempt for Turkey’s secular democratic institutions
support from nationalists, Sunni Muslims, rural conservatives

Relations with Egypt case in point
Sept 2011 visited Cairo shortly after revolt toppled Hosni Mubarak
when Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi ousted Erdoğan "declared" war
“Assad or Sisi, there is no difference” he declared in 2013. 
Pro-Kurdish politician, rival Selahattin Demirtaş in jail 

fall out with Gulf monarchies over links to Muslim Brotherhood
alliances with Iran and Qatar
Saudi says Turkey is “triangle of evil”, Iran, Islamic extremists

escalating Turkish military operations in northern Iraq
on Kandil mountains border with Iran

decision earlier this year to invade Afrin, in north-west Syria
Erdoğan picked fight with old enemy, Greece
sending aircraft to buzz Greek islands 

My comments : Club Of Doom

Apakah Babuji Sudah Curi Semua Duit UMNO?

Apa kata ...

Kenapa hanya baru tidak sampai dua bulan kehilangan kuasa, UMNO tiba-tiba sudah jadi miskin dan papa kedana sehingga tidak mampu lagi menyalurkan peruntukan bulanan kepada bahagian dan sayap-sayap?*

*Apakah UMNO tidak mempunyai wang langsung dalam akaun banknya?*

*Ke mana wang parti yang dikumpul sejak 60 tahun berkuasa selama ini?*

*Adakah hanya pemimpin UMNO saja kaya raya, tetapi parti sebenarnya miskin dan papa kedana?*

*Tiadakah mereka yang kaya raya itu sanggup untuk menghulurkan derma kepada parti sendiri sedangkan mereka mengaut kekayaan pun atas nama UMNO?*

*Kenapa pemimpin yang menerajui UMNO sekarang tidak cuba meminta  wang derma yang kononnya daripada Pak Arab yang pernah diterima oleh bekas Presiden UMNO, Najib Razak?*

*Bukankah Najib ada menyatakan walaupun wang itu disalurkan atas nama akaun peribadinya, tetapi ia bukanlah kepunyaannya?*

*Kesian UMNO....belum sebulan hilang kuasa, sudah begini jadinya!*

*Bagaimana agaknya nasib parti itu selepas setahun atau lima tahun akan datang?*

*Dengan keadaan tiada wang seperti yang ditunjukkan sekarang ini, bolehkah UMNO terus bernyawa lagi untuk menghadapi pilihanraya seterusnya?*

*Atau UMNO memang sedang menuju kematiannya?*