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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

When The Speaker Gets A New Toilet


Memiskinkan Peneroka Felda Lagi

Pengerusi Taskforce Felda Bersatu Wan Mohd Shahrir Wan Abdul Jalil

Parti Pribumi berpandangan enam insentif tidak menyediakan penyelesaian 
bagi menangani kemelut peneroka Felda di negara ini.

Pengerusi Taskforce Felda Bersatu Wan Mohd Shahrir Wan Abdul Jalil 

semua insentif tersebut hanyalah 'silap mata' atau 'pil penahan sakit' peneroka 
agar mereka melupai seketika derita yang terpaksa ditanggung 
insentif sekadar melepaskan betuk di tangga

Wan Mohd Shahrir menerangkan intensif tidak mengurangkan beban 

hutang peneroka meningkat sebanyak RM5 billion setahun.

Peningkatan hutang kerana interest pinjaman 6.5% membebankan peneroka
Sepatutnya peneroka boleh membayar pinjaman mengikut jadual. 

Dengan pengurusan lemah 'yield' peneroka sangat rendah 

peneroka tidak dapat maklumat secara telus jumlah hutang mereka.
Felda janji setiap tiga bulan peneroka akan mendapat penyata hutang 

berapa hutang sebenar setiap 94,956 peneroka yang terlibat?

Kepada peneroka yg tidak tanam semula dgn Felda, apa erti insentif RM5k ini?

insentif kedua membenarkan bina rumah kedua di tapak rumah

beliau soalkan bagaimana status GSA Felda.
Adakah Felda akan membenarkan tapak dipecah gerannya?

insentif ini bagi menutup Najib yang janjikan rumah generasi kedua Felda pada 2012

hingga kini tidak dapat siap, 11,000 unit terbengkalai," ujarnya.

dana RM300 juta selama 5 tahun untuk lupus hutang dalam jangkaan RM40 ribu.

peneroka buat pinjaman lebihan, contoh 60k dana RM300 juta menampung lebihan.
contoh lebihan sebanyak RM20ribu termasuk skim ini.
bagaimana peneroka tahu jumlah hutang jika tidak mendapat penyata hutang 

insentif pelupusan baki pinjaman saham FGV.
lebih 70 ribu peneroka sedang membayar baki pinjaman 

Wan Shahrir jelaskan peneroka dapat 800 unit saham FGV hutang RM3,000.
tanah dicagarkan untuk FGV disenaraikan 

terpaksa membayar harga pasaran 
sedangkan TS Isa mendapat ribuan saham pink form. 
peneroka yg beli saham secara tunai dapat kembali wang pelaburan RM1,820 
sedangkan membeli dengan nilai RM3000. 
Inikah insentif?

insentif kelima geran tanam semula oleh MPOB. RM166 juta.
MPOB dana bagi tanaman kelompok

MBOP putuskan tidak boleh membiayai Felda, Felcra, RISDA. 
Peneroka tidak boleh menerima geran MPOB 

ke mana perginya dana Felda sendiri 

selama ini Felda membiayai penanaman semula tanpa bantuan agensi lain

akhir sekali, insentif tunai RM5,000 kepada setiap peneroka

pada awal FGV, Felda memberi 'durian runtuh' RM15ribu kpd peneroka 
peneroka kini dapat RM5,000 sahaja selepas 5 tahun FGV 

Felda gagal memberi lebih daripada RM15ribu 

pada awal dijanjikan FGV bakal kayakan mereka 
buktikan penyenaraian FGV tidak memberi apa-apa impak jangka panjang 

masalah demi masalah timbul yang tidak dirasai oleh peneroka sebelum ini

Najib umumkan enam insentif untuk peneroka dan warga Felda 
pengumuman tidak disambut baik oleh Peneroka dan Anak

Program Memiskinkan Melayu Berterusan - Bantuan Beras, Bantuan BR1M, Bantuan Minyak Pula

Thank you to Jeff who sent me this.   Jeff said :  "Salam,  Program kasi bodoh orang melayu Labuan."

Free rice for Civil Servants, BR1M and now free 'minyak' for kapchais. many litres of petrol can you fill in a kapchai?  

Here is the 110 cc Honda Dream :

"A Classic Revitalized -   Boon Siew Honda brings out updated and improved Honda EX5 Dream 110. . . ..    new version comes with a bigger four-litre fuel tank"

Alamak the 110cc Honda Dream has a 4 litre fuel tank. 

So a full tank of gas  is less than RM8.00 ! !   They are making fun of the Melayu Miskin for RM8.00 only.

As Jeff says :  "Program kasi bodoh orang melayu Labuan."

Lagi elok minta beras percuma bro. 

Satu beg 5 kilo beras yang paling koman (10% hancur) kurang lebih RM10.30 di Tesco.  

Depa jadikan Melayu miskin. 
7 juta Melayu tunggu BR1M, 9 juta Melayu dapat bantuan Hari raya, bantuan beras bagi kakitangan awam Melayu dan sekarang bantuan minyak percuma bagi Melayu kapchai. 

Miskin, miskin, miskin.

Yang berikut pula negara 'Top 10 high income nation':

Apa kah rahsia mereka? 

Jawapan : Pemimpin yang bukan bodoh macam pintu.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The ummah at war with itself by Pervez Hoodbhoy

My comments at the bottom.

The ummah at war with itself
By Pervez Hoodbhoy

July 22, 2017
The writer teaches physics in Lahore and Islamabad.

 Dr Pervez Hoodhboy

The ummah is at war with itself. 
What other way is there to describe the brutal bloodletting by Muslims of Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Turkey, and, of course, Pakistan.

To be fair, the ummah has not mattered for a long time to the governments or peoples of Muslim lands. 

State-to-state relations among Muslim countries have been astonishingly independent of religious identity. 

They have depended instead upon perceived self-interest, domestic politics and the whims of rulers. 

Just look at the evidence :

Pakistan was created on a religious premise. 
But, in the days of the Suez Crisis of 1956, Pakistan’s position was ambiguous. 

Pakistan refused to side with Gamal Abdel Nasser after he nationalised the Suez Canal and threw out the British.
  • On the other hand, India was active in the Non-Aligned Movement, fully pro-Arab, and loud in support of liberating Palestine. 
  • To show gratitude, King Saud bin Abdul Aziz paid a state visit to India and declared that Indian Muslims were being treated well. 
  • There was outrage across Pakistan. 
  • (Pakistani) newspapers exploded in anger when Jawaharlal Nehru, on his return visit to Riyadh, was greeted by the king and with street banners in Riyadh bearing the slogan rasul-ul-salam (messenger of peace).

It is time to give the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation a decent burial.
  • Dawn’s editorial of Dec 1, 1956, bitterly criticised the Arabs and “Nasser’s hatred of Pakistan, and love of Bharat and its Nehru”. 
  • It went on to suggest that such sensate bias and blind prejudice “may well be examined by psychiatrists”. 
  • In other words, the Arab world’s greatest hero of the moment was denounced as crazy.

Today, Pakistan has disputes with both its Muslim neighbours, Afghanistan and Iran. 
Iran occasionally lobs artillery shells over to Pakistan, as does Afghanistan. 

Pakistan has reciprocated with its artillery, while PAF jets brought down an Iranian drone last month. 

Ironically, Pakistan has excellent relations with one of its neighbours — China, a communist state that has banned the beard and burqa in its only Muslim-dominated province. 

India has good relations with both Iran and Afghanistan. And, India’s trade with China far exceeds Pakistan’s trade with China.

It is not just Pakistan. The Muslim monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, both Wahabi, are practically at war with each other now. Teeny tiny Qatar, say the Saudis, is acting too big for its boots and cannot conduct its own foreign policy. Qatar has dismissed the Saudi-UAE demand to close down Al Jazeera, the Arab world’s only independent news source. In response, all Qataris and their families, as well as 15,000 dancing Qatari camels, have been expelled from Saudi Arabia.

Last year, Saudi Arabia’s highest civilian award was conferred upon Hindu fundamentalist Narendra Modi by King Salman. The Saudi king left Kashmir and pellet guns unmentioned.

Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen shows the emptiness of the ummah notion. 

Directed against one of the world’s poorest Muslim countries, it has so far has killed 7,600 and wounded 42,000 Muslims. Most casualties have resulted from air strikes of the Saudi-led multinational coalition. 

Pakistan has shown little concern. I have yet to see a single TV news report or evening talk show discussing the Yemen war.

Ending Israeli occupation of Palestine was once the ummah’s grandest cause that cut through the Shia-Sunni divide. But now, Saudi Arabia is fast nearing rapprochement with Israel. Both countries see Iran as the greater enemy. 

After the failed Arab Spring, Sisi’s Egypt and the Gulf’s monarchies fear Iran as an insurrectionary power and prefer to work with Israel. Palestine is unmentioned.
  • Where does this leave the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), whose job is to bring together and represent the ummah? 
  • Based in Saudi Araba, it has 57 member states and calls itself “the collective voice of the Muslim world.” 
  • The OIC has had nothing to say about wars that have consumed Syria, Iraq, Libya, or Yemen. 
  • Nor is it relevant to any other conflict between Muslim states or that within them. 
  • It has yet to give a single cent to desperate refugees who, instead, must rely on the West.

Pakistan bought into the OIC fantasy early on. But the euphoria of the 1974 Lahore meeting organised by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto has gone with the wind. What is left is the magnificent flag-adorned building on Constitution Avenue in Islamabad that serves as the headquarters of Comstech, the highest scientific body of the OIC, for which Pakistan pays the lion’s share of its operating expenses.

Comstech is charged with promoting science within the ummah. 
This is a futile and misplaced effort because science does not have a religion. 

Add to this the abysmal quality of science in Muslim countries (with Turkey and Iran only partly excluded). 

Prime minister Suhrawardy once famously remarked, “zero plus zero plus zero is after all still zero”. 

While he said this of the Arab bloc during the Suez crisis, it’s still truer about scientific cooperation.

It is time to give the OIC a decent burial and end the fantasy that Comstech can serve as the centre of Muslim science. 

Among the benefits, Comstech’s staff could be put to good use promoting science in Pakistan with the building turned into a public science library or science exploratorium where Pakistani children could be introduced to the wonders of science.

If Muslim states have paid no attention to the ummah, non-state actors have paid even less. 

They have slaughtered tens of thousands of co-religionists. 
The Afghan Taliban and the Pakistani Taliban are like two wings of the same bird. 
One kills Afghan Muslims, the other kills Pakistani Muslims. 
One finds shelter in Pakistan, the other in Afghanistan. 

The militant Islamic State group seems to be everywhere and kills with even less concern. There is no sign any of them will fade away soon.

There is a way for Muslim states and peoples to move forward. This will require :
  1. creating strong democratic institutions 
  2. based on equal rights for all citizens
  3. encouraging the participation of women in public life
  4. respecting equally all Muslim sects 
  5. as well as other religions
  6. providing space and freedom to individuals and 
  7. education for all based on science and reason.
Published in Dawn, July 22nd, 2017

My comments :   The word is "relevant".  The Muslims are just not relevant to anyone or anything. They are not even relevant to themselves.

The question is "How can the Muslims become relevant?"

The answer is provided by Prof Pervez Hoodhboy above. Please read again 1 to 7 above.

Mak Nenek Business Model : When you need money, just sell your assets.

Folks, Khazanah is selling shares again.  

Towards every year end, Khazanah will sell from their  stash of TNB shares (which was acquired for a song under Dr Mahathir) and make a huge profit. 

This time Khazanah is selling from their stash of CIMB shares. Here is the news.

1.    Khazanah sold 90.52m CIMB shares for RM571m

Thurs, 20 July 2017
Khazanah sold 90.52 mil shares of CIMB in off-market deal at RM6.31 each on Thurs.

shares disposed off at 11 sen below Wed's close of RM6.42. 

block of shares valued at RM571.18 mil.

Khazanah offered for sale the block at RM571m (US$133m to US$136m) block in the RM6.31 to RM6.42 per share range.

IFR reported price represents 1.7% discount to pre-deal close.

My comments : They sold the huge block of CIMB shares at 11 sen BELOW market price.  Kenapa pula? 

Remember when the other fellows were BUYING shares (that Eagle High, those IPPs etc) they paid ABOVE market prices?  One of their reasoning was that they had to pay ABOVE market to buy huge blocks of shares.

Using that same argument, how come they sold a huge block of CIMB shares at below market prices? 

Khazanah obviously needs RM571 million in a hurry. 
Otherwise why sell the shares at below market?

2. Someone sent me this other information. Thank you.  This is from last year. 

Some Japanese company is canceling some portions of a contract with another GLC.  
The Japanese are lamenting the GLC's delays and inability to deliver on the contract. Among the complaints by the Japanese are the GLC's "inability to finance the project".

This is the calibre of the management running our GLCs.