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Friday, January 20, 2017

TN50 Apa Pula ? Bajet Bayar Gaji Profesor / Lecturer IPTA Sampai Ogos Sahaja.

Remember the most recent news about University Malaya  laying off over 700 contract staff? It is also going to affect University Malaya's wold rankings because some (if not many) of those contract staff are researchers who conduct research and write papers which goes towards pushing up UM's world rankings.
No salary no researchers.
No researchers no research papers.
No research papers downgrade in rankings. 

Here is something else folks. It is a fact that in Budget 2017 (which was tabled last October 2016) the Budget for the payment of salaries to all the IPTA's permanent staffs (including professors and lecturers) is only until August of 2017.

For September until December 2017 there is so far no "peruntukan" to pay monthly salaries. Meaning, technically, the IPTA staffs will be paid until August 2017.  

This is no big deal. I believe these things have happened before. What will happen is that the relevant Ministry will raise the matter to the Minister who will then ask the gomen for extra 'peruntukan'. A supplementary Budget can be passed and shortfalls made up during the course of the year. No big deal.

But the talk is that for this year there will be no more Supplementary Budgets. Jeng .. ..jeng  .. ..jeng.   This is what I heard.

Then I received the following.  

The last part of Point no. 3  'predicted widespread unrest in the universities" is highly speculative.  This is Malaysia. Such things will not happen here. 

As I said before, they will drive their cars until the petrol tank becomes empty and their cars stop running. Then they will get down and just stand there by the roadside not knowing what else to do.

Or the politicians will give them a kain pelikat or two, give them RM50 or give them BR1M and they will quietly go away.  There will be no widespread unrest. 

I do not know the source of the above power point slide.  But lets take a look at it.

Point 1 and 2 are facts. All the public universities are suffering deficits in their Operating Budgets. This means they do not have enough money to cover all their expenses including paying salaries. Hence UM laying off over 700 staff. Lecturers are restricted to one ream of paper per year ! !

Public universities will be forced to use their savings, endowments or sell their assets. 

(Property developers from China or local Chinese who wish to develop those old University Malaya owned bungalows along Jalan University can call the Vice Chancellor now.  His toll free number is 1-800-5555.  Ask for extra cheese ok.  They may be ready to sell those lands.)  

I do not know if UM will be bankrupt in 2 to 3 years.   But when their expenses and cash outflows exceeds their revenues and cash inflows they will become cashflow negative or "technically bankrupt". 

Talk is the gomen itself has been in this "technically bankrupt" situation since September last year or earlier.  Yes maybe July as well. Cashflow negative. Talk is the gomen has been borrowing money to cover its operating expenses. 

If University Malaya has retrenched 700 staff, surely it will affect their academic programs. Yes student intake will be affected. They will not be able to take in as many students. 

What about the other public universities? They cannot be any better shape than University Malaya? So if the intake of students is reduced, where will our school leavers go  for higher education? Especially Malay and bumiputra students? 

The Chinese students will go to Xiamen University, Taylors University, Nottingham, Segi, UCSI, Monash, Curtin, UTAR and so many more. All highly ranked, well staffed and efficient private universities.  Graduates of these private universities are highly sought after by the private sector economy.  

I think this is a very good time to enter the 'kain pelikat' business.  

Unlike point 6 above, I think the private sector universities will become even more sustainable. They will become the premier universities in Malaysia. 

UTAR, Taylors, Monash and others are already building up a very good name for themselves.  Some of them are developing into research universities as well. 

Those "private" universities that are dependent on the gomen in one way or another will suffer. For example those institutes that depend on gomen money to pay the fees of 'Matrikulasi' students or those universities that depend on the PTPTN loans for their students will see a big hit in the numbers for enrolment.  These universities and institutions will go bust or be put up for sale.

Yes private universities and private parties will be interested to buy up any of the public and private universities if they are put up for sale. 

If any of them are interested to sell out,  please call this toll free number 1-800-5555. Please ask for extra cheese again.

Tuan-tuan do you know what is really happening? Kiamat sudah sampai.  This is the kiamat that has been promised. It is here.

You can continue to bungle along. You are about to lose everything. Sadly your children can become poorer.  

Ideally every generation should become better than the previous generation. Except in the Islamic societies and Islamic countries.  With them the pattern is reversed

Kekawan I dont need your money or your support. But do listen to me. Its free advice. 

I am a selfish businessman. If you become wealthy and happy I become wealthy and happy too.  Its as simple as that.

Susah sangat ke nak faham?

Tahyul Nasional 50 (TN50)

Last night I listened to the TN50 live discussion (because someone sent me an sms and we happened to be having a late dinner in front of the TV - balik lambat, we work for a living).  Then today someone sent me this:

It was the dumbest farce that can only come from Super Moron.

My first question is why does KJ stand hunched over ? Hunchback of Rembau ke brader? Stand up straight ok. I notice some other things bro but I will not say it here.  

At the end of the program Moron said the 'perbincangan malam ini sungguh berjaya'  or words to that effect.  Duduk dalam bakul angkat sendiri. 

It was a real farce. Moron said let the audience ask the questions. A few people did ask questions. To which Moron gave one liner or one word replies.

'Ya sungguh tepat sekali' was Moron's rejoinder to a full three minute comment.

The Chinese girl who spoke about the environment  also received a 'yes those are very valid points' or words to that effect.

Thats it? Is that all you have to say? Where are the all-encompassing, full-of-wisdom and inspirational answers from the great chicken sh_t leader? Tak ada pun. Short one liners and uneducated answers.

That carbon-free question, the Civil Servant question and that Pakistani boy from Sabah were obviously planted to ask the questions.  And of course that guy from Pemuda UMNO. Too obvious.

I cant recall much of what Moron said because he did not say much. 

This is what I gather.  
  • The "high income nation" is not going to be achieved. 
  • The Wawasan 2020 is not going to be achieved by 2020.
  • That is why they are launching TN50.
  • Its just a postponement to 2050,  33 years away. 
By that time Moron will be 96 years old. 
Hippo will be 102 years old.

When the audience asked those questions or made those points you could see Moron becoming pucat, his face turned pale.

He does not understand what the questions are about. The diversion about the environment was obviously a diversion. To divert from other real issues.

Here is some advice ok, to whoever was behind this comedy.

Dont waste your camera film or digital memory capacity trying to take good pictures of Hippo. You cant. The creature does not take good pictures. From any angle.  I wish I can tell you who told me this. One of your guys.

Dont waste your time trying to make Moron sound intelligent. You cant. The creature is just blur.  Reading from a prepared script yes. But having a conversation is not possible. 


Here is a news report. There is something new called BEBAS.


“Malaysians Reject Hadi’s Bill” Rally

BEBAS, a movement that upholds equality, opposes racial discrimination and advocates for religious freedom in Malaysia, is organising a peaceful rally on 

3pm – 5pm 
18 February 2017,
at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur

to show strong objection to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s private member’s Bill to amend the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 (Act 355).

The rally, which will be held from 3pm – 5pm on 18 February, is called “Malaysians Reject Hadi’s Bill”.

All Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion, are welcomed to join the rally to protest against Hadi’s Bill, a dangerous piece of legislation which opens the door to hudud.

Claims that Hadi’s Bill merely seeks to strengthen the Shariah courts are disingenuous.

Hadi has not provided any justification or rationale whatsoever for his proposed enhanced Shariah punishments of 30 years’ jail, RM100,000 fine and 100 lashes from the current limits of three years’ jail, a RM5,000 fine and six strokes of the rotan.

We have heard no citation of research studies which attest that harsher punishments lead to deterrence or reduced occurrences of Shariah offences, or convict recidivism (repeat offenders) in Muslim countries already implementing similar laws.

He has simply not bothered.

Any proposed reforms must be done through an evidence-based policymaking process, not merely rhetoric.

Hadi has not considered the overall impact of such laws to a nation’s economy. The countries often referenced by PAS as shining examples of hudud law implementation are actually ‘failed states’ and non-democracies, where there are high unemployment rates, large swathes of the population in hardcore poverty, girls deprived of an education, democratic oppression, armed conflict and general disregard for human rights.

Are these the kind of countries we should be looking up to as role models?

Like any other law, Hadi’s Bill and his opinions should be open to scrutiny and questioning from all, including both Muslims and non-Muslims. We are all equal citizens of this country.

The money used to run the Shariah system and to enforce Shariah legislation comes from both Muslim and non-Muslim Malaysian taxpayers.

All Malaysians, regardless of race and religion, have the right to speak up on issues and laws which could drastically change the country’s secular structure and our way of life. Hadi’s Bill is one of them.

We remind our MPs that they represent Malaysian voters of various ethnicities and faiths. Their decisions must be representative of the people and take into account both Muslims and non-Muslims who oppose Hadi’s Bill.

We reject Hadi’s fundamentalist interpretation of Shariah law.

We urge all Members of Parliament across creed and faith, including Muslim lawmakers, to summon the courage to vote “NO” against Hadi’s Bill.

Together, we must make a clear stand against Hadi’s Bill which could turn our beloved moderate country into a nation of extreme moral policing, bigotry and intolerance.

Azrul Mohd Khalib, Azira Aziz, R. Suresh

Members of BEBAS

My comments : Syabas to BEBAS for this very intelligent and logical statement.  I think the Malaysian people are going to kick out PAS, UMNO and the BN at the next General Election. They will be put into the rubbish bin of history.

Azmin Dan Khairuddin Beri Amaran Kepada IGP Dan AG

Please read my comments at the very end.

1. First here is a video recording of Selangor MB Azmin Ali :


2.  Next is a Media Statement by Dato Khairuddin Abu Hassan.


Bila Khalid Abu Bakar selaku Ketua Polis Negara nak tangkap, soal-siasat seterusnya mendakwa jho low?!

Bila pdrm nak habis siasat kes skandal 1mdb ini?! Di luar negara khususnya amerika syarikat, singapura dan switzerland telah pun berjaya mengumpul pelbagai bukti seterusnya mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap kes skandal 1mdb!!

Apandi ali selaku peguam negara kata wang rm2.6 bilion yang najib terima adalah derma yang telah dipulangkan kepada kerabat diraja saudi!!

Tetapi dalam kes perbicaraan di mahkamah singapura terbukti wang itu adalah dari sumber yang berkaitan dengan syarikat 1mdb!!

Jadi apa macam sekarang apandi ali?! Ada sebarang komen atau pencerahan pada keseluruhan rakyat malaysia?!

Saya rasa khalid abu bakar serta apandi ali mempunyai banyak perkara yang perlu diberi pencerahan kepada 32 juta rakyat malaysia.

Saya yang membuat laporan polis, sprm serta pihak penguatkuasa undang-undang di 5 negara di luar negara kerana ingin menyelamatkan wang kerajaan dan duit rakyat telah ditangkap dan di tahan di lokap serta penjara sg buloh selama 2 bulan.

Tetapi yang saya hairan sehingga hari ini; penyangak jho low masih lagi bebas dan bermaharajalela di seluruh dunia!!
Kenapa khalid abu bakar ataupun apandi ali tidak bertindak keatas jho low?! Ini cukup sangsikan saya!! Situasi ini amat pelik sama sekali!!

Orang yang mencuri duit kerajaan dan wang rakyat masih bebas!!
Saya telah ditahan, pasport dirampas serta tidak dibenarkan ke luar negara!!
Malahan saya juga terpaksa melalui pelbagai tindakan dan proses undang-undang!!  

Saya telah didakwa di mahkamah serta dituduh cuba sabotaj ekonomi negara!!

Khalid abu bakar pun kata saya ditangkap kerana cuba sabotaj ekonomi negara!! Saya takkan lupa kenyataan khalid abu bakar ini!!
Penyamun sebenar tidak disentuh dan  tidak diusik sehingga kini.
Namun dalam apa jua kapasiti serta situasi; saya akan tetap teruskan perjuangan ini sehingga kita tangkap dan dakwa semua yang terlibat atau berkonspirasi dengan semua para pengkhianat bangsa atau pun negara!!

Insyaallah bila tiba masa ketikanya kelak; semua yang terlibat di dalam konspirasi ini mesti dihukum mengikut saluran undang-undang tanpa sebararang perasaan belas-kasihan!!
Sama-samalah kita tunggu penyudahnya nanti!! Saya yakin dengan izin Allah swt kebenaran akan muncul dalam sedikit masa lagi. (Amin yarabbal alamin)

Ikhlas dari:
19 Januari 2017

My comments :  I want to address this to the IGP Khalid Abu Bakar.  There is no point addressing the AG.  The readers might laugh hysterically at this but I feel the IGP has a little (a very little) bit more character than the AG.  He may have a little (very little) bit  substance.

Azmin Ali the Menteri Besar of Selangor says it plainly, 'saya beri amaran kepada Khalid Abu Bakar'.

Khairuddin says it very clearly too,     "saya akan tetap teruskan perjuangan ini sehingga kita tangkap dan dakwa semua yang terlibat atau berkonspirasi dengan semua para pengkhianat bangsa atau pun negara!!  "

But I think what Khalid and the AG should really fear is what Tun Dr Mahathir said at the launching of the Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia. Dr Mahathir said that all those involved in the 1MDB scandal should be brought to book. They should be prosecuted.

Both Khalid the IGP and the AG may think that they are just doing their jobs. That they are not doing anything wrong. Well that shall be your great secret.

You must have taken all the precautions that everything that you do is properly documented, with memos and approvals signed properly to cover all your actions. By now you must have earned a PhD in ICMA (I Cover My @$$).  But is that enough?

The question you should ponder is 'How long will Najib prevail?"

Prevail means :

1. will Najib win GE14? Right now it looks really, really slim.

2. will Najib be "wanted" by the US DOJ (as you read this Donald Trump is preparing to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America in about eight hours only.)

3. will Najib be thrown out in an UMNO coup de etat by the Majlis Tertinggi UMNO? Do not dismiss this totally.

All these are now highly risky propositions for Naiib. That is what I mean by "prevail".

So if Najib does not prevail, what will happen to the IGP and the AG and a few others?

Do listen to Azmin Ali again.

You live by the choices that you make.  

My view is that you are putting yourself at a lot of risk.

Have you heard who they will appoint as the new Attorney General if the Pakatan wins the general elections?  

ANJING GILA ! !  Better get your rabies shots now !

"There are many bad people out there" - President Donald Trump Jan 20, 2017

President Donald Trump takes office today January 20th 2017 as the 45th president of the United States of America. 

Here is a potrait photo of  Donald Trump taken by the Washington Post just yesterday Thursday. 

I believe this is going to be the definitive photograph of Donald Trump.
Typical of Trump, this picture was taken in just three minutes. After the picture was taken the photographer wished Mr Trump good luck. 

To which Trump replied, 'We are going to need it. There are many bad people out there'.

Too many people have been pre-judging Donald Trump negatively. He only takes office today. 

Lets see what Donald Trump says.  And lets see what he does.

Pakistan's Turn To Molest Girls In Public - What Happened To Their Mothers, Fathers And Teachers ?

Here is some news from Pakistan.  This is in The Star

  • KARACHI: Atif Aslam, Abida Parveen and Asim Azhar performed in Karachi this weekend, but what was meant to be an enjoyable night turned out to be a horrifying experience for many
  • wrong turn due to mismanagement as many gatecrashed the concert
  • many women were harassed and molested
  • some female attendees in the front row were being harassed
  • the singer stopped concert asked a young woman to be 'rescued' 
  • told the harraser to behave and respect women, otherwise he'll walk out.

My comments :  There is more sorry news about this. You can read some Facebook comments posted by Pakistani girls and boys about what really happened.

But my question is this : why does this happen so often in the Islamic countries. Apa sudah jadi? 

These types of things should only happen in kafir countries like Singapore. Japan, India, Korea, Germany, Finland etc. Why? Because they are kafir countries.

But if these things happen (and  in public) in Islamic countries, then what is the difference between these societies and the jahiliyah of old? Serupa juga.

In the Middle East they have 'taharush jamaai' or the public rape of women. To them it is a sport.

When Angela Merkel imported thousands of  immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa into Germany, sizeable numbers of them ended up molesting German girls in public during New Year Celebrations. Sizeable means more than one.

These are uncivilised cultures.

The ostard guys tell the Muslims that "heaven lies under the mother's feet".  Meaning the mother is the source of all that is good.

So what happened to their mothers?  And their fathers? And their teachers? Didnt they teach their sons any manners

They are molesting their own daughters, sisters and nieces. These are their own women.

There is something seriously wrong with these communities. The thing that is wrong with them is their denying that there is something wrong with them. They think they are perfect.  That by itself makes them less civilised.

Worse than that they think they are better than other people.  That also by itself makes them less than civilised. 


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Beautiful Syria

These pictures are by a photographer Rossiya Segodnya. Captions are mine.

In the gunsights : a very modern country with obviously not a very modern civilisation

Living in beautiful neighborhoods did not create enough beauty in the people


Beautiful groves and farms, places to launch rockets.

What hope springs eternal in the bosom of youth wearing fatigues ?

Hard surface football. Hardness everywhere. Hardness is brittle. 
The bamboo yields. Hence its strength.

Young people lose lives, those who live lose their humanity. Its circular.

There are no lines brother. Memang tidak ada talian.
How many more centuries will it take to understand this?
We always have ourselves. "O ye of little faith in yourselves" !! 

                              Leaving their old ruins behind them. Marching the next generation to new ruins ?  
                                Their bodies physically move forward. Their minds are still backward.