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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Psalms 109:8

 Psalm 109:8 

May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership

Rafizi Again

BN Tidak Perlu Kepada Cina, India

Ul_rmak P_nipu Lagi

If The Economy Is So Good Why Are There 7 Million On BR1M?

Moron  : 

  • disputes nation heading to bankruptcy
  • economy on right track

My comments : Moron himself said if they did not collect GST the gomen cannot pay salaries of Civil Servants. Technically without GST the gomen is bankrupt. They have collected GST for three years. Now the purchasing power has dropped. The economy is going bust. The people are poorer.

Otherwise why are there 7 million people on BR1M?

If the economy is good then why does Moron talk about increasing BR1M payments?

If the economy is doing good you should be reducing BR1M payments. Maybe Moron failed comprehension in school?

If the economy is doing so good why did the KR1M shut down? 

If the economy is doing so good why did the Ringgit crash? Yesterday the Ringgit was at 3.90 to the US Dollar. Good for exports but not good for the economy, overall.

The Ringgit has fallen about 20%. Weaker Ringgit means less demand for Ringgit. Less demand and worse, less value  for our goods and services. Before US$100,000 can buy FIVE containers of barang. Now they only need US$80,000 to buy the same FIVE containers. Or for the same US$100,000 they can buy SIX containers of the same barang. We work harder to become poorer. 

If the economy is doing so well why not the gomen abolish the GST? Gotcha.

Or reduce the GST to 2%? Gotcha again.

If the economy is doing so well, why not abolish more tolls? Or reduce the tolls? 

TNB is making billions in profits. Why not reduce the electricity tariffs? Moron says economy is doing so well. Reduce the electricity tariffs doh.

No? Cannot?

So what do you want to do? 
Increase the BR1M?

Anak s#@#&@ !