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Friday, October 12, 2018

Rerun : Neutralising The Salafis : BAYAN In The Quran (Untuk Perhatian Dato Ayob Khan Juga)

Some folks requested that I repost thie article. Here it is:

To all my Muslim as well as non Muslim readers. 
Both of you share something quite in common. 

For the non Muslims its ok. 
Because you folks are not Muslims.

But for the Muslims, they are strutting around the world.
Claiming that they are the Anugerah Tuhan (god's chosen). 
The fact is they do not even know what is inside the Quran.

I am NOT being boastful lah. 
I am telling the truth. This is the truth.
It is (many, many) of you folks who are arrogant.

I can prove my point.
Here is a simple test  or question.


This test is FOR the religious scholars among the Muslims.   
For example the Al Azhar graduates, the syariah court judges, the imams  etc.

Ask them this simple question :
How many surahs (chapters) are there in the Quran? 

Thats all. A very simple question. 
How many surahs (chapters) are there in the Quran?

I have conducted this  "test"  before. 
Few (or none) can answer this simple question.
They do not even know how many surahs there are in the Quran.

Some will quickly answer : 30 Juzu.   
The Quran was written down in  surahs.  
NOT Juzu. 

Some of you may say that I am being arrogant and boastful. 
Pleeeeeeeeease do not be so tahi lembu stupid. 
This is a real issue. 
Even the Muslim SCHOLARS do not know how many surahs there are in the Quran.

(I am not giving the answer. If any of you can figure this out, you can post it in the comments. Or you can shove it - I really dont care. Who cares?  Are you relevant to anything? You still cannot even make your own underwear. So who cares?)

I am using this simple example to illustrate just how ignorant the Muslims are about their own Quran. 

Ok back again to the Muslims and non Muslims.
The "religion" and the ISLAM in the Quran are TWO DIFFERENT things. 
They are NOT the same.

Their religion is NOT  homogeneous and  universal.
For example the recent hoo haa over the khalwat raids. 

Just this morning I listened to the Bawang fellow who explained that according to the "siyasah shafie-yah" the khalwat raids are permissible.

Huh?? What is siyasah shafie-yah? 

Their religion is broken up into sects. 
The major sects are the Sunnah Wal Jamaah or Sunni sect. 
Then there is the Shiah sect. 

The Shias and Sunnis have further broken up into multiple sub sects.
Among Sunnis there are the Hanafi, Maliki, Hanbali, Shafie sub sects.
I also discovered that there are the Maturidi and Ashaariyah entah apa.  
Damned if I know what that means.

In Sunni Malaysia the Malays are almost 100% Shafie. 
Hence in Malaysia, the Islamic banking, the Syariah Courts, marriages, divorces, death, inheritance, khalwat raids,  dogs are haram etc ALL follow the Shafie sub sect.

Shafie being a school of jurisprudence attributed to a long time ago guru called Shafie. 

Now other sects within Sunnis MAY NOT agree. 
Some sects allow dogs as domesticated animals.

The Hanafi sect for example allows wearing leather jackets made of pig skin. 

For those who want to read more please go here (as an example only, there are other websites as well) and see for yourself : 

However lately with the influence of Salafism, even Hanafis are disputing this 'pig skin leather jacket' ruling.  

Anyway this is what I call "religion". 
It is actually sectarianism. 
One imam fellow will say like this, another fellow will say like that.
Then they will argue. Then the fight will start. 

All these things are NOT in the Quran.
The Quran just does not mention anything about head covers, dogs are haram, the word khalwat is not even mentioned in the Quran and etc.

These are all extra-Quranic ideas and extra-Quranic teachings that were taught by the religious gurus.  They are NOT written inside the Quran.

To the people like the Salafis, they have invented a word to capture their extra-Quranic teachings. They call it BAYAN (just like Bayan Lepas or Bayan Baru). 

In arabic, the word BAYAN means 'EXPLAIN'. 
The noun form is 'EXPLANATION'.

They say that their extra-Quranic BAYAN is the EXPLANATION for the Quran.  
Meaning the Quran needs to be explained by another outside source.

Therefore things that are not in the Quran like the ISIS head chopping, stoning adulterers to death, killing apostates, are all part of this extra-Quranic BAYAN. 

Now here is a shocking question for these folks.

  • What does the Quran say about BAYAN? 
  • This question will completely shock them.
  • "Huh?  What ? The Quran?  Err .. er .. I dont know." 
  • This will be their most likely answer.

So lets check the Quran indexes for the word BAYAN. Here goes.

BAYAN and its derivatives appear 524 TIMES in the Quran. 
Thats what the Quran Index tells me. 
Here is part of the listing (its too long) :

So just learn to use the Quran Search Indexes.

We do not have time to look at all the 524 occurrences of BAYAN in the Quran. 
Lets look at just some of the BAYAN verses.

55:1 Al  rahmaan
55:1 The Most Gracious.

55:2 'Aallama Al-Quran
55:2 Teacher of the Quran.

55:3 Khalaqa al-insaan
55:3 Creator of the human beings.

55:4 'Aallama-hu AL BAYAAN 
55:4 He taught them the EXPLANATION.

So it is the Most Gracious Allah who teaches the Quran. 
'Allama is rooted in 'ilmu' which means knowledge.   

Your guru agama can teach you the arabic alphabet and show you how to read the Quran but it is Allah who opens for you the knowledge of what is inside the Quran. Not your guru agama. 

'Allama-hu AL BAYAAN : He taught them the explanation. 
Allah swt EXPLAINS through the Quran. 

So the Quran is itself the BAYAN. 
The Quran is the EXPLANATION.

Here is another one : 

Surah 2:159  Innal lazeena yak-tu-moona ma anzal-na minal BAYYINAATI wal huda min ba'di ma BAY-YAN-NAHU li-naasi fee al-kitabi ula-ika yala'nu-humu Allahu waya la'nuhumul  laa-'inoon

"Surely those who conceal what was sent down from the clear explanation (minal bayyinaati) and the guidance (wal huda) that We revealed after We EXPLAINED IT CLEARLY (BAY-YAN-NAHU) in the Book for men, these it is whom Allah shall curse, and those who curse shall curse them (too)"

If you try to conceal the BAYYINAATI (the clear explanations) and the huda or guidance after it has been EXPLAINED CLEARLY (BAY-YAN-NAHU) in the Book  (FEE AL KITAABI) then you will suffer to be cursed. 

Again it means the BAYAN or the EXPLANATION is inside the Quran. 
The Quran BAYAN or EXPLAINS itself.

And here is my ALL TIME favourite verse about BAYAN :

Surah 3:138 

Haatha BAYAANUN LIN NAAS WA HUDAN wamaw - ithatun lil-muttaqeen

Surah 3:138 "This [Qur'an] is a clear EXPLANATION for  all people and a guidance and instruction for those conscious of Allah."

So brader-brader, the Quran itself is the BAYAN or EXPLANATION for all mankind. The Quran explains itself or BAYAN itself.

Dont go and get your knickers twisted trying to explain the Quran. 
Dont try to outsmart the Quran.

Here is one more verse, another one of my favourites :

Surah 25:33   

"Wa laa  ya' too-na-ka bi mathalin illa ji'na-ka bil haqq WA AHSANA TAFSEERA"

"And they do not come to you with any example / argument except that We bring you the truth and the best TAFSEER (the best interpretation).

This simply means the Quran is the AHSANA TAFSEER or the best interpretation. 
The Quran interprets itself. 

The Quran is the BAYAANUN lin naas or the EXPLANATION for mankind.
The Quran is the AHSANA TAFSEER or the best interpretation.

Coming back to the Salafis.  
Forget the Salafis. 
They will never listen to the Quran.  

But we must make sure that this type of knowledge of the Quran reaches the ordinary people - the ordinary makcik and pakcik. As well as the confused Tan Sris and the confused Datins who spend time and money to invite the retards into their homes for the usrah etc. You are promoting their ignorance.

To Dato Ayob Khan and the Police, if we educate ALL the people just on these few verses alone, the Salafis will lose their grip on the people. 

Equip the people with the knowledge from the Quran and ALL the psycho jihadis will be kicked out.

Here is the question : How can we do this?
Here is the easy answer : Abolish the 3,5,6 Laws (Enakmen Jenayah entah apa).  

Free up the space for everyone to question and discuss the religion.
If there are trouble causers or violent types, arrest them for causing trouble.

It is high time the Laws of Malaysia PROTECTS the peoples' right to speak freely.
It is high time the Laws of Malaysia JAIL those who wish to deny others the right to speak freely.

Just allow all the people to speak freely. 
The Salafis lose.