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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Siswa Kebuluran - Nasib Melayu Makin Malang Di Bawah PH

Some detractors and irresponsible spin doctors say that I highlight negative news. 
This is their spin. To deflect attention from the real situation in the country. 

I merely analyse the news. 
The newspapers write the news. Not me.
I try to analyse what is behind the news. 
Or what causes things to happen. 

Hopefully this Blog has much effect on government and other folks. 

For example  I am informed that Kumpulan Perubatan Johor (KPJ) discussed the article about private medical care and Gleneagles Hospital also responded  to the same.  Other doctors have also been discussing the article. 

Other people may speak about golf, where to find wifey No. 3, lets curse the kafir etc. Well there will be morons. 

I have taken it upon myself to influence the public's opinion - wherever and whenever it may be found. 

Well here is more shocking news. 
Or news that should be shocking. 
But this news does not shock me. 
It is expected. Plus it will get worse. 

Again I do not make the news. 
These things are happening in our country. 
The newspapers report it. 
I can tell you a little bit of the why and the how. 

Ok here is the news. A number of university students are almost starving because they do not have money to buy food.  And  a large majority of them are Malays.  (Err. . what about the poor Indians, poor Ibans, poor Kadazans etc? Chinese? No need to check if they are also hungry? Who gives a shit about them? They are kafir anyway, arent they?)

some Universiti Malaya (UM) students
EAT  one meal, one loaf of bread for two days

students from B40 group
frugal to ensure have something to eat 
extreme budgeting part of their lives

pick cheapest meal available
instant noodles, nasi bujang
rice, egg, soup, sambal belacan, RM2 - RM2.50

UM Malay Studies student, Ilmah ate single meal a day 
Sometimes lecturers cook for poor students
RM5 food coupons, but not everyone gets 
only RM100 per month for food and drinks

Atikah from Kelantan ate only RM1 nasi lemak every day
I prepare boiled eggs on the go
my money goes to paying rent
stay in apartment with nine students 
pay RM267 each, not including electricity, water
owner allows only four people in unit 
we have no choice we don’t have money
lorry driver father made RM500 - RM1,000 a month

Language student Nurfathi ate one meal a day
nasi bujang, bread or RM2 naan
take part in university activities because food (served)
some days I fast
family relied on father’s pension of RM1,200 month

student Aiman borrowed money for RM4 meal
rice, fish, vegetables
three days a week borrow money 

Izzat said  fasts or eats only one meal a day 
he needed at least RM10 per day for food
fellow student quit, financial problems

My comments :  This issue is real and has become a hot topic. 

The Minister of the KPDNDHEPABCDEFG has been moved to issue a statement where he uses the words "saya sendiri", 'saya maklum', 'saya bertemu', 'saya, saya, saya' multiple times.   

Here is a gist of the Minister's obviously 'gila glamour'  statement:



Saya mengambil maklum mahasiswa mengikat perut 
yang dilaporkan oleh media 

Saya sendiri mengarahkan Kementerian meluaskan program Foodbank 

menyalurkan bantuan makanan kepada mahasiswa memerlukan

1. Saya sendiri berjumpa 20 Timbalan Naib Canselor Universiti Awam 
bersetuju mengadakan Foodbank di kampus universiti pada kadar segera

2. Program Foodbank di UKM pada 26/2/2019,  di UM 07/03/2019 

3. UPM, UiTM Pulau Pinang, UMP, USM, UUM, UMS

4. komitmen daripada pasaraya untuk menyumbangkan “food surplus” 

5. komitmen daripada 430 cawangan pasaraya Malaysia untuk “food surplus” untuk disalurkan kepada mahasiswa.

6. Syarikat pasaraya yang bersetuju seperti berikut:

a) Tesco
b) Giant
c) AEON Co 
d) AEON Big
e) NSK
f) TF Value
g) Econsave
h) Hero Market
i) 99 Speedmart 
j) My Family Store 
k) SegiFresh
l) Mydin 
m) LuLu

7. Saya telah bertemu  . . memastikan mahasiswa mendapat “food surplus” pasaraya 

8. Foodbank bersedia beroperasi 

9. untuk merangka Rang Undang-Undang pelaksanaan bank makanan 

10. Saya sendiri secara peribadi  

aspek kelengkapan lori-lori pikap mengambil “food surplus” daripada pasaraya 

mahasiswa lapar amat dekat di hati saya 
saya akan berikan sepenuh masa 

Tarikh: 18 Mac 2019  

My comments :  

Sedih. Ini adalah isu yang sangat-sangat menyedihkan. 

Bahawa dalam negara kita yang cukup indah, yang kaya raya dengan sungai, lembah, tanah yang subur, hujan, sinaran matahari 365 hari tanpa putus, angin dan bayu, pantai, lautan, perikanan, penternakan, ladang, sawah,  kebun, minyak dan gas asli, bijeh timah, besi, emas, bauxite  dan yang diberkati dengan hasil tanah, hasil laut, hasil hutan, hasil pembuatan yang begitu banyak dan lumayan, bahawasanya dalam limpahan karunia Allah swt yang begitu banyak ini anak-anak muda kita hampir kebuluran makan nasi kicap atau roti kosong sekali sahaja dalam sehari. 

What a terrible fate.

Dan Menteri   KPDNDHEPABCDEFG pula akan kutip sisa makanan "surplus" daripada pasaraya (kecuali Mydin dan Lulu - kepunyaan mamak - yang selainnya semua adalah kepunyaan kaum kafir) untuk dimasukkan dalam program Foodbank yang akan digunakan untuk memberi makan kepada mahasiswa hampir kebuluran.

Food banks are usually set up to feed the homeless people and the beggars. 
Only in Malaysia foodbanks are being diverted to feed university students. 
Something is terribly wrong in the country.

And where is the Minister of Education? 
What is the Minister of Education doing about feeding the starving students?

Kenapa pula hanya pasaraya (itu pun majoritinya kepunyaan kaum kafir) seperti Tesco (Yahudi UK), NSK, 99 Speedmart, Aeon, Econsave yang sanggup memberi bantuan?

Ke mana pula pergi kaum agama dengan duit lumayan mereka dalam Tabung Palestin, Tabung Jihad, Tabung Rebut Janda, duit baitulmal yang kaya raya, duit zakat yang melimpah ruah, yayasan itu dan yayasan ini semua? 

I have some questions.

What about the other poor people in this country?  

What about the SPM level students and the primary school students who go home and there is not enough food to eat in their houses? 

Or who also eat only nasi kicap, nasi kuah and roti kosong? 
What happens to them? 
Who is going to organise a foodbank for them?

I would like the Ministers to ask these students listed above :  Ilmah, Atikah, Nurfathi, Aiman and Izzat what their families eat at home in Kelantan, Selangor and elsewhere. Are there any Foodbank programs to help out their families?

My congratulations and appreciation to the supermarkets for this great public service.

But how much surplus food and for how long can these kindly supermarkets continue supplying ? 
Surely they cannot just give away their food forever. 
They will go bankrupt.

And what exactly is meant by surplus food? 
Fish and meat that cannot be sold anymore? 
Vegetables that cannot be sold anymore?

Who is going to cook this surplus food for the university students? 

Lets say NSK gives away a load of fish, who is going to clean and cook the fish and then serve it to the starving students?

Ok so the Ministry of Finance is going to finance lorries and pick up trucks. 
How many trucks? 
Who will drive them? 

From the supermarkets where do they deliver or send the surplus food? 
At the receiving point are there refrigerators to store the food? 
Who is going to buy the refrigerators? 
(Someone is going to get a big contract?)

Who will cook the food? 
Student volunteers? 
They have to rush in between classes. 
They have to study. 
They have to go for ceramah agama.

How exactly are you going to organise this on a regular basis?

My reading is this is a stop gap measure that will ultimately fail. 
How can you continuously feed thousands of starving university students all over the country using 'surplus food' donated by supermarkets? 
Ini adalah kerja sia-sia. 
It will eventually not work. 

What is the solution?  
The solution is you must increase the disposable income of their parents and their families.  That is the real solution.

Other options may be flexible scheduling for students so that they can work part time and earn some extra money. 

The government MUST subsidise campus cafeterias and canteens where students with Student Passes Only can eat affordable and nourishing meals. 

Do not wait for the B40 students to come looking for help.
The universities must GO OUT AND HUNT THEM DOWN. 
And sort them out. 

Did you know that Buddhist temples frequently serve vegetarian meals for as little as RM3 per meal (rice with three vegetables).  Sometimes someone 'underwrites' the food and the Buddhist temple serves the food for free.

There is a larger picture here. 
Whether under the BN or under the Pakatan Harapan there is no difference to the ordinary person on the street.

For the Malays and the bumiputras and the poor in the country there seems to be no change to their fate, despite there being a new government.

In fact, looking at stories like these starving university students, their fate is getting worse. More on this later.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Untuk Makluman Brader Anwar : Your BFF Erdogan Has Deported 12 Ikhwan Muslimin Boys Back To Egypt.

*Turki menahan 12 orang pemuda Ikhwan untuk diserahkan ke MESIR*

TURKI menahan 12 Ikhwan untuk menghantar mereka ke MESIR 

TURKI usir 12 Ikhwanul Muslimin kerana melanggar peraturan permastautin 
sebilangan daripadanya menyertai organisasi pengganas jihad

Mesir telah jatuhkan hukum mati terhadap 9 Ikhwan terlibat pembunuhan 

manakala selebihnya telah melarikan diri keluar dari MESIR
Permohonan bagi menangkap mereka melalui Interpol
sebilangan besar menetap di QATAR, TURKI 
Mustaffa Abdel Hamid, 25  melarikan diri ke TURKI

Turki menahan mereka termasuklah Amru Akashah
berkahwin dengan gadis TURKI bekerja dgn pegawai kanan TURKI
pemuda unsur keganasan ini dijatuhi penjara umur hidup (di Mesir)

kumpulan ini gesa Ikhwanul Muslimin campur tangan 

dan halang pengusiran pemuda Ikhwan
lancarkan kempen gesa pemimpin Ikhwan campur tangan dengan TURKI 
bagi melepaskan rakan-rakan mereka dan menghalang pengusiran

penghinaan kepada Ikhwanul Muslimin
Turki sahkan kumpulan itu menyelinap masuk melalui jalan tikus

pengusiran kumpulan ini sama seperti yang berlaku di MALAYSIA

My comments :

A fellow was at the track on Sunday to watch the horses racing. He was just having fun. Then the devil came and whispered to him to bet on the horses.  "Go ahead, you can win big".  Sure enough he listened to the devil. In no time he picked a horse. 

As he was going to place his bet an angel appeared and said,  "Dont you listen to the devil. Dont you bet on that horse. You will lose your money". He stopped for a moment.  

Then the devil came back and told him, 'Dont listen to the angel. He just wants you to be poor. Go ahead. Place your bet".  So he placed his bet and sure enough he lost. The devil disappeared. 

The angel reappeared. 'I told you not to listen to the devil. You should have listened to me. My horse won." 

The moral of the story is 'do not gamble'?  Never listen to the devil? Even angels bet on horses?  

Many decades ago someone decided to gamble. 
He decided to bet on the horses.
His horse was called the Muslim Brotherhood aka the Ikhwanul Muslimeen.

The Muslim Brotherhood was a weird horse. The Brotherhood was long on scheming to survive but very short on being useful to the human race.  Their survival was completely due to scheming and plotting. Never because they represented the forces of good in the universes. 

The Brotherhood was running on a different track.  The Brotherhood really, truly and completely believed that there once existed a horse that had four wings which could fly off into the night, take you to heaven and back.  They really believed those stories.

That was the type of race track the Muslim Brotherhood was running on.  They are  delusional. 

Hence the Muslim Brotherhood was bound to fail, and fail they have. Quite miserably.

Today the last remaining bastion of the Brotherhood's survival are Qatar, Hamas in Gaza, Turkey and (still) some opportunists in Malaysia. All the result of scheming and plotting from decades ago.  

Because of their support of the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar is under an embargo by Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf countries. They have declared the Brotherhood a terrorist organisation.

Their country of birth Egypt sentences them to death. 
According to this story even Turkey is now kicking them out. 
The Brotherhood has nowhere to go.  

The people who are really squeezing their nuts are Saudi Arabia. The Saudis feel threatened by the Muslim Brotherhood's influence and the simple fact that the Muslim Brotherhood does not believe in the Saudi monarchs.

Plus the Saudis are now dependent on the Israelis who really do not like Hamas in the Gaza. The Israelis see the destruction of the Muslim Brotherhood as critical to getting fid of the Hamas in the Gaza.  

It is perhaps safer to ask the angel, 'Ok so which horse should I bet on?'
It is more safer not to gamble at all. 
Or maybe look for another devil.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Satanic And Kafir

The following is a really disgusting article about the Salafis condoning the rape of females who they classify as war captives. It is too disgusting so I will not be reproducing it here. You can click on the link if you wish to know more.

Here are some pictures from that article. They look real enough.  Rest assured that the systematic raping of non Muslim women 'as part of their satanic and kuffar religion' has been ongoing in the Middle East ever since these spawn of satan appeared. 


Here is another report about some ISIS woman defending the Salafis raping non Muslim Yazidi women.

Conclusion : There are some very sick people in this world who sadly claim to be 'muslims' when in actual fact they are not. They are satanic and they are kafir. 

People who say that it is ok to rape women must be not only kafir but they are truly satanic. These people cannot be Muslims.

There are also some satanic people who say that it is ok to kill someone for apostasy or kill someone who 'insults' their religion. 

Now, there will be quite a few among you who will agree with the salafis, that you can rape, have sex with and even sell the 'female captives of war' as sex slaves.    Not only are you satanic and kafir but  quite obviously your mothers did not know who were your real fathers. 

None of these satanic teachings are found anywhere in the Quran. 

Quite the contrary the Quran teaches the exact opposite.


Surah  2:193  You may also fight them to eliminate oppression, and to serve  Allah. If they refrain, you shall not aggress; aggression is permitted only against the aggressors.

2:193 above lays down the ground rules of war.  If the enemy soldiers stop fighting then you too must stop. Do not aggress.   Aggression is only permitted against the aggressors.

Since when are civilian women, pretty young girls  and younger female children 'enemy combatants who are aggressing against you'?? 


Surah 9:6  If one of the idol worshipers sought safe passage with you, you shall grant him safe passage, so that he can hear the word of Allah then send him back to his place of security. That is because they are people who do not know.

9:6 above also talks about conduct in war time.  Even when one of the enemy combatants seeks safe passage then you MUST give him safe passage. You CANNOT make him a prisoner of war.  

It goes without saying that women, pretty young girls  and young female children are NOT  combatants.  Not only must they NOT be harmed but most certainly they cannot be raped or sold as sex slaves in the sex slave market.

How many of you kafir devil worhippers cannot understand these simple verses from the Quran? Your own Quran?


Here are more verses from the Quran about the proper conduct towards prisoners of war or captives :

Surah 76:8    They donate their favorite food to the poor, the orphan, and the (war) captives.
Surah 76:9    "We feed you for the sake of Allah, we expect no reward from you, nor thanks.

During war time, you must share your "most favorite foods" with the prisoners of war or the war captives. This is the proper conduct towards prisoners of war, according to the Quran.

You CANNOT AND MUST NOT expect the prisoners of war to pay you money for the food or even to say thank you.  Most certainly you cannot force the female captives to have sex with you - especially forcefully RAPING them. Itu kerja syaitan lah.

How many of you kafir devil worhippers cannot understand these simple verses from the Quran? Your own Quran? 


Surah 47:4    If you encounter (in war) those who disbelieve, you may strike the necks. If you take them as captives you may set them free or ransom them, until the burdens of war are over. Had Allah willed, He could have granted you victory, without war. But He thus tests you by one another. As for those who get killed in the cause of Allah, He will never put their sacrifice to waste.

47:4 above says you can EITHER set free the prisoners of war or ransom them (eg prisoner exchange etc) -  ONLY and ONLY as long as the war is going on.  You cannot rape the women,  especially the noncombatants, SEVEN year old girls or sell 16 year old girls as sex slaves.

Of course after the war is over and the burdens of wartime are over (hatta tadha'a al harbu aw-zaaraha which means 'until the war lays down its burdens') then you cannot hold the prisoners of war anymore. All the prisoners of war just go home.

How many of you kafir devil worhippers cannot understand these simple verses from the Quran? Your own Quran?


So how can you salafis say that you can rape female prisoners just because they are NON Muslims?? Ini macam ajaran syaitan mana mari?  Or sell females as sex slaves? Or sell them as slaves for household work?

Surah 4:19  O you who believe! It is not permitted for you to inherit women against their will. . .

4:19 means you cannot force yourself upon the women.  You cannot inherit (have) the women against their will. That is why it is called rape.   This means ALL women.  There are no exemptions mentioned in the Quran.


Surah 24:33  And do not compel your young women (fatayaatikum) into prostitution, if they desire chastity, to seek thereby the temporary interests of worldly life. And if someone should compel them, then indeed, Allah is forgiving, merciful towards them, after their compulsion . . .

24:33 means DO NOT become a pimp who forces women to sell their sexual services.  Selling sexual services for some monetary gain.   So how can you have a sex slave market where women, young girls and even SEVEN year old children  are sold as sex slaves?  
Ini macam ajaran syaitan mana mari?

How many of you kafir devil worhippers cannot understand these simple verses from the Quran? Your own Quran?


Finally for all you kafirs and satans please note the following two verses from the Quran :

Surah 61:2    O you who believe, why do you say what you do not do?
Surah 61:3    Most abominable in the sight of Allah is that you say what you do not do.

Here it is in Malay translation :

[Surah 61:2]   Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Mengapa kamu memperkatakan apa yang kamu tidak melakukannya!
[Surah 61:3]    Amat besar kebenciannya di sisi Allah - kamu memperkatakan sesuatu yang kamu tidak melakukannya.



Now for those kaum  yang  "DNA challenged"  dan sebagainya - dengar baik-baik ok.




Jadi sesiapa nak percaya Quran, Islam lah awak.
Sesiapa tak mahu percaya Quran, kafir lah awak.
Apa susah sangat nak faham?