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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Saudis Getting Ass Kicked In Yemen, Declare Unilateral 'Covid 19' Ceasefire

Meanwhile the Corona Virus is also exploding across the Middle East and entering Africa. Here is a table of the Top 10 most populous countries in Africa. 

Folks, just add up the first four countries Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt and the Congo and you have 510 million people.  All four are what Donald Trump called  "sh_t hole countries".

The virus is just beginning to spread in Africa and the Middle East. 
Nigeria has six deaths so far  out of a population of 206 million. 
Egypt has 103 deaths out of 102 million people.

In the ongoing war in Yemen, yesterday the Saudi Arabian airforce bombed a Corona Virus quarantine center in a place called al Baidha :

"US-Saudi Airstrikes Hit Quarantine Center, Undermining Coronavirus Containment Efforts" 

Also yesterday the Saudis declared a unilateral ceasefire in their war against Yemen. The ceasefire should be in effect beginning 12.01 am today Thursday 9th April 2020.
  • BEIRUT  – Sources told Reuters Wed Saudi ceasefire on Thurs  April 9, 2020.
  • Saudi will announce cessation of military operations in Yemen 
  • partially agreed to avoid spread of coronavirus emerging in Yemen

"to avoid spread of coronavirus emerging in Yemen" ??   

This is pure Saudi camelshit. 

The Saudis are really getting their ass kicked in Yemen. After five years of being bombed from the air the Yemenis have finally managed to improve their anti aircraft defenses. The Yemenis have developed surface to air missiles (with Iranian help of course - but ONLY AFTER FIVE LONG YEARS) which have been able to shoot down Saudi jetplanes and American drones. 

About over a week ago the Yemenis fired long range missiles that also hit Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia.  This time no one said that the missiles were fired by Iran. (The US and Saudi had accused Iran of firing missiles at that Abqayq oil processing facility on 14th September 2019). Both Riyadh and Abqayq are about 1000+km from from Sanaa, Yemen.  But the eastern border of Yemen is closer to Abqayq.

However on the ground the Yemenis have scored major victories against the Saudis.

The Yemenis have captured an important region called Al Jawf which is near the northern border with Saudi Arabia. Circled in red in the map. Having captured al Jawf the Yemenis now control the entire northern region of Yemen.

The capture of Jawf also gave the Yemenis control over the road leading south to Maarib (blue circle on map). Maarib is another major town and district capital. The Yemenis are poised to capture Maarib as well. 

The Saudi stronghold in Yemen is the southern port city of Aden (circled green). Here too the Yemenis have made significant gains in the past weeks and days and will possibly take the port. But there are some politics on the ground.

The Saudis have certainly lost this aggression against Yemen. But I don't think they will give up. Both the Saudis and the US are fighting Yemen for fear of Iran. So I think they will keep the war going. 

A Saudi ceasefire most likely means the Saudi airforce will stop bombing Yemen from the air.

But their ground aggression using proxy militia inside Yemen, foreign troops and mercenaries from Sudan, Pakistan etc will continue.  

On the other side I believe Iran also does not wish to see a quick victory for the Yemenis. I think Iran wants to make Yemen become another "Vietnam" for Saudi Arabia and the US.  I am sure Iran would like to see the US, UK and Saudi Arabia bogged down  in an endless war and drain out their resources.

And Iran's ultimate, ultimate, final objective are two things : get rid of the ruling Al Saud regime (which is obvious and it will be good for the entire world) and gain access / control over Mecca and Medina (which they do not say openly - but I gathered this from listening to videos of Shia troops fighting ISIS in Iraq. After defeating ISIS the Shias say they are ready to go "all the way to Mecca"). 

So what is a little Corona Virus pandemic amidst all this plotting, conspiring, killing and maiming that is going on in the Middle East.  What is a pandemic?

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Fantastic News : Corona Virus Recoveries EXCEED New Cases

"166 recoveries last 24 hours, surpassing 156 new positive cases as of noon today"

April 8 — Health DG today said 15 Covid-19 patients in ICU transferred to wards

166 recoveries last 24 hours, surpassing 156 new positive cases as of noon today

two more deaths bringing country’s death toll to 65

latest deaths include Pakistani been to tabligh at Sri Petaling 

currently 2,567 patients nationwide, 76 in ICU

My comments :  

A great big thank you to all our frontliners, especially to our doctors, nurses and medical personnel.

Their commitment and sacrifices must be held in the highest regard.

Let us hope the light is being seen at the end of the long dark tunnel. 

Keep up the excellent work. 

The 1st World Is Now In Asia, Religion Is Useless, Science becomes "god"

The corona virus has shown quite a few "truths" that cannot be ignored. 

1. Firstly China has outshined every other nation in how they have handled the Corona Virus - really very well. Not only is the infection well under control in this country of 1.5 BILLION people but now China is saving the world by sending out tons of medical supplies, medicines and also exporting their expertise to handle the virus infections. Chinese experts have gone to Italy (among the worst hit) and other countries to assist people fight the infections. 

And what the world should know is that by early January 2020 the Chinese were the first to crack the genetic code (genome) for the Corona Virus and shared the information with the world.  

"Scientists in China sequenced the virus’s genome and made it available on Jan. 10, just a month after the Dec. 8 report of the first case of pneumonia from an unknown virus in Wuhan"

Cracking the code allows for the formulation of those Corona Virus test kits.  Germany worked out their test kit formula within two days after the Chinese posted their findings. Our own IMR is believed to have formulated a test kit also within two days. 
  • (Ok folks there are some weird things going on in Malaysia over the handling of this corona crisis. 
  • Clever beggars are beginning to show their dirty hands. 
  • It may have an impact on how quickly we handle the virus. 
  • That hotel scheme is indeed looking like a scam. 
  • Talk is Corona test kits can be got for as little as US$6 or RM27 (but only 30% - 50% reliability).
  • So the government should not be paying more than RM27 per test kit. 
  • A figure like US$24 or RM105 will certainly be too much.
  • RM600 per test (even with 90% reliability) is also too expensive. 
  • Allow pharmacists / private suppliers to import these test kits directly with no import duties, APs, red tape etc. 
  • This is NOT the time for any cronies to be making money.
  • And how is the Army coming along with that  Virus Buster vehicle or something?
  • Janganlah berkira sangat oi.  Peoples' lives are at stake.)

Back to China they are reopening their cities and factories. Here is an 11 minute video about China getting back on its feet  :

The Chinese have proven that they are far more advanced than any 1st world country in the type of infrastructure they have to serve their people. 

To handle the corona virus they built huge 3000 bed hospitals in 10 days. 

They placed 'delivery cabinets' outside almost every apartment in the major cities where food deliveries can be dropped off without human contact. Pos Laju has those delivery cabinets at some locations in Malaysia.

The Chinese fixed smart fone type scanners with cameras and heat sensors outside every apartment to scan people entering and leaving the apartments. The scanners were linked by WeChat and every Chinese citizen's smart fone would have a green (not infected), orange (at risk) and red (high risk) color bar. 

Only the greens are allowed to drive. 
The orange people have some restrictions and the reds are banned. 

The other two countries which have handled the situation well are South Korea and our neighbour Singapore. I use the word 'situation' meaning everything that concerns the virus. Singapore school kids have not missed schooling. They have switched to online education quite remarkably well. So the education of their children (despite now under lockdown) is not interrupted. South Korea did not even lockdown. Their economy is not suffering as much. 

Compared to China, South Korea and Singapore the Western countries are facing many difficulties not just in handling the virus itself but in managing the larger society and economy under these stressful conditions.  

So here when I say 1st world what I really mean is the high quality and sufficient quantity of social service, social safety and social well being  that China, South Korea and Singapore have been able to provide their people during this time of crisis.  These are exemplary countries. 

2.  Religious scammers

Ok the religious people are really quite useless in all this. 

The astrologers have also been proven wrong.  
How come no astrologer was able to "predict" the corona virus? 

Even Hollywood has a better record of making corona virus movies from years ago - almost as though they knew the script !

And here is your Horoscope chart (FOR ALL OF YOU) until dont know when :

So to the astrologers - boleh balik kampong tanam jagung lah.

Now all the people, including the religious people, are "praying" that the scientists and scientifically trained medical doctors will find a cure for the corona virus or treat it in the quickest and safest way possible.

But what happened to their religions, their prayers and all their "gods" before the pandemic arrived? 

All your years and decades of prayer did not keep you safe from the virus.  

Only science, medicine and pharmacology can save us. 

But we can be certain that once the virus pandemic is safely over, without batting an eyelid, the religious people will go back to claiming that it was on account of their prayers and because of their "gods". 

It does not matter whether they prayed to Santa Claus, they prayed to the great Juju the god of the volcano or if they prayed to kon-tiki the great god of the oceans and everything else. They will claim that their different gods overcame the corona virus - all at the same time. If you want a definition of 'random coincidence' well this shall be it.  It makes the whole concept 'random' doesn't it? 

3.  Science 

This corona virus has proved so far (not just the medical aspects but also from the social, economic, security and other aspects) that it is science and science alone that has helps us overcome our real world problems. 

We need science, technology, engineering, logical thinking, common sense, professionalism, scientific management of people, the economy, the environment etc to keep human beings in well being and happiness.  

Not religious mumbo jumbo and certainly not astrology bullshit.

Science does not ask to be worshipped. That is stupid. 

But if science becomes a "god" there will be greater benevolence for the human race. 

Lockdown Stress, Corona Vaccines Under Development

Reading the comments in my blog I can see that this lockdown is already getting on peoples' nerves. Especially if a few or many people live in apartments, crowded dwellings etc with little space to move around. 

The proverbial 'too many mice inside a cage' creates huge discomfort, tension and even possible aggression.

The government must give some quick thought to this and get some psychologists, behaviourial experts (err that means NO dunggu Ministers and certainly no dunggu ostard wal retards ok) to talk to people (via TV, Online) what type of stresses to expect under lockdown and what the people can do to destress themselves. Thus far I do not see much attention being paid to this matter which could become a problem. Especially since the lockdown MAY be extended. (I have seen that viral whatsaap that mentions May or something. It appears likely that the lockdown will be extended.)

Basic advice and counselling will help people. That's why I said the TV stations should play good movies, high quality entertainment etc to help people keep their minds off things. 

Religious programs will not help. Why? Because religion is fake. Ha ha ha. (But I did not say which religion ok. Ha ha ha.) Just kidding. Destressing lah. 

Anyway the Chinese are working on Corona vaccines. So are the Aussies and others around the world. Here is some news from the US about Corona vaccines already going into clinical trials.

Researchers from Weiner Laboratory work on a coronavirus vaccine

volunteers in Philadelphia, Kansas City begin testing corona vaccine this week
Inovio Pharmaceuticals received regulatory clearance to begin testing
Bill Gates Foundation have poured funding into Inovio’s vaccine project
expects to have early safety data by late summer 
aims to produce 1 million doses by the end of 2020.

to start injecting healthy volunteers with potential coron vaccine 
received regulatory clearance to start clinical testing

Inovio’s INO-4800 is 2nd potential corona vaccine to start human trials in US
The Massachusetts biotech Moderna started safety trial in mid-March

Each volunteer will receive two doses of vaccine, four weeks apart

Inovio expects safety results by late summer

Inovio scaling up production capabilities 
to have 1 million doses available by end 2020

My comments :  In the long run the world will need a vaccine. Let us hope the researchers around the world will make a breakthrough.