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Monday, September 21, 2020

Alamak ! So If Pardon Tak Betul Does He Go Back To Sing Sing?

KL :  High Court dismissed application by Anwar to strike out suit 

Mohd Khairul challenging May 2018 pardon relating to sodomy conviction 

judge Akhtar Tahir said triable issues that need to be heard in full

held that YDPA taken role of executive when granting pardon

therefore procedures and laws of executive powers could be questioned

(OSTB :  Hmm...)

if Agong exercising executive power, how can he not be justiciable? 

It is not royal pardon, it is executive pardon 

because he took role of executive (in granting pardon) he said

judge added this is not clear-cut case which could be summarily dismissed 

it is proper to initiate proceedings, evidence, oral testimony, might be called 

This is a civil matter that must be proven on balance of probabilities

I am dismissing applications by both defendants with no order to costs he said

judge fixed March 24 - 26, next year for trial, Feb 18 for case management

Khairul's lawyer said court has locus standi as this is regarding constitution

member of public has right to file action

Anwar filed striking out on no locus standi, frivolous, embarrassment, abuse of court 

Khairul suit claimed formation of board wrong, illegal, questioned legality 

Feb 10, 2015, Federal Court affirmed Court of Appeal's 5-year jail for sodomy 

May 9, 2018 several illegal, unconstitutional moves to ensure pardon and release

2 days into new govt former PM Dr M announced YDPA given full pardon

Khairul claim pardon contravened Articles 42 (4), (5) Fed Constitution 

pardons granted should be on advice of Pardons Board, which was not formed

May 11, 2018, Dr M announced Agong pardon before he (Dr M) sworn in 

My comments :

So what happens if the pardon tak betul? Does he go back into the slammer?

But for certain if the Royal Pardon tak betul his conviction will still stand and he will not be able to run for election for FIVE YEARS AFTER being released from jail.

So in case he has to go back into the slammer and finish the remainder of his jail term, then he cannot stand for elections for FIVE YEARS AFTER eventually completing his jail term. 

When can that be?

The trial date has been fixed for March 24th 2021. Say it takes a year to complete the trial (2022). Say the conviction and the jail term are reinstated. If there is a year left of the original jail term  then it will be 2023 before he is out again. Add 5 years to that and he can run for election again circa 2028. The Brader will be 81 years old. 

I hope by that time the water in Kelantan can be cleaned up, there will be no need for Kongress Maruah, Kota Gelanggi would have been opened up for archaeological digs and tourist visits.

Or maybe by that time the Sodomy laws would have been abolished? The natives can just run around yappa-dappa-dooing, bootie bustin' and whatever to their hearts' content.

I am grateful to the Judge Dato Akhtar Tahir for his judgement which basically challenges even the Yang Di Pertuan Agong's role as the Agong. 

For indeed granting 'pardons' is a prerogative of the YDP Agong, the Rulers and the FOUR Governors / Tuan Yang Di Pertua only. However it has been decided by the Court that a pardon by the YDPA is not above the scrutiny of the Court. 

If the Court finds that the Pardons was not done properly then who is liable ? Certainly Brader Anwar had no say in the pardons. One point of contention in the suit is the Pardons Board was not  "properly" in place at that time. If true then the Pardons Board is out of the picture. Yet the King signed it.

In the old Malay movies it was much simpler. The Sultan would just decree something and that was it.  No need for lawyers, Courts, judges, pardons boards etc. 

Meanwhile DAP Dumps Anwar, Argument Begins Over Non existent Events

KK: Anwar confident of support from MPs to be next PM if PH wins GE15 

Responding to Guan Eng saying Anwar should give way to Shafie Apdal as PM

Anwar said that was only Lim’s personal opinion

We support Anwar, but if he can’t, we should give Shafie a chance Lim said

In July, Lim and Mat Sabu came up with Anwar-or-Shafie plan 

Some PKR leaders disagree, saying PH should stick to Anwar 

PKR Youth took exception to Lim’s remarks

criticised Lim for continued support of Shafie as PM 

Lim’s support for Shafie was act of betrayal of PH

if no longer spirit of solidarity, just dissolve PH

My comments :

This is exactly how "religions" began. The clever beggars in the village create their own version of an invisible man-in-the-sky. They say the invisible-man controls their fate. Then they tell the villagers the invisible-man has appointed the clever beggars to be the gatekeepers to communicate his power to each and everyone of the villagers. 

Then the gatekeepers begin wearing special clothes, perform unusual physical movements with their hands and feet, chant strange mantras and hymns and say that they can communicate with invisible-man in the sky. If the villagers want to avoid punishment they better follow the advice of the gatekeepers. 

Then the clever beggars in the next village also do the same thing. They create their own version of invisible-man-in-the-sky. And then the next village. Then they start fighting and killing each other over whose invisible-man-in-the-sky is better.  

So here no one knows exactly when the next General Elections will be held. Whether it will be 2023 or late 2022 or next month. It is another invisible-man-in-the-sky situation.

No one knows how exactly the parties will align themselves. Whether Muafakat Nasional will survive? Whether UMNO will survive? Whether PKR will survive? Whether Amanah will survive? No one knows who will win the next General Elections. 

Yet Brader Anwar is already arguing about becoming the next PM!!

For the past 22 years he could not become the PM. Or the DPM. Or even a Cabinet Minister. 

Dr Mahathir quit as Prime Minister in 22 months. TWO MONTHS short of the agreed 24 months.

Dr Mahathir did not keep to the agreement - he was supposed to be Prime Minister for 24 MONTHS. But Dr M quit in 22 months !!

Still Brader Anwar could not get enough MPs to support him to become PM. 

Now he is arguing about becoming the PM AFTER the next 15th General Elections.

And the PKR fellows are already accusing the DAP of "betrayal" over the next General Elections which have NOT happened yet ??

Betrayal apa? The GE15 is years away lah. Not until 2023.

The problem for PKR is that they have only been allotted SEVEN seats in the Sabah State polls. That is charity from Shafie Apdal.  

In one stroke Shafie Apdal has shown that PKR really has no clout - either in Parliament or on the ground in Sabah.

Let me make a statement - whoever wants to be the next PM must kow tim and kow tow to both Sarawak and Sabah. 

Whoever controls Sabah and Sarawak can make anyone kow tim and kow tow to them (plural).

Hamzah is handling things wrongly - "tension, clashing between GRS, to remove any materials, slugging it out"

Here is some not very good news coming out of Sabah. 

This is taken from The Star as reported in Malaysia Chronicle here :

  • "Hamzah has also instructed Perikatan campaign workers to remove any materials that would suggest any of the independent candidates were affiliated with the coalition."
  • Perikatan moving forward from initial tension, clashing between (GRS)
  • GRS, which is made up of Barisan, Perikatan and PBS are slugging it out among each other in 16 other seats such as Bengkoka, Matunggong, Tandek, Kadamaian, Tg Aru, Kapayan, Moyog, Lumadan, Tambunan, Bingkor, Liawan, Melalap, Tulid, Sook, Telupid and Karamunting.

Perikatan Nasional distanced itself from independents claiming to be friendly 

The only party Perikatan-friendly is Parti Bersatu Sabah

Perikatan already had partners 

never given right to any independent to consider themselves PN friendly 

Hamzah has also instructed Perikatan campaign workers to remove any materials that would suggest any of the independent candidates were affiliated with the coalition.

Perikatan moving forward from initial tension, clashing between (GRS)

calling on parties to common goal 

He said clash started when Umno contested Paginatan, which was given to STAR

“Subsequently, all parties started fielding candidates there

I am now calling for all Perikatan candidates to focus on common goal he added

GRS, which is made up of Barisan Nasional, Perikatan Nasional and PBS are slugging it out among each other in 16 other seats such as Bengkoka, Matunggong, Tandek, Kadamaian, Tg Aru, Kapayan, Moyog, Lumadan, Tambunan, Bingkor, Liawan, Melalap, Tulid, Sook, Telupid and Karamunting.

My comments : 

This is a very dangerous thing to say :

Hamzah has also instructed Perikatan campaign workers to remove any materials

So does this mean your campaign boys will go around taking the law into their own hands and tearing up other peoples' posters, banners and stuff?  This is inviting trouble. 

The right thing to do is report wrongdoings to the Elections Commission. It should be their responsibility to sort these things out.

It would appear that some folks are getting desperate in Sabah. If the BN, PN and PBS are fielding their own candidates in 16 constituencies then how can they still be a Gabungan?

Then the Police have also stated that they have received intelligence that foreigners from a foreign country are planning to enter Sabah and disrupt the elections.

Huh?? Ini cerita apa pula?

No such thing has ever happened before, not since Sabah joined Malaysia in 1963. 

Why now?

Why would the foreigners be interested in disrupting the Sabah elections? 

What would they get in return as "foreigners"? 

How will disrupting the Sabah elections benefit "foreigners"?

Another possible theory is if there are some desperados inside Sabah who have decided to hire "foreign thugs" to create trouble.   Then it can become a case of 'locals hiring foreigners'. 

I am just guessing but if this is the case then the Police should look for intel on who is paying these foreigners? No money no hooligans mah. Someone must be paying them. Who? In what currency? Ringgit? Swiss francs?  

The real issue here is Shafie Apdal and party Warisan are now leading the pack by a hundred kilometers.  There are ONLY FIVE days to go for voting and there is no way the other contenders (especially from Semenanjung) are going to catch up with Shafie Apdal.

So kepada semua rakyat Sabah - FOR THE NEXT FIVE DAYS BE ON THE LOOKOUT. 

Jangan terpengaruh bisikan sebarang anasir perosak yang mahu sebarkan khabar angin, yang mahu menakutkan anda, yang mahu buat onar dan kacau. Kalau terjumpa sebarang hasutan atau cubaan untuk buat kecoh buat aduan kepada pihak Polis dengan segera. 

Most importantly jaga reaksi anda sendiri. Dont let yourself be provoked by anyone. Just stay calm, be patient and ignore any provocations. 


Sunday, September 20, 2020

UMNO Sabah Makin Bungkus


Dalam video berikut pula (perlu klik Facebook :

Bung Moktar pula hentam "rakannya" Bersatu !!

My comments :

Laluan UMNO di Sabah bermula pada tahun 1990 dengan Tun Datu Mustapha Datu Harun menjadi pengerusi UMNO Sabah yang pertama. Apakah kehadiran UMNO di Sabah selama 30 tahun ini telah membawa keuntungan yang lumayan bagi penduduk negeri Sabah ataupun UMNO lebih menguntungkan diri saja dan membawa masuk berbagai masalah bagi negeri Sabah? Contohnya Projek IC yang membawa masuk berpuluhan ribu orang Filipina untuk membantu dasar "divide and rule" ?

Kemungkinan yang besar sekali ialah PRN Negeri Sabah 26 September ini akan melihat UMNO Sabah kalah dan terkubur sama sekali.  This will be the end of UMNO Sabah.

Serupa "biduk berlalu kiambang bertaut" maka begitu juga orang Sabah akan bersatu kembali untuk menentukan masa depan negeri mereka. 

Di Semenanjung pun UMNO gagal meyakinkan orang Melayu dan bukan Melayu bahawa mereka boleh terus percaya kepada UMNO. Maka kekalahan teruk UMNO pada PRU14. Sekarang walaupun kembali berkuasa, UMNO cuma jadi spare tyre di belakang lori yang di pandu oleh Bersatu.  Apa nak hairan UMNO telah gagal meyakinkan orang Sabah juga akan masa depan mereka?  

UMNO Sabah perlu bersedia untuk upacara "menurunkan bendera" atau 'lowering the flag ceremony'.

Pendekar - Ucapan Berapi Shafie Apdal Membakar Semangat Di Sabah

Mesej Datuk Seri Panglima Shafie bin Apdal sangat simple : 


YM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah : Apa Pentingnya Pas

OSTB : Ku Li menimbulkan persoalan yang paling tepat. Apa pentingnya Pas? Di Sabah parti PN sedar bahawa berkongsi kerusi dengan Pas akan lebih merugikan PN daripada membantu. Orang Sabah tidak suka kepada parti dinosaur itu.  

UMNO does not need to give up seats to PAS in next general election as the Islamist party has refused to do any favour for its Muafakat Nasional (MN) partner, said Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

He said a case in point was PAS’ failure to appoint Umno assemblymen to the state exco in Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah – the three states it governs with Umno as an ally.