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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Donald Trump's Deal Of The Century In The Middle East ?

Donald Trump has a vision to bring a lasting peace in the Middle East. It need not be a peace 'agreement' but just 'peace'.  Which should be more than good enough, if it lasts.

A couple of days ago US Vice President Mike Pence visited Egypt, Jordan and Israel. In Jerusalem he addressed the Israeli Knesset (Parliament).  If you are so inclined you can read the full text of his speech here.  He said a few things but two points should be noted: 

"I am here to convey one simple message. America stands with Israel. We stand with Israel because your cause is our cause, your values are our values, and your fight is our fight"

In other words all of Israel's enemies are America's enemies as well. Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran are America's enemies as well. This strong statement also torpedoes the hopes of the US playing a 'peacemaker' role or 'middle man' role in the Israeli-Palestine issue.  That part has become history. The US has clearly said that they will take the side of Israel. Trump has given the order to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem - formally recognising Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people.

Yet Donald Trump wants to make the 'deal of the century' and bring peace to the Middle East.  I think they are going to take the 'remove the obstacles' approach. 

The main obstacles now are Shia Hezbollah, Shia Iran and to a smaller extent Hamas (aka the Muslim Brotherhood).  The Muslim Brotherhood has been smashed in Egypt, Sudan, they have capitulated in Tunisia, they have lost in Syria and are under stress elsewhere.

There is a view that Israel will launch a war against the Hezbollah if not this year then by next year. The Hezbollah have become very powerful. They effectively control Lebanon and their army is more powerful than the Lebanese Army. Their active participation in the Syrian Civil War (where they have won) has given them tremendous battlefield experience,  they have built up massive military hardware including tank brigades and   they have a substantial missile arsenal. More of their missiles are guided and can cause serious damage to Israel.  The end of the Syrian Civil War has brought home thousands of battle hardened Hezbollah fighters and field commanders who are now itching for a fight with Israel. They must go to war again before they eat too much home cooked food and become overweight. For the Shia Hezbollah, peace is not an option. The Jews must be chased into the sea.

Whether Hezbollah moves against Israel or not, the Israelis will attack Hezbollah according to their own time table. The Israelis too do not foresee any peace agreement with the Shia Hezbollah either.  Out of the question. 

The Israelis have a plan to remove the Hezbollah threat almost entirely. This will be a replay of their limited 2006 incursion into Southern Lebanon (which has managed to secure the peace for 12 years now.)

This time they have in plan a massive air war that will take out a substantial part of the Hezbollah's arsenals.  Then they will most likely invade Lebanon and hold territory - a wide buffer zone along Lebanon's southern border - cutting through Hezbollah territory.  

The idea is to break up the Sunni - Druze - Christian - Shia Hezbollah coalition that is ruling Lebanon now. The Hezbollah will be taken out, leaving the Druze (Walid Jumblat) - Sunni (Saad Hariri) and Christian groups (Michel Aoun) intact. Lebanon may see sectarian strife again.

But if successful, this will bring peace to the northern borders of Israel for some time.  The idea is to bring lasting peace. Not necessarily a peace agreement.

The Trump version of solving the Gaza (Hamas) and West Bank (Fatah) problem will be for Egypt to absorb Gaza and Jordan to absorb parts of the West Bank.  Gazans become Egyptians and West Bankers become Jordanians. This has happened before in history.   Jordan "formally gave up" administrative control of the West Bank only in 1989. 

After that Egypt will be responsible over Gaza and Jordan will be responsible over portions of the West Bank. Egypt will smash Hamas in the Gaza. There will be no more Palestinian statehood issues. No more need for a peace agreement. There will be lasting peace.

The last remaining problem will be Iran. Here lets listen to what Mike Pence told the Knesset about Iran :

'But I have another message today – a better message – from the people of America to the proud and great people of Iran: We are your friends, and the day is coming when you will be free from the evil regime that suffocates your dreams and buries your hopes. (Applause.) And when your day of liberation finally comes, we say to the good people of Iran, the friendship between our peoples will blossom once again. (Applause.)'

'the day is coming, your day of liberation finally comes' - this has to be within the next three years of Trump's term in office. The US is planning regime change in Iran. 

I think this time it will be more of 'assisting' Iranians who are fed up - to overthrow the Ayatollahs - than imposing regime change from outside.  The British MI6 is already busy on the ground in Iran.  Even without American interference this will happen. The Iranians are just getting fed up with the Ayatollah morons.

My prediction is the Iranians will not only overthrow the Ayatollahs but they will chase them down the streets.  Iran will become a fully democratic, secular nation again after that. There will be no more exporting Shia ideology around the world. The world will become a better place.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Saudi Crown Prince Invites Arab Style Revenge

Cracks within Saudi ruling family widening
Undercurrents pronounced and visible
nothing can be ruled out

crown prince MbS tighten grip on power 
sidelining all possible contenders to throne 
twisting arms of rich individuals — royals and non-royals 
Consequently stability of Saudi under threat

Dissensions within royal family beginning to come out in open
11 Saudi princes’, ministers, business tycoons rounded up last Nov

MbS moved when he realised relatives opposed to him becoming king 
arresting royal family gave signal “watch out” 
whole "anti-corruption campaign" targeted towards royal family
rest is window dressing

senior mullahs who questioned Qatar policy put behind bars
included Salman al-Awda, who has huge following on social media

Early Jan 2018 Saudi detained another 11 princes 
after they gathered at Qasr al-Hokm palace in Riyadh 
protesting halt in free water, electricity for royal family 
seeking compensation for death sentence against cousin Prince Turki 
unheard of in recent Saudi history

Not everyone accept official explanation
Prince Abdullah b Saud said reasons for arrest  “false” and “illogical” 
The prince, president of Saudi Marine Sports, sacked immediately 

86-yr Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz, half-brother of King, is on hunger strike  
over arrest of his three sons, including Prince Al Waleed bin Talal

no word on fate of Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahd
Prince resisted arrest, suffered heart attack
believed to be alive, but vegetative state
last year he defied MbS in various tweets

street protests reported from Qassim region 
swift arrests of protesters and organisers
region known as power base of Saudi clergy

crown prince coercing those arrested 
WSJ reported MbS to seize US$800b assets

Prince Miteb former head National Guard, tortured  
made deal with MbS for US$1b
other royals bought their freedom
number of ‘royal prisoners’ at Ritz Carlton Riyadh dwindled

those holding out include billionaire Alwaleed bin Talal
His assets around US$19b
MbS demanding Alwaleed sign over entire Kingdom Holdings
bin Talal balking at $6b settlement 
bin Talal moved from Ritz Carlton’ to Al-Hayer prison in Riyadh

shares of Bin Laden Group transferred to “settle outstanding dues” 
Reuters says govt taken managerial control of company 
may erase US$30b debt Saudi govt owes Bin Laden
Bakr Binladin also arrested in Nov crackdown

Cracks within royal family thus too visible

some corrupt branches of royal family left untouched
arrests mostly directed at bin Abdullahs and bin Talals

Others known for decades for corruption not arrested
Prince Bandar said on TV
Where is Khalid bin Sultan? 
Mohammed bin Fahd? 
Why aren’t they part of investigation? 
injustice to catch some, leave out others known for corruption
Things are murky 

Meanwhile MbS on buying spree
US$450m Leonardo da Vinci painting
yacht for US$400m 
French chateau at US$300 million.
(That is US$1.15 BILLION!!)

bound to generate friction
recipe for disaster
Riyadh in for some real upheaval

January 22nd, 2018

My comments : I have already said this before. 

These arrests and tortures going on in Saudi Arabia have nothing to do with corruption. 

All those royal family members who oppose this 32 year old Crown Prince are getting arrested and having their money and assets seized by the govt.

Those who are not opposed to the Crown Prince are being left alone. 

Its as simple as that.

This is a really screwed up tribal power play. 
The script is really 11th century desert.
There must be camels and concubines somewhere in there as well. 

These desert scripts usually end very badly.
The Crown Prince has obviously lost his mind.
Soon he will be losing his head. 
Its just a matter of time.

Trump's Massive Tax Cuts Working Wonders For US Economy Already

Apple issuing bonus US$2,500 (RM9,890) following new US tax law
Apple confirmed bonuses to Bloomberg on Jan 17

Apple also to bring back cash from overseas 
to spend US$30b (RM118.69b) in US over next five years
funding technical support campus, datacentres, 20,000 new jobs 

growing list American biz celebrate corporate-friendly tax law 
with one-time bonuses for staff
AT&T, Comcast, JetBlue Airways, Wal-Mart also giving bonuses. 

My comments : I just said this a few days ago. US President Donald Trump's massive tax cuts will put more money in the hands of the American people, US companies and the private sector. They will know better what to do with that money.

For starters US giants like Apple, AT&T, Comcast, JetBlue and Wal Mart are handing out bonuses to their employees. Apple has 100,000 employees.

Why do human beings pay taxes? It is just like paying your Maintenance Fees for your condominium. Taxes are just an organised method of collecting our own money to be used for our own benefit.

Here comes the crunch. How do we know the taxes will be used by the "tax collectors" for our maximum benefit?

What is the guarantee that our taxes will not be stolen? As is happening here in Malaysia.

In Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark) the people have the highest trust in the world in their governments. That is because their democracies are highly educated and mature. The government there is really of the people, by the people and for the people. 

Scandinavians happily pay the highest taxes in the world (up to 60% in some cases). If they decide to collect higher taxes, then their people will all pay higher taxes. Because they have faith that their governments will spend the tax money for the maximum benefit of the people.

In Scandinavian countries, every government project and contract is listed in detail on some website, including who won the contract, how much money is involved, who are all the other bidders etc. They are as transparent as they can be.

Their governments use the tax money on public housing, health, schools, universities, education, public transportation, sewerage and sanitation that is not only largely free (because the people have already paid for it via taxes) but it is of the highest quality in the world.

In Scandinavian cities people drop their garbage into 'underground' vacuum chutes near their houses. The garbage is moved to somewhere else by pneumatic air pressure, processed underground and stored. Garbage trucks come by and remove the processed and 'packed'  trash. Super clean, no smell, out of sight and super efficient. It improves their environment and increases their property values. I saw a similar system in Rome, Italy but they used underground conveyor belts to move the garbage away to a central location nearby. Here is a video from Stockholm, Sweden.

Link :

In the US traditionally they have less government. The American people have no government hospitals (except for Veterans Hospitals) no government schools or universities. There are no government owned airlines, trains or banks. They are almost completely private sector driven.  

In other words the American people can take care of themselves. They can provide their own public goods and public services without the help of the American government.

They really do not need big government. So Donald Trump is of the view that the US government need not collect so much taxes. It is better to return the money to the American people who will know how better to spend their own money. 

And it looks like this is happening. Apple will be moving back billions of US Dollars into the US to build a new data centre, new technical support campus etc which will create 20,000 new jobs. 

Amazon is setting up a second super gigantic logistics centre (possibly in Washington DC) which will create 50,000 new jobs.

In Malaysia the people already pay income taxes.
The companies pay corporate taxes.
On top of that there are many import taxes, excises and duties.
Then there is sales tax.
Now they have added GST on top of everything.
It is just tax, tax, tax.

If you impose GST, then reduce the income and corporate taxes.
If you impose import taxes, cut the corporate taxes.
If you have import duties on cars, abolish the road taxes.
If you cut the subsidies, then cut the income and corporate taxes.

What I mean is if you increase one tax here, then cut some tax somewhere else. 
If you have cut the subsidies, then cut the taxes also.

What is happening is the kleptocratic gomen is now collecting SO MUCH REVENUE, from GST, income taxes, corporate taxes, import duties PLUS the gomen is saving so much money from cuts in subsidies. They are saving BILLIONS.

So where is my pneumatic vacuum operated trash collection system?
Where is my medicine from the gomen hospital? 
The gomen hospital tells you to buy your medicine from the private pharmacy.

Where I live now there are no land line or fixed line telephone connections. 'Tidak ada peruntukan' says Telekom.  I dont  even have Astro connection. Yet  there is a Tesco within walking distance of my house.

Not only in Kelantan but in large parts of Pahang there are no water connections. 

So where is all our money going ? What are they spending it on? 

Obviously the Malaysian gomen is a retard when it comes to managing public money. In situations like this, it is better to cut taxes. Just give their money back to the people. The people will do a better job of providing for their own public goods and public services. They can take care of themselves better than the gomen.

The gomen has been stealing money to sustain its own leaders, their cronies and their corrupt patronage systems through wasteful and useless spending. That is what they have been doing. 

When you suck out so much from the people and from the economy, something else has to collapse somewhere else. The people are getting poorer.  Or large sections of the people are getting poorer.