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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tuesday Lite : Life On Planet Zork

These two videos have gone viral via WhatsApp and email.  

Of these two videos only one of them is dunggu.

Here is a re-write of some old wisdom:

a. You can fool some people all the time
b. You can fool all people some of the time.
c.  You cannot fool all the people all the time. 

In Malaysia sadly too many  Malays fall into category a.

Tabung Haji Insolvent? Tak Cukup Duit Tunai.

Tabung Haji (TH) returns as high as 8.25%
reason for poor financial state of affairs

single depositor had > RM190mil 
1.3%  or 117,000 depositors contributed  50% of deposits.
dangers if “run” by this small group of depositors.

TH to set savings limit of RM200,000 for depositors
govt would only guarantee RM200,000 for every depositor

govt protection, high dividends  attract high-networth individuals
for investment rather than for haj

Tabung Haji’s dividends 2013 - 2017 : 6.25% - 8.25%
Comparatively, fixed deposit about 3%
this attracted deposit growth of 10.6% between 2011 - 2017.

Due to high dividends TH pressured to seek high risk, high return ventures

40% of assets in listed companies exposed to fluctuation of financial market
end Oct, 30% of these investments dropped > 50% of initial investment 

TH ill-equipped to become resilient asset management company 

My comments : 

I quite disagree. For over fourty years years Tabung Haji was functioning perfectly. 

TH's main purpose was to mobilise the peoples' funds into savings first - with the sole intention of enabling the people to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca. Surplus deposits were invested in various money returning assets which were distributed back to the depositors as extra earnings. They performed this role superbly. 

Then the "Muslims cannot tell lies" anak sundal took over power.
Pariah class tiga.  The rest is deep shit.

The feudal mindset of the Malays prevented them from hanging the crooks from the lamp post.  The worse slavery is the slavery of the mind.

Now the slaves are being told 'Hand over your land to me'.

There is no need to hang them from the lamp post.

But once in a while just threaten them lah.
"We will hang you from the lamp post".
Beranilah gempak sikit. 

Monday, December 10, 2018

Putting The House In Order : Najib Arrested, Zahid To Be Kicked Out

UMNO looking at “divorcing” its president 

Zahid to part with Umno before year over 
he accepts “divorce” terms
detailing clear road map 
drawn up by senior party leaders
only way forward for Umno.

98 % of 48 Umno MPs have agreed 
move in pipeline for few weeks
gained support of Supreme Council
this  move is said to be in full gear

One senior UMNO leader has gathered 30 MPs
made progress past few weeks
most of those involved are Dr Mahathir loyalists

Another long-serving MP corroborated move 
not one, but several moves being engineered by leaders

true one senior leader has 30 MPs with him
another senior leader has support of 38 MPs
most of the MPs are the same people

these MPs will decide Zahid leaves

party want Zahid to step down,  he projected Umno negatively
we have to accept what majority wants

better for the leadership to set clear goal before 2019

party needs to distance itself from extremism
aligning with theocracy, racial and religious sentiments
Umno  needs  young and progressive leaders.

OSTB :  Checkmate. Subaa-hal khair. 

Lori Sewa Muniandy