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Thursday, April 27, 2017


I hear that the Khazanah / MAB dunggus have made big losses at their airport operations in Turkey.  They are managing Turkey's main airport. The investment is making big losses.  

US1.4 BILLION +  US300 Million = US1.7 Billion or RM7.5 Billion. 

So how much of that has been lost already?

This is the "Islamic brotherhood" crap again.  
Turkey is Muslim. Malaysia is Muslim. 
Muslim is good.
It must be good to invest in Muslim countries.

Err... how many hundred millions have you morons lost so far in Turkey?

How many jobs did you dunggus create for Malaysians with that RM7.5 Billion invested in Turkey?  Five jobs? 50 jobs ? 500 jobs ?   For RM7.5 BILLION ? ?

Here is some other 'High Income Nation" news :

Govt says no to minimum RM30 top-up for Touch n' Go

hiways to postpone min RM30 Touch n' Go top up 
so as not to burden motorists

min RM30 top up proposed by Hiway Concession Companies 
to overcome congestion at top up lanes at peak hours

ministry instructed concession companies to postpone 
find other ways to overcome congestion at toll plazas

gomen concerned with burden on consumers
including the B40 category


My comments :  You can see this almost everyday at the Toll Plazas, especially in KL and the Klang Valley.  The Peroduas, Protons and small cars all line up at the Tambah Nilai and Bayaran Tunai lanes at the toll gates.  These are the folks who live almost hand to mouth. The urban poor. 

Want to guess their agama and bangsa? 

They actually prefer the Bayar Tunai lanes because they can then carry just enough toll money for the journey.  

Then you have the Mercedes, Audis, BMWs,  Camrys, Accords etc that just sail through the Smart Tag lanes.  You can see their balance remaining RM100, RM200 etc. These are the people who have cash to meet their daily living expenses.  

Want to guess their agama and bangsa?

The minimum for Touch N Go is RM10.  Now they want to increase the minimum to RM30.  Even the RM10 is a burden. That is why the gomen has turned down the proposal to increase the minimum Touch N Go to RM30.

The Toll Operators find it not feasible (it is a loss to them) to dedicate one toll lane just to collect RM10 top ups for Touch N Go. It does not cover their costs. They are providing a social service.  

They prefer RM30 minimum. To cover costs and maybe make some profit.

But the people aint got no money for a minimum top up of RM30.  This is 'High Income Nation' ok.  

Where "Chief the Thief" is so damned proud that he has put seven million people on the poor peoples' list to receive duit sedekah BR1M.   

Pretty soon, the people will not have money to pay for the toll hiways.  They will take alternative routes or not travel at all.  Then the Toll Operators will face cash flow problems as well.

The dynamics of the market has changed. 

Poor are many. 
Poor is BR1M.
BR1M is votes.
So poor is good.

Just reimpose the Bayar Tunai lanes. Then the Protons and Kancils with just enough cash to pay RM1.80 between Sg Besi and Kajang will still take the toll hiway. Otherwise they will take the old road.

By the way does PLUS know that AFTER 4 PM the Touch N Go lanes DO NOT ACCEPT anymore top ups?  

This is what the Toll Booth girl told me at the Toll Booth  at Exit 213,  KL - Seremban Hiway.  Yet the girl is sitting there  at the Tambah Nilai Lane (AFTER 4PM) just to tell the cars that drive up - Lepas 4 Petang tak boleh top up.

I keep saying, 'depa tak tahu niaga'.  
Nak bagi duit pun depa tak mahu terima.
S__l punya bodoh.

So how much did you lose in your airport operations in Turkey?


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Looming Disaster In Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat And Serambi

Would anyone like to guess which country will likely become the first Jihadi state in Europe? Yes in Europe - the orang putih land.

Does anyone recall Bosnia Herzegovina ?  This was the country which Malaysia helped a lot during their  Civil War 1992 - 1995.  

Today 25 years later Bosnia is the center of psycho-jihadi salafism in Europe. 

Dont believe me? Here is a Google search "Salafi jihadism in Bosnia"

Here is one news report on salafism in Bosnia :


  • ISIS recruitment, Bosnians top list in Europe
  • 300 Bosnians fighting alongside IS in Syria 
  • radicalised by Salafist preachers during 1992-1995 war
  • Today Bosnia facing increasingly alarming security situation 
  • jihadists calling for terror strikes in Bosnia
  • increasingly dangerous situation for Bosnia
  • laid-back Islam replaced by hardline Salafism

Well folks, Malaysia has certainly contributed significantly to this alarming Salafi situation in Bosnia.  Terima kasih banyak-banyak kepada Malaysia

Dont forget Malaysia also gave PR status to Abu Bakar Bashir the Indonesian terrorist leader, Hambali the Indon terrorist and Mohamed Iqbal also an Indon terrorist.   

Now we have given PR status to another Salafi preacher Zakir Naik.  Bijak sungguh Malaysia. Hooray !

Closer to home, Malaysia has also been screwing up big time in the "peace process" in Mindanao and South Thailand. Yes Malaysia has been screwing up big time.  Here is the latest news.

The Muslim militants set off 18 bombs last week in South Thailand.  In the process two of the militants were killed and 8 people, including 2 Thai policemen, were wounded. Here is some news :


dozen grenade and bomb attacks in southern Thailand 

2 insurgents killed, explosives detonated unexpectedly

8 civilians and officials wounded in Wed night violence

dead were "insurgent operational leaders."

No group claimed responsibility for 13 attacks
target police stations, checkpoints in 12 districts 

South Thailand separatist insurgency for years
7,000 killed since conflict flared in 2004
insurgents carry out bombings, drive-by shootings 

first assault since Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN) issued rare statement 10/4 

to reject talks with Thai govt (as part of MARA Patani coalition) 

(Please do not ignore the resemblance of these  names to our own Barisan Nasional and MARA. Do read on.)

BRN most militant group - others have smaller followings

BRN statement called for new talks mediated by impartial 3rd parties

insurgents' reps live in Malaysia, which hosts negotiations

susceptible to pressure from Msian govt 

talks should NOT include insurgents NOT representative of active groups . . ! ! !

Thai govt has rejected the proposal

2nd coordinated attack in two weeks
April 7 insurgents set off dozens of bombs 
bringing down power lines, setting tires on fire to block roads
spike this month response to March 29 extrajudicial killing of 2 insurgents

want to show they can go after military and police targets 
reminding authorities of their capabilities
attacks aimed at forcing Thai govt to accept conditions for talks

My comments :  The way things have been since the 90s, this insurrection in Thailand (just like the Mindanao problem) will never cease until both Patani and Mindanao secede or become more autonomous from Thailand and the Philippines respectively.

I used to write a column called 'Human Rites' in The Sun newspaper.  My very last column (circa 2004) was about Mindanao and South Thailand.  I predicted violence would break out in South Thailand - which it did just a few weeks later. 

And now 13 more years have gone by, there is still no resolution in sight and I think there is a more aggressive kid on the block in Southern Thailand who has discovered Salafism.  There will be more explosions in Thailand which may extend into Kelantan. 

The problem for the Moros and the Patani folks are the Three Ds : Democracy, Demography and Distance.  Thailand has a population of 70 million people, while the Philippines has a population that slightly exceeds 100 million. The problematic Muslims number about 3-5 million people in both countries.  Both Bangkok and Manila are also about 1000 km away from their troubled southern districts.  Being democratic (including Thailand) democratic processes cater to the majority voters. So 3 - 5 million troublesome Muslims, located 1000 km away in the boondocks will not even be a pimple on the butt of their democracy.  They will be ignored. 

If they try to secede or cause too much chaos, 70 million Thais or 100 million Filipinos  will swat 3-4  million "trouble causers"  like flies.  This is what Duterte is doing now in Jolo and Basilan.

It is not without reason that both the Southern Thai Malays as well as the Moros have not taken their bombings to Bangkok or Manila respectively.  In retaliation the Thais can clear Bangkok of all ThaMalay taxi drivers (and there are many) in one day and exile them all back to Patani.

Back to the BRN, for the first time ever (in my recollection) the Barisan Revolusi Nasional  has issued a public statement.  This is a major development.

None of the Thai separatists are in the habit of issuing statements. Secrecy and anonymity have been their SOP for a long time.  (Other than our Universiti I___m Antarabangsa and our Special Branch) even the Thai public does not know who are the leaders of the :

BRN -  Barisan Revolusi Nasional  (Salafi)
RKK -  Runda Kumpulan Kecil   (Salafi)
GMIP - Gerakan Mujahidin Islam Patani  (Salafi / Al Qaeda)
BBMP - Barisan Bersatu Mujahidin Patani  (Salafi)
BNPP - National Front for the Liberation of Pattani
PULO - Pattani United Liberation Organisation  (Secular / Nationalist)

These folks are usually very  secretive.  

Malaysia's involvement (MKN, Research etc) in both Mindanao and Thailand has not brought any resolution to these conflicts. 

Face it ok - as negotiators or peacemakers Malaysia has failed miserably.  In the Philippines now, I think Duterte has completely kicked out Malaysia as a peace negotiator in Mindanao  - because for over 20 years or more we achieved nothing.  

(There is a reason for that  and I believe it is "blindness" caused by the really stupid religious blinkers among the Majlis M _ _ p Negara.)

And their worse failure was that Sulu invasion of Lahad Datu in February 2013.  235 syabu inspired  Sulus  actually held our territory for 41 days ! !  That is less than one company of soldiers. Can you believe that? 

Malaysia has also been overly involved in South Thailand - I think not in the best way. We have not contributed to a lasting peace. 

Now, with names like Barisan Revolusi Nasional and Mara Pattani even more crows will come home to roost.

Here is some QUICK background to the Pattani insurgency :

earlier attacks drive-by shootings 
policemen shot by gunmen on motorcycles

after 2001 coordinated attacks on police stations 
slashing to death Buddhist monks
bombing Buddhist temples, beheadings
intimidating pork vendors and customers
arson attacks on schools
killing teachers, burning their bodies

Current insurgents proclaim  jihadism 
  • not separatist any more
  • led by Salafis
  • extreme and transnational religious goals
  • Islamic Caliphate
  • Salafis hostile to culture
  • immediate aim to make Patani ungovernable

Unfortunately for Southern Thailand (and Mindanao) the Malaysian government had plenty of money in the 1980s and 1990s.  So money was splashed around to participate in the peace process. It was really a covert attempt at 'Islamic brotherhood'. And in the 1980s The Super Agent of the Ikhwan Muslimin (Muslim Brotherhood) was already a powerful and influential operator in Malaysia.

If Muslims were in trouble, we had to go and help them. Why? 
Well because they were Muslims. What a stupid question.

It did not matter whether Patani, Mindanao, Bosnia, Rohingyas, Aceh or wherever. So long as they were Muslims - plus Malaysia had tons of money - we would go and help them.  Exactly what were the truths behind the conflict dynamics, the politics, the socio-economics, the cultures etc were not really important. They were Muslims, we were Muslims, both are good, so lets go help them.

So how could we be really honest peace brokers or peace negotiators?  We were motivated by common beliefs in four legged winged creatures flying through the sky.

And we can see what has happened after 20 years and 25 years.  Bosnia - Herzegovina is becoming a Salafi Mental Hospital in Europe.  Southern Thailand is getting worse. Mindanao too is never near any lasting solution.

It is true that Malaysia has been hosting thousands of southern Thai separatist leaders and their families inside Malaysia. We have been hosting tens of thousands of Southern Thai Malays for a very long time. They are all wonderful people, ordinary people just like you and me.  From a long time ago, we have had Southern Thais as our customers.  They work hard for their living and usually run food outlets.

But we never offered real solutions for the Southern Thai Malays. Or the Moros in Mindanao. I recall in the 90s and 2000s there was a race between UMNO and PAS to build madrassahs in Southern Thailand. Shahidan Kassim used to fund madrassahs across the border from Perlis. PAS used to fund madrassahs across the river in Golok. 

Then hundreds or thousands of Southern Thai folks were admitted into our local universities and institutions especially MARA, UIA etc.

The full name of that so called "MARA Coalition" among the Salafi groups in Southern Thailand is "Majlis Amanah Rakyat Patani".  Doesnt that sound all too familiar.

And here are the flags of two factions (sudah pecah dua dah) of the Barisan Revolusi Nasional :

Dont these flags look very similar to our flag? That star has 15 points.  15 States ? Of what?  As I said, our folks have been throwing money and inspiring the Southern Thais with strange and unworkable ideas. That is why their problems never get solved.

So some of them have decided to try other options. Here is another 'more contemporary' idea for a newer flag for the Daulah Islamiyah Fathoni :

That is the ISIS flag folks. You all better wake up.  

Other than me, no one (or very few people) seem to be keeping track of what is really going on among the people with-no-internal-plumbing in their homes.  Dont get caught napping. 

I know what some of you are thinking. Migration is not an option. This is our home too.  It is super easy to overcome all these problems and improve the lives of all these people. We have to hang together and act together. Otherwise we will hang separately.

Plus we must know the correct things to do.  Let us be united by other than four legged winged creatures.