Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The IQ Of A Duck


I received the following link to a video clip. You can click on it. 


The message says"ISIS suicide bombers gather around to decide who gets to drive the truck that contains the explosives".

The video looks authentic enough. It is obvious that the boys are not too intelligent. Perhaps the IQ of a duck.

The suicide bombers in the video are young boys, perhaps late teens or early 20s. It shows a truck driving off and then there is a cloud of smoke in the distance - indicating an explosion.

This video really proves the point - you cannot make a career out of suicide bombing. Its a very short term job. 


Monday, December 4, 2023








The Bitcoin Scam and the Climate Alarmist Scam

This piece was written by my friend Sam who is an ex Managing Director of a Public Listed Company (PLC).


The Bitcoin Scam and the Climate Alarmist Scam

I'll make this post short. Monday chill.

Follow the money, ladies & gents. I will use the bitcoin and alternative currency scam issued by private companies as an example and I will show you how climate alarmist are funded by Wall Street and the London Stock Exchange and the European Stock Markets pulling the strings on establishment political parties and politicians (especially left leaning ones) at the expense of real people.

Bitcoin is already a huge ponzi bubble. Electronic money with no backing of anything except perception. Yes, it is ALMOST no different than fiat-money issued by central banks. Now we see Bill Gates and the likes jumping in because it makes them money from nothing. Blackrock (the $10 trillion equity fund) has now gotten approval to do ETF for Bitcoin.

Here is the difference between say the US government issuing fiat-money compared to Bitcoin or Blackrock backing it. Bitcoin has zero backing except its own capitalization of $ 796B. The day people say its not trading bitcoin that $ 796 B disapears. The day the ETF trading bubble burst, Blackrock whole capitalization of $112 B go down the drain. Its equity value in asset invested and cash it holds depend on dividend returns of companies it does not run (only invest in) and cash in its equity funds which are mainly in USD. It has to liquidate its other investment holdings in a hurry and thats not a good way to get the price you want. That is how your whole bubble bursts.

So it goes back to USD fiat-money. That $ 112 B is in real terms a drop in the bucket for the US economy to back any "currency" fiat or electronic mumbo jumbo. That means Bitcoin that currently circulates 19.56 M coins at approx $ 40,757 each is $ 797.2 B - about where its market cap is. A ratio backing is exactly 1.00X! You have no backing but their word and what is being traded in their own shares.

That means any share price movement brings the value of bitcoin up or down instantly.

That leads us to the US economy. The USD is not backed by just the GDP of the US economy - it's value is impacted by GDP but its worth overall is backed by the US economy. The US economy as it stands today has a net worth of USD 135 TRILLION. As of September 20, 2023, the Federal Reserve estimated that the total amount of US currency in circulation is approximately US$2.33 trillion. That means the ratio of the back up for USD is 58X the paper money being issued.

That means the US economy can withstand at least 58 times drop in its size for any "real" depreciating impact on the value of the US Dollar. 

See the difference? One is a scam of value on its own value with zero backing effectively and one backed by real economic power including backed by a federal constitution that binds 50 state net worth to a federal issued fiat IOU. I hope that makes it clear.

Now to climate alarmists imaginative way to make money out of pure bullshit. Carbon Credit. Carbon credit is the bitcoin of Climate Change. It has nothing backing it up except perception that it is of value to trade your negative carbon emission to another party that are compelled to buy them to offset their positive carbon emission. It is a pure spreadsheet exercise based on people believing it the "credit" has value. Hence it promotes non-productive industries such as carbon capture technology and renewables that are multiple times more expensive than fossil fuels and rare earth mining that destroys the environment way more than fossil fuel production could ever do.

I am going to end this by saying a simple conclusion - google any mainstream media article or opinion on planting and maintaining/growing forests as a way to sequester carbon and produce oxygen and water for life. I guarantee you all will say it will not work or it is misconceived and it distracts from stopping fossil fuels. That is all you need to know. There is a cheap almost natural way if you are worried about carbon emission. Plant trees more. Don't cut rainforests. Environmentally friendly right? But No. Its not good. Mine the earth by devastating the planet for rare earth and keep the poor poorer by making energy expensive and beyond their rich. Who gives a shit as long as the developed world can virtue signal and their global interests control the world.

And that is all I have to say about that 😋



Sunday, December 3, 2023




Istana goodwill created madani gomen
not from mandate at ballot box
This has now been forgotten by PH 
They aren’t there at the peoples’ pleasure
Kemaman shows madani tempory occupant 
until voters select legitimate replacement


This is adapted from Murray Hunter's latest two posts  :

Landslide win for PAS in Kemaman  click here  and   
madani is trying to destroy Bersatu before GE16   click here

1.  Landslide win for PAS in Kemaman
Sound rejection of Madani by Kemaman voters
Murray Hunter Dec 3

  • Kemaman byelection humiliating defeat for UMNO 
  • PAS won whopping 37,220 vote majority
  • Malay majority (94.1%) Kemaman seat in T'gganu on Dec 2
  • electoral humiliation for UMNO
  • also severely dented democratic legitimacy of madani govt
  • questions about soundness of PH coalition
  • madani's  overzealous support for Hamas lost non-Malay and Malay support
  • result worse for PH/UMNO than Nov 2022 general election
  • UMNO not relevant in the Malay heartlands.
  • Malays in Kemaman clearly rejected madani and PKR 
  • Contrary to all the PR madani not wanted by the Malays
  • police investigations against Muhyiddin cost madani Malay support 

  • UMNO has become irrelevant 
  • This is devastating for UMNO
  • Wak Jahid at twilight of his career 
  • DNAA corruption charges have not exonerated him

  • Over past 12 months madani has taken PH backwards.
  • next GE PKR will decline just like UMNO
  • may be lucky to get 20 seats in parliament
  • For PAS, this is a rally call
  • Malaysia is theirs for the taking. 
  • PAS look legitimate, madani is now illegitimate
  • Madani gomen created from goodwill of Istana
  • not from mandate at ballot box
  • This has now been forgotten by PH 
  • They aren’t there at the peoples’ pleasure
  • Kemaman results indicate madani tempory occupant 
  • until the voters select a legitimate person to replace him

2. madani  is trying to destroy Bersatu before GE16
madani's Machiavellian side coming out
Murray Hunter
Dec 2            

  • popularity of ‘unity govt’ at a low 
  • madani will be one term only
  • Bersatu won 31 seats at GE15 
  • PN won 74 seats in GE15
  • Madani no virtues, moral claims 
  • online news portals suppressed 
  • websites blocked illegally
  • madani went further by charging Bersatu leader Muhyiddin  
  • Kedah MB charged with sedition last July
  • These moves widely criticized for political persecution
  • PAS to make massive gains GE16 
  • PAS could take up to 60 seats in next parliament
  • Looking at madani's record, something is likely to go wrong 
My Comments :
The Kemaman byelection shows that things are getting worse for madani, PH, UMNO AND of course the DAP. In Kemaman from a 20,000+ vote majority in 2022 PAS has now widened the majority to 37,220 votes.
Believe me after this there will be no more Bersatu MPs 'switching allegiance'. Or if they do the required kuih and karipap just went up by at least ten times. 
'You want me to switch, the kuih and karipap is now times 10'. 
Murray Hunter says PAS can win up to 60 seats in the next General Elections. 
Chinese people, DAP folks if that happens then 'Assalamu Alaikum'.  
It will be entirely your fault. You have not been listening to me for the past 25 years.
You have hoisted an unpopular, bullshit talking clown on your shoulders.
With royal assent you pulled off quite a coup.
But as you can see it has all been a terrible mistake.
You could have used the past 25 years to nurture other candidates.
You could have if you had tried. A quarter century has been wasted.
Now your shenanigans have tilted the field in favour of PAS.
Congratulations. Do pat yourselves on the back.

It is not too late.
You have to talk to Bersatu.
Keep your options open. 
It is just a division of projects.
Who gets what. Can talk.
Renewables, global warming, land reclamations. 
All that money.
You want to lose all of that?
You will possibly lose even more.

Saturday, December 2, 2023



  • LONDON: Four major banks quit climate targets for corporations
  • The lenders abandoned because hinder financing fossil fuels
  • StanChart, HSBC, Societe Generale, ABN Amro
  • StanChart left validation process 
  • StanChart seeking alternative science-based targets 
  • Cracks spreading
  • No major US bank has joined 
  • Allianz (German insurance giant) also quit
  • emissions targets too hard to meet
  • lenders say they should finance fossil fuels
  • departure of banks casts shadow over greenhouse standards
  • target to limit global warming to 1.5°C

My Comments : Here is the No. 1 question that is now becoming the acid-test to expose the global warming scam.

Their target is to limit global warming to 1.5°C.  

They say there is plenty of maths that have gone into deriving this magic number 1.5 degrees Celcius.

Others dispute these methods. But here is the killer question which cannot be answered.

If everyone obeys all the 'rules based order' and sticks to the global warming scheme and the carbon footprint of all the countries becomes effectively ZERO then what will be the drop in global temperatures? 

If everyone follows al the global warming crap then what will be the drop in global temperatures? Please calculate for us.

If the global temperature is going up by 1.5 degrees C if we are naughty, then what will be the drop in global temperatures if we are not naughty? 

Will it drop by 1.5 degrees C?  

Okay I did not think up this question. This question has been asked at some US Senate hearing on global warming. You must listen to this five minute video:


They are bullshitting.