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Friday, May 25, 2018

Part 1 By Hussein Hamid - Will Anwar Ibrahim Make It To Prime Minister?

Will Anwar Ibrahim make it to the PM's Office?  
My quick answer is no.  
Other writers and analysts are also pondering this point. 

First up here is an article by Hussein Hamid from Melbourne, Australia. 

Then after this I have an article by Dr Clive Kessler. 

Finally I will have some thoughts as well. 

Anwar Ibrahim : The man who would be King?
By Hussein Abdul Hamid, Thursday, May 24, 2018

My dear Saudara Anwar…you will be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

No “ifs” no “buts”. 
You WILL be the next PM. 
The Rakyat has agreed. 
PH has agreed. 
PKR has agreed (as if they had a choice!) and 
Tun Dr Mahathir too has agreed. 
The only one who will stop you from being PM is yourself !!!

You have been “away” these last few years so maybe you do not know that the Sultans, including Mr Sultan in Johor, has no say in these matters concerning the post of Prime Minister….which brings me to the question that many of my friends have been asking me since yesterday……Why did you find it necessary to go and see Mr Sultan down South so soon after your release?

Why indeed !!!

Never bite the hand that you kiss !

Maybe because you were inside Bamboo River, you might not be privy to what Mr Sultan has misc__evously done in the run up to GE14. And I use the term “misc__evous” purely to make you understand that many Malaysians are of the opinion that Mr Sultan’s intent towards Pakatan Harapan, was to say the least, “misc__evous” and more !!!  

Mr Sultan wanted Bangsa Johor and other Malaysians to vote to keep the ___rupt and ar__gant Umno led BN in government.

Mr Sultan has said so openly and alluded to the fact that our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir really has no __siness being PM again.

That is why I am asking you saudara Anwar …
Why the  f**k did you go and so_l yourself and PH’s honour, by going to pay homage and kissing the hand of this Mr Sultan? 
Did you go there to form an alliance with Mr Sultan? 
If you did…then for what purpose? Against Mahathir?

Fikir baik baik saudara before you do any more of these foolish things. 
As I said earlier…you will be Prime Minister…everyone has agreed to that. 
The only person who will stop you from being Prime Minister is yourself.  
You have done that twice already in the past…so please just be a good boy. 

Take a deserved rest. Spend time catching up with family, friends and classmates. Take a long holiday anywhere you choose. Then prepare for the by-election that you must have and win as the first hurdle you need to cross to get back into parliament. 

Then wait your time to take the reins from Tun Dr Mahathir. Not in six months time, not in a years time. We want him there for whatever time is needed to put in place checks and balances within government to ensure that the likes of Najib and the Mahathir of old…can never ever have any sway over Malaysians and Malaysia, ever again.

If that takes two years…so be it.

Saundra Anwar….the other thing that worries me today is Selangor. 
Saudara Azmin has taken a cabinet post. 
Now who will now take charge of Selangor? 

We all know that Selangor is the richest state in Malaysia full of “business opportunities” and we all know about that huge cash reserve of almost RM4 billion sitting in its coffers. I trust that you have no untoward designs towards Selangor…and by that I mean that you do not see Selangor as your base…as your state to do as you please to reward your self and your supporters for their “loyalty” to you personally. 

We know that those in PKR who do not pledge loyalty to you personally will find their time in PKR to be uncomfortable. You need to understand Saudara Anwar that the “personality” cult in any political party is now frowned upon by the Rakyat. 

Use the time you now have before taking the reins from Mahathir to put PKR in order. Make it in the image befitting of the party within the PH coalition that truly deserves to have it’s leader as Prime Minister. If you do not do this you might find yourself and PKR in the unpleasant situation that Najib and Umno now find themselves in after GE14. 

Already from what I see in my small world of blogging, 

you have replaced Najib as the individual that  those who read what I write are beginning to dislike. 

Holding that rally on the day you were release was not a good idea…

it shows people what your priorities are…YOURSLF 

not your family that has sacrificed and put up with you all through those trying times you were incarcerated and while you were in politics. 

And then your meeting with Mr Sultan down South resulted in you being confirmed in their list of “most do not like” individual in Malaysia. 

Yes Saudara Anwar…you are now numero uno in that category.

I do not know if you read what I write nor do I know if someone will bring to your attention what I write…but this I must remind you again saudara. 

Everyone that matters today have agreed that you are the designated Prime Minister after Tun Dr Mahathir… 

but brother…you still need to prove that you deserve to be PM and more critical, the people must want you to be their PM

….and the way you have been conducting yourself since your release from Bamboo River does not endear you to a lot of people

…me included. 

Enough said brother. Take care.

My comments :  

Immediately after his release Anwar visited The Agong who is also the Sultan of Kelantan.  Anwar is chummy with the House of Kelantan. Then he has also spent two hours visiting the Sultan of Johor.  

The latest news is Anwar has visited the family and mother of the Sultan of Kelantan. 

I think it is public knowledge that both these sultans (ie Kelantan and Johor) seem to have some issues with Tun Dr Mahathir being Prime Minister. 

Before the General elections, the Sultan of Johor did say to the public to continue supporting the gomen of Najib Razak. 

Then Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed suffered an unusual waiting period before the Agong agreed to his being sworn in as the Prime Minister.  

As Hussein Hamid asks in his article above, why did Anwar choose to visit Sultans who have some a_e to grind with Tun Dr Mahathir?

Why not Anwar visit the Rulers of Negeri Sembilan or Perlis or Perak or Selangor as well ?  

Is it true Anwar Ibrahim cannot visit the Rulers of Negeri Sembilan or Perlis or Perak or Selangor because they may not extend him an invitation? 

Do read Part 2.

How to transform the Islamic administration By Farouk A. Peru

How to transform the Islamic administration

By Farouk A. Peru

MAY 25 — The new government is still riding high after two weeks. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s popularity, according to an online poll, is higher than even that of rock stars and footballers, and that is saying a lot! 

I am not surprised either. I truly believe that only a man of his capacity could have pulled off a victory against the seemingly immovable BN government. 

But now he is facing his greatest challenge yet — declawing the Islamofascists. 

Tun had already said the Islamic administration is due for a change. 

Although it was he who created Jakim in the first place during his first time round as PM, I am sure he did not mean for Jakim to be as dysfunctional as it currently is. 

But this is one of the side effects of the post-Mahathir government. For 15 years BN needed the Islamic administration to bolster their own religious legitimacy and thus threw money at it. 

It was no less than the Sultan of Johore himself who demanded to know why Jakim needed a budget of RM1 billion. That was three years ago. 

Till today, a detailed accounting is still forthcoming. 

What does Jakim do with its budget? Among its activities is advising Muslims against keeping dogs. This shows their policy makers’ ignorance of the Quran which explicitly mentions the dog as a hunting animal whose gains are halal. 

Another one of its more titillating activities was to determine the gender of a local entrepreneur. Jakim needed a month to figure it out! Such are the activities which have totally brought this organisation into disrepute. 

Yet, even with these fiascos, Jakim still enjoys the support — even though it is rather diminished now — of the Malay Muslims. I surmise that this is because it is seen by its supporters as the protector of the faith, whatever that means. 

That said, the nation is enjoying the spirit of change. We have successfully removed the coalition which has ruled us since independence itself so why can we not also see some changes to the Islamic administration? 

If there is a person with the political will to bring about said changes, it can only be Tun himself. 

To me, the best change is simply full secularisation. Religion can never be officialised and monetised and remain authentic to itself. 

When we appoint people to be paid religious officers, they must make themselves perpetually relevant in order to keep their jobs. This is simple economics. 

This is why we find Jakim taking up trivial matters such as dog-owning by Muslims. They needed to find some way to remain relevant and deeper philosophical issues were simply beyond their grasp. 

If we were to secularise the nation completely, we would be able to cut through the fat and arrive to the essence of the faith. 

However, I doubt secularisation is possible now so we must go for less radical solutions. 

And that brings us to another important point. We must give the Muslims the freedom to opt out of Islamic jurisdiction. 

If they choose to be placed under civil jurisdiction, they must be allowed to do so. 

A great number of Muslim women especially, feel justice has been denied to them by Shariah courts which operate on archaic, misogynistic laws. 

Finally, religious classes in schools. These classes are simply not providing a humanistic religious experience. Rather, they are used to disseminate artificially constructed sets of rules and regulations which do not touch at the spiritual centre of Islam. 

Worse still, the ones conducting these classes are graduates of Islamic institutions who tend to create a separate identity from other Malaysians. 

Parents should be free to send kids to religious classes but it must be a choice. Other parents may choose more progressive routes. 

Malaysia has just awakened from a long slumber during which the Islamic administration held us hostage. We must be brave now, else our impetus to transformation be stopped dead in its tracks. 

My comments : Religion is endless pain and foolishness. 

Buka Puasa With The Super Powers

It was an interesting buka puasa last nite.   Same same like every year. Except this year Tun Dr Mahathir is the Prime Minister again. The "super power" is back on again.

 With YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir and Dato Kadir Jasin. 

This is for the historical record. With Tun Daim, the other 'super power' ! 
This will be a very rare photograph indeed. 

Since the elections this was only the second time that I have met Tun Dr Mahathir - as Prime Minister.

Last nite we spent about two hours in close proximity with Tun Dr Mahathir.  There was the initial buka puasa, then the prayers, then the full buka puasa makan, then terawih prayers, then more food (the moreh session). I left after the terawih. 

There was little of Dr Mahathir's banter, jokes or his usual laughter with people around him.   He has so many things on his mind.  I could almost hear his brain working overtime and at light speed.  Dr Mahathir has a million thoughts.  No time to even smile.  But I think Tun Dr Mahathir is enjoying the challenge again.

He looks healthy and walks lightly and easily.  The terawih prayers are about half an hour and can be strenuous for many people. Yet Dr Mahathir  breezed through it easily.

Last nite I managed to say a couple of things to Dr Mahathir. I cannot repeat it here because it is all so damned sensitive.  Every other thing in this country is so sensitive.  Take my word for it that Dr Mahathir is on the ball and he is working very hard for all our benefit.

Folks, let us all give our full and undivided support to our Prime Minister YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed. He has given himself 100 days to right many things in our country.