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Friday, February 15, 2019

UPDATED : Al Kisah Super Dungu Khalid Samad Dan Dewan Ber-Rasuah Kuala Lumpur - Over 1000 Jalan TAR And Jalan Masjid India Businessmen Threaten To Close Shop And Go On Strike. YAB Tun Dr Mahathir What Is The Matter With The Cabinet Ministers?


For Super Dungu Khalid Samad's information I am still the Deputy Chairman of the Majlis Bertindak Jalan Masjid India - our Jalan Masjid India businessmen's association. Our Chairman is Dato Ameer Ali Mydin, the Boss of Mydin Hypermarket. So we are concerned about what goes on in the neighborhood.

I already said  in just the previous post that I will be posting something soon about the new Super Dungu Minister of the FT Khalid Samad. I was not planning to write this until next Tuesday but events have now overtaken my schedule. 

Today the Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Masjid India businessmen had a gathering to sign a petition against the Super Dungu Minister of the FT Khalid Samad and the DBKL who are threatening to close a 1km stretch of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.  They had a short protest march too. The news has been carried by the media.

A commenter said that lately I have been getting angry at the Pakatan Harapan. I dont get angry. I simply use a style of writing that really gets the message across - especially to those who are dim witted, which in Malaysia accounts for a very large number of people. 

But there is much anger building up in the country at the Pakatan Harapan government. 

And now 1,000 businessmen in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Masjid India are threatening to go on strike and close their businesses. 

This is from the Malay Mail :

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15 — Business owners threatening to close doors protest against the government and its recent decision to close Jalan (Jalan TAR).

Masjid India Business Association President Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin told Malay Mail traders disagreed with the decision

don’t go ahead with the closure 

We are so upset, contemplating to close all our shops along the two streets 
to protest to the government and the decision,” he said.

in response to Khalid Samad saying a stretch of Jalan TAR would be closed 

Does the Super Dungu Khalid Samad understand how much embarrassment that will create for Tun Dr Mahathir and the Pakatan Harapan government if over 1,000 businessmen decide to close shop and go on strike?  

That means over 1,000 businessmen  are really very angry.  That means the ordinary people are really very angry at the government.

Here are some pictures, video and the news :

As law abiding and tax paying business owners we are unhappy with the closure of the road, which would cut off access and place hawkers in front of our stores and push more traffic and petty traders to the narrow lanes behind us.

road closure without proper consultation 
they appear to be siding with (hawkers) who sell fake goods 

Masjid India Business Owners Association president Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin said traders had made it clear from day one that they would never agree to stalls being allowed in Jalan Masjid India and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

He said their businesses had been negativly impacted due to the sheer number of petty traders in the area’s congested and narrow lanes. but City Hall had yet to learn from its mistakes.

“They cannot be so naive and say that the mess they created in Petaling Street, Chow Kit and Wisma Yakin will not recur here.

“To make matters worse they spent more than RM1 billion of taxpayers’ money on the River of Life project and upgrading the sidewalk here recently.

“It’s not going to work. You just walk around here and there are about 30 to 40 illegal stalls in Jalan TAR and Masjid India at all times.

“How do they remain when enforcement officers are walking on the same road?,” he asked, adding that even the pasar malam on Saturday was a 24-hour event.

He also rubbished an online survey done by the local authority, which stated that 65 per cent of about 2,000 respondents were in favour of the move that is intended to reduce congestion in the city. 

Here is video :

Here are more pictures :

Above and Below : Batu Road Business Owner's Association and Jalan Masjid India business owners gather to sign a petition and protest Super Dungu Khalid Samad's decision to close Jalan TAR.  

Why is it that day by day the Pakatan Rakyat government is becoming increasingly kurang sayang towards the people and the voters who put them in power? Tun Dr Mahathir what is going on with the government?

Here is Sinar Harian's take on the same matter :

To the Super Dungu Khalid Samad, this issue is as old as the Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur. This is all about RASUAH. CORRUPTION.

When I was in the MACC's Advisory Panel for FOUR YEARS I brought up this matter of the Bazar Ramadan Corruption and the MACC did conduct an investigation. Super Dungu Khalid Samad please ask the new Datuk Bandar to brief you on that investigation by the MACC.  If the new Datuk Bandar is also a dungu, Khalid can call my old friend Dato Azam Baki at the MACC and ask him.  Dato Azam should be able to brief you about the corruption at the DBKL.

It is getting late now. I will sambung this tomorrow. 

In the story of Batman and Robin, whenever the people need help from Batman they send the special Batman signal.  Here is the Batman signal :

Well over 1,000 businessmen in Jalan TAR and Jalan Masjid India have sent the Batman signal. So lets hope that Batman responds to this plea for help.

Do read my update in the morning.


This whole idea of closing a 1km stretch of Jalan TAR has absolutely nothing to do with traffic, global warming, saving the whales or anything of that sort. 


It has only one purpose - RASUAH.

Last year the new Pakatan government agreed that the corruption infested Bazaar Ramadan will be abolished.  NO MORE BAZAR RAMADAN. 

Yet the Bazar Ramadan last year was still allowed to go on because the PH won the elections on May 9th and the Bulan Puasa started soon after.  So too late to cancel the Bazar Ramadan. 

I think by that time the corrupt crooks in the Dewan BerRasuah KL had already collected the money or closed the deal with the Bazar Ramadan "cartel" over the 400 plus Bazar Ramadan stalls  (Warung Bazar Ramadan).

Its not much - it averages out to just a few thousand Ringgit per warong license.

(How it works is the actual DBKL warong licenses are issued for a monthly license fee of less than RM200 for the Bulan Puasa. However the "cartel"  corners all the licenses and then 'resells' them to the traders for RM5,000 to RM20,000 - depending on the location.  So lets say 400 licenses x RM15,000 (average) = RM6 MILLION BUTA RASUAH MONEY. This money is shared between the Dewan Ber Rasuah KL, the cartel, the runners etc. There are many people involved. So each person will only get a few thousand Ringgit each.  This has been going on for ages.)

Anyway this year 2019  there cannot be anymore Bazar Ramadan in Jalan Masjid India because the Minister al Super Dungu Khalid Samad has already agreed to abolish the Bazar Ramadan.

So what is happening now is the Dewan Ber Rasuah KL is taking revenge.  Instead of Jalan Masjid India, the cartel has now used its influence at the Dewan Ber Rasuah KL to SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY 1km of Jalan TAR where Super Dungu Khalid Samad says they will put another 200 warong.

Can you imagine that - next year is Wawasan 2020.

And Super Dungu Khalid Samad wants to turn one of the oldest and most major road arteries in Kuala Lumpur - Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman - into a warong ghetto with over 200 warongs.

That shall be Dr Mahathir's Wawasan 2020 - Jalan TAR  is closed so that they can fill it up with warong tepi jalan.  What a fantastic achievement.

And the Dewan BerRasuah KL and the cartel will collect their illegal rentals, license money etc from the warong traders. New government but same old shit.

This is what is going on.

Super Dungu Khalid Samad said they conducted an online survey where 2000 people agreed to close Jalan TAR.

Online survey kepala bapak engkau.  
Jangan membohong. 

Talk is there was NO online survey with 2000 people or even 1000 people.

But that is besides the point. This statement by super dungu Khalid Samad clearly proves his cebuk dale sungai type of thinking.

Where in the world does a local authority close a main road in the largest city in South East Asia?

Where in the world does a local authority conduct a survey - online, offline or whatever - to close a main road artery in the largest city in South East Asia?

How stupid can you get?

If you want to reduce traffic, then why not conduct an online survey and ask local residents if they want to cose down 

1.Jalan Sultan ismail?
2. Jalan Bukit Bintang?
3.Jalan Ampang?
4. Jalan Kampong Baru?

I am sure if you conduct a survey at least 1000 people will agree that Jalan Ampang, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Kampong Baru etc should be closed.  

Can cut down traffic maa.
Less traffic jam.
Less global warming maa.

So if 1000 people agree, are you going to close Jalan Sultan Ismail? Jalan Bukit Bintang?  Bodoh?

Now, let me tell you the real situation folks.

The Dewan BerRasuah KL, the Bazaar Ramadan cartel have made a mistake.  
They announced their intentions too soon. 

But there is a reason for this.

The Bulan Puasa starts in early May 2019. 
Super Dungu Khalid Samad has agreed that NO MORE Bazaar Ramadan in Jalan Masjid India anymore.

So now they want to shift the Bazaar Ramadan to Jalan TAR. Right next door.
So that is why they must close Jalan TAR.

This also means the Dewan Ber Rasuah KL and the Bazaar Ramadan cartel must start selling the licenses and collecting money latest by March / April. 
That is why they want to close the Jalan TAR by March 15th.




So here is my prediction.
The Dewan Ber Rasuah KL will make an alternative solution. 

They will say 'Lets close Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman for just ONE MONTH - during the Bulan Puasa - so that the Bazar Ramadan can be held in Jalan TAR instead of Jalan Masjid India

Just mark my words.


For what? For a measly few thousand Ringgits of duit rasuah each. That is all.

Shut down a main road artery in the largest city in South East Asia,  fill it up with Indon warongs, Pakistan run warongs, illegal warongs etc and make the place look like a THIRD WORLD SHIT HOLE.

Just so that a few crooks at the Dewan Ber Rasuah and the Bazaar Ramadan cartel can make a few thousand Ringgit each. 

This was the situation under the super corrupt UMNO and BN.
This is the case under Pakatan Harapan.