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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Berjuta Ringgit Keluar Masuk Akaun Tapi Bisnes Tak Ada, Pekerja Tak Ada, Guna Alamat Apartmen

Berita No.1

  • 3 companies apartments with no business activities
  • Mastoro Jogabonito, Berani & Jujur.  

(OSTB : Ngoro-goro apa jadi?)

  • huge amount of monies in and out of bank account 
  • did not have any employees 
  • address was apartment 
  • no sign of business activities 
47 charges money-laundering, bribery, CBT involving millions 
received bribes from 3 companies, 10 cheques totalling RM13.25m 
inducement to help Mastoro secure projects from MyEG 

Berita No.2

  • RM8.6 million deposit for shares - High Court heard today
  • MACC said payment made to hotel management firm
  • Zahid facing 47 charges of CBT 
  • accused of money laundering, accepting bribes as home minister

My comments :

Berita No 1 tadi jumlahnya RM13.25 Juta. Yang No 2 pula RM8.6 Juta. Total besar jumlahnya sudah RM21.85 Juta.

Kepada tuan-tuan yang haprak, katakanlah anak tuan-tuan dapat kerja Grab Food dengan Gaji Minima RM1,100 sebulan - atau RM13,200 setahun. Maksudnya anak tuan-tuan kena kerja 1,655 tahun sebelum dia boleh kumpul duit RM21.85 Juta.

Jadi kenapa pula anak tuan-tuan yang haprak ini tak boleh buat bisnes yang boleh jana duit  besar RM9 juta ke atau RM13 juta ke? 

Jawapannya ialah sebab tuan-tuan tak tahu rahsia bisnes. Rahsia bisnes depa yang boleh dapat duit berjuta-juta ini simple saja:

  • did not have any employees 
  • address was apartment 
  • no sign of business activities 
Apa susah sangat? 

Friday, March 5, 2021

Parliament Session : MCA, MIC Disagree With Ngoro-goro.

  • BN leaders distanced themselves from Zahid calling for Dewan to convene 
  • saying no such decision was made at the Supreme Council meeting last night
  • Zahid as BN chairman urged MPs to press for parliamentary session
  • But MIC president said those present had (not) agreed 
  • decision not to make any assumptions
  • no need to issue statement regarding Parliament session
  • BN meeting “never supported any appeal to Agong to order Parliament sitting”
  • supported by MCA president who told Malaysiakini what MIC said correct

My comments : 

MCA dan MIC pun tak peduli pengerusi BN. Sampai bila BN nak suffer malu macam ini? The public is laughing at you all lah. Bila nak seppuku ?

Singapore Company Designs Super Sonic Combat Drone

Here is some interesting news from Singapore about UCAVs or unmanned combat aerial vehicles, aka drones. This UCAV is Made In Singapore. This one has created some major waves because this is touted as a supersonic unmanned combat drone. Maybe a world first.

  • Singapore-based aerospace company developed supersonic combat drone 
  • Kelley Aerospace unveiled concept UAV called Arrow 
  • drone can fly 2,600 nautical miles at Mach 2.1, or 1,611 miles per hour
  • Los Angeles to Tokyo in three hours 
  • US$9m - US$16m price tag
  • piqued interest of buyers, garnering 100 pre-orders
  • drone’s potential fast, carbon-fiber-lightweight edge in warfare
  • Arrow designed to complement manned aircraft, force multiplier 
  • controlled by an operator, can also take off autonomously
  • can also be flown in a fleet as part of a larger mission 
  • two prototypes being tested in US, Sweden

My comments :

Over the years Singapore has quietly grown as a well regarded weapons manufacturer.  For some time already Made in Singapore machine guns (Ultimax 100) have made their mark around the world. 

In the 80s and 90s I used to regularly visit the Defense exhibitions held at Changi.  I was impressed when the Singaporeans were able to convert the single seater Skyhawk jet fighter into a two seat trainer. It takes considerable engineering and design skill to lengthen and change the airframe of a fighter jet to convert it from a single seater to a two seater.

In the picture below you can see the original single seat Skyhawk (right) and the modified two seater (left). The Skyhawks went out of service a long time ago. 

In the 21st century, Singapore is moving into drones and unmanned vehicles. Their private sector has begun developing unmanned ships (USV or unmanned surface vessels) including a drone coastal patrol vessel in the video below. (Hull from Taiwan).

It only takes two operators to operate the drone ship from a safe location on land.  The video says a regular coastal patrol vessel would require up to 22 sailors and officers to operate. So they are making huge savings in manpower. What this means is that the productivity of their manpower resources also increases tremendously.

(Two sailors operating from a bunker on land also cannot accept RM50 bribes from Sulu illegals).

The other thing to be noted is the price they are paying for all these new technologies. Their pricing is very competitive. This means the Singapore taxpayer saves money and still gets more security and protection.  

Increasing International Recognition For Private Educators

Well this is good news. Another Malaysian scientist / educator has won recognition internationally for her scientific and academic achievements. This time from Stanford University.

Dr. Wong is a medical practitioner. Her interests in leukaemia, stem cell and medical education research have yielded more than 30 publications in high-impact international journals and her works have been cited more than 2,000 times by researchers worldwide. - Photo credit Instagram/Segiedu

Dr. Rebecca Wong Shin Yee, Associate Professor of Physiology and Head of Preclinical Sciences at SEGi University's Faculty of Medicine, has been listed as one of the World's Top 2% Scientists by Stanford University

The list, published in Oct 2020, represents the top two per cent of the world's most-cited scientists in various disciplines.

She has also published five academic books in the field of physiology.

Dr. Wong is frequently invited to be a peer reviewer by many high-impact international journals such as PLoS ONE, Cell Biochemistry and Function, Journal of International Nanomedicine, Journal of Cell Science and Therapy, Journal of Stem Cell Research and Therapy, Cell Proliferation, Journal of Diabetes Research, Journal of Stem Cell Research and Therapy, Biomed Research International, Food and Function, Archives of Medical Research, Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, as well as Journal of International Medical Research.


My comments :  Wonderful recognition indeed for our local scientists. It does put Malaysia on the radar as an education and science hub.

But this is private sector. More competitive and more vibrant. This should be happening in our public universities. Sadly it is not. Or not to the same level.

A few of our private universities are taking the path of excelling in research. Not only are they teaching universities but they are also focussing towards becoming research universities. 

In the United States (as an example) some universities are recognised for being teaching universities while others may be more research oriented. There is a huge amount of reasoning and justification for being a teaching university, a research university, a good mix of both etc. 

It is not just money but it is also philosophy. 

Teaching universities make substantial money from student fees. It keeps them going. In a technology intensive and industrial country like the US, research universities also attract significant money contributions (from government and private sector) to conduct research. 

So you can have smaller universities willing to pay top money for top research professors because they can attract top level funding from government and industry. 

Or you can have large universities with 50,000 fee paying students on campus. 

Considering that research funding is now quite international - meaning even local Malaysian universities should be able to attract international research funds - perhaps this will create a new scope for our local researchers. 

Congratulations are due to Dr Rebecca Wong for her achievements and may you achieve even higher accolades.