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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Indonesia's Fantastic Deterrent : 689 Salafi Terrorists Cannot Return Home.

Well this is going to be a fantastic lesson to future wannabe Salafis, Wahabis and other terrorists from Indonesia. If they leave Indonesia to go and kill and murder human beings in other countries then they better have solid overseas retirement plans because Indonesia will not allow them to come back.

With this type of strong stance by the Indonesian government future Salafi and Wahabi terrorists from Indonesia who are thinking of killing human beings anywhere in the world will have to think twice and three times. 

They will not be able to return home to Indonesia. 
The Salafis have lost the battles and the wars in Iraq, Syria and also Libya.
Now they have sentenced themselves to death.  

Steady Aku's Lament

Selamat Pagi Malaysia.

For the Malays, in religion, in race, and in politics we are a people bankrupt of any decency, values, honesty, and pride.

The Qur’an was sent as a gift to mankind, and its teachings are filled with love, tolerance, and respect. Tell me whom among the Malay leaders of today teaches the Malays to love one another and to love others who also live amongst us? Tell me whom among the Malay leaders teaches the Malays to be tolerant and respectful of each other and of others who live amongst us? There is no Malay leader who can today stand taller than the other Malays they lead and say with humility and with truth that ALLAH gift of the Qur’an has not been in vain for its teachings have been heeded by them. None!

The Malays as a race are today devoid of any decency, values, honesty, and pride. Malay leaders have been stealing, plundering and pillaging their own nation with impunity for too many decades that today corruption, arrogance, and greed are words as familiar to the Malays as hard-working and thrift are to the Chinese and the Jews.

And if Politics is the art of the impossible then surely Malay politicians have done the impossible. In less than five decades they have managed to relegate this once proud, decent and hard-working Malay race to be one held in contempt and disgust not only by so many others but sadly, held in contempt and disgust by many of their own kind.

And if truth be told…there seems to be no respite on the horizon for the Malays, for Islam and for politics in Malaysian. Not even the glimmer of hope nor the darkness before the dawn seems to be in sight for us Malays. None whatsoever. And for all this, we must give our thanks (not!) to the Malay leaders who have not graced but defiled the very earth they have been born into and by their evil and dastardly deeds, condemn forever not only the Malays but also the other Malaysians who call Malaysia home, to a future that no self-respecting human being would want the worst of their kind and their enemies to live in. That my friends is the state of our nation today! No hope, no future not even the faint promise that things may be better in the time to come, will greet any Malay or Malaysians unfortunate enough to be born into the Malaysia that we now have today.

All this is as true as the fact that we Malays and Malaysians together stood against the greed and kleptocratic ways of the Umno led Barisan Nasional government and won! All this is as true as the fact that we had put our faith in the Pakatan Harapan government led by Tun Dr. Mahathir but, time and common sense tells us today that all seems to have been lost just into its second year of government as the Malay leaders in Pakatan Harapan descend toxically into the pit of race, religion and ungodly politics again to save themselves from a fate worse than death…the loss of political power. How far, we again ask ourselves, are these Malay political leaders allowing themselves to be deluded that race and religion will again be their elixir of hope for political power and the way to satisfy their insane greed? 

I am sick to the guts of my stomach as I again contemplate the reality of Malay leaders scheming, plotting devious plot and scams among themselves and with themselves to carve out their own political agendas seemingly oblivious to any other national concerns but their own. There is no Malay leader worth mentioning who is above the fray and is able to command any bit of respect or dignity for themselves or for the race they claim to be leading for anything and everything that they all do stinks to high heaven with greed, self-interest, and hubris. All this will not end until our people and our nation are brought down to their knees with not a hope in sight for redemption or resurrection. The Malays are unable to comprehend that the fault lies not with religion, race, and politics but in themselves. The Malays are to be blamed for the follies of their leaders and no one else. Not the Chinese, not the Indians not anyone else! And certainly not the “lesser religion” practiced by the Infidels that we Malays look down upon for no other reason than our own ignorance and hubris.

If there is to be any hope for the Malays to survive…not to succeed…but just to survive….there must be some awareness within ourselves for who we once were, who we have become and who we are now. History will tell us that the narrative for the Malays do not gel. All the hope and dreams we once had to be the Tuan of our Tanah Air has now turned sour. The Malays are their own worst enemies. For the Malays today, all that is left to take them out of the cesspool of Race, Religion, and Politics is the future. The Malay leaders have failed them in the past. And what the future holds not only for the Malays but for any other Malaysians, is still a work in progress but this much I know of my own race:  As of now, for the Malays, in religion, in race, and in politics, we are a people bankrupt of any decency, values, honesty, and pride.              


My comment : I just had a meeting with a blog reader, a Malay man, who wanted to ask me some questions. He had many questions but I could only spare about an hour. 

His main question was 'Why?'  
Why didn't we question all this? 
Why don't we challenge these things? 
Why do we just accept all this? 

Of course we were talking about religion. But from Hussein Hamid's post above, it should apply to all levels of Malay society.

Questioning or challenging the establishment (in religion, in society, in politics, in academia, in anything) is just frowned upon.

Some Mat Rempit types turned 'usahawan jual lemang' were ripping off Malay people during the Hari Raya month (bulan syawal) by selling overcooked, undercooked lemang by the roadside. 

A Malay friend figured out a way to not get cheated by the usahawan lemang without offending them or hurting their feelings. She would say that her pisau tumpul and ask the lemang fellow to cut open the lemang for her.  Then once cut they could all see if the lemang was undercooked, burnt etc.

The point is instead of telling them off she still wanted to 'jaga hati dia orang'. 
She did not want to offend them or hurt their feelings.

This is the real Malay culture, the polite culture. 
Not to be too confrontational or to be easily offended. 

Sadly the clever beggars among the Malays like the politicians, the religious snakes, the usahawan lemang (some not all), the jaundiced folks and a select few are only too aware of this 'polite culture' of the Malays and abuse it to the maximum. 

Hence Hussein Hamid's lament above. It is a combination of two parts, the first part is the ordinary Malay places so much trust (or does not complain) in those clever beggars.

The second part is that the clever beggars abuse this trust to the max.

The Malays are taken advantage of by their own pemimpin, by the agama charlatans, and by that other class 'that we cannot speak of'.  And of course now the Malays are being impoverished by that new class of pirates - the monopoly elites. Malays with political cable who have cornered everything of commercial value - monopolies, oligopolies, licenses, APs, large projects and lets not forget the 'memiskinkan orang Melayu' GLCs.  

The Malay people really need to open their eyes and ears.
They need to question things.
They just should not follow blindly.