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Monday, August 2, 2021

President With Less Than 30% Of Total Votes Takes Over In Iran

This is taken from Middle East sources.

A new Iranian president takes office this coming Thursday 5th August 2021 - another nut by the name of Ebrahim Raisi. 

Raisi, known as the “Butcher of Tehran,” is Iran’s former chief justice responsible for thousands of executions in 1988 and the violent suppression of demonstrations in 2009. As a result, the US put him under sanctions for human rights violations in 2019, and Sweden has a pending war crimes trial against him. Raisi was elected president in a vote in which voter turnout was 48% (as per official reports). The real turnout could be much less.

The president of Iran is just a puppet and has little authority. The real power lies in the Ayatollahs ie the Supreme Spiritual Leadear For Life Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who calls all the shots on Iran’s nuclear program, its development of advanced weaponry, its proxies around the Middle East etc.

My Comments :

No Iranian president has any say in the Supreme Ayatollah's policies. 

Thats all that we need to know. 

Last week there was a major escalation in Iran attacking ships linked to Israel - for the first time two crewmen - a British sailor and the ship's Romanian captain were killed.

Here is what will happen. The new president elect Ebrahim Raisi has already stated point blank that he will not meet anyone from the USA. There is a simple reason for this.

The Ayatollahs have no legitimacy to rule Iran. This is becoming even more evident when only 48% of voters even turned out to vote in the presidential election. These are official numbers. The real numbers are most likely lower. Raisi secured 62% of the votes cast. This means he secured only 29% of the total voter turnout. Minus the Army, Navy, the IRGC, Airforce, Government cronies, party members and other dependents the actual public support for Raisi is very low.

But this has always been pretty much the case in Iran since the Ayatollahs took over. They suffer serious legitimacy issues.

Plus they do not know how to prosper the Iranian people. While the Iranian people are now suffering water and electricity cuts their nuclear program gets all the money they can splurge. They spend billions building rockets and missiles as well. They always seem to have enough money to make bombs and weapons. The Iranian people can shower once a week.

Hence the importance of two things 

i. permanent enemies for the Ayatollah's to justify that they are saving Iran from its enemies and 

ii. "universal Islamic causes" to justify they are fighting for "Islam, peace, justice, human rights, freedom, bla bla".  

It also helps get donations from the fools aka the believers and supporters. The lebais and the ostard wal retards all over the word do the same thing.

Which is why Iran will never make peace with the USA, the Sunni Arabs, etc. The USA is very useful to the Ayatollahs ONLY as an enemy. 

The moment Iran makes peace with the USA, the Ayatollahs will lose a major prop that justifies their remaining in power with less than 30% of voter support. So they absolutely cannot make peace with their enemies. 

The more enemies they have, the easier it is for the Ayatollahs to justify their grip on power. 

And that is all that we need to know about Iran. Plus the fact that they do not have enough water and electricity but they have drones, missiles, rockets and bombs.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Taliban : Antara Ilmu Yang Berguna Dan Ilmu Yang Tidak Berguna

The following is a picture from earlier this week. Nine top Taliban leaders went to Beijing to meet Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

"China on Wednesday hosted a rare nine-member Taliban delegation amid its recent ascendancy in Afghanistan, with Foreign Minister Wang Yi describing the group as “a pivotal military and political force” in the country.

The delegation, led by Taliban co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar who heads the Taliban’s political office in Doha, met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and other officials in Tianjin, a port city around 100 km southeast of Beijing.

The visit to China is the first from the group in the wake of its gaining key ground in Afghanistan, including in Badakshan province which borders China’s western Xinjiang region."

Pesakit Mental Jumpa Doktor, Lengkap Baju Wad Psychiatry

This time around the Taliban are also engaged in high level meetings with Vladimir Putin of Russia, with Iran and also Pakistan. 

The Taliban are asking for money in exchange for not sending terrorists to cause trouble in Central Asia/Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan.  

My view is this is the only reason the Taliban are meeting E V E R Y O N E who shares a border or fears a common terrorist group. The Taliban rascals want money.

The Iranians fear the Taliban will give shelter to Iranian Pushtun and Baloch fighters. 

Pakistan now has to worry about Taliban offshoots inside Pakistan.  Plus the Taliban giving refuge to Pakistani Baloch fighters.  (Pakistani generals also dream of making more money from the Taliban again). 

The Russians fear the Taliban giving refuge to any number of Salafi terrorist groups  to infiltrate former Soviet Republics like Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgystan.   

China worries about Turkmen-Uyghur fighters operating from inside Afghanistan. 

So indeed the Taliban can extort plenty of money from their neighbours.

As usual China is also prepared to invest billions of Dollars in Afghanistan to make Afghanistan part of the One Belt One Road initiative. If indeed the Taliban have any good sense they should embrace the Chinese with all their strength.

But look at the picture above. The nine clowns are indeed dressed like inmates at an asylum.  Those rags wrapped around their heads and their unhygienic beards and unhygienic appearances. But this is what their mothers taught them.  They are convinced they look really good. This is the way.  They suffer a serious infection of the 'ana khairun minhu' (I am better than him) virus.  There is little cure for that virus other than complete destruction of the host body. 

Dulu penjajah kulit putih langgar negara-negara dunia. Orang putih masuk ke dalam negara orang lain tanpa diundang, tanpa memohon visa atau paspot. Mereka adalah penjajah. 

Tidak ada sesiapa pun negara Asia atau Afrika yang telah pergi ke London atau Paris atau Madrid atau Amsterdam untuk menjemput orang kulit putih datang menjajah negara mereka.

Tetapi kita lihat hari ini pula sembilan pemimpin tinggi Taliban menaiki kapalterbang untuk ke Beijing untuk "menjual" negara mereka kepada orang China. Secara sukarela. Bukan saja orang China ini "makan babi" dan "kafir" tetapi mereka juga adalah komunis ateis. 

Jadi Taliban yang kononnya memperjuangkan agama entah apa yang kononnya syumul, kamil. ehsan dan entah apa lagi sanggup meletak masa depan negara mereka dalam tangan puak komunis ateis kafir China pula.

Itulah yang 'ostensible' atau yang zahir pada mata kita.  Tetapi apakah niat sebenarnya puak Taliban ini - hanya iblis dan syaitan lebih tahu.

Ok-lah after all that has been said, so what happened to islamisation of knowledge (untuk bandingan sajalah - for your comparison)? Tak ada ke Islamisation of knowledge dengan puak Taliban?  

Sudah tentu puak Taliban ini ada syariah lah, ada hudud lah, ada salafi lah, ada wahabi lah  dan banyak lagi. So what happened? Kenapa mereka tidak boleh menyelamatkan diri mereka?  At last mereka pergi mengemis kepada China komunis di Beijing juga.

Tidak ada ke mana-mana puak lebai seperti Ikhwan Muslimin atau puak 'Islamisation of knowledge' atau puak parti lebai yang boleh bantu Taliban menyelamatkan jiwa dan nyawa orang Afghanistan? Dont you have any useful knowledge that can help these psychos?

The answer is a flat NO. Because all these psychos are cut from the same cloth. Ukuran dan potongan kain untuk buat baju puak-puak ini serupa saja.

Contohnya hampir kesemua 100% pimpinan Taliban adalah graduate  daripada madrasah Darul Uloom di Deoband di India.  Begitu juga ketua parti lebai kita dulu. 

Jadi otak mereka di isi software yang sama - software yang sudah kena corrupted virus yang merosakkan hardware. Taliban ke, Deoband ke, Ikhwan ke, islami-cessation of knowledge ke, parti lebai ke - software mereka semua sudah kena virus. 

Jadi apa pun yang mereka sentuhnya akan menjadi toxic. Dan jahannam.

Tengoklah gambar di atas itu sekali lagi. Sembilan ekor Taliban pergi menadah tangan kepada orang China komunis, ateis, kafir di Beijing untuk membantu perbetulkan negara mereka. 

Afghanistan telah "merdeka" daripada British  pada tahun 1919 - sejak 102 tahun dahulu. Ok-lah pada 20th century mereka masih negara baru. Baru merdeka. Masih 'learning to crawl and then to walk'. Banyak buat silap dan terpaksa bangkit setelah beberapa kali jatuh.   Tetapi sekarang ini sudah jadi 2021 lah. Sudah lebih 102 tahun Afghanistan sudah merdeka. Mereka juga famous sebagai 'Slayer of Empires' atau 'Pembunuh Kuasa Besar'.

Tetapi sekarang mereka menjemput Empayar China pula masuk ke Afghanistan untuk menyelamatkan negara mereka.

Lihatlah gambar itu sekali lagi.   Menteri Luar China itu namanya Wang Yi.  Wang Yi telah graduate daripada Beijing International Studies University (Bachelors),  Georgetown University di Amerika Syarikat dan mendapat PhD daripada China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing.  Seorang manusia yang terpelajar.  

Jelas sekali Wang Yi telah belajar ilmu-ilmu yang berguna.

Jelas sekali sembilan ekor Taliban itu telah belajar ilmu yang tidak berguna.



Saturday, July 31, 2021

Khairy Fellow Reading My Blog - Walk In Vaccinations Allowed. Sila Baca Dulu.

COVID-19 | Walk-in vaccination in Klang Valley for those above 18 

adults aged 18 and above can walk in at selected (PPV) beginning Aug 5.

only applies to those who haven't received their appointment for vaccination.

(OSTB : So this means better NOT register for MySejahtera yet. Try the walk in first begining August 5th ok.)

For aged 40 and above, and comorbidities, walk-in starts Monday (Aug 2).

(OSTB : Great. So to all the people aged 40 and above, just walk-in to the PPV beginning Monday, Aug 2nd 2021.)

"Not all PPVs in the Klang Valley will receive walk-in recipients. A list of centres that accept walk-ins will be released later today," he said.

(OSTB :  Pula. Here is my suggestion. To avoid confusion all PPVs please hang out a large but simple sign (papan tanda) :  WALK IN BOLEH   and  WALK IN TAK BOLEH

Make the sign large and easily visible. Then people will not be confused.)

first-come-first-served basis and depends on the capacity of each centre.

(OSTB : Err...this is NOT good. First you say walk-ins allowed. Then you say first come first served. I say, walk-ins will have to get Police permits, because they DO NOT HAVE A MYSEJAHTERA appointment - did you think about that.  Then they go to the PPVs and try their luck? First come first served? I say, if you do this, we will NEVER reach 80% herd immunity. The moment you say no to any walk-ins the entire population will say you are just bullshitting. So please make sure there are enough vaccines to cater for all the walk-ins. How do you do this? Leave it to the PPVs. In just a few days, they will be able to gauge how much extra vaccines to have on standby to cater for all walk-ins.. They are not stupid. No such thing as first come first served. All will be served - without fail.) 

For those unable to get their vaccination after walking in, they will be prioritised to receive their shots the next day, he said.

(OSTB :  So they have to come back again. Make another trip. Cost time and money again. The people will not like this at all.)

opened walk-in inoculation to Klang Valley senior citizens, which began on July 17

Turmoil In Iran Again, 10 Protesters Shot Dead Thus Far

Iran is in turmoil again. Massive street protests have broken out all over the country. The last big protests were in 2019 where 1,500 people were shot dead by Iranian security forces. 

The new president Raisi takes over his new office in August 2021 - tomorrow.

In this round of protests so far 10 have been shot dead. Iran has a population of over 85 million people. Here is a YouTube video followed by some news reports (from Middle East sources).


this round of protests may differ from previous ones 

question of the continued existence of the clerical regime in Iran

electricity cut off due to energy savings 

Iran experiencing significant wave of unrest

Protests began July 15 in southwestern Khuzestan 

scarcity of water in recent months, led to deaths among livestock 

lack of water also causing breakdown in electricity and frequent blackouts.

protests spread in Isfahan, Karaj, Kermanshah and Tabriz.

On Monday unrest reached Iranian capital Tehran 

demonstrators chanting against regime. 

“Death to the dictator,” “Khamenei, shame on you” “No Gaza, no Lebanon"

protesters chanted slogans in favor of Reza Shah founder of Pahlavi dynasty 

authorities reacted with predictable harshness

Internet reception blocked in Khuzestan

Ten so far reported killed

In late 2019, 1,500 killed

90% of Iran’s water used by agricultural sector

main crops grown are rice and sugarcane, require large amounts of water.

Overexploitation of water resources for decades 

absence of coherent national strategy for water

growing salinity in considerable parts of Iran’s south

causing water shortages 

clumsy and unsuccessful state policy  fomenting unrest 

lack of credible alternative to clerics and IRGC.

wholesale and thorough rejection of system spreading 

Iran inability to create social and economic life for population

may well prove fatal to regime

unrest, and crackdown are continuing

My comments :

I have said this before.  If you buy a pair of shoes of the wrong size you will know immediately that it is uncomfortable. You can fix the problem immediately.

You implement the wrong education policy it will take 30 years before you know your university graduates are unemployable. Or that there is no innovation and competitiveness in your economy.

You implement the wrong economic policy it will take 30-50 years before you know your economy is doomed. 

The Iranians picked the Ayatollahs in 1979 - 42 long years ago -  and they have been suffering ever since. When you make big mistakes like these, entire generations will suffer. 

The 2019 protests saw over 1,500 Iranians get killed by their security forces. The protests never really stopped. The complaints are the same - no freedom, no money, no jobs, no future, now no water and no electricity. They will shoot the people and quell the protests. But the protesters will keep coming back.  The Army will eventually turn against the Ayatollahs. It always happens.

Monday, July 26, 2021

17,000 Cases 25th July 2021 : Focus On Selangor And KL. No Need For Rocket Science

Maybe my blog posts yesterday highlighting the fact that we are NOT going to reach herd immunity has triggered some alarms. There needs to be some clarity as to Target Population versus Total Population in order to achieve that 80% herd immunity - which information is not forthcoming yet (to my knowledge).

But today I received the following MKN bursts in my phone :


So the vaccines are now open for 12-17 year olds. Very good. Thank you.

But as I said before, I dont think you are going to achieve the 80% herd immunity (no matter how you define the target population) if you insist on using MySejahtera. 

Just ask the people to walk in. 

If you can offer this 'walk-in' vaccination for undocumented aliens (beginning 1st August 2021 ? - I hope that is still on, no flip flop) then why cant you extend the same courtesy to our own Malaysian citizens?

Not only do we elect the government but we are the taxpayers who have paid for the vaccines.  Make things easy for the people.

I repeat - over 44% have not yet registered for vaccinations. You are NOT going to get your 80% herd immunity through Mysejahtera. Switch it to walk-in for everyone.

Today (Sunday 25th July 2021) has been a shocker. Over 17,000 new cases. The deaths have gone down to 92.  Here is the scorecard of new cases :

The worst States are Selangor (8,500 cases) and Kuala Lumpur (2,000 cases). Kedah has over 1200 cases. It is so obvious - just focus more vaccine resources in Selangor and KL. Both Selangor and KL have been leading the race for sometime now.

Here is my suggestion - vaccinate everyone in KL and Selangor. Do it asap.

You wait for people to register with MySejahtera etc then it is NOT going to happen. Just open the gates for walk-in vaccinations.

I have a question - when you people planned the MySejahtera wasnt there any Devil's Advocate who asked 'How do we handle people who do not register with Mysejahtera - for whatever reasons?'

With so many experts, with doctor qualified Ministers etc didnt anyone ask this simple question : What if  people do not register with Mysejahtera? What do we do then?

Because that is what is happening now. Not enough people have registered with MySejahtera.

Dont waste time lah. Just load the vaccines into buses, boats, boxes and bins and go out to the people. Stop them on the streets and jab them. 

Just ask people to walk-in to the PPVs.

There are so many 5 star Kelinik Kesihatan in every neighbourhood. Use the Kelinik Kesihatan to vaccinate people. 

Pass out the vaccines to the GP clinics - all 7,000 of them and tell the private GPs to help vaccinate the people. Pay the private GP clinics say RMx0  per jab. Jangan pula pilih agama, bangsa, bahasa, bulu roma etc. Grow up lah.

Get the people vaccinated. 

Watch this video. They are not making fun. The people are very angry.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

The Inscriptions on the Dome of the Rock

Since the MCO began I have suffered a rather pleasant and useful "reading" spasm. Other than my usual reading of the foreign media, articles and analyses that pop into my mail box  I have been reading books almost non stop or every chance I get.  

I did mention this some weeks back, when my Blog postings suddenly decreased. I was not able to update the Blog  everyday because I was spending more time reading books.

Since April 2021, I have read the Quran again - cover to cover - four more times. Twice in the original Arabic  which I can read and understand quite ok lah - and twice in my favourite Bahasa Indonesia  translation (Terjemahan cara Lafziyyah). I am now into another reading of the Quran in Arabic and also the Bahasa  Indonesia translation.  

Let me tell you folks - what is written in the original Arabic Quran is far, far removed from what is written by the translators. Even in my favourite Bahasa Indonesia translation which is a word for word, literal translation of the Arabic Quran. 

I have also read some other books including a technical explanation of the missing MH370, a book about the Hezbollah and Lebanese politics (a total time waster folks, believe me,  but I had to read it to update myself about the monkeys and donkeys who populate the Middle East).  Plus yet another controversial book by Robert Spencer. 

Anyway here is some info that I want to share. This part will be quite unfathomable by non Muslims, so you may want to stop reading here.  

This is the famous Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.  

The shiny and polished Dome of the Rock that you see above was rebuilt and renovated a few times. I believe this present form dates back to around the 16th century (by the Turkish Ottoman Caliphate). 

The original Dome of the Rock was less shiny and it was built between 691–92 AD at the order of the Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik.   The Ummayads were the first "dynastic" Caliphate after the demise of Ali the fourth and the last of the four Khilafatul Rashidun or four Rightly Guided Caliphs.

Also bear in mind that the Dome of the Rock above IS NOT the famous Masjid al Aqsa. 

The Masjid al Aqsa is located not too far away from this Dome of the Rock. Many a rock and many tear gas canisters have been thrown around these structures. In the past centuries, hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost around the vicinity of this same Jerusalem. 

Inside the Dome of the Rock there are some inscriptions in Arabic. These inscriptions in Arabic include some verses from the Quran, other non-Quranic statements (possibly at the behest of the Caliph Abd al-Malik) all dating back to 692 AD.  Hence the Quran inscriptions  inside the Dome of the Rock are the earliest known records (literally carved in stone) of  Quranic verses.

Here is a screenshot of part of the Arabic inscriptions inside the Dome of the Rock. If you can read old, old style Arabic (it is not easy because not all the diacritical markings were used at that time - non Muslims dont worry, even Muslims cant read this).  Please note the part I have highlighted in yellow. 

I have zoomed up the highlighted portion here, I missed one more word at the end 'hayyan' :

It reads 'Peace be upon him the day he was born, and the day he dies, and the day he shall be raised alive". 

This is based on Surah 19:33 in the Quran but with some differences.  

Here is Surah 19:33 from the Quran that we have today :  

In Sura 19:33 this statement is attributed to Jesus.  You can read the English translation which is accurate. Jesus refers to himself in the first person :

  • 'alayya' (upon me)
  • 'wulidtu' (I was born)
  • 'amuutu' (I will die), 
  • 'ub'athu' (I am raised alive)

However the inscription on the Dome of the Rock (the yellow highlight) refers to Jesus in the third person  :

  • 'alayhi' (upon him)
  • he was born
  • he dies
  • he shall be raised alive 

This is quite interesting.  They were obviously referring to the wording in Surah 19:33  but they changed it from the first person to the third person.

Just some trivia from the past.