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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Antara Dua "Evidence Baru" Yang Boleh Selamatkan Najib

I am reading the news reports about the Court of Appeal practically slamming the cell door on Najib's face.   All rational thinking and honest people agree with the judgement. The vast majority of public opinion fully concurs with the decision by the Court of Appeal.

As Prosecutor Dato Sithambaram said FOUR judges now concur that Najib is guilty - the High Court Judge Nazlan and the THREE very senior Court of Appeal judges. 

The grounds of the judgement are really solid.  Najib will be appealing the case to the Federal Court but I doubt the Federal Court will see anything different than what these FOUR judges have concurred. The Court of Appeal decision was unanimous among the three Judges. There were no dissenting opinions among the Judges. 

However since Najib will be appealing to the Federal Court I thought there are a couple of new areas or "new evidence" that Najib may bring up which may just save his hide. 

Before that may I advise Najib to get a new set of defense lawyers. Dia macam ni bang - sekarang hang sudah kalah dua round. Do you seriously want to maintain the same team and the same defense strategies that have lost TWICE ? I told you before (many, many times) that your defense strategy was nonsensical.  

Anyway firstly here is some write up on the learned Judges quite lengthy comments about the non-existent, fabricated story about the mysterious Arab donor.  This is where I feel Najib may want to introduce some new evidence. First the news report:

Najib RM42m Arab donation fabrication, the Court of Appeal said

Judge Abdul Karim said no evidence money from / could have come from Saudi royal nor any reasonable basis for Najib to believe in that

funds came from SRC and that is well established,” Karim said 

  • defence said RM42m part of  donation from Arab royal family since 2011
  • letters tendered purportedly written by Prince Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud 
  • However letter writer was not called 
  • authenticity of the Arab letters not established 
  • the Arab letters remain hearsay and inadmissible

  • Najib’s belief  funds were Arab donations was unbelievable 
  • “We, too, found this Arab donation defence untenable ” said Karim
  • evidence clearly showed funds from SRC, ended in Najib’s personal accounts
  • if personal donation from Saudi there is no reason money deposited into SRC
  • fourth Arab letter clearly fabrication 
  • appellant could not honestly believe RM42m from Saudi royal family,” he added.

My comments :  So obviously here is the new evidence that Najib can present to the Court. Just get  Prince Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud  to come and testify. Problem is solved. The Court of Appeal has said :  However letter writer was not called .

So just call Prince Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud .

Gambar hiasan sahaja but what does 
Prince Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud really look like?

It was made known by Najib and gang that the Arabs donated US700 million (over RM2.8 billion) to Najib because of:

  • Malaysia's commitment in fighting terrorism
  • Malaysia being a moderate Muslim country with a plural society
  • also because of Datuk Seri Najib's anti-Jewish stance

If Prince Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud could donate RM2.8 billion because of all that, surely he can hop on a private plane (you know with the gold plated toilet seats) and fly to Kuala Lumpur and testify on behalf on Najib? 

I mean Najib has been found guilty TWICE and has been sentenced to 12 years jail. If the Saudi Prince cannot help his good friend now (worth an RM2.8 billion donation) then bila lagi? Kawan dia sudah nak masuk penjara dah.

Now is the time for Prince Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud to make an appearance and vouch for that RM2.8 billion donation to Najib.

He was such a good friend to give you RM2.8 billion. Surely he should not just stand there and watch you go to jail for 12 years? 

The second piece of "new evidence" that Najib can bring to Court is Zahid Hamidi's statement in public. Here is what Zahid Hamidi said in 2015 :

BATU PAHAT (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he has met the wealthy Arab family who had donated the US$700 million (S$986 million) that was channelled into Prime Minister Najib Razak's personal account.

He said the "king and prince", whom he did not name, had donated the money because of Malaysia's commitment in fighting terrorism, and being a moderate Muslim country with a plural society.

The family, he said, was impressed by how Malaysia, with its plural society, still managed to remain moderate without sidelining any other religions.

"Those were the answers given to me when I asked them the reason for their donation. They also told me that Malaysia was not the only country they have donated money to.

The Umno vice-president, elaborating during the Kepong Umno division meeting on Sunday, said the donors were an "Arab king and prince" and the family decided to make the huge donation also because of Datuk Seri Najib's anti-Jewish stance, reported the Malay Mail Online.

My comments : So Zahid Hamidi said he has met the wealthy Arab family who had donated the US$700 million  !!

This is the second piece of new evidence.  Just get Zahid Hamidi to testify to this effect ie that Zahid has met the wealthy Arab family who donated that RM2.8 billion!!

Case closed!

But sadly throughout the first trial as well as the Court of Appeal hearing Najib did not present either Prince Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud or Zahid Hamidi to vouch that Zahid had indeed met the Arab donor.

I agree I am not a lawyer but I believe that if Najib can produce both the Arab prince and Zahid Hamidi in his next round of appeals  then he may overturn the case in his favour. 

Your Next Stop : The Twilight Zone


68 yrs old now + 12 yr sentence  = 80 years old.

2021 + 12 = 2033. 

National Embarrassment Maksudnya Kemaluan Kebangsaan


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Another World 1st By China : An Operational 200 km Range Rail Gun


I posted about this a few years back when China first mounted a prototype railgun on a Navy vessel and ran tests on the gun. This video says they were calibrating the rail gun at that time.

The Chinese have since completed their development and will be putting their railgun in full operation on their Navy ships plus also on land. However the railgun needs huge amounts of electric power. 

A railgun is like an artillery cannon but it does not fire regular artillery shells. Instead it fires a solid projectile over considerable distances at hypersonic speed which is also highly accurate. The metal projectile is shot out using electromagnetism. Because of the hypersonic speed the kinetic energy of the projectile can destroy moving ships and fixed targets.

The longest range artillery cannon has a range of around 40 km. This has not changed since the Second World War.  This Chinese railgun can hit targets accurately at almost 200 km (124 miles). 

This is another game changer. The US has also been working on a railgun but they have not perfected it yet, despite billions of dollars spent and years having gone by. 

Here is the video:

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick . . . Court Dismisses Grandpa Wan Emdiby's Application

  • Court dismissed Grandpa Wan Emdiby's application to include fresh b.s.
  • Grandpa Wan Emdiby will appear for judgment 
  • disallowed as he failed to show fresh evidence not available (prior)
  • or that it was relevant, capable of belief, that new evidence will create doubt 
  • Further, applicant failed to satisfy Section xx yy that fresh evidence is required 

Tan Sri IGP Please Use Common Sense And Be Fair To Everyone

The Police are giving 80% discount on summonses - but there are some strange conditions:

In conjunction with the “100 Aspiration Days of the Malaysia Family”, police will be giving a discount on unpaid summons. For summons issued in the Federal Territory and Putrajaya, an 80% discount is offered, while a rate of 70% applies to all other states in Malaysia.

Payment can be made at the payment counter in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) from December 9 to 12, operating from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. The discount applies only to summons paid at the above location at the time and dates stated, subject to terms and conditions.

Police remind the public to adhere to Covid-19 standard operating procedures, including wearing a face mask, usage of sanitiser and practising physical distancing. The 100 Aspiration Days programme is a government initiative led by the Prime Minister’s Department involving 31 ministers, 26 ministries and 5 government agencies designed to showcase achievements of the current government after 100 days in power.

My comments :

Firstly terima kasih banyak-banyak kepada Polis kerana sudi bagi diskaun 80% untuk bayar kompaun.

1.  But why 80% discount for KL area and 70% in other States? Everyone is facing economic hardship now - inside KL and all over the country.

Please give the same 80% discount for everyone lah - in the whole country. Be fair.

2.  And for Kuala Lumpur residents why insist on only ONE LOCATION (KL Convention Center)  to pay the compounds?  

The Police know very, very well that everytime they offer discounts for summonses the queue is very long. Sometimes people line up for hundreds of meters.

SOP or no SOP why are the Police forcing so many people to gather at one location? There will not be enough car parking space. The place will be jammed. 

Tan Sri IGP we pay summons (including discounted summons) at every Balai Polis that has a computer.   Computer tak rosak pun.  Why change the rules now? 

Make people's lives easy - just allow people to pay summonses with 80% discount at any Police Station in Malaysia with a computer connection. End of story.

And why only for five days? This is December - holiday season, paling ramai employees kena habuskan cuti (accumulated leave). Believe me on this one. 

Can you extend the 80% discount period until December 31st 2021? Make people's lives easier lah. Also there will be less queues and rushing by the people. 

Here are some old pictures of long queues from previous 'discounts' given by the Police.  Tan Sri IGP sila baca akhir kalam saya di bawah.

Wa akhirul kalam sila rujuk Surah 20:1 :

yang bermaksud:

We have not revealed the Quran to you to make life difficult

Kami tidak menurunkan Al-Quran kepadamu supaya engkau menanggung kesusahan

Jadi Tan Sri IGP dont make people's life difficult. Make people's life easy.