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President Biden announced Sunday that he is dropping out of the presidential race and endorsing Vice President Kamala Harris to be the Democratic nominee, upending the 2024 campaign and embarking Democrats on an unprecedented process to replace him. "It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve as your president," Mr. Biden wrote in a letter to the American people posted to social media. "And while it has been my intention to seek reelection, I believe it is in the best interest of my party and the country for me to stand down and to focus solely on fulfilling my duties as president for the remainder of my term." In a separate post, he offered his "full support and endorsement for Kamala to be the nominee of our party this year." Democratic heavyweights quickly came out in support of Harris as Mr. Biden's replacement, with Bill and Hillary Clinton and Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Patty Murray among those saying she should take his place. Others, like former President Barack Obama and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, praised Mr. Biden but held off on endorsing Harris. Harris herself soon confirmed that she will seek the party's nomination, saying in a written statement that she intends to "earn and win" the party's support. The delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago will ultimately vote on who becomes the party's nominee. Democrats are expected to hold an early virtual roll call vote formalizing the nomination on Aug. 1, weeks before the convention, which is slated to begin on Aug. 19. Former President Trump is now saying that the next presidential debate should be hosted by Fox News, not ABC News. ABC News was scheduled to hold the next presidential debate in September. The decision to step down comes after Mr. Biden's disastrous performance in the first presidential debate at the end of June, which left many members of his own party questioning whether he was capable of defeating Trump in November and serving a second four-year term. Pressure

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Here is a video by American YouTuber 'Jessie on Fire'.  You can scroll forward to only a few minutes between minute 17:10 to 19:50 and from minute 20:58 TO 24:50 for this story.

In minute 17:10 to 19:50 (2 mins 40 seconds) it shows a mysterious person standing at the very top of that water tower that was about 400 meters behind president Trump. As the shots are fired, the mystery figure can be seen ducking in and out behind a structure at the top of the water tower. Who was that person and what was he doing standing atop a very dangerous spot like that, ducking in and out just as the shots were being fired. Was he firing some of the shots?

At minute 20:58 to 24:50 (almost four minutes) there is a woman seated exactly behind president Trump. It has been DENIED that she was an assistant director of the FBI. 

But she does behave very strangely. While everyone else starts screaming and ducking, she remains extremely cool and calm throughout the shooting.  While president Trump is speaking, and while everyone else on that stage is "facing forward" watching the president speaking, she keeps looking to her right, at the direction of the water tower (as well as the direction of Thomas Mathew Crooks' rooftop perch). 

Then split seconds BEFORE the first shot is fired, she keeps turning her face between looking at the president and looking at the water tower. After the shots are fired and people are screaming and diving for cover, this woman remains absolutely calm and pulls out her mobile phone and coolly starts filming president Trump. She was not afraid of the shots at all. Indeed she was a really cool cucumber.

Ekonomi Lembap Part 2 | The Zaid Ibrahim Podcast

Ekonomi Lembap Part 2 | The Zaid Ibrahim Podcast

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Here is another podcast with Dato Sri Zaid Ibrahim. The topic is Ekonomi Lembap. This is Part 1. Part 2  will follow tomorrow.


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This video is just over an hour. The first 15 minutes says plenty. You can make up your own minds.

The info about the FBI locating and seizing the shooter's white van TEN MILES AWAY does raise many questions. How did he get to the Fair Grounds from 10 miles away? They found explosives in the van.



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Ini dua berita yang berkaitan pada hari yang lain-lain. 


Hari itu CEO dan dua pengarah syarikat kena tangkap sebab terlibat rasuah untuk kontrak bernilai RM1.0 Billion.

Sekarang COO (Chief Operating Officer) pula kena tahan sebab terlibat rasuah RM300,000 untuk kontrak bernilai RM6.0 Billion.

Pengarah syarikat, CEO, COO semua terlibat. 
Macam mana pula General Manager, Senior Manager, Chairman? 
Dia orang tidak terlibat ke?

Takkan kontrak bernilai RM1.0 billion, kontrak bernilai RM6.0 billion tapi rasuah dia RM300,000 sahaja?
Takkan sekali sahaja depa makan duit rasuah.

  • Macam mana pula orang yang hulur duit rasuah itu? 
  • Takkan tepuk tangan sebelah sahaja boleh berbunyi ? 
Tuan-Tuan kita mula bayar tol sejak awal tahun 1980an lagi. 
Takkan baru hari ini geng-geng ini telan duit rasuah? 
This must be going on for a long time.
Of course syarikat kontraktor bayar rasuah untuk diluluskan kontrak dia.
Of course rasuah itu untuk luluskan harga kontrak yang jauh lebih tinggi daripada nilai yang sepatutnya. 
Takkan orang suap rasuah untuk diluluskan harga kontrak yang murah pula? 
No way. These people are not stupid.
Jadi akhir sekali harga kontrak naik berlipat kali ganda.

Apa maksudnya? Maksudnya kita pula kena bayar tol sampai mati untuk mereka kaut  balik harga kontrak  yang berlipat kali ganda itu.

Tuan-tuan sebab itulah kita sekarang sudah bayar tol selama 42 tahun dah. 
Yup, the first toll collection was in 1982. 
Masa itu saya berusia 22 tahun dan masih student lagi di Amerika. 
Hari ini saya dah berusia 64 tahun dan duduk di kawasan Bangi. 
Hari-hari kami kena bayar tol.
  • Dulu masa kerajaan BN dan Dr Mahathir - kita mula bayar tol.
  • 36 tahun kemudian kerajaan PH dan Dr Mahathir - kita bayar tol lagi.
  • Lepas itu kerajaan TS Muhyiddin kita bayar tol lagi.
  • Lepas itu kerajaan Ismail Sabri - kita bayar tol lagi.
  • Sekarang  - kita bayar tol lagi.
  • Tak kira lah parti apa pun, tak kiralah siapa pun perdana menteri, kita bayar tol juga.
  • Masa pilihanraya mereka semua janji membela nasib kita.
  • Masa mereka pembangkang mereka masuk isu tol dalam Manifesto.
  • Tapi bila sudah menang, habuk pun tak ada.

Tuan-Tuan saya ada sedikit soalan : antara kepentingan syarikat tol dan kepentingan kita 34 juta rakyat negara, agaknya kepentingan siapa yang didahulukan?

  • Rupanya tol ini makin menjadi rezeki haram bagi mereka.
  • Contohnya mereka semua kalah pilihanraya. 
  • Sejak 2018, nasib politik mereka semua serupa telur di hujung tanduk.
  • BN, PN, PH semuanya tercungap-cungap.
  • Sekarang bos syarikat tol kena tangkap rasuah. 
  • Rezeki mereka memang makin toxic dan haram. 
  • Jangan undi mereka.
  • Biarlah mereka mampus.



The globalists (like the WEF), the British and neo-con Europe are absolutely panicking at Donald Trump winning the US presidential elections in November 2024. Which he most certainly will.

But since yesterday 16th July 2024, a new 'panic button' has come into play. His name is James David Vance (JD Vance), a 39 year old Republican Senator from Ohio who has been picked as Donald Trump's vice-presidential running mate. 

This will be the next Vice President of the United States. And Vance will most likely become the president of the USA for eight years after that. (Trump can only serve four more years - the Americans strictly restrict their presidents to two terms, maximum).

So the United States of America is looking at TWELVE YEARS of Trumpian 'no more endless wars, what global warming, there are only two genders, lets make America great again" and possibly 'no more NATO'.

First here is JD Vance's picture:


JD Vance is married to Usha Chilukuri, a graduate of Yale Law School and Cambridge University, a Hindu and daughter of academics Krish and Lakshmi Chilukuri. Her parents were born in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and immigrated to the United States. Here is another picture of the Vances :

Last week (11th July 2024) NATO concluded a THREE DAY summit in Washington DC. Among the attendees was Europe's 'public enemy No. 1' the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Orban is presently the 'rotating'-president of the European Union. 

Orban has really irritated the European Union. Prior to the NATO meeting in Washington, In quick succession he visited Moscow and met Putin, then he visited Beijing and met with President Xi Jinping. Almost as if he was consulting them before going to Washington.

Then in Washington, Orban met Joe Biden only at the NATO summit. He did not pay Joe Biden any courtesy visit - especially as rotating president of the EU. Instead on 12th July, 2024 Viktor Orban boarded his plane and flew all the way to Mar-a-Lago in Florida to meet privately with Donald Trump. The next day 13th July, Trump was shot in the ear.

But back to JD Vance, Donald Trump's pick for vice-presidential running mate. JD Vance is actually more Trumpian than Donald Trump. This  really worries the British  and some European leaders (with the exception of Marine Le Pen, Gorgiosa Meloni, Viktor Orban and some others)

JD Vance has written detailed articles about his policy positions, which have been published in western MSM and social media, especially in the United Kingdom where the 'Eastablishment' does not like him already. More on this below.

Here are some of JD Vance's published thoughts:

  1. staunch critic of aid to Ukraine
  2. our generosity in Ukraine is coming to an end. 
  3.  no good reason aid from the U.S. should be needed for Ukraine
  4. “The idea that [Putin] can march to Poland or Berlin is preposterous” he said.
  5. Europeans should regard conclusion of the Ukraine war as an imperative.
  6. Europe should consider how to live with Russia when the war in Ukraine is over.
  7. he is a fan of Viktor Orban and thinks Germany is “idiotic”
  8. Germany's military a basket case and its energy policy “idiotic”
  9. “Germany’s promises have materialized into manure” 
  10. “Why do American taxpayers subsidize idiotic German energy policy
  11. Vance spoken highly of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
  12. Hungary offers loans to newly married couples who have kids. Why can’t we do that here? Why can’t we actually promote family formation?”
  13. and the U.K. may be an “Islamist” state.
  14. first truly Islamist country that will get a nuclear weapon is actually U.K.
  15. sharply critical of EU withholding funds from Hungary and Poland
  16. EU imposing liberal imperialistic views on the rest of the continent
  17. Vance called for “de-woke-ification” 
  18. schools should not teach critical race theory, no critical gender theory  
  19. Italian PM Giorgia Meloni catastrophe when it comes to actually reducing migration
  20. American tax dollars spent on security of Europe.
  21. America asked to fill the void at tremendous expense to its own citizens.
  22. each European nation needs to ask itself : are you prepared to defend yourself?
  23. U.S. must ask : if Europe can’t even defend themselves, are they allies, or clients?

Folks, these are 'assassination' words. A candidate running for the US vice-presidency who says things like this is a prime target for assassination. If JD Vance becomes president after Donald Trump it will see the end of NATO. It will see Russia and Germany back to doing business. JD Vance agrees that Russia should be Germany's economic hinterland.

These are very, very frightening scenarios for the Brits, the globalists and others.

It also means the loss of trillions of US Dollars in weapons sales, other billion dollar profits to be made from sanctions against Russian gas, billions to be made from keeping European markets closed or restricted to China etc.

This is really big money involved.  

  • In comparison the cost of one bullet for an AR15 rifle is FIFTY US CENTS !! 
  • Imagine FIFTY US CENTS versus trillions of US Dollars at stake. 
  • The  FIFTY CENT bullet wins.
I said a few days ago that the British are behind Trump's assassination attempt. 
Folks, never, ever underestimate the Brits. 

There has been an increasingly hysterical, anti-Trump rhetoric being whipped up in the British main stream media for some time now. Here are some examples:

"threatened return of Trump endangers the UK's most vital interests". 

Indeed these are "assassination" words.


We dont know if this is really true but they are certainly whipping up the hatred. 

And here is some bone-chilling language from the Royal United Services Institute or RUSI.   The Royal United Services Institute is a 200 year old British war-mongering outfit (think tank) "engaged in cutting-edge research on defence, security and international affairs".

Here is what they say about Donald Trump:

  • The spectre of Donald Trump returning to the White House 
  • looms over European security and Ukraine. 
  • Trump’s increasingly anti-NATO rhetoric,
  • Europeans need to collectively act to strengthen their resolve and capabilities.
  • For the UK, it is an opportunity to transform its approach to defence and security.
  • The prospect of ‘Trump 2.0’ is a strategic nightmare  
  • for most European policymakers.  
  • Trump’s anti-NATO posturing has escalated 
  • from arguably justified criticism of allies’ defence spending,
  •  to encouraging Russia to attack laggards.
  •  Simply complaining about such corrosive statements
  •   will not achieve anything. 
  • A second Trump presidency is a risk, 
  • and risks must be mitigated.

In an increasingly dangerous world, no single country can provide suitable mitigations alone, 
or compensate for the leadership and military capability vacuum that US disengagement would create. 

Like I said, these are "assassination" words. This is nothing more than a declaration of an extremely hostile stance against Donald Trump. And now JD Vance. By a 200 year old British "think tank" with unbreakable bonds to the British "Establishment".

This is really big money involved.

An AR-15 bullets costs only FIFTY US CENTS.


 The land of the Slum Dog Millionaires.




The following is a recent statement by Waythamoorthy Ponnusamy, President of the Malaysian Advancement Party. I have edited it (I remove names) but the message is clear. My comments at the end.


It is now unmistakably clear that
(o), who once vehemently opposed the executive's interference in the Judiciary, is now engaging in the very actions he once condemned. 

The Chief Justice of Malaya (CJM) position has been vacant since the third week of October 2023? After almost nine months, it is becoming increasingly clear that (o) is maneuvering to appoint his proxy, as a Federal Court judge, a move that could have a significant impact on the institution of justice and human rights in Malaysia. In July 2017, when then-Prime Minister Najib prolonged the appointments of the nation’s top two judges, (o) condemned Najib's attempt to appoint his proxies from the walls of the prison in Sg. Buluh.

On February 10th 2015, just before his sentence, (o) lashed out at the judges, saying they had "bowed to their political masters". He went on to further say, " have become partners in the murder of the judiciary. You chose to remain on the dark side.”

On May 8th 2022, as the leader of the opposition, (o) had this to say; “The country must be upright with the rule of law as this is a lawful country. It should not be filled with judges directed by the prime minister or politics, similar to what has happened before (the reforms). This matter should not be taken lightly. We want to raise the spirits of our grassroots who have been fighting for justice.”

So now, many wonder what has happened to (o) previous statements and positions. Was that all purely rhetoric to excite human rights and right-thinking Malaysians who were hungry for change? The potential consequences of these actions could be far-reaching, affecting the very fabric of our judicial system.


Kini jelas bahawa (o) yang pernah menentang sekeras-kerasnya campur tangan eksekutif dalam Badan Kehakiman, sekarang terlibat dalam tindakan yang dikutuknya itu. Jawatan Ketua Hakim Negara Malaya (CJM) kosong sejak minggu ketiga Oktober 2023? Selepas hampir sembilan bulan, semakin jelas bahawa (o) sedang bergerak untuk melantik proksinya, sebagai Hakim Mahkamah Persekutuan, satu langkah yang boleh memberi impak besar kepada institusi kehakiman dan hak asasi manusia di Malaysia.

Pada Julai 2017, apabila Perdana Menteri Najib ketika itu melanjutkan pelantikan dua hakim tertinggi negara, (o) mengecam percubaan Najib untuk melantik proksinya dari penjara Sg. Buluh.

Pada 10 Februari 2015, sebelum dijatuhkan hukum ke atasnya,
(o) menyelar hakim, mengatakan mereka telah "tunduk kepada tuan politik mereka". Beliau seterusnya berkata, " anda telah menjadi rakan kongsi dalam membunuh badan kehakiman. Anda memilih untuk kekal dalam kegelapan."

Pada 8 Mei 2022, sebagai ketua pembangkang (o) telah menyatakan perkara ini; “Negara kita mesti menegakkan kedaulatan undang-undang kerana ini adalah negara demokratik.

Badan kehakiman tidak sepatutnya diisi dengan hakim yang diarahkan oleh perdana menteri atau pemimpin politik, sama seperti apa yang telah berlaku sebelum ini (sebelum
reformasi). Perkara ini tidak boleh dipandang ringan. Kita mahu menaikkan semangat akar umbi yang selama ini memperjuangkan keadilan.”

Jadi sekarang, ramai yang tertanya-tanya apa sudah jadi dengan kenyataan dan pendirian (o) sebelum ini. Adakah itu semua retorik semata-mata untuk menggembirakan pihak yang memperjuangkan hak asasi manusia dan rakyat Malaysia yang berfikiran benar yang dahagakan perubahan? Tindakan ini boleh menjejaskan struktur sistem kehakiman kita.

Waytha Moorthy Ponnusamy
Malaysian Advancement Party
July 16th 2024


My Comments :

May I say it again : 'I TOLD YOU SO'. 

I have been saying this since the 1980s. 
But let me say something else. 


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To Their Royal Highnesses DYMM The Malay Rulers - RUU355 Is Just A Poker Game.




  • Convention to Dignify Malaysia’s Syariah Law
  • Rulers wanted amendments to Bill 355 made carefully
  • Conference of Rulers asked for Bill to be examined
  • not seen as hasty or manifesting weaknesses
  • must be approved by the Conference of Rulers
  • major weaknesses should refer to international experts
  • seek the views of international Islamic legal experts.
  • to consult all views, agreeing or disagreeing 
  • so that our seriousness in implementing (Bill 355) 

My Comments :

Point No. 1 : First of all the RUU 355 is NOT an Islamic law at all. Period.

It is simply increasing the punishments under the existing jenayah syariah enactments.
Presently punishments for syariah offenses in Malaysia are governed by what I call the '3,5,6 Laws'.

'3,5,6 Laws' meaning punishment of 3 years jail, RM5,000 fine and 6 strokes of the rotan for syariah offences inside Malaysia. 

This is the punishment. 
It is NOT THE ISLAMIC law itself.

 This 3,5,6 Law is not Islamic in any way at all. 

Do read on.

Anyway the 3,5,6 Laws seem to imply that these are maximum punishments for syariah offenses inside Malaysia 

No other Islamic country in the world or in 1,400 years of Islamic history has had these 3,5,6 Laws.

However there was a strange case  reported in The Star (click here) on 21 Oct 2009 The Syariah High Court sentenced Abdul Kahar Ahmad who proclaimed himself a Rasul Melayu (Malay prophet) to 10 years jail, six strokes of the rotan and a fine of RM16,500.

If the maximum jail was THREE years, then how did Abdul Kahar get jailed for 10 years?
If the maximum fine was RM5,000 then how did Abdul Kahar get fined RM16,500?

If the 10 year jail sentence and RM16,500  fines imposed on Abdul Kahar were done according to the law, what then is the purpose of saying "3 years jail, RM5,000 fine and 6 strokes of the rotan"?  Was that fair and just, according to Islam?  Please bear this in mind because it has a bearing on the RUU355 as well. Do read on.

Back to Point No. 1 above. The 3,5,6 Laws are NOT Islamic Laws at all. 

As I said there are no other Islamic countries in the world today or over the past 1,400 years of Islamic history which have implemented these 3,5,6 Laws (3 years jail, RM5,000 fine and 6 strokes of the rotan).  

You cannot go to the Al Azhar University in Cairo, the Medina University or the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul and request to see a copy of the '3,5,6 Laws' from somewhere in 1,400 years of Islamic history. There is no such thing.

These are not Islamic laws. At best they can simply be called 'laws passed in a country called Malaysia'. That is as far as it goes.

Point No. 2 The original RUU355 was entirely a PAS construct. It was a political poker game that has long been played by PAS.  Do read on.

What the PAS fellows have been proposing about the RUU355 is the following.

i) Penjara tidak melebihi 3 tahun kepada Penjara tidak melebihi 30 tahun.
ii) Denda tidak melebihi RM5,000 kepada Denda tidak melebihi RM100,000.00.
iii) Sebatan tidak melebihi 6 kali kepada Sebatan tidak melebihi 100 kali.

They want to increase just the punishments, from the existing 3,5,6 Law.
Repeat : PAS just wants to increase the punishments only from the existing 3,5,6 Law.
Instead of "3,5,6" they want to increase the punishment to 30 years jail, RM100,000 fine and 100 lashes of the rotan or '30,100,100'.

Again looking at Abdul Kahar's case is it possible that under PAS' RUU355, someone like Abdul Kahar will one day be jailed for say 60 years, fined RM165,000 and be given say 100 lashes of the rotan? 

100 lashes of the rotan? Today a Criminal Court can sentence males only, below 65 years of age, to a maximum of 24 strokes of the rotan. That is according to the 'cruel' undang-undang penjajah.

  • So exactly like the existing 3,5,6 Laws, the proposed RUU355 is not an Islamic law. 
  • It is simply increasing the punishment for the existing 3,5,6 Laws.

 Point No. 3   A political poker game.

This whole thing is just a political poker game. There are no "higher Islamic ideals" involved. Or higher philosophies involved. It is simply playing on the emotions of the Malay voter. Their sights are firmly fixed on the next elections. This is a short term ploy for political survival of very nervous politicians..

The incumbent is increasingly unpopular. It is almost certain that he will not be re-elected. Or even last a full term. He has lost the Malay vote. So whipping up "Islamic" issues is just fishing for some Malay votes.

The PAS has made a science out of playing poker. About 30 years ago there was no RUU355. Instead it was hudud-hudud. And they did not have 'national' ambitions either. 30 years ago Pas was confined largely to Kelantan. And they were afraid of losing Kelantan. Not knowing how to fix the water problem in Kelantan they began whipping up the hudud-hudud song to fish for Malay votes. They wanted to implement hudud in Kelantan - so they said.

This is where Dr Mahathir expertly called their bluff.  Dr Mahathir told PAS to bring their hudud law proposal to Parliament. Dr Mahathir said all Members of Parliament from UMNO and the government will be given the choice to vote for or against Pas hudud law proposal - according to their conscience

The Pas was cornered.  They never had any intention of implementing hudud in Kelantan. Now despite being in power for 30 years they have never attempted to implement hudud in Kelantan. Or anywhere else. It was just fishing for the Malay vote. That was the end of their hudud-hudud song in Kelantan, until today.

Now they have changed tactics. 
They dropped the hudud-hudud song.
Instead they came up with the RUU355. 
Or the "30,100,100" punishment.
As I said it is absolutely not Islamic Law at all.
It is just increasing the punishments.

In over 1,400 years of Islamic history there is no precedent for a set of punishments consisting of 30 years jail, RM100,000 fine and 100 lashes of the rotan.
(Except adultery which earns 100 lashes but the maximum syariah punishment for adultery is death by stoning).

POINT NO 4  There is yet another "problem" with Islamic law. Despite 1,400 years of Islamic history there is no single set of fully written down 'Islamic laws' anywhere in the Muslim world which is agreed to by all the Muslim sects. There is just none.
You cannot walk into a law library in any Islamic country and ask to see a completely written down set of Islamic laws. There was none.
The Turkish people claim that under the 700 years of the Turkish Ottoman Caliphate there was an extensive record of 'Islamic laws' but that has to be fully determined.  The Turkish are overwhelmingly Hanafis and the Ottoman Caliphate followed Hanafi jurisprudence.


Here is the real threat.
1. There appears to be an attempt at 'back-door' Federalisation of Islamic religious affairs. Presently in Malaysia, Islamic religious affairs are under the prerogative of the States under the respective Malay Rulers or the State Assemblies (Penang, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak). This is as per the Federal Constitution.

If any attempt is made to pry open the Constitutional demarcation of religious authority (through things like the RUU355) in the coming years it may evolve further to 'centralising' or 'federalising' religious authority. If that happens then one day we may have our own "ayatollah" type characters. The tok guru fellows are already in place and waiting. In such event the Malay Rulers may lose their Constitutional authority over religious matters in their States. It will not happen tomorrow but you never know what the cat will drag in the day after tomorrow.

2. The bigger threat about religion is that once you put something in place then it becomes difficult (and will take decades) to undo what has been done. For example after 45 years the "Islamic" republic of Iran is crashing into the ground. There will be more violence and suffering in store for them.  Be extremely very careful what you wish for.

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It has been just over 24 hours (it is now 6:43 PM Sunday 14 July, Pennsylvania time and 6:43 am Monday 15 July local KL time) since the Trump shooting.

In major events like this assassination attempt the first 24 to 48 hours brings out the most honest news. After that the standard narrative gets polished and put into place. 

Video has emerged in the US which shows the Trump shooter, 20 year old Thomas Mathew Crooks, appearing in a Blackrock commercial which was filmed at his High School. 

You can also watch the video at X here :

Here are two screen shots from that Blackrock commercial.


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Friday Notes (12/7/2024) From The Quran - Do Not Say I Will Do It Tomorrow

Today's notes are very short and to the point.

Surah 18:23   وَلَا تَقُولَنَّ لِشَا۟ىْءٍ إِنِّى فَاعِلٌۭ ذَٰلِكَ غَدًا    

"And say not of anything: Surely I shall do that tomorrow"

Surah 18:24
  إِلَّآ أَن يَشَآءَ ٱللَّهُ ۚ وَٱذْكُر رَّبَّكَ إِذَا نَسِيتَ وَقُلْ عَسَىٰٓ أَن يَهْدِيَنِ رَبِّى لِأَقْرَبَ مِنْ هَـٰذَا رَشَدًۭا

Except that Allah wills; and remember your Lord when you forget and say: Maybe my Lord will guide me closer to the right than this.

My Comments : Of course it is best to get things done today. What should be done today do not postpone it to tomorrow.