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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Hiroshima August 6th 1945 - The British Atomic Attack

Today is August 6th, 2020 - the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Here is an interesting take on some of the other things that took place around that event. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Maturing Of KJ Inside A Cancerous Party

I received the following video from someone. It shows KJ talking about Najib and about UMNO having to move on. Do listen to it, its just a short clip.

First of all may I advise KJ to consult a sensible make-over consultant. 
His appearances do remind me of this guy :

A more professional appearance may be more appropriate.

Well KJ is less of a young man. 
Ageing is a fact of existence. 

Perhaps he has also matured. 
But matured into what? 
And in what environment?

While telling his party members to forget about Najib and move on, almost in the same breath KJ says 'We wish him well".

Really? After he stole billions of Ringgits of taxpayers money?

And about Zahid he says "presiden masih ada, tidak ada masalah, case masih ongoing".

Tidak ada masalah? 
I say brader,  Zahid is facing something like 77 charges for corruption and dont know what else. 

So UMNO has to move on from Najib because he got caught and was found guilty.  
Zahid is still ok because he was caught but he has not been "found guilty" yet?

Isnt there even a little bit of remorse?
An apology to the party members? 
An apology to the people?
Or at the very least an apologetic attitude?

There is something lacking here - a good moral compass. 

I dont know if KJ can fathom what I am trying to say.
The UMNO people will certainly not understand what I am trying to say. 
Maybe that is indeed the trick card hidden up the sleeve.
That the party members exist in another dimension.

Lets put it another way. 
Lets use a hypothetical situation.

Lets say KJ is invited to attend some international conference of political parties and is required to give an account of his party. 

Then what would he say?
I do not know what he would say. 

But here are some things that he will definitely not say or not want to say :
  1. That (when in power) his previous party president was behind the single largest corruption scandal in the history of planet earth.
  2. That an Attorney General who wanted to arrest his party president was fired. And a replacement AG appointed who immediately cleared his party president of all wrong doing. 
  3. That his previous party president has now been sentenced to a 12 year jail term.
  4. That his replacement, the present party president, is also facing about 77 corruption charges in Court.
  5. That a former Minister from his party has been mentioned in ongoing corruption trials as party to corrupt practises involving tens of millions of Ringgit
  6. That another former Minister is also facing trial for corruption involving property developers.
  7. That his fellow party Parliamentarian and ex good friend is facing trial in Court over embezzling millions in pilgrims' investment funds. 
  8. That when his party was in power, Minister's family members could get away scot free from ongoing corruption trials.
  9. That at least two lawyers who frequently represent his party have also been charged in Court with money laundering, corruption, embezzlement etc etc worth millions. 
  10. That when his party was in power at least FIVE PEOPLE were disappeared on account of their religious beliefs. Their whereabouts have not been made known or their bodies found. And that no one, absolutely no one from his party, including himself ever spoke up for those FIVE PEOPLE who were disappeared. It was not an issue.
  11. That when his party was in power, Malaysia was listed among countries involved in human trafficking and when a mass grave was found his party never even discussed it.   The mass grave was not resolved.
  12. And a very long list of other horrible things that went on in this country. 
But lets leave all that aside for a moment.

KJ wants UMNO to move on from Najib. 
Ok. But move on to where?

Question : What has over 60 years of UMNOism brought? 
Answer : UMNOism has brought the country to where it is today.

Please see this table. This is your achievement. 
77% of households earning less than RM2000 a month are bumiputeras. Congratulations UMNO. This is after 62 years of UMNOism.

Even without the Corona Virus, even WITHOUT the crash in oil prices, unemployment has become a problem. The country's economy is stuck. 

And for some young Malays there is even something called permanent unemployment. 
They cannot be employed. There is also a new class of university graduates called 'unemployable graduates'. They cannot be employed as university graduates. So they work in the fast food joints and as delivery boys. 

The education system is sick. 
The economy has been shackled. 
The country was even invaded by drug overdosed village vagabonds.
Irrational religion is part of policy - including foreign policy.

So where exactly does KJ want to "move on" to?
"as long as not yet convicted by the Courts,  masih ok"  is not an option.

The country does not need leadership just in a person or persons.
Dont forget Najib was a leader too.  Zahid is now the party leader.
So there are leaders and there is leadership. 
But what type of leadership?

What the country needs badly is the leadership of good policies. 

Ok I will grant KJ his 'homeless guy' beard and hairstyle. 
But what are the policy changes that he is proposing?

Hello wake up. 

UMNO was kicked out by disgruntled voters, its "leaders" facing trial and jail terms, the economy is in a shambles, there is little prospect for hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of especially Malays - all because the policy making was totally and completely wrong. 

There is no more easy oil money to get high on.  
That wild party has come to an end. 
We need new policies. 
Policies that work.

Doing the same thing for another 60 years and hoping that maybe, just maybe, this time around the results will be different is just being stupid twice. 

This is where I see KJ (and UMNO) staring blankly into space.

Collosal Explosion Destroys Beirut Port Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raajiun

About nine hours ago (about midnite last nite in KL) and around 7PM Beirut time there was a huge explosion in a warehouse near the port in Beirut. There had been a fire before the explosion. 

Latest reports say 70 people are dead and over 3,000 injured. Both the numbers are increasing. Innalillaahi  wa inna ilayhi raajiun.

Here are two videos.

The cause of the explosion or whether it was deliberate (a terror attack) is being determined. The Lebanese security chief does not believe it was caused accidentally by burning fireworks.

Other information says the warehouse in question stored "old explosives" from as far back as 2014. It just sounds too ridiculous.

"The cause of the explosion remained uncertain as of Tuesday night. Initial reports indicated that the fire occurred in a warehouse storing fireworks and video from the scene appeared to show fireworks igniting shortly before the blast. Additional reports claim that a nearby warehouse was storing explosive chemicals that had been confiscated at the port.  

Lebanon's General Security director told Al-Hadath that reports that the explosion was caused by fireworks were "ridiculous" and that the explosion involved high-quality explosives. The Supreme Council of Defense stated that over 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate were stored at the warehouse where the explosion occurred, calling this "unacceptable."

More later.