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Monday, April 12, 2021

Country Is In Deep Sh_t, The Pemimpin Fellows Are Talking Through Their Ars_s

To my pembaca setia a word of remorse and apology. Lately I have not been able to post as many articles or put my thoughts up in the blog. I am involved in another writing project - a book. The book is highly sensitive so it will not be published in this country. But I have been busy. Also I am doing some intensive reading. Or re-reading actually. It is a siang, malam, pagi, petang  type of reading.  Then I have to water the plants and trees, weed, prune and fertilise them.  Its my daily workout which I enjoy. Plus the old muscle injuries keep bugging me from time to time which restrict my mobility. Plus we need to make a living, look after things etc. Add them all up and what it means is that 24 hours in a day are not enough.  Neither are just two hands. Has anyone ever wondered why we have just the two hands?  Christopher Walken quipped 'why not get a job selling shoes at a centipede farm?' Wouldnt that be a short cut to success?

Anyway everyday I quickly glance through the headlines in the country. I see what are the issues and types of events that get into the news in Malaysia. Basically what is happening in the country. The quick answer is N O T H I N G . The country is in deep shit folks. There is nothing useful for us that is going on. When I say this I am referring to the political leadership of the country. 

For example here are some news headlines today which I picked up from Google. I am not blaming the Malaysian news media for this news. It is not their fault. Actually I would like to thank the Malaysian media for posting all this news. But it is the news itself, the "whats going on in the country" that is a big ZERO. Nothing is going on.

Here are some of today's news headlines. And some of my thoughts as well. 

1.  After 15 prominent Islamic figures join PKR, Anwar says this is proof the party takes care of Muslims

Oh really? So what about the non Muslims who make up the majority membership of PKR? I believe the majority of PKRs MPs are non Muslims. Well, since the two Chinese and one Indian MP have recently quit maybe this may not be the case anymore. But to all the non Muslim members of PKR, you have already been 'main belakang'. Hush-hush phone calls to the Umno leader, getting endorsed by the Kluster Mahkamah monkeys etc. Now 15 Islamic figures (nauzubillahi minal syaitan nir rajeem) have joined the PKR. So where does that place you non Muslims? Do you hear that ripping sound? That's the sound of your butts being split. 

2.  ‘Mari kita sumpah bersama’, kata Tun Faisal pada Zahid

This is my old 'perjuangan' associate Tun Faisal. Apa macam bro? Duit 'media team' semua cukup kah? Now you are no more 'media team'. I have a suggestion for you bro. Why dont you panjat nyioq for a change? You may be more useful to the party lah. Just my opinion. (Panjat nyioq means climbing coconut trees to pluck coconuts). Here is a picture :

And here is Ismail Sabri :

3. This was the worst Umno general assembly, Ismail Sabri tells members

I say Ma'il Kotak Ikan, who cares lah. Sekarang Umno sudah jadi Um-NO. Parti NoNo, parti untuk pemalas dan bodoh. PAU engkau itu, lebih baik kau makan pau saja lah. Atau pi panjat nyioq bersama Tun Faisal. Memang betul isu-isu yang penting seperti 1.9 million graduan under employed korang tak bincang. Covid19 pun korang tak bincang. Tetapi korang bincang pun tak guna. 

Ma'il Kotak Ikan listen up ok. Katakanlah your PAU did discuss 1.9 million underemployed graduates. Katakanlah your PAU did discuss the Covid19. And then what? What positive and workable ideas would you have come up with? NONE. ZERO. Even if the PAU had discussed these things nothing useful would have come out of your discussions. For 62 years UMNO ruled the country. The net result is Umno buat tahi. Lebih baik kau masuk bilik kecil kau buat pau sendiri.  Really useless sh_ts.   

Here are more useless headlines from today :

4.  Tidak mengejutkan, Anwar bincang dengan Najib juga, kata Dr Mahathir

5. Ex-MB vs MB for Gombak with Azmin set to face Amirudin, says NGO

6. Can you confirm gay sex video, too? MP asks Azmin

7. Deputy minister who dozed off at graduation ceremony was ‘not feeling well’ (Video)

The only useful information came from two people, both of whom happen to be Chinese. 

8. Dr Wee: JPJ offering 70% discount on compoundable summonses to mark anniversary

Ok thank you Wee Ka Siong. So Tuan-Tuan sesiapa yang kena surat kompaun JPJ elok pi bayar lah. Wee Ka Siong sudah kasi 70% diskaun. Terima kasih YB Wee.

Lastly Hannah Yeoh. 

9. Hannah Yeoh: Solve political funding issue to stop MPs from jumping ship

Well Hannah, Jesus loves you too. 

Yes we need political funding laws. But it was actually you DAP folks who were against this (along with others as well). When I was with the MACC for four years we discussed this issue at our Advisory Panel. I raised the issue multiple times. The MACC told us that it was you politicians (on both sides) who were not keen on any political funding legislation.  The reason is simple. Political funding laws require disclosure. Everyone will know who gave money to which party. So many people are not comfortable with this. 

But political funding laws will not curb party hopping. The idea of an anti hopping law is also not workable. Say you put in place an anti-party-hopping law. Ok so the hopping stops. But what if an MP from the DAP gets fed up with Guan Eng and just refuses to vote for the DAP in the Parliament? He has not party-hopped but he votes against his own party. What do you do then?

Say you kick him out from the DAP. So what happens when an MP is kicked out from his party? He still remains an MP. But where does he vote from? He does not join any other party (because the party-hopping law prevents him from joining another party). So he becomes  a ronin -  a samurai without a master. 

But for all practical purposes this does NOT fix the problem of "party-hopping". Because when you kick out a DAP MP (for example) the MP automatically becomes 'non-DAP'. And he may still vote against the DAP. 

Say there is a situation where the split in Parliament is even ie 111 MPs for the government and 111 MPs for the opposition. There is a party-hopping law so no one can party hop.

Then you have a no-confidence motion in the House. But two DAP MPs who dont like Guan Eng refuse to raise their hands in support of the no confidence motion. Then the score will be 111 for government versus 109 for the opposition. You still lose. And no one has party hopped either, because of the anti-hopping law. Back to square one.

And what about independents? There is no law that says I must join a political party to become an MP. Anyone has the right to stand for elections as an independent candidate. Say in every Parliament there are 10 independents. In today's politics these 10 independents will be enough to determine the government. 

So the anti-hopping law is a non-starter.  

Sunday, April 11, 2021

"There are so many Datuks that the title has almost lost value"

This is taken from FMT here.

"Datuk" association urges state govts to follow strict criteria when awarding titles
Council of Federal Datuks concerned over Datuks involved in criminal activities

  • decision to award is prerogative of Sultans, governors
  • vetting process could be tightened for Datukship
  • advisors to Sultans, governors should be more proactive 
  • so that dubious characters stripped of titles
Johor, S'gor, Penang exemplary in their vetting
the 3 states have strict criteria, check criminal, bankruptcy records

  • before Datuk awarded to those who made big contribution to society 
  • public would know why they deserved the title
  • Now Datuks being arrested for crimes and corruption
  • A lot of the time, no one knows who these people are
several nomination categories for federal, state awards 
public service, politics, sports, NGOs, social work
Nominations also from palaces, governors’ offices.
criteria not same for all states

  • Patriots Association said number of titles awarded should be limited
  • There are so many Datuks, title almost lost value
  • “Let’s bring back the honour in our honorifics” 
  • propose mechanism where title revoked if they commit crime

My comments : Sadly in this country no one dares speak the truth on matters like this BECAUSE our Stone Age libels laws can see you getting hit with lawsuits for libel and slander. 

So no one dares tell the truth. So the problem never gets solved. For example just look at this screenshot from Google. It is quite disgusting.

These are Tan Sris.

I TOTALLY DISAGREE that there is no strict vetting of these criminal characters who have been awarded Datukships and Tan Sri titles. 

On the contrary the vetting is very thorough. Meaning the people who do the vetting know exactly who they are vetting. And yet they award the titles.

So the question is WHY? The answer is obvious (but I cannot state it here also for obvious reasons). So please stop bullshitting. We all know why these dubious characters can be awarded datukships and Tan Sri titles as well. 

Why would anyone award a datukship to a 30 year old boy who does not have a university education, who probably cannot even speak proper English or Malay, who has millions of Ringgit and drives luxury cars and yet has no listed company, no well known business, no brand name or product to his name, no intellectual, academic or social contributions to society? In other words he is your perfect dubious character. Yet he is awarded a datukship. 

These questions can only be answered by the people who vet these characters and the people who award these titles.

Considering the number of dubious characters who have been awarded datukships and Tan Sris, the whole idea of awarding these titles comes into question. All sorts of criminals and gangsters also belong in this "club". 

Few other countries in this world award titles. The European monarchies still do so. Many countries give awards to recognise contribution to society and achievement but those awards do not carry titles. They are just awards. 

N'theless strict criteria and much vetting is done before a person is awarded something. Hence their titles and awards are prestigious.

But imagine a situation where common gangsters and criminals share the same title as you. This is where the society's value system itself comes to the fore. A society does not have a value system when it stands shoulder to shoulder with gangsters and criminals at the highest award giving ceremonies.   Thats what it really means. 

KDN Minister Should Explain Cancelling IGP's Order / Menteri KDN Harus Jelaskan Pembatalan Perintah Ketua Polis Negara

This is from FMT here.

  • Home minister must not interfere in IGP transferring senior police officers
  • Pasir Gudang MP said Home minister no power to “postpone” IGP decision 
  • Home minister (no) powers beyond law - to interfere jurisdiction of IGP
  • control and command of Police under IGP's jurisdiction
IGP confirmed order issued by Minister to postpone transfers of senior police
IGP will meet with minister to explain why changes must be made
IGP has power to regulate Police - his directive “for the benefit of all”
MP called on Minister to withdraw his order to postpone transfers

  • IGP must be given space to eradicate crime 
  • make PDRM professional, efficient, trusted
  • integrity of Police important given “cartel” of crooked cops within police 
  • M'sia transit hub for international drug cartel 

OSTB : This is very strange behaviour for a Minister of Home Affairs to interfere directly in the day-to-day running of the Police force and issue an order CANCELLING the IGP's authority to make internal administrative decisions.

Transferring, assignment and re-assignment of manpower inside the Police force has to be the responsibility of the IGP.  Just like it should be the responsibility of the DG of Health to transfer, assign and re-assign doctors and nurses in the government hospitals. The Minister (who is a political appointee) should not interfere in the matters which should be handled by the Civil Servants.  

And in this case, the IGP has been on a crusade to clean up the Police force. The IGP has spoken at length about cartels inside the Police and crooked Police officers. Numerous Police officers (including senior cops) have been arrested by the MACC under corruption charges. Clearly the Police suffer a serious problem of corruption.

And may I advise the YAB Prime Minister that this matter of cartels and the influence of organised crime inside the Police force (as alleged by the IGP) has now been widely publicised. The people, especially the voting public is aware that this is a serious matter which the voters can hold against the Perikatan Nasional Government.

For a short while the brave actions by the IGP  shined a bright light on the Perikatan Nasional government. It showed that the new PN government is serious about wiping out corruption in the Police force. 

Unfortunately this latest action by the Minister of Home Affairs to interfere directly not only in the running of the Police force but obviously in a transfer exercise which may have been triggered by "misbehaviour" does not project a good picture of the Government to the voters.    

It can be the YAB Prime Minister and the PN Government which may end up earning the wrath of the voters over the Minister's interference. 

Unless of course the Minister of Home Affairs has really solid reasons for cancelling the IGP's orders. In which case the Minister of Home Affairs should explain clearly to the public the reason for his interference in Police affairs. 

This is a bungle.

Did Moses Cross The Sea Or The River?

The non Muslims may find the subject of Moses unfamiliar (except for the Christians) but I hope you find time to read this. It is a short post.  

Most everyday Muslims, including Arabs, do not scrutinise the Arabic words in the Quran. For non Arab speakers they mostly accept the translations of the Quran (in any language - French, German, English, Mandarin, Tamil etc) with little doubts.

I was checking the Arabic words in the Quran and just wanted to share this with you. This is about the story of Moses.

In the Bible and among Muslims in general (I choose my words here) the understanding is that to escape being pursued by the Pharaoh, Moses was able to split the sea into two  and walked through a dry path along with his followers. When the Pharaoh and his troops followed the sea closed in and swallowed them up. 

In Surah 26:63 the word BAHRA is understood to be the sea. 

26:63  We then inspired Moses: "Strike the sea (al bahra) with your staff," whereupon it parted. Each part was like a great hill.

However in other verses (18:60, 18:61, 18:63) the word al bahra is also understood as river :

18:60  Moses said to his servant, "I will not rest until I reach the point where the two rivers (al bahrayni) meet, no matter how long it takes."

18:61  When they reached the point where they met, they forgot their fish, and it found its way back to the river (al bahri), sneakily.

18:63  He said, "Remember when we sat by the rock back there? I paid no attention to the fish. It was the devil who made me forget it, and it found its way back to the river (al bahri), strangely.

18:60-63 above refer the story of Moses travelling with a young boy along a river whereupon a fish they had with them escaped into the river. The Arabic word is still al bahra but in the three verses above al bahra is translated as river.  

But in the other verse 26:63 al bahra is translated as 'sea'. 

Here is more history of Moses from the Quran. When Moses was a baby there was an occassion where his mother had to float him down a river (to save his life). 

28:7  So We sent this inspiration to the mother of Moses: "Suckle (thy child), but when thou hast fears about him, cast him into the river (al yammi), but fear not nor grieve: for We shall restore him to thee, and We shall make him one of Our messengers."

20:39  "'Throw (the child) into the chest, and throw (the chest) into the river (al yammi): the river (al yammu) will cast him up on the bank, and he will be taken up by one who is an enemy to Me and an enemy to him': But I cast (the garment of) love over thee from Me: and (this) in order that thou mayest be reared under Mine eye. 

This is the story where Moses mother placed her baby Moses in a box and floated him down the river. Note that in these two verses 28:7 and 20:39 the arabic word for river is al yammi. Not  al bahra.  And for a certainty the reference is to a river. The mother of Moses could not have safely floated a box with her child in it in the sea. Plus (in another verse) the sister of Moses follows her baby brother floating in the river until the box comes to rest by the banks at the palace of the Pharaoh. 

However in the following three verses this same word al yammi is translated as sea. All the three verses  here refer the drowning of the Pharaoh and his forces :

7:136   So We exacted retribution from them: We drowned them in the sea (al yammi), because they rejected Our Signs and failed to take warning from them

20:78  Then Pharaoh pursued them with his forces, but the waters (al yammi) completely overwhelmed them and covered them up.

28:40  So We seized him and his hosts, and We flung them into the sea (al yammi): Now behold what was the end of those who did wrong!

So both BAHRA and YAMMI are translated as both sea or river. So was it the sea or the river?

One method to find the best fit is to substitute "river" and "sea" in ALL the verses above and see their meanings again.  "Sea" does not fit into all the verses above. River does fit better. 

Just some musings this Sunday.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

RM4 BILION Duit KWAP Entah Ke Mana. Pencarum KWAP Semua Bangsa Bengong Bahlol Ke?

  • April 8 : Court of Appeal judge questioned status of RM4b KWAP loan 
  • Justice Vazeer Alam posed question to counsel 
  • We only know RM2b came in August 2011, same day transferred out
  • March 2012 RM2 billion came in, transferred out

transfer of money did not go through the SRC board
We do not know who approved it 
Any act of removing RM4b is theft
To say theft difficult as no police report lodged 
We do not know its status
transfer of funds made through secret SRC International account 
RM4b almost immediately transferred outside the country
SRC did not have proper corporate structure
no police report was made 
SRC no proper corporate structure when RM4b loan granted by KWAP
at that time, there was no board of directors 


Malulah. Tuan Hakim pula tanya lawyer apa sudah jadi dengan duit KWAP RM4 billion itu. 

Patutnya pencarum KWAP yang perlu tanya soalan ini. Sebab duit RM4 billion itu duit tuan-tuan. Duit itu sekarang sudah hilang. 

Lawyer pula jawab muka selamba sahaja : we do not know, no police report lodged, no proper corporate structure, no board of directors.

RM4 Billion duit pencarum (duit tuan-tuan) sudah hilang tetapi pihak KWAP tidak buat police report pun. Sampai ke hari ini.  

Ini menjadi satu lagi kes "bukan duit bapak dia tetapi duit bapak tuan-tuan'. 

Depa ambil duit bapak tuan-tuan lepas itu depa buat macam duit bapak dia sendiri. 

Bila berita duit KWAP RM4 billion ini mula bocor pada masa Najib jadi Perdana Menteri saya OutSyed The Box telah bangkitkan soalan ini berulang kali dalam blog ini. 

Soalan yang saya telah tanya ialah apakah KWAP pernah terima bayaran interest ke, coupon ke, Islamic profit ke, dividen ke atau apa jenis bayaran untung pun daripada pinjaman besar RM4 billion itu?  Jika tiada bayaran interest atau coupon atau profit rate etc diterima oleh KWAP maksudnya pinjaman RM4 billion itu sudah jadi 'bad debt' atau hutang yang tidak boleh di bayar.

Saya ingat lagi pada masa itu pihak KWAP telah buat kenyataan media bahawa semuanya ok saja. Tak ada masalah.

Sekarang kita tahu duit RM4 billion itu sudah hilang. Tuan Hakim yang kena tanya lawyer.

Tuan-tuan pencarum KWAP semua bengong ke? This is your money lah. Kalau awak semua diam, buat bodoh saja, kemungkinannya duit itu tidak akan datang balik.

Kecuali Kerajaan ambil duit taxpayers funds (duit bapak kita) dan disalurkan masuk ke dalam KWAP untuk tampal lubang RM4 billion itu.  Jadi saya pula jadi mangsa sebab saya bayar segala jenis cukai kepada Kerajaan. Serupa juga dengan tuan-tuan. Kita semua adalah pembayar cukai.

Depa curi duit kita dan depa sudah joli dengan duit kita sebanyak RM4 billion, sekarang kita pula kena beri sumbangan bayar banyak jenis cukai untuk tampal lubang RM4 billion itu! Banyak cantik lah. 

Masalahnya ialah dalam negara kita ini terlalu ramai orang yang bengong, bahlol dan bangang. Stupid people. Yang tak faham apa yang sedang berlaku dalam negara ini. 

Di negara lain rakyat mereka boleh faham perkara yang simple seperti rasuah dan salah guna kuasa. Dalam negara kita pula orang yang patut bertanggungjawab jaga duit tuan-tuan tidak membuat laporan Polis pun apabila duit RM4 billion hilang. Dan tuan-tuan pun buat dunggu selamba saja - pun tak ambil peduli duit tuan-tuan sebanyak RM4 billion sudah hilang.  

Bangkitlah brader. If you just keep quiet, satu hari nanti awak boleh hilang segala.  

China's aerial drone 'aircraft carrier' plans taking off.

The Chinese are developing a drone 'aircraft carrier'. An unmanned 'mother ship' that can carry and launch NINE smaller drones from the air. Here is the news:  

  • Chinese company test flight new airborne swarm carrier
  • unmanned aerial mother ship carrying multiple drones 
  • mother ship fixed wing, vertical takeoff drone, carried nine drones
  • long range, strong anti-jamming, multiple payloads, accurate, low logistics 
  • reconnaissance, early warning, jamming, attack, evaluation
  • revolutionize future warfare
  • at designated point drops smaller drones, airborne aircraft carrier
  • can rapidly increase number of aircraft in a mission 
  • difficult to defend against 
  • drones unmanned, inexpensive, expendable 
  • Developed by Chinese company Zhongtian Feilong
  • unmanned swarm carrier successful test flight March 20

OSTB : The Chinese are becoming world leaders in technology all across the spectrum. Another feature of Chinese technology is that their follow up is very quick. Once this mother ship design has started flying they would have begun designing the next upgraded model already. Imagine a full sized drone flying at speed carrying multiple drones that can perform multiple functions after release over an area.

The future of warfare and power relationships will change drastically.   

Bidens Bungles, Hail Kamala Harris

First the video :

The office of President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Minister etc in any country is not something to be taken lightly or to be trifled with. The new American president may have problems handling the extremely high pressure job. Despite the dementia Biden has resumed the popular American and Western practice of shedding human blood again.  This will get worse. Hail Kamala Harris.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Serupa Titanic Karam Maka Umno Pun Tenggelam

Kapal Titanic karam akibat terlanggar iceberg atau bongkah ais yang besar. Satu bencana yang sangat menyedihkan, sebab bukan saja lebih seribu nyawa terkorban tetapi apabila kapal yang besar dan "unsinkable" itu karam ia telah menggoncang confidence ramai orang menaiki pelayaran kapal ocean liner selama berpuluh tahun.

Pelayaran menaiki kapal ocean liner tidak akan popular lagi sehingga tahun 1990an. 

Pada waktu Titanic terlanggar iceberg keadaan cuaca kurang baik dengan kabus tebal menghalang visibility jarak jauh.  Anak kapal Titanic tidak melihat bahaya iceberg sehingga saat terakhir dan mereka tidak dapat menukar haluan kapal. Maka berlakulah perlanggaran Titanic dengan iceberg.  Pakar pelayaran yang kaji bencana Titanic juga berpendapat bahawa kapten Titanic itu cuai dan tidak memberi arahan kurangkan kelajuan kapal memandangkan keadaan cuaca kurang baik dan kawasan itu memang dikenali sebagai kawasan iceberg.  

Berbeza daripada nasib malang kapal Titanic,  parti Umno pula sedang belayar dengan kelajuan yang maksimum menuju ke arah melanggar batu karang yang pasti akan tenggelamkan bahtera Umno. Tidak ada cuaca buruk atau kabus tebal yang menghalang  penglihatan sesiapa pun. There is no fog or bad weather.  Semua anak kapal sedar dan boleh melihat bahaya batu karang yang timbul di depan. Tetapi Umno pula seolah "increasing speed" untuk bertemu kehancuran dengan lebih cepat. 

Sebahagian daripada ahli parti sedang panic dan bunyikan 'siren' dan warning untuk kejutkan Umno tetapi ramai juga ahli parti itu lebih seperti kayu hanyut.  Mereka sedar akan bahaya yang terdekat tetapi keadaan mereka seolah terkena otak frozen atau brain freeze, mereka tidak boleh buat apa pun. 

Ahli Umno sudah seperti tidak peduli atau tidak ingati parti mereka mempunyai 3.5 juta ahli dan mempunyai sejarah politik selama 75 tahun. Sewaktu perhimpunan PAU mereka lebih suka mencari pau - samada pau untuk dimakan atau pau yang dimasuk dalam kocek. PAU mereka pun menjadi pau. 

Parti Umno sudah pun menjadi "second fiddle" kepada parti Bersatu. Second fiddle maksudnya Umno adalah pemain barisan kedua - di belakang Bersatu yang duduk saf depan sekali. Tetapi ramai juga ahli akar umbi dan pemimpin Umno yang tidak resah dengan Umno duduki barisan kedua di belakang parti Bersatu sebab hampir kesemua daripada pemimpin Bersatu adalah darah daging Umno. Presiden Bersatu Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin tidak pernah meninggalkan Umno tetapi beliau telah dipecat dan dibuang daripada parti oleh pimpinan parti yang sekarang sudah dijatuhkan hukuman penjara Mahkamah atas jenayah rasuah dan curi duit.  

Pendek kata Bersatu itu masih 'ber-DNA Umno'.  Perpecahan Umno-Bersatu boleh juga ditafsirkan sebagai perkara dalaman. Maka bukanlah janggal atau ganjil bagi ahli Umno rela kerjasama dengan Bersatu dan pimpinan Tan Sri Muhyiddin.  

Tetapi yang menjadi Pelik bin Hairan ialah apakah sebabnya Umno dipaksa duduk di tempat THIRD FIDDLE atau di barisan KETIGA di belakang parti PKR pula ?

Dan yang lagi pelik ialah sedangkan keahlian Umno adalah hampir 100%  Melayu tetapi majoriti ahli PKR pula adalah BUKAN MELAYU (Cina campur India). Pada satu ketika dulu majoriti atau bilangan terbesar ahli PKR adalah orang India.  Dan PKR adalah sebuah parti yang mempunyai sangat sedikit bilangan ahlinya berbanding 3.5 juta ahli Umno.

Jadi Umno parti 'ketuanan Melayu' sanggup duduk di "bawah" telunjuk parti yang majoriti India atau bilangan ramai ahlinya orang India. Serupa babak wayang Superman yang boleh gostankan putaran alam.  

Jadi inilah Nasib Umno pada abad ke 21. Umno sudah menjadi parti Kelas Tiga, dibelakang Bersatu dan PKR. Tun Dr Mahathir telah bersara daripada pimpinan tertinggi Umno pada 2003 - ia itu 18 tahun yang sudah.  

Dalam masa yang begitu singkat (berbanding sejarah parti) Umno sudah menjadi Titanic. Bencana kapal Titanic telah korbankan lebih 1,500 nyawa manusia. Bila Umno pula karam dan tenggelam nanti berapa ramaikah agaknya ahli dan pemimpin partinya akan terkorban?